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  • Whenever Baby jams out to his tunes. After meeting Debora, he plays a song in his apartment with Joseph and tries dancing with him.
  • The Monsters, Inc. joke, in three parts.
    • The introduction: Baby is flipping channels on the TV, when Monsters, Inc. comes on.
    Mike Wazowski: You and I are a team! Nothing is more important than our friendship.
    • The setup: Doc brings Baby home and asks about that evening's heist.
    Doc: So, am I gonna see you tonight?
    Baby: Yes, you will.
    Doc: You're not just saying what I want to hear, right? You consider me a friend, don't you?
    Baby: You and I are a team! Nothing is more important than our friendship.
    Doc: ...good to know.
    • And the payoff: In the final act of the movie, when Baby is on the run from the law and Buddy is trying to kill him, he goes to Doc for help. Unfortunately, seeing as Baby has put his entire operation in jeopardy, Doc isn't terribly inclined to help him. Baby confesses that he shot Buddy, to which Doc responds:
    Doc: (brandishing a shotgun) You gonna shoot me too!?
    Baby: Never! You and I are a team--
    Doc: Don't feed me any more lines from Monsters, Inc.! It pisses me off!
    Baby: (embarrassed look downwards)
    Doc: It's one of Sam's favorites. I thought it sounded familiar, you little shit.
  • After the first heist, Griff starts picking on Baby and winds up stealing Baby's sunglasses to wear himself. Baby waits for him to turn away to talk to the others before pulling out a second pair of sunglasses. Griff notices and smacks them off his face, at which point Baby just gives him a passive look until eventually Griff loses interest and walks away... at which point Baby dons a third pair of sunglasses.
    Griff: So you're a mute, Baby? Is that what it is? Are you a mute?
    Baby: No.
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  • JD has a tattoo on his neck that is very clearly the word "hate" - but with a terrible picture of a hat transposed over the E, apparently to improve his job prospects - after all, "Who doesn't like hats?"
  • Doc's one line intro of JD is also pretty funny - "He puts the 'Asian' in home invasion."
  • The Austin Powers mask gag:
    Eddie No-Nose: Doc said Michael Myers!
    JD: This is Mike Myers!
    Bats: It should be the Halloween mask!
    JD: This is a Halloween mask!
    Bats: No, the killer dude from Halloween!
    JD: Oh, you mean Jason...
    Bats and Eddie: NO!
    • Special mention also goes to Baby needing to start "Neat Neat Neat" over because of the interruption, much to the others' annoyed confusion.
    Bats: The fuck?
  • Baby goes straight by working pizza delivery for a store called Goodfellas. The film tries as hard as possible to make it as obvious as possible that he's working for Goodfellas by showing the logo constantly in the ensuing montage. However, it's all just setup for Doc's later line:
    Doc: Why work for Goodfellas, when you could work for a great fella? Like me.
  • Doc sends Baby into a post office to scope out exact specs on the place's security alongside his nephew, Sam, supposedly just as part of his cover. Baby has to go without his earbuds, so the tinnitus sound creeps into the soundtrack as Baby nervously tries to count guards and security cameras, slowly approaching the verge of panic, and then:
    Baby: (slightly afraid) ...thank you.
    Cashier: (nodding to Sam) Is that your boy?
    Baby: Uh, sure.
    Baby: Sure is!

    Cashier: How old is he?
    Baby: ...four.
    Sam: Eight.
    Baby: They grow up so freakin' fast, don't they?

    Cashier: (laughs) Does he have a name?
    Baby: (awkwardly, to Sam) You have a name, don't you?
    Sam: Sam.
    Cashier: Well, Sam, I've got a mint with your name on it!
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  • During the meeting with The Butcher, Baby has "Tequila" by The Champs playing through his earbuds, which Bats acknowledges and mocks. In a rather ridiculous showcase of the film's Mickey Mousing, once Bats opens fire and all hell breaks loose, all the gun shots are timed to the music, complete with Bats ending the fight with a perfectly-synced "Tequila..." (despite him diegetically not being able to hear the music himself).
  • After Baby's failed attempt to flee with Debora at 2 AM, he wakes back up to be interrogated by Doc and Bats about all his tapes of their recorded conversations. Of course, Baby explains he was only using them to mix into music, and simply playing one of them reveals he's telling the truth. Part of the humor comes from the "Oh, Crap!"-ness on everyone's faces when they realized what they'd just done, and then there's just the fact that they're all listening to a Stupid Statement Dance Mix of "Was he slow?" in the middle of a tense scene to confirm it. Even Darling can't help but laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing.
  • After purposely botching their getaway, Baby runs off and leaves Buddy and Darling to handle the cops. After an extended foot chase through a mall, he manages to carjack a vehicle on a parking lot and starts to drive off - only to rear-end Buddy and Darling, who had the same idea, accidentally ruining their escape again.
    Buddy: You are a fucking jinx!
  • After Baby carjacks an elderly woman, he spends half a minute cycling through radio stations until he gets the right song. The only thing she can say is a perfectly-timed Precision F-Strike.
  • Buddy sipping coffee in slow motion, perfectly timed to the "Mmmmm" in Barry White's Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up always stifles a laugh out of this troper. Even if it is a considerably tense scene.

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