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  • Awesome Music: The audiobooks. They've got in-between-chapter music, and they have a full cast to actually sing the songs.
    • "Kroova's Song" from the start of Triss. The singer's voice is especially nice, making the song all the better.
    • Bryony's seasons song from Outcast of Redwall is really pretty.
    • "Home Returning" from Outcast of Redwall.
    • "Dawn" from Loamhedge.
    • The otterclans' war song from High Rhulain. Just when all hope seems lost for Leatho, he hears this triumphant song drawing nearer, and joins in.
    • Also how when Gulo's hordes are working themselves up into a frenzy in Rakkety Tam, their chant gets an upgrade from The Power of Rock.
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    • The TV show theme is also pretty epic


  • The final confrontation between Matthias and Asmodeus is full of awesome. Especially when you hear it on audio with Brian Jacques reading it.
  • The epic final battle for Redwall Abbey in the same book as well. With Matthias and Cluny going sword to tail all through the abbey.
  • Matthias' entrance to that battle is awesome enough. "I AM THAT IS!" - talk about dramatic.
  • Matthias' true Crowning Moment comes shortly after that, when he's up in the bell tower during his final battle with Cluny the Scourge. Cluny has a hostage, so Matthias promises on his honor as a warrior that he'll come down from the tower if the hostage is released first. Cluny agrees, and Matthias comes down... after he cuts the rope holding the bell, which falls and crushes Cluny to death. Proving once again that just because you're honourable doesn't mean you have to be an idiot about it.
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  • Constance the Badger using a giant oak dining table as a rat-flattener, then catching another rat in a fishing net and swinging him repeatedly against a stone wall.
  • The Hoist by His Own Petard demise of Cheesethief. If anyone deserved a giant arrow in the chest, he did.


  • Warbeak's Big Damn Heroes moment. Sadly, this was her Dying Moment of Awesome.
    Orlando: "I've known creatures ten times her size without a quarter of her boldness."
  • The Reveal of Slagar's true identity. He previously appeared in Redwall, but was bitten by Asmodeus. The only other character in the series to survive an adder's bite is Sunflash, a freaking badger, and Sunflash was given immediate treatment by someone who knew an old remedy for snake venom. Slagar passed out, then woke back up and crawled all the way back to his mother's den, then spent an entire winter treating himself to recover fully.

Martin the Warrior

  • Martin grabbing his stolen sword while Badrang is still holding it and forcibly turning it back into the tyrant's heart.
  • Felldoh's duel with Badrang. He takes down his enemy in the coolest way possible (while smiling the whole time), then proceeds to beat him senseless, just as Badrang used to beat his slaves. While he does then get killed by Badrang's horde, he still wipes the floor with most of them. Bonus points for taking a javelin to a sword fight.
    Felldoh: "You had me beaten when I was little more than an infant! My father was beaten with the rod because he was old and slow! You never made me cry out!"


  • Martin's entire battle with Tsarmina. It's cat versus mouse, but this time the lone mouse drives the cat back and into the water, partially by triggering her insane phobia of it.
    • What makes it even better is the fact that, while Tsarmina begins the battle uninjured, Martin had just been wounded in the thigh by her arrow in a confrontation the day before and is limping. The fight is so vicious and Martin is so tenacious that it's easy to forget that on top of the injuries he's fighting someone much, much larger than him to boot. Then there's a wonderful line further emphasizing the warrior-mouse's greatness, comparing him to a creature about nine times his size:
    "Martin, the one that fought like a great male badger."
  • Earlier on, Skipper's battle with the vermin army commander who murdered his brother. He manages to launch the guy into the air, so that he lands on a bunch of otter javelins sticking out of the ground—and otter javelins are sharpened on both ends.

Rakkety Tam:

  • Rakkety Tam's battle with Gulo the Savage. For reference, Gulo the Savage is a wolverine, and probably the most dangerous enemy combatant in the series. The only one who comes close is Ungatt Trunn, a male wildcat in the prime of his life, and his opponent, Lord Brocktree, is a badger lord. Rakkety Tam isn't even in the same size category as Gulo, and he still manages to come out on top!
    • Tam manages to deliver some pretty good zingers to Gulo during their Boss Battle.
    Gulo the Savage: (Shouting various gory threats) I'll eat thy flesh and gorge on thy bones! Your heart is mine!
    Rakkety Tam: Yours? You cannot have my heart, 'tis promised to a fair pretty maid!
  • The death of Brigadier Buckworthy Crumshaw. He charged across the Abbey grounds wielding only his cane, with three arrows in his chest and a sliced apart face and he still grabbed Freeta's sword, twisted it around, and rammed it into her throat before dying. How much more awesome can a Taking You with Me get?
  • Wopscutt's Heroic Sacrifice in the same book.

Long Patrol

  • The final battle, with the Redwall alliance versus the Rapscallion horde clashing in the largest pitched battle in the series.
  • Cregga Rose Eyes' —and the rest of the Long Patrol's— Big Damn Heroes moment.

High Rhulain

  • Cuthbert Blanedale Frunk's Heroic Sacrifice while hacking a giant sea monster to death.
    • Frunk as a whole is pretty awesome. Bears very little resemblance to how dissociative identity disorder works in real life, but who cares when he's this cool?
  • Minor character Brinty the mouse gets one. After a gannet is accidentally pushed out of the Abbey and onto the lawn, it tries to go after a pair of Dibbuns. Brinty charges the thing and tackles it, pummeling it while yelling for it to get out of Redwall until he successfully pushes it out beyond the gates and the gannet goes away. Almost immediately turns into a Tear Jerker in a shocking case of Mood Whiplash when the water rat Goldfish Poop Gang leader hops out of the ditch and kills him, though Skipper kills him with a javelin immediately after.
  • Later in the same book, after witnessing her friend Pandion Piketalon's murder at the hands of Riggu Felis, Tiria Wildlough's immediate reaction is to load a barbed iron star (which had been embedded in Pandion's beak by Felis early in the book) and launch it at Felis. It pierces him through the forehead, killing him instantly. This was the same guy who had Leatho and the otterclans literally on the run at all times.

The Bellmaker

  • Finnbarr Galedeep's Curb-Stomp Battle with Urgan Nagru. He does something you'd expect a burly otter like him to do: Finnbarr throws his twin swords to the ground and fights off the Foxwolf using nothing but his claws and teeth. At The Climax, he picks up Urgan by his tail and neck and smashes his head into a heavy log, cracking his skull and driving the wolf skull's fangs into Urgan's head. Oh yeah, he did all this after he got slashed in the face and stabbed with a spear.
  • Blaggut when he strangled his evil captain after the captain murdered an Abbeydweller, and then returned to Redwall to own up to it, even giving them the permission to kill him if they wanted. (They didn't).
    Blaggut: Sorry, Cap'n!
    • Three words: Blaggut got up.

The Sable Quean



Outcast of Redwall

  • Sabretache's duel with Captain Zigu. "You have lived the life of a coward, now learn to die like a soldier, sah!"
  • When Veil Sixclaw finally meets up with his father Swartt, he goes into full-on Deadpan Snarker mode, and it is awesome. He won't stop even when Swartt starts making death threats. Then he dishes out an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how Swartt is a coward who abandoned him, and that he considers him his ultimate enemy.
  • Skarlath is pretty much made up of awesome moments, especially his Big Damn Heroes moment when he attacks Warpclaw.
  • Sunflash killing two adders. By himself. With his bare paws. Then surviving their poison after being bitten multiple times. All this was in Part 1 of the book, which was several years before he Took a Level in Badass and became the Badger Lord of Salamandastron.
  • Sunflash punching Swartt's head in before throwing him off a mountain, finally ending their life-long grudge match.

Pearls of Lutra

The Legend of Luke

  • Luke the Warrior's Heroic Sacrifice, holding his enemy trapped as the ship they're on sinks.


  • Lady Cregga, an old, blind essentially grandmother/nanny figure managed to use a longbow to fire an arrow from the Abbey to kill what was believed to be the leader of the invaders. Again, old and BLIND.
    • It should be noted that another badass old lady, Grandma Ellayo, was aiming for Cregga, and a third party in the scene is noted to have never seen a longbow drawn that far. The end result?
    The badger released the string with a mighty twang. The arrow carried on, straight through the fire, across the lawn and out through the open gates on to the flatlands, despite the fact that Ascrod was the first target it passed through.


  • The adder triplets. Dude, they effectively got a HYDRA into a book with no real magic. Gotta feel for the snakes, though, especially the only female of the three - imagine spending your life literally joined at what passes for your hips to both your brothers...
    • What really makes them badass is the fact that they're ten times more dangerous than Princess Kurda and her entire army. Who do Princess Kurda and her whole army kill of relative importance? Drufo. Who do the adder triplets kill? Ovus, Bluddbeak, Captain Plugg Firetail, and Shogg, who was one of the main protagonists. Talk about Hero Killers.
  • Also from Triss though only in the backstory, King Sarengo, father of Argarnu and grandfather of Kurda and Bladd. Unlike his descendants he earned his title. He went up against the mother of the three adder triplets by himself and achieved a Mutual Kill. Most villains in Redwall would flee at the mere sight of an adder, but Sarengo, having lost his weapon and dying of poison, fought and killed her with his teeth.
  • Captain Plugg Firetail, the only vermin captain in Redwall history to be genuinely missed by his crew. Without a single ambitious Number Two to be found among them, they completely collapse when he dies.

Mariel of Redwall

  • The weapon of choice of the title character? A large knotted rope!
  • When Abbey Dibbuns Bagg, Runn, and Grubb singlehandedly stop a searat invasion at night by cutting the vermin grappling ropes with kitchen knives.


  • Baliss the Slayer, a worthy descendant of Asmodeus, who doesn't let a little thing like being blind prevent him from being awesome. After he suffers Inertial Impalement and subsequent horrifying pain from his wounds, he manages to wound a bird into serving as his guide back to Skurr's lair, rampage his way through the reptiles and birds inside, survives scalding his head in the hot springs, manages to beach a catfish bigger than him, and only dies when the cave collapses on him.
  • After a long and distinguished career as the book's Hate Sink, Tugga Bruster is exposed as a liar and a thief, declared no longer fit to be Log a Log, disowned by his entire tribe, and kicked out of Redwall, where he is ambushed and killed by Tala for killing her husband (turns out vermin have feelings too). Total number of mourners in-verse and out: zero.

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