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Hey, everyone loves cute furry things killing each other with swords, right? And some people write good fic about it.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Authors and Websites
Fan fic area on The Redwall Wiki
  • Recommended by Cosmiconvention.

Laburnum Steelfang

  • Recommended by Zadia
  • Comments: Laburnum is a brilliant author. Her fics are quite often dark, but they also tend to have a lot of humour in them.

Ultamite Nineball

General Fics
Vengeance Quest by Sounasha
  • Recommended by Thinks Too Much
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Basically reads like a fresh installment of the main series, with an all-new cast. The main character, Riala Goldentail, watches her father be killed by a wolverine named Nightdeath Longclaws, which kicks off the titular quest to avenge him. Features substantial cutie-damaging in literal and metaphorical form. Is a Deconstruction Fic for the Always Lawful Good and Always Chaotic Evil concepts in canon.
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  • Featuring an intriguing (female!) Anti-Hero, an equally intriguing Anti-Villain in the part of The Dragon to Longclaws, moral complexities, a detailed investigation of the workings of a vermin horde, and some nice battles, this is a beautiful take on the Redwall canon. Be warned, however, that it is in some ways a mature {Deconstruction Fic of the Redwall epic and is targeted several years older than the series itself, meaning Black and Grey Morality and rape (not of Riala) make appearances, becoming Nightmare Fuel in numerous places. However, it's overall beautifully told. (Also the source of a couple of PPC agents, incidentally; some of the few recruited from goodfic.)

Seven Seasons Gone, by Clouded Horizon.

  • Recommended by theLibrarian
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After nearly being responsible for the death of a visitor to Redwall, Dann leaves both his position of Warrior and Redwall itself behind. However, a threat that he once thought gone has returned, threatening Redwall and forcing both he and Song to return to memories that each thought dead.
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  • Quite possibly one of the best fics this troper has ever read. Good description, the angst and drama works well without becoming too much, and the characters have changed so much in the time between the story starts and the end of Marlfox that you'd hardly recognize them. Unfortunately, the author hasn't updated it in quite some time. It is at present at a cliffhanger when Dann has seen Song napping out in the woods and is at the moment in the hands of the Big Bad, being tortured, apparently through magic. Still quite good, regardless.

Cullin' of the Fold, by Laburnum Steelfang

  • Recommended by Zadia
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Implied OC/OC (emphasis on implied)
  • Synopsis: A one-shot set in the time of Abbot Cedric (briefly mentioned in Redwall) about a Mary Sue squirrel who meets her fate at the paws of a ferret she believes is in love with her. Makes reference to and is named after the song Culling of the Fold by The Decemberists.
  • Seriously one of my favourite fics out there. Perfectly believable, there's some good comedy (such as the interactions between the vermin gang), the rant by Eyeshine about how vermin do have some standards is quite good... really, there's not much to dislike. Especially as it's a Mary Sue parody that also parodies Twilight.
    • Could have gone without the Downer Ending...but otherwise good.
      • She's a blatant Parody Sue, isn't it a good thing that she died?

Eight Words: The Story of Veil by Taheen Killer 19

  • Recommended by Cathal Picard
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: What if Veil had lived? An interesting take on Veil in general, not just his life, given that TK made it continue. It is an in-depth look a Veil's motives and personality, that helps to make him look brighter on the grayscale.
  • Warnings: TK is like BJ. His background tragedies do not sugar coat things. Life is tough in his world, as in BJ's.
  • Comments: It's a great fic about a highly under-appreciated character. Unfortunately, it seems a bit on the dead side, have been left un-updated since 2007.

Dissonance, by Les Rallizes Denudes

  • Recommended by currentvalue
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Interweaving stories set at the beginning (and end) of a campaign, dealing with the social status of vermin and other beasts. At the same time, the protagonist of the story learns just exactly why Redwall Abbey has never fallen.
  • Warnings: Due to some of the subject matter of the main plotline, there may be parts that come off as confusing. There is also some unsavory visuals as a result.
  • Comments: A very interesting twist on the modern Redwall fanfic, casting Redwall itself as a living tomb and detailing the mental battles between the protagonist fox and the the spirit of Martin the Warrior. Very mindfuck-y, but rewarding.

It Makes Me Happy That I'm Not Them, by Miles S Mistoffelees

  • Recommended by Chelonianmobile
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A one-shot detailing the fate of a deceased OC pine marten by the name of Keinruf in a Hellgates bearing a distinct resemblance to that of the Jackverse.
  • Warnings: The author's not kidding when he says the ending is "disgusting" - it features a lot of Gorn. Even before that, the story rapidly moves into Nightmare Fuel.
  • Sheer creepy awesome. As well as Keinruf, we encounter a few familiar faces; Swartt's Ironic Hell is both amusing and profoundly eerie. Plus it's heavily influenced by Jack and has a funny Shout-Out to Discworld with the Death of Rats. It actually got this troper musing on possible Ironic Hells for the other Big Bad characters; for Ferahgo and Klitch, I'm voting for a small room containing nothing but the two of them.

The Urthblood Saga, by Highwing

  • Part I: The Crimson Badger
  • Part II: The Shrew War
  • A variety of related side stories can be found on Highwing's profile.
  • Recommended by Samadhir, SomeoneImSure
  • Status:
    • The Crimson Badger: Complete
    • The Shrew War: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Crimson Badger Lord Urthblood arrives at Redwall, bearing a dire prophecy of a massive war that will soon sweep over the lands, and offers his help in preparing the abbey for it. From this simple beginning starts a truly epic, complex tale of great battles, betrayals, moral uncertainties, truly interesting characters and every kind of dramatic and exciting elements a reader could want in a story.
  • Comments: The best fanfic this troper has ever read, and one of his favorite novels period, this ambitious, multi-novel, Door Stopper fic is miles better than the official novels as far as I'm concerned. One of the great classics of the ROC in the early 2000's, this tragically underrated masterpiece was one of the first fics to make in-depth explorations of the oft-used "noble vermin" theme that is so common in the Redwall fan community, and it does so in a truly brilliant way. But that's far from the only reason to read it; the story constantly forces the reader to re-evaluate the characters and conflicts in it, making you unsure who's side you're supposed to be on, which characters feel sympathetic and who's really good and evil. No-one illustrates this better than the mysterious badger for which the saga is named: he's a well-intentioned crusader who has done many good things for the world, but nevertheless uses very questionable methods to attain them, never making you sure if he's a hero or villain. Sadly, the saga isn't finished; after The Shrew War finished publication in early 2004, Highwing announced that he would complete it at a later date, but due to real-life issues and the declining popularity of the Redwall books and the ROC never got around to do it, ending TSW on a massive cliffhanger. Now however, he's started posting it on again, and if the saga gets more attention and renewed popularity, that would be the deciding factor in reviving it for a third novel. In short, this is a must-read for any Redwall fan, and for anyone who enjoys furry fiction or just well-written fan fiction in general.
    • The Urthblood Saga is definitely an above-average fic. It has several strong points: (a) Great characterization, and many likeable characters. Significant Character Development even for relatively minor ones. (b) Grand and overarching vision. Perhaps the only Redwall fic that actually tries to introduce major changes to the verse in a believable and gradual way, instead of postulating significant differences as its premise. (c) Highwing has writing style comparable to that of a professional author. Unfortunately, it is not without major flaws as well (a) Waaaay too wordy and slow-moving; would benefit enormously from mercyless editing. Every part of the saga has noticeably less actual plot happening than an average Redwall novel, while being approximately 3-4 times longer. Add Kudzu Plot being in effect, and you'll end with the real conflict of the story not even being set up yet after enough pages for an entire fantasy saga or two. (b) Urthblood is a an Invincible Villain. Took note how long this fic is? In all this time he has yet to be meaningfully challenged. Only once he suffers something that can be considered a serious setback, and that because he was clearly holding back his true power. But this pales before the fact that the only other characters who have any sort of real plot agency are straightforward villains who are clearly designated to dance in Urthblood's palm. Everyone else has yet to do anything proactive beyond minor subplot conflicts. Considering the above-mentioned sheer length of the fic, this is... problematic. (c) 95% of inventions appearing in the saga, as depicted are either straight-up impossible, or can't be made without an advanced industrial society already in place. Depicted Lensman Arms Race is unbelievable in general. Logistics is just one step from being ignored entirely. A serious sin for a fic that clearly strives to be gritty and "realistic".
    • This fic is possibly the best I have ever read. I agree that there are some logistics flaws, but it is exceptionally well-written. A must-read.

Redwall:Revolution by T Lhikan

  • Recommended by Screwy Sqrl
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Nearly 500 years after Matthias the Warrior drive off Cluny, the realm of Mossflower begins to open up to the wider world, as new ideas, nations, and technology begin to alter the status quo that has held sway for countless seasons. The new arrival of "smokepowder" and greatly improved sailing ships creates a new dynamic between woodlanders and vermin.
  • Comments: This was inspired by Urthblood, above. A Mossflower with tech circa the mid-1400s. Gunpowder in the form of cannons and arquebuses, very primitive industrial works (mostly gear-and-cog), and early gun-armed ships the beginnings of science, and an attempt to change the 'always evil' vermin to instead have a very different culture.

Shipping Fics
A Mask And A Song and Winter's Flowers by warrior4
  • Recommended by Ironic Mouse
  • Status:
    • A Mask and a Song: Complete
    • Winter's Flower: Complete
  • Pairings: Martin and Rose, Gonff and Columbine, OC/OC, others
  • Tags: Fix Fic, Expanded Universe
  • Synopsis: A year after the fall of Kotir, Redwall Abbey is nearing its completion. However, far to the north, the valley of Noonvale is bracing for the invasion of Rassk the Mask and his Silent Slavers. Brome, who has taken his father's place as leader, decides to send out Emalet the owl to find Martin and bring him back. Martin eventually arrives, backed by Gonff, Columbine, and the Redwall otter crew, and defeats the slaver fox. After recovering from the fight, Martin is astonished to find it is Rose who has been caring for him, and a few days later, he asks her to marry him. However, within minutes of his proposal, Rose and Columbine are kidnapped by the ravens of the All-Pack. Now, Martin and Gonff must band together, along with many others from Noonvale and Redwall to rescue their fair maidens.
  • These have got to be some of the best fanfictions I've ever read. Warrior 4 manages to resurrect Rose without making it feel like an Ass Pull in the process. A lot of thought went into this break from canon, and it actually feels very believable. The story features dozens of familiar characters, from both Mossflower and Martin the Warrior, and manages not to derail any of them. There a number of wonderfully crafted original characters, who all get a good amount of Character Development, and a few well-placed Shout Outs. In addition, Rose and Columbine manage to subvert the classic Damsel in Distress situation, by aiding their own rescue from the inside. Warrior 4 also manages to capture some of Brian Jacques' trademark feel with a fair amount of well-written poems and songs. And finally, to top it off, the main antagonists are some of the best Anti Villains I've ever read. Forgive my gushing, but this is seriously a must-read for any Redwall fan.

Other Fics

Survival GamesSome writers in the fandom participate in survival-themed writing contests. Ten to twelve writers apply anonymously with an original character and collaborate to create a story. The audience votes one out each week, and the character dies in-story. Started with Redwall Online Community Survivor, or ROC:S (lost to the wilds of the interwebs), continued with the Questors Bold series (the first is missing, but there are four more— the newest being the fifth), and there's a new one almost every year. Try Redventure, Redwall: Revolutions, and Midnight Mossflower.

  • The most recent is [1], currently ongoing.


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