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Fanfic / That Guy with the Glasses in Space

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Despite the silly sounding title, this is Dark Fic written by freya_sacksen on live journal. It basically takes group of nerdy, fun internet personas of That Guy with the Glasses and turns them into broken but very, very badass woobies due to war and experiments. They have been split up into Factions. The main focus is on the Anti-Factionists, which consists of Spoony, Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Angry Joe, That Chick with the Goggles, and MarzGurl.


It can be read here. The prequel fic "I Have Heard The Voices Dying" starts here.

Seeing as how this is a verse, others in the fandom and freya herself have done other one-shot fics for it. These have a lot more pairings, can be anywhere in the timeline and to be fitting, most of them are also Dark Fic: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, I See No Wrinkles Here, Despair, Tears and Home, Lonely, Music and Forever in The Black, Till The Sun Breaks Down, Blood, Loneliness and Hope, Spun Sugar and the sequel Heavy Things, What We Are In The Dark, The Persistence Of Memory and Cold Comfort.

Not to be confused with To Boldly Flee, the fourth anniversary special that had That Guy with the Glasses literally IN SPACE!.


That Guy With the Glasses In Space has examples of: