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Funny / Baby's Day Out

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  • The gorilla scene. Enough said.
  • Eddie's crotch on fire, causing Veeko to start stomping it like he learned in the Boy Scouts.
  • Eddie's yells of "MY MONEY!" when Bink is in peril.
  • At the end of the film, when the crooks realize that Bink is back at their hideout, they immediately try to run off, only to see that Bink has been accompanied by the police.
    Eddie: You dirty, no-good, little stool pigeon!
  • Eddie suggesting Norby should sing Bink a song.
    Norby: Mary had a little lamb
    Little lamb, little lamb
    Mary had a little lamb
    Her hair was white as snow
    And every which way that Mary went
    The lamb was right behind her
    It followed her to work one day
    Work one day, work one day
    It followed her to work one day
    And Mary lost her job!
    • Which is then followed by this:
    Norby: Um, Eddie! What else did Mary's little lamb do?
    Eddie: Didn't he put Humpty Dumpty back together again?
    Veeko: That was Nat King Cole.
    Eddie: Nat King Cole stuck his finger in the pie and yanked out the bird.
    Veeko: How can a lamb put a Humpty together again? He ain't got fingers.
    Norby: And then she went to unemployment
    Eddie: Norby, knock off the singing and read him his storybook! If you can.

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