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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

From the original game

  • Kalinka shows up in the Hub Level... talking to her reveals she’s actually Concrete Man in disguise.
  • The Anticlimax Boss, once you realize what's actually going on.
  • The remix of City War in the final stage. Mega Man falls through the floor repeatedly, finally landing next to the target he has to take out. It's basically a Take That! to the glitchiness of the original.

From the sequel

  • See that line at the top? The one about Kalinka? Well, Concrete Man appears in the Hub Level. Guess who it really is.
  • The battle against the Scorching Duo. Especially when they Fusion Dance, which consists of them just being tied together.
  • While fighting Door Man, the Energy Element will pop out when his first health bar has been depleted. Touching it immediately ends the fight, to his consternation.
  • Cheat Man will shoot the text box words down at Mega Man when the fight starts. The funny part is seeing some of the special dialogue (Bass gets arrogant about defeating Cheat Man, while CX is full of Dull Surprise), most of which ends in some variant of AGGHGAHGAHH when the word bullets start raining down.
  • FlashMan85's level Guts Man's Asteroid.
    • First few rooms: Mega Man's on a space ship and Dr. Light is telling him to take control of it. You progress forward and find a Whopper enemy that you'll probably go and kill because that's what you normally do to midbosses, right? Turns out that the Whopper is the power source of the ship. Destroying it blows up the shuttle and sends Mega Man down to the asteroid, with Dr. Light berating him for it. What's better is that, after seeing Light's sass about not destroying the reactor core, you might notice the door behind the Whopper on a second playthrough. Enter it, and you can pilot the ship, just ending the level then and there.
      • Even better is Dr. Light's warning that Wily probably has his strongest robots guarding the bridge. Since the Whopper is actually the ship's power core, it doesn't count. So what has Wily sent to guard the ship? A single, slow moving, easy-to-kill slinky. Yeah.
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    • Throughout the level, you'll find those One-Hit Kill drills from Napalm Man's stage. Once you reach the mid-stage checkpoint, you'll find Eddie present there to drop you a powerup. Except not: he'll instead deposit one of the giant instant death drills right in your face.
    • What's better is that, if you head into the hole created by that drill, there's a second Eddie there. It's a Yasichi reskinned as Gutsman's Ass, with the accompanying sound effect.
    • Near the level's entrance, Guts Man comments that coming up with a good joke relating to it is a pain in the asteroid. Oh, Guts Man.
  • Seeing Air Man dab in MrKyurem's level is pretty hilarious.
  • The boss of Wily 0 calls in several giant lasers after depleting its health bar twice. Except it doesn't move out of the way of one of them.
  • ACESpark's reaction to his level being located on the OwO face of the Wily Star.
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  • The penultimate boss, Megaman from Megamanspritecomic.
  • In Zieldak's Tier X Level "Metallic Ocean", the secret second energy element is guarded by another Joe Man. After filling up 10 health bars, he instantly explodes and drops the Energy Element. Considering the reception to Joe Man R, this is clear Self-Deprecation.
  • The True Final Boss battle against Absolute Zero starts off very serious, but as you take down each phase, he gets increasingly verbose and starts becoming much weaker. By the fourth phase, he's just as much of an Anti-Climax Boss as the original Zero fight, and just as ridiculous.
  • While wearing the Rush costume, the replacement for Rush Jet is Mega Man himself, not looking amused. Not so fun now, is it?
  • One of the bosses in Null and Void is... a bee. That's literally it. Its only "attack" is to endlessly home in on you. For even more hilarity, Hornet Chaser one shots it. In the Dojo, it's labelled as "Literally Just a Bee".
  • This exchange before the Tier 8 boss battle begins.
    Mega Man: Wait, have we met before?
    Jet Man: Nope.
  • Meeting Gordon Freeman in the Tier 2 sewers would already be pretty unexpected for a Mega Man game, but then he suddenly starts singing you “the song of his people”.
  • A Meta Example in the Tier X level "Hardcore Parkour"; The boss at the end, an upgraded Toad Man, has a glitch where, if you lose to him, he dies as you respawn. This is a glitch that has been around for a while, but no one seems to be able to fix it. In other words, the dev team can't keep Toad Man from losing, even when upgraded to final boss levels of difficult!
  • If you set the Text Content to family, the word "Hell" gets filtered into "Hello Kitty". This leads to hilarity such as Door Man darning you to "Silicon Hello Kitty" and Skull Man boasting about travelling with "Hello Kitty Wheel".
  • The Tier X level "Mario Land" was fairly divisive (for forcing players to suddenly have to play as Mario, as well as a super-difficult boss on the "secret" path). However, the end of the "normal" path has a couple of funny moments. First, there's a fight against Dr. Wily in Bowser's clown copter. Then, when you beat that boss, the fight turns out to be a hologram, a la Mega Man 2, with Bowser at the controls of the hologram generator.


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