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  • Author Existence Failure: Brian Jacques died of a heart attack before he could complete the series' 23rd book (and by extension the series, as he'd never intended to stop writing).
  • Image Source: For Inertial Impalement.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Friar Bellows in Salamandastron. Probably not intentional.
    • And in a slightly different version of this, there is a Real Life Abbey in France called "Cluny Abbey". When Brian Jacques heard about that, he said he thought it "quite spooky".
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  • Trope Namer: Perilous Old Fool
  • What Could Have Been: It is likely that a 23rd book was in the works at the time of Jacques' death: there had been a contest to create a character to appear in the books. The winning character was Reisa Kartwell, a haremaid cartographer from Salamandastron. The winner was sent an illustration of the character. As this character did not appear in The Rogue Crew (the only book to come out after the contest), it's assumed that this character was meant to be in the next book after that.
  • Write Who You Know: Word of God is that Jacques based Gonff the Mousethief on his younger self, and Constance the badger was based on his grandmother. If that's true, Jacques must have had an impressively badass grandmother...

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