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Tear Jerker / Baby Driver

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  • Baby's flashbacks to his childhood. His father abused his mother, whom he cared about deeply. At one point, he watches his father hurt her, and she goes into his room after crying.
  • Bats heavily implies that he killed Joseph when he ransacked Baby's house for his cassette tapes. Thankfully, Joseph is still okay and survives the film.
  • Baby having to leave Joseph at a nursing home after Buddy and Bats ransacked their apartment and left Joe out of his wheelchair. He tells Joseph that he failed him after saying he wouldn't let anything happen to him.
  • For Buddy, an example would be Darling biting the dust after Baby sabotages the final heist. Seeing the love of their life die in front of them would drive anyone to avenge him or her.
    • Hell, Buddy eventually hunting Baby down is tragic in its own right. Before the final job went sour, Buddy seemed rather fond of Baby, coming to his defense when others mocked him and even bonding with the kid over Queen. With the exception of Doc (and maybe Darling), Buddy was the only other crewman who actually treated Baby as a friend. One could even make the argument that, from Buddy's POV, Baby (regardless of whether he intended to or not) getting Darling killed was an act of betrayal.
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    • Buddy's Verbal Backspace in the final diner scene. The police report on the TV details the deaths of Bats and Darling, and Buddy starts to say, "Monica. My darling. I love..." before remembering she's dead and correcting the last part to "I loved her." Ouch.
  • Joseph, who otherwise only talks via sign language, tearfully and helplessly saying "no... no...!" when Baby is picking up his stashed money. And then later signing that he doesn't want the dirty money. This hits harder because he seems to be more distraught about this than the fact that a bunch of gangsters recently broke into his apartment and trashed it.

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