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Semi-new troper. Learning tropes and editing posts as I go.

I think my goal in life for fanfiction right now is coming up with a Self-Insert Fic that actually appeals to me as an intellectual, i.e. a Self-Insert Fic without a Wish Fulfillment Mary Sue, or something a lot like Most Writers Are Writers. There could be a large amount of different and unique fics that can fit into the category I like but most of them are usually some fan from our world being put into their fandom of choice, and discovering that it isn't everything they imagined. Unfortunately, there aren't many fanfics like that, so I've started writing them.


Unfortunately, some of them turn out that way anyway or simply go down a road I wasn't expecting but I'm still going to make the attempt.

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     My Flaws as a Human Being 
  • Writing By The Seat of My Pants: A common flaw in most of my stories is the fact that, despite all my planning and outlining, most of the end result is this. I tend to write according to how the characters would react to a situation and, since I don't plan all reactions of characters for all situationsnote , the inevitable result is that nothing happens according to plan. That, plus my poor memory, means that I'm going to worry about it until the day I actually reread everything or ultimately give up on the story and abandon it. In my current story, A Butterfly Effect, I work on what details I want to make relevant to future plot points and let the characters rationalize their way to the end resultnote .
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Y'all love my stories. Obviously, you do. You keep following and favoriting them. Wait, no one's reviewed? They obviously don't like them! Augh! Time to rewrite it.note 


Self-Insert Characters

     The Killjoy 
The Killjoy is... a wide variety of things. Most important of them all is that she is The Ambassador of Earth, it's only defense against Destronians, and a fan who was turned into a transformer. She is hopefully not a Mary Sue.



Self-Insert Stories

Transformers T0RN Series




     A Butterfly Effect 

     My Rules When Writing (Now Updated 2017) 
Since my current focus is in the Self-Insert Fic and since there's a lot of tropes common with these types of stories, I have a few general rules that I follow when writing themnote :
  1. The Deuteragonist/Protagonist, if s/he does have powers, will have powers that make sense for her character background and story, and there will be at least one other character in the story with similar or exactly the same powers. That other character does not always have to be a villain, but if the protagonist is good, then expect it to be either a villain or a neutral character.
    • Similarly, s/he will not gain any new powers, unless those powers make sense for the character, such as Killjoy is a robot and therefore she can have upgrades. Those upgrades, however, will have a cost. If she was originally a Lightning Bruiser then expect her to turn into a Genius Bruiser. Do not expect her to turn into an Amazonian Beauty.
  2. The Deuteragonist/Protagonist's beliefs will not be the beliefs of the other characters, nor will s/he persuade the other characters to her side easily. In the case of most Protagonists, reality will step in and teach an aesop to said protagonist. Protagonist Centered Morality will be avoided at all costs, especially since it's (in this troper's opinion) a trait of a Mary Sue.
  3. The Point of View of the entire story will be in Third Person Limited Point of View, and will not switch between First POV and Third Limited POV. Some regular Third Person POV will be present but only for dramatic effect.
  4. There will be no strict adherence to the original canon storyline (and, in T0RN's case, no canon story to adhere to). Liberties will be taken. See Butterfly of Doom or For Want of a Nail for reasons why. It's a coin toss to see which trope is going to be in which story.

     Story Updates 
Currently, T0RN: Genesis is going to be rewritten, but a copy of the original version will remain on Ao 3. Yes, some parts of the story will be changed, but the purpose is to make it better than the original and easier to read. Key events will remain the same, but I am writing out that Rape scene. It's the Principle of the Thing, especially since I can't write rape victims well. However, some things will remain the same.

Aka Mercy Ferris. For the majority of Genesis, her name is just Mercy, until she changes her name to Killjoy out of spite for The Mentor trying to turn her into another Rhythm.
  • Good with Numbers: A side-effect of having a Battle Computer. Helps her understand tactical jargon.
  • Sizeshifter: Justified. She is a child of Amalgamous Prime. Gaining more mass by eating Insecticons and transforming allows her to gain weight, often becoming a larger version of herself. %Can also happen in reverse.%

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