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  • Basically the premise of the entire freaking show is to have at least three of these each episode. And boy, does it deliver!
Episode 1
  • "Dubstep, careful! You can't use that type of language on this show."
  • "They just call me Intern 2...Because I was the second intern they hired..."
  • Indie: (makes pained face) "Kombucha? No? More for me." (makes another pained face)
    • "Dammit Intern 2 you are working!" (throws up Kombucha on self) "Intern 2, get me a new scarf!"
  • The Rat-Protector scene
    • "Why are you attacking me? I'm supposed to be protecting you!"
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  • Metal panicking at the alarm and the others being completely nonchalant.
  • This whole scene:
    Indie: "There's never going to be a fire." (Description Cut of the MyMusic building on fire)
    Indie: "Alright, first item: Fire Safety. To avoid any future confusion, I've removed the alarm system completely."
    Metal: "What?"
    Indie: "Don't worry. I got a fire owl. Never seen an owl burn, so I'm pretty sure they're good at preventing fires. (Owl hoots)
    Metal: "Fire!"
    Indie: "That wasn't an alarm. It was just hooting."
    Metal: "Well, how can you tell when there is a fire?"
    Indie: "There won't be a fire 'cause we have a fire owl." (Description Cut of the MyMusic building on fire)
  • Metal has gotten over his anger management issues.
    Metal: "I've actually got some anger management issues but, uh, I've gotten passed that. It's just a little bump in the road. No problem! (Scene accidentally smacks him with a boom mic) What the hell?!
    Scene: "Sorry! I'm just practicing!" (makes indistinct noises)
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  • This:
    Scene: "OMG really? Indie, if you let me do it, I'll work real close with you to make sure your music is represented!Please, please, please?"
    Indie: "I think I'm gonna throw up.
    Intern 2 ( whispers to Scene): "Probably from drinking all those fungus based beverages.
    Indie: Shut up Intern 2! It is not the sweet Kombucha! It's the fact that Idol is actually right.
  • Scene smacking Metal yet again with the boom mic and her sheepish "Sorry".

Episode 2

  • Indie ignoring Scene's "Good Morning, Indie!"
  • Metal says they haven't given him a desk, Indie says it's next on his to-do list and the to-do list appears on screen with the words "Actually it's 2nd on the list" accompanied by a ding and a pointing arrow.
  • Indie says that metal and pop can coexist and to just look at Linkin Park. Idol begins a rather...rendition of the band's song "Crawling in My Skin" which makes Metal leave. Once he leaves she reveals she was purposely trying to make him leave.
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  • Hip-Hop telling Metal to pick up his soap, referencing the whole "don't drop the soap when showering in prison" thing. Metal says it's "a bit much".
  • Metal sets up his office in the bathroom.
    • Metal exclaiming "What?!" when Indie knocks incessantly on the stall door and Indie saying he didn't know he was in there.
  • Scene rambling about social networks and Indie telling her to "Shut up, shut up, shut the *bleep* up.
  • Indie knocking all of Intern 2's stuff to the ground, smashing his laptop and then slapping him for giving the "nonverbal 'Get-a-load-of-this-guy' face"
  • Indie overreacting and saying threatening to fire Intern 2 for just getting started on finding Bigfoot.
  • Another "Shut up, shut up, shut the *bleep* up
  • Metal's first "Say What?"
  • A sort of Stealth Pun:
    Intern 2: See?
    Scene: NUH!
  • Metal thinking the piles of scarves is a man.
  • Metal's reaction to Indie talking about his family tree.
    • And then still thinking the pile of scarves is a man.

Episode 3

  • Indie's cousin Gorgol was pretty nice...for a Satanist.
  • Mental ranting about being invisible while Intern 2 and Scene are ignoring him. Then Idol and Techno & Dubstep come in looking for him as well even though he's standing right there. Metal is neither amused nor pleased.
    • And then both Indie and Gorgol ignore him, too.
  • Gorgol being creepy and Indie's reaction
  • Indie offering Intern 2 as a snack.
    Gorgol: "This man is not soft."
    Indie: "You can eat him if you want.
  • Metal practicing his conversation with Gorgol, complete with Actor Allusion.
  • Indie adding Foster the People to his list of "Things Idol Has Ruined."
  • Metal having a mental breakdown in the bathroom stall and Bigfoot's reaction.
  • Metal walking out naked and Dubstep's subsequent joke: Sure he's heard of the show Headbanger's Ball but not Headbanger's BALLS!
  • Satan's "Burn".
    "Get it? 'Cause I'm Satan?" I'll use that later.
  • Metal mimicking a dragon.

Episode 4

  • The other company members' profiles.
  • When Idol tries to take "sexy" pictures of Scene, they always turn into something innocent, like Scene's face covered in butterflies.
  • "Katniss and Peeta. Don't even get me started."
  • Indie freaking out at his shirt.
  • Scene bursting into tears, Metal thinking he did something and Scene abruptly stopping her crying when the time changes to 2:01.
  • Whatever Techno and Dubstep were doing with the bracelets, Idol's face during it is quite hilarious.
  • Indie claims that anyone who doesn't think Downton Abbey is the greatest TV Show ever is a moron and a piece of garbage....Unless they're referencing Season Two.
  • "Dammit Intern 2! Get out of my office and go protect the rats!"
  • Indie was apparently singing the Taylor Swift song from 'The Hunger Games.
  • Idol struggling to make lemonade. Just...that entire scene.
  • The duck face pictures at the end.

Episode 5

  • Indie:
    "I.....I said McDonald's."
    "I will live to criticize the next Sigur Rós record!"
  • Scene is excited, thinking Indie is about to admit his feelings for her. No, he just wanted to say that he hates Intern 2 and that the latter smells.
  • The camera pans out to reveal Intern 2, whom Indie tells to shut up despite the fact that he hadn't said anything.
  • Metal:
    "That's a big improvement...over no help!"
  • This exchange:
    Metal: "Isn't that that rave where everyone got trampled to death?"
    Techno (complete with Staggered Zoom) : "Best. Rave. Ever."
  • Techno plugs in the lights. Suddenly there's a rave occurring in the office. Metal lampshades this, is brought to the ground in the chaos, and claims that it smells like sweat...And that it (the sweat) is in his mouth.
  • The "vintage computer" Indie bought Metal.
  • Metal, yet again.
    "If Scene makes me listen to that damn Nyan Cat video one more time, I will remind her Fall Out Boy is broken up and she will die from grief!"
  • The Shaman
  • Scene's "Don'tPanic! at the Disco, Metal!"
  • This exchange:
    Metal (when Idol starts singing Andy Grammer's Keep Your Head Up): Shut it, Idol! You just sit at your desk all day, updating your Facebook and listening to music made by little boys who look like lesbians!"
    Idol: Insult Eminem all you want, but do not diss social media! You can thank it for the job you have right now, thank you very much!"
    Metal: "Eminem? I was talking about Justin Bieber!"
  • Hip-Hop "gets up with murder up in here, son!" And he'd like to keep it that way!
    • Also his Freudian Slip "ass" instead of "asked".
    • How Hip-Hop squeaks and sits down when his gun is taken away.

Episode 6

  • Idol creeping up behind Techno
  • Bidets are apparently "French butt-washing machine[s]."
  • Scene's off-screen wail of "I'M NOT EMO!"
  • Indie's dad's gratuitous Vomit Indiscretion Shots.
  • Rebecca Black quitting and leaving while mumbling indistinctly.
  • Indie trying to grow a mustache...and then falling over either from exhaustion or distress
  • Metal doing his usual "SAY WHAT?" while Indie looks at him.

Episode 7

  • On Idol's list of shows "'REALITY' SHOW THAT IS CLEARLY STAGED" is followed by "OH WAIT THAT'S EVERY REALITY SHOW".
  • Idol's "YEP" at the auction show part.
  • At the survival show part, Idol drinks from a canteen and then points to it. Written on it is the words "MY PEE".
  • For some, Cancer Dancers. For others....
  • Techno freaking out at being called J-Pop
  • Intern 2 being blamed and then told to shut up.
  • Scene getting a little too excited. Twice.
  • Everyone over-dramatically doing something so that they (Metal and Rayna) doesn't think they were watching them.
    • Except for Indie. Too mainstream.
  • Indie doing a spit-take before Metal says anything.

Episode 8

  • Rayna shouting out her friends and being yelled at for it.
  • Metal proclaiming his daughter to be dead to him for asking what a "sevendust" is.
  • Idol's video. All of it. And the cover for it. And it's title.
  • Hip-Hop being startled by Idol and Rayna's shrieks.
  • Idol is Rayna's best friend "this week".
  • Intern 2 is apparently a great conversationalist.
  • Metal calls his daughter a ree-ree to which she responds "Ree Ree Rihanna!"
  • Idol and Rayna's failed high-five
  • Indie says Techno and Dubstep told him that the louder the music they play, the harder they're working. Cut to Techno and Dubstep asleep.
  • Scene claims she's not emo. Her watch beeps and she bursts into tears.
  • Indie fires Idol for not replacing the Fair Trade Blend. Idol rewinds time, tells her she's on her period and gets a raise.
  • The illustrations in the Metal Mystery.
  • The results of the Metal Mystery algorithm.

Episode 9

  • Idol's date with the Guess Guy.
  • Metal freaking out about the lip-gloss and then beating up Intern 2.
  • Idol live-tweeting her date.
  • Idol is about to kiss her date, until a Daughtry CD falls out of his coat and she yells at him to get out and him submissively doing so.
    • Also how she starts drinking directly from the wine bottle after he leaves.
  • Idol talking to Metal and Intern 2 while the former is strangling the latter.
  • The Stinger

Episode 10

  • Just how done Chip is with Idol, rolling his eyes when she starts crying
  • Indie interrupted himself to ask if he should be offended by Portlandia
    • Him snorting glitter
  • Hip Hop singing and then hurriedly taking off his headphones and flipping over his iPod when Scene comes to talk to him
  • "That's the name of our company"
  • Hip-Hop intently listening to Scene until he realizes she's not talking about the glitter incident.
  • Indie putting his hand on Scene's shoulder....and then pushing her into the wall.

Episode 11

Episode 12

  • "But there's no front door in here to shut."
  • Rayna: "So what will it be? Lady Blah-Blah over here... or would you rather have something more dangerous? I'm underage...!"
  • Rayna doing the "SAY WHAT?" thing while Intern 2 stands there losing his patience.
  • Rayna punching Intern 2 in the gut.
  • Camera-Man zooming in to Idol.
  • Hip-Hop has a "dice game" with "the homies".
  • "Everyone at my school watches this!"
  • Metal losing his cool when Rayna says she apparently wasn't good enough for him.
    • And how he resolves it...
      • "Wait, what just happened?"
  • The "party"

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