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The games

  • The third game has a scenario in Alohaha with optional dialogue choices. Fight done, time to save my friends' stuff...they separated! Should I pick Sonia's, Luna's or...BUD's?!
  • The Humor Program in the third game is full of these!
    • Mega drooling over Hope...which leads to Geo pulling out a picture of a younger her and him drooling even more...and then Mega questioning exactly why he has this.
    • Mega, being his usual trolling self, dopes Geo into thinking he can use Meteor G to tell Geo who he'll marry. After Geo angsts in anticipation, Mega finally reveals...Legendary Master Shin! Geo is...not pleased.
    • The chief of WAZA randomly calling Geo and testing his detective skills by acting like Ms. Tia. Badly.
    • Solo calls Geo wondering whether Geo deleted his Burger Quest save file. Geo denies this, which then leads Solo to freak out when he (correctly) concludes that his partner LAPLACE of all people did it! Geo and Mega awkwardly just hang up.
  • Some of the Overworld Mettenna have hilarious battle cries. For example, one at WBG Studios, by the wicket, shouts "Jimmy!". Made even funnier is that the screen will still shake when this happens.
  • During one point in the third game, Geo and Mega drop in on Sonia while she's in her dressing room. After she talks with them and leaves, you can examine her clothes rack; Mega suggests that Geo try on one of Sonia's dresses for fun.
  • In the first game, Geo mock Luna's name by literally explaining the meaning of her name, attitude and action at him. Luna goes ballistic.
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  • While it was a serious situation, seeing Geo running away like hell from the rampaging truck caused by Taurus Fire was hilarious enough on its own.
  • How does Luna discover Geo is Mega Man? By suddenly hugging him as the dataspace their in is collapsing, resulting in Geo returning to normal. Geo's reaction to this is hilarious as he's freaking out through the entirety of the hug and tries to get the whole situation over with as fast as possible.


The anime

  • From the anime, Omega-Xis getting bored at Geo's school.
  • Also from the anime, Harp Note distracting Gemini Spark to stop him from killing singing. They (Gemini Spark) spend her entire song staring at her with a dumbfounded look before eventually deciding to ignore her.
  • Episode 19, Rockman Delivery. Luna was rather excited that Rockman actually visited her because of a mail to be delivered to her address. That same night, she ordered various items to be delivered on overnight, with the hope that all of them will be brought by her beloved Rockman again. However, Hilarity Ensues as the mailing system is already back to normal and she gets multiple deliverymen visited her house to deliver her package.
    • In the same episode, Subaru's mother was surprised that her son guessed correctly that she cooked his favorite meal using a mail-ordered saucepan.note 
  • Episode 24-25, Misora's manager forces her to choose wearing two outfits that are rather small and also embarrassing for her debut stage. The results? She wears neither of them but her usual clothes while leaving her manager tied with those outfits.
  • In one episode, Omega-Xis possesses a lawnmower to go on a joyride. The end result is that he somehow ended up crashing into the new EM-telescope Geo had gotten and totally wrecking it. The look on Geo's face when he sees the damage is priceless, with Omega-Xis on his knees and practically begging for forgiveness.
    • What follows is equally hilarious: Geo then punishes Omega-Xis by making him disguise himself as a D-Pet to enter into a contest to win another telescope. Omega-Xis has a priceless look on his face when he finds out what Geo has in store for him. Not to the mention the Oh, Crap! look he gets beforehand when he hears from Bud about the contest and sees the big grin Geo gets on his face. It's pretty clear Omega-Xis has an idea of what Geo was thinking.
    • Yup, War Rock becomes a D-Pet. Because of its unique looking as a pet, Gonta said it looks like a snot-nosed bear, much to War-Rock's chagrin.
  • When Omega-Xis is entered, he easily makes it to the finals, but then comes across another D-Pet that is clearly Wolf in disguise, who previously became the pet of a little girl. Although they're obviously different from the other D-Pets and find their appearances suspiciously similar, they write it off as impossible: Omega-Xis thinks Wolf as too much of a loner to become anyone's pet, and Wolf thinks that Omega-Xis, despite being an enemy, is too much of a proud warrior to put himself into such an embarrasing situation.*
    Omega-Xis and Wolf, thinking simultaneously: Even so...They look very alike.
  • On the note of his habit of taking the lawnmower out for a ride, a later episode shows him going out again, and getting flattened by a steamroller, and desperately calling for Geo to help him out.
  • The fact that Luna actually did discover Rockman's true identity early on. It's funny that she actually denied that fact while responding to his voice, thinking he was the real Rockman. It goes on in Tribe season as well.
  • Episode 46, Luna's attempt in cooking. Her first fail attempt made her head butler presumably being sent to the hospital by the other butlers.
    • Subaru was startled that Luna was at his house and even more that she wants to cook for Rockman-sama (a.k.a. Subaru himself).
    • Luna's moments of failing in cook was not funny. It's normal. But Subaru trying Luna's presumably successful dishes, that's hilarious, especially the first one, with Akane (Subaru's Mother) laughing her ass off when she sees Subaru's swollen mouth from eating an over-spicy food. Luna gets mad when Subaru complains of her terrible cooking and Rockman would not eat them.
    • Subaru is Comically Missing the Point when War-Rock points out that Luna is making this all for him.
      • It's even funnier that later on Subaru attempts to steal her confections in the Tribe season due to her improved skills despite initially thinking she would not make it.
  • At one point in the anime, Rich attempts to bribe Geo into working with him with a literal Briefcase Full of Money—while in the middle of a local malt shop no less. Geo stoically refuses, prompting the onlookers to applaud him.