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Heartwarming / Baby Driver

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We’ve got a thing that’s called Radar Love / We’ve got a line in the sky
  • Pretty much everything about Baby and Debora's relationship is adorable.
    • Especially when he hands her a pink, glittery iPod with love songs:
      Baby: I have different ones for different days and moods.
      Debora: And today you're in a pink and glittery mood?
      Baby: I am now.
  • Baby and the gang carjack a woman, who cries that she has a baby in the backseat. Baby carefully removes it before handing it to the mother before driving off.
  • Likewise, Baby's relationship with his foster father Joseph. It's clear by the way they act together that Baby loves the old man far more than his abusive, alcoholic Jerkass of a father. In the final act, Baby tries to protect Joseph by leaving him at a retirement home with all of the money that he had saved up over the years and a recorded message for the staff, telling them all of the things Joseph enjoys.
  • The feeling is mutual. When the police swoop looking for Baby, Joseph, crying, blows a kiss for him and signs "Good...good luck" when Baby promises him he's going to be okay.
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  • Buddy's whole relationship with Darling. Despite being Sickeningly Sweethearts, it's clear the two are very much in love. Which makes it all the worse when Darling is killed.
  • When Baby wakes up in the car with Deborah after the final battle with Buddy, and really nonstop terror since the last heist. The sound is muted as he's waking up, and you can faintly hear Sky Ferreira's playing his mother gorgeous cover of 'Easy' by the Commodores. When he lays his hand on the speaker and the sound floods back in, and you hear her voice just fill the theater, it's an incredible moment of peace and catharsis.
  • Despite his behavior for most of the film Doc gets a Heroic Sacrifice when he first protects Baby and Debora from several of his contacts and then tries to stop Buddy.
    • An alternate version of Doc's death involves a Meaningful Echo that confirms how much he really cares for and admires Baby.
    • Doc also shuts down anyone who tries to belittle Baby because of his Ambiguous Disorder. No matter what Baby's idiosyncrasies are, Doc recognizes that Baby is damn good at what he does, is vital to both the team's and his success, and doesn't need anyone's flack for baggage or quirks on the side.
      Doc: "Retarded" means slow. Was he slow?
      Griff: No.
      Doc: Then he doesn't sound retarded to me. He's a good kid and a devil behind the wheel; what the hell else more do you need to know?
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  • Baby stopping Debora from getting into the life of crime by willingly surrender himself to the police at the end of the movie.
  • The epilogue. Everybody that Baby helped or did good deeds for throughout the film (Debora, the old woman whose car Baby stole, the nice post office clerk, and Joe) end up speaking favorably for him at his court case. And while he was still found guilty regardless, it's implied he's able to get out of jail early via parole five years later, with Debora and a new car waiting for him as he leaves and the movie ends.
    • And as it turns out, Debora kept sending him postcards in jail of all the places they'd drive together as soon as he got out.

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