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Nightmare Fuel / Baby Driver

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  • Buddy's descent into just overall visceral revenge. He's basically a hybrid of the worst supervillain ever and a horror movie slasher who uses guns instead of knives or machetes, taking out whoever is in his way to get vengeance on Baby.
  • Bats in general. A stone-cold, trigger happy psychopath and basically a serial killer. Even if he deserves it for being a huge Jerkass, him getting impaled through the neck can be seen as rather disturbing.
  • Darling's description of Buddy killing people who piss her off is meant to be unnerving, and fulfills that purpose extremely well.
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  • Buddy falling onto his car before it explodes is somewhat gruesome, but also a fitting end.
  • For those who value their hearing, Buddy deliberately firing two shots directly next to Baby's ears is horrifying.

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