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  • Scene and Intern 2 getting enough dirt on Loco Uno to cause her to be fired and kicked out.
    • Before that, Hip-Hop admits to being a poser too in an effort to save his friends. It sadly doesn't work.
  • Hip-Hop telling Indie that if he's not allowed to be himself, he's not going to work at Mymusic any longer. He reveals he's wearing a LOTR style cape, and walks out on his boss, leaving him speechless.
  • Indie rechristening Hip-Hop as Nerdcore, while he's dressed as Game of Thrones' Eddard Stark.
  • The company gets one In-Universe with the Fine Bros getting one IRL. Their charity drive has raised over ten thousand dollars for poor kids and music appreciation. Doubles as rather heartwarming.
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  • In "I Quit", Scene launches an epic rant against Indie about how much of an arsehole he's been. It's one of the few things that genuinely shocks him and leaves him speechless, and gets him to realise that every word of it is correct.
  • Intern 2, after moving to the acid factory and getting promoted rapidly for efficient work, gets prank called by Indie who is back in full jerkass mode. He eventually decides that instead, Indie should shut up and triumphantly hangs up on him. When Indie arrives to try and sabotage things further for him, Intern 2's new workplace takes none of his crap whatsoever, and has him arrested. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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