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Trivia / Baby Driver

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  • Development Gag: The music video for Mint Royale's "Blue Song" that was based on Edgar Wright's idea for the film can be seen for a second when Baby is flipping channels in his apartment. The movie's opening scene is the same as the video.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Joseph is deaf and is played by CJ Jones, who is deaf in real life.
  • Doing It for the Art: Edgar Wright wanted all the driving and stunts to be done with practical effects, rather than CGI. Also all the cars' licence plates are release dates for his other films.
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  • Fake American: Deborah is played by British actress Lily James.
  • Hostility on the Set: In the wake of the Kevin Spacey sexual assault accusations, Jon Bernthal revealed that he didn't enjoy working with Spacey on this film, though he stated that he just thought of him as a "bully".
  • Inspiration for the Work: Edgar Wright's repeated listening to Orange by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion provided the impetus for the story. He also cited Vanishing Point, The Driver, Point Break, Reservoir Dogs and Heat among others as significant influences on the film's visual hallmarks and creative direction.
  • Lying Creator: Edgar Wright tweeted "Streep is in my film", implying that Meryl Streep was in a role. Turns out she's not, but a clip of her appears from the film It's Complicated.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • The Red Stapler: Baby's use of Apple iPod Classics (discontinued in 2014, three years before the film was made, and made obsolete by music players on smartphones)note  has brought them back into the public eye. During the first week of the film's release, sales of iPods on Ebay increased by 929%.
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  • Sleeper Hit: A low-budget movie originally intended to release in the Dump Month of August, the film's release date was pushed forward to a late June release date following universal acclaim after being screened at South By Southwest. Critics and audiences shared this enthusiasm for the film once it opened, causing it to recoup nearly all of its production budget in its first week of play alone. It also broke Edgar Wright's cold streak at the American box office; it took all of six days to pass Scott Pilgrim as Wright's highest-grossing film Stateside and has easily cleared the rest of his resume to become his highest-grossing film worldwide.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Edgar Wright has had the idea for the film since 1994. In fact, the music video for Mint Royal's "Blue Song" (which he directed) is roughly the same as the opening scene of Baby Driver. He planned to do it after finishing Ant-Man before his departure from that film led to this being his next film.
    • The film was going to be set and shot in Los Angeles. Tax reasons, however, led to it being filmed in Atlanta, and rewritten to be set there as well.
    • John Boyega and Logan Lerman were considered for Baby.
    • Michael Douglas, Chloë Moretz and Emma Stone were all attached to the movie at some point. It's presumed that Douglas was considered for the role of Doc, Moretz was considered for the role of Debora and Stone was considered for the role of either Deborah or Monica.


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