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Doc is Verbal Kint.
His obsession with aliases and meticulous planning are entirely in character. His end is his Alas, Poor Villain moment.

Baby listens to "Mass Destruction".
Because it goes "Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby!" and "Ooh yeah, dada-dada, dada-dada, baby, baby, da-dada-dada, dada-dada!"

Baby is The Driver.
Taken from here.

Baby grew up to be Gordon Cole.
Think about it: he is hard of hearing, he is intelligent, he is kinda weird, and Lily James kind looks like Mädchen Amik's Character Shelly Johnson, the one Person Gordon could hear a had an imitate connection. Maybe after he got out of Jail he started to work for the FBI. Plus Ansel Elgort kind of looks like a young David Lynch.

The veteran at the second heist was there to rob it.
It seems odd that a veteran would be armed with a sub machine gun in his truck. It's likely he was there to hit the armored car by himself. Due to Baby and the crew, it resulted in him not being able to. This would explain why he not only shot at them, but why he is packing an SMG, precedes to chase them down and try to stop them (he was trying to run them off the road so he could take the money they just stole).

Alternatively, the veteran is not a robber or a bad guy of any sort, but was actually a vigilante.

Baby wasn't the one who was jinxed. It was Bats.
At one point in the film, Buddy screams at Baby, "Baby, you're jinxed!" But this isn't the case. Bats was the one who was jinxed. Taking into account that Baby had been driving as a wheelman for Doc for years, and is very excellent at it as the opening scene showed, it's odd that Baby would be unaware that sometimes, things could go wrong with a heist to where someone could get hurt or killed (as we see him react to the dead body of the security guard at the second heist in the film and the unwarranted death of the security guard that Bats kills that sets Baby off in killing him), unless Doc's previously planned heists went off so perfectly that no one was killed. However, it is only when Bat shows up does everything have a noticeable chain of events that occurs. As we saw with the first heist, the plan is so perfect that things go off without a hitch. No noticeable onscreen deaths, everything perfectly timed to "Bellbottoms". But then Bats gets called in for the second heist. And what does Bats do? He intentionally messes with Baby and then tries to shame him in front of the others by calling out that Baby didn't hear a word of the plan. He purposefully does this antagonizing action. Then the second heist occurs. Instead of just taking the masks, putting them on and performing the heist like professionals do, Bats initiates an argument about the masks being incorrect, which forces Baby to restart the music and results in stalling. Before that moment, you can see the veteran approaching his truck. If Bats hadn't started this argument, the crew could have gotten the money sooner and then get out of there smoothly as planned, which would have resulted also in J.D. living as well (as the Escalade wouldn't have been chased by the veteran, damaged severely and would have made it to the parking garage without incident, and he wouldn't have left his shotgun in the truck). But due to the delay because of the argument and the resetting of the iPod, they ended up in the situation we see. Bats was the cause of everything going wrong in the second heist.

However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. When Bats is invited back for the third heist in the film, he starts by antagonizing Baby yet again (telling Buddy and Darling about his condition, implying that he was nuts). But there is a detail in the scene that tells us of Bats' bad luck: his story about a wheelman and hex songs. Bats mentions several hex songs that this wheelman had and that he was wanting to get out of the car instead of performing the heist. Bats says that this wheelman died later that didn't involve the heist, but many have hypothesized that Bats killed him. The reason why that driver heard so many hex songs in a row is because Bats was in the car with him. And, also the fact that all of Bats stories end with death (as pointed out by Buddy) shows that Bats is the only common thread between his story of other people and their deaths (which so happens to be the case in this film as well). And when it comes to Bats, he kills without hesitation or care. When going to the meet for the guns, he demands they stop at a gas station, where he kills the clerk of the gas station for no reason. When at the meet, he antagonizes initates the gunfight that kills Doc's contact and fence for the money orders. And who demands that they stop at the diner instead of following Doc's exact instructions of "go to the meet, get the guns and come right back?" You guessed it: Bats. Doc calling off the heist was the correct action, considering that now the cops would be looking for who killed their brethren and the fence for the money orders and the heat was on them before the heist. But, it was Bats that convinced Doc otherwise (and forcing Baby to be the deciding factor). And who so happens to be the one who finds Baby's tape recorder and convinces Doc that the kid whom he had known for 10 years and putting doubt and mistrust into him? Bats. And why? Because Bats was looking for an excuse to get rid of Baby as a means of making them forget the fact he fucked up at the gun meet. And Baby was almost one foot out the door when Buddy ran into him at the garage in his attempt to leave. If Bats hadn't shown up Baby would have been gone, sealing his fate in the process.


And this leads the third heist. Everything that happens in the entire third act was a result of Bats and his jinxed nature: killing the guard in front of Baby without any reason to do so, threatening Baby with the shotgun, his own death. In fact, because of Bats is what leads to the foot chase that Baby, Buddy and Darling were caught in. This leads to the death of Darling, Buddy and Doc and Baby's eventual capture by the police. Baby wasn't the one who was jinxed, it was Bats. Bats sealed the fate of everyone there, being the cause of much unwarranted death and destruction.


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