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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of those series that has one episode where everyone is nice to each other, and one episode where everyone and not just Bloo is mean-spirited. Bet you can't guess which of the two we're listing here.

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  • Triassicranger: The episode "The Big Cheese". The scene that kicked me in the teeth was when the tv crew comes to film Fosters, only to find it is a wreck (thanks to everyone joining in with Cheese's dancing), proceed to give Fosters negative publicity, cause Eduardo to burst into tears because they won't stop filming him without his shorts on, and Cheese hogging up all the limelight including the closing credits reel. It did not help that Bloo acted like a complete jerk without motivation, as opposed to earlier seasons (such as the one where he treats the puppies badly after they divert attention away from him and his "time machine"). Yes I know there's no excuse for bad behavior but at least Bloo had motivations.
  • Ub3r D4n: Okay then, I guess on behalf of everyone on the Fosters fansite Never Forgotten, I have to add the end of "The Little Peas" as the most widely recognized Dethroning Moment of Suck for the show. Not only is it a retelling of the aforementioned episode "The Big Cheese" (which is not well liked either), but focuses on an OC and has little to do with the main cast at all. The real kicker is the end, where it turns out the one good thing Frankie managed to do in "The Big Cheese" (where she was pretty much tortured the whole way through) turns out to be the idea of the OC's, not hers. Not only was it a tremendously poor episode (by the show's standards, at least) but it severely tainted my memory of earlier episodes.
    • Thomas Veggie Drama Fan: While "The Big Cheese" was indeed terrible (this coming from somebody who hates Cheese most of the time) "The Little Peas" actually made that piece of crap even worse for the big reason you pointed out.
  • MadMan400096: "I Only Have Surprise For You". In it, Mac tries to avoid having yet another embarrassing birthday party. So what does the rest of the house do? They all take a level in jerkass (except Eduardo, who just did what the invitations told him) by making him feel miserable but faking a little boy's birthday party, having him unknowingly obliterate it (thinking it was his own) and then reveal the whole plan. While having Bloo do this is usual, him being the Jerkass he is, everyone else suffered a major case of Character Derailment just by taking part (Except Eduardo, who just did what the invitations told him).
    • The Unknown Uploader: What makes the episode even worse, is that one of Bloo's past birthday pranks was bring Mac's entire classroom to see him naked in the shower. The whole idea is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin.
  • RAD Dman: This troper's DMOS for Foster's (which, in my opinion, had so many of them that they made me forget most of the good episodes) is "Everyone Knows It's Bendy". This episode has the main group of imaginary friends (Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo) squaring off against a new guy named Bendy who causes trouble but uses crocodile tears and kissing-up to make Mr. Herriman and Frankie think it was the guys. First of all, I get why they would think that Bloo did the stuff he was blamed for; besides the fact that Bloo's gung-ho attitude in the episode makes it look like he did it when they come, he's known for being a troublemaker (He's even been in jail!). But Herriman and Frankie have known Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco for a long time and know that they're generally nice and stick to the rules. Why would they believe a stranger they know little about over three long-time friends who usually don't break any rules, especially since the rash of rule-breaking started only when Bendy came in? It's absurd and unbelievable. However, the worst thing about the episode and the one thing that made many fans hate it is that in the end, Bendy wins. Bloo tries to catch Bendy in the act, but the lengths he goes to (his scheme ends in the house being flooded) just to catch Bendy taking a cookie lead to him getting in even more trouble with Frankie and Herriman. There is no comeuppance whatsoever; the good guys lose and the bad guy ends the episode by spraying the camera with a spray-paint can.
    • RyRodrigo: I was so pissed off after watching that episode and "Fosters Goes to Europe", I stopped watching the series altogether. Those episodes were mean spirited in the worst possible way, and I never felt such an overpowering urge to throttle a cartoon character before. (I'm looking at you, Bendy.)
    • Shadoboy: "Everyone Knows it's Bendy" was so bad that Lauren Faust actually apologized to the fans for it.
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  • TT 454: Mine would have to be "Squeakerboxxx". I found this episode unnecessarily mean-spirited and in many ways, annoying. The episode involves the gang winning a rubber elephant at an arcade. The squeaking from the rubber elephant becomes tiresome after a while, and Eduardo's disturbing, motherly obsession with it becomes obnoxious. When Bloo breaks this elephant, he has to go and win a new one before Eduardo knows. Due to Bloo's selfishness, he wins enough tickets for the elephant (after suffering several blows to the face due to inaccurately throwing balls at the arcade machine instead or rolling them), but uses them to buy some Dracula fangs. He then goes back to the arcade to try again, but the elephant's been won by a bratty kid, so he challenges her to the same arcade game, which she wins easily. Foolishly, Blue runs away with the elephant anyway, and is knocked out by the kid. Mac, knowing Bloo would fail to get the elephant, has bought a new one. Bloo returns home with the elephant, but for some reason, a panicking Eduardo rushes towards Bloo, making him throw the elephant in the air in fright, and then accidentally swallow it despite having plenty of room to move out of the way. So, the ending is this: Bloo now squeaks like a rubber elephant, and the gang make him be the elephant to compensate for not having one. This episode is painful to watch mainly because it's literally the stupidest possible conflict that could have been resolved if Mac had simply told Bloo to purchase a new elephant in the first place - or, if Bloo had never foolishly broken it by exploiting Eduardo's creepy love of it. It just isn't funny, it's contrived, and the ending is one of the weirdest in the series.
  • Manwiththeplan: "Fosters Goes To Europe". The ending is so mean-spirited toward Mac, and such an ungodly case of Character Derailment for Madame Foster, that I'm shocked it was able to get past the scripting stage, let alone fully animated and voiced!
    • fluffything: Agreed wholeheartedly. I can forgive "The Big Cheese", "I Only Have Surprise For You'', and even "Everyone Knows It's Bendy", since those episodes have genuinely funny moments that soften the blow of the bad parts. But this? This is just unforgivable. The European-stereotype imaginary friend is bad enough. But, the worst part is, as mentioned above, the utter OOC behavior of Madame Foster. To elaborate, Madame Foster had stolen the tickets from Mac so she and her elderly friends could go to Europe...Oh, and that aforementioned stereotype-friend goes too. Yup, the episode ends with a blatant disregard for character just to throw in a Shoot the Shaggy Dog moment. Madame Foster is a cool old lady who genuinely cares for Mac and, though she can be mischevious, would never (I repeat, never) do anything so utterly dickish towards someone she treats like family. This is the equivalent of watching someone kick a puppy. Just needlessly cruel.
    • SenorCornholio: "Fosters Go To Europe" is, without a doubt, the absolute worst episode of Foster's I've ever seen. Even as a kid I had a hard time swallowing it, and this was at a point where I was a huge fan of the show. And after seeing it years later, I remembered why I hated this thing as much as I did. The episode pretty much runs on real time, so everything feels so much slower than it needs to, and pretty much everyone is doing at least something to make us wonder "are they gonna make it to the airport at all?" Everything was just so utterly forced, from Mr. Herriman preparing for the trip, Wilt and Eduardo packing only what they need, and Bloo's usual Jerkass tendencies with him flipflopping between wanting to go and not wanting to go. The ending was simply the cherry on top of the shit sundae, where Madame Foster steals the tickets and Mac gets blamed for losing them. Oh, and that stereotype imaginary friend? Yeah, turns out her owners sent her to America because they didn't like her singing either. You know that saying that The Mysterious Mr. Enter used to refer to: "what I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway"? Well I think that applies here: just because you know a character is annoying doesn't mean you should keep her annoying. And I think we were supposed to feel sorry for her the entire time; maybe we would, if she weren't constantly assaulting the viewers' ears with that voice. Bottom line: this is when I remembered Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was not perfect; it had good episodes, but it also had its slew of terrible episodes that almost no one remembers fondly. Seriously, at least "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" was later apologized for; this on the other hand was subtly referenced in the Grand Finale without a hint of irony. And This Is Unforgivable!
    • savagegenius: I agree COMPLETELY. Almost every character contributed to the bad plot.
      • Mr. Herriman was responsible for 80% of the filler in this episode. When appearing for the first time, it was obvious that he didn't know ANYTHING about time zones. When Mac tells him to hurry up with the schedule, he goes even slower. Even Mac typing doesn't help, as Mr. Herriman takes way too long to decide what Mac should type.
  • Psi Basilisk: "Where There’s a Wilt, There’s a Way" is pretty much nothing but the Foster’s Universe cruelly punishing Wilt. The events of this episode start because Bloo asks Wilt to get chips (Not too bad, right?). However, along the way to get chips, everyone Wilt encounters asks him do things for them. The requests start out as harmless quick favors but quickly spiral into insanely unreasonable commands that end with Wilt suffering in some way (be stranded in the ocean, being in jail, etc). After all Wilt goes through he is finally able to get chips for Bloo, however Bloo rudely throws the chips and expects Wilt to clean it up. This leads to the only good part of the episode (Wilt’s “No” Rant). However the episode ends abruptly with Wilt having a door slammed in his face. The worst part is that the writers could have redeemed this episode by making it a full 22 minutes and making the second half revolve around Wilt becoming more assertive. Instead the writers made it only about 9 minutes and dedicated the remaining time to the infamous "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" episode mentioned above.
  • InTheGallbladder: "One False Movie" had the Show Within a Show Lauren Is Explorin', a parody of Dora the Explorer so embarrassingly exaggerated and unsubtle that it was painful to watch. It's even worse in that it comes back near the end as a major plot point.
  • Kittens: The ending to "Bye Bye Nerdy". Mac stands up for Bloo when he gets made fun of, and, in the process, gives one hell of a speech. The crowd seem genuinely moved—until Jamez gets smug and calls Mac a nerd. They side with Jamez almost immediately. It was a Negated Moment of Awesome for a character who really deserved a proper one.
  • heartauthor: "Nightmare on Wilson Way," the Halloween special, was the only episode where the ending left me legitimately rubbed the wrong way. Basically, the episode is about Bloo getting ready for one of his infamous Halloween pranks, while Mac voluntarily locks himself in a room in the house because sugar and him don't mix. However, as the episode goes on, more and more of the Foster's residents begin disappearing...only for them all to come back as zombies who begin chasing Bloo around the house. Desperate and terrified, Bloo is forced to give Mac sugar, causing him to go on a rampage that defeats all the zombies. But's revealed that the Zombie Apocalypse was all a prank by the Fosters' residents to get back at Bloo for all his pranks. Then, to add insult to injury, Frankie tells Bloo that he's in trouble because he set a sugar-buzzed Mac loose on the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters outside. Well, newsflash Frankie: maybe if Bloo hadn't been thinking that he was going to be eaten by zombies, he wouldn't have buzzed up Mac. Okay, considering some of Bloo's Jerkass behavior in some episodes, it does make sense that the Fosters' residents want to get back at him. But Bloo's only crime in this episode? Wanting to pull some Halloween pranks. And then after scaring the crud out of Bloo, they have the gall to say he's the one in trouble at the end of the night? I can't get behind that. I just can't.
  • Brony Of The Octaves: This troper seems to dislike the episode "Eddie Monster". To basically explain, the entire episode is about Eduardo running away because he's tired of feeling like he isn't brave enough for his friends. The events of the episode were caused because everyone Took A Level In Jerk Ass and got on Eduardo's case for being scared, and Bloo comes in to throw casual insults at Ed about being a "scardey baby", causing Ed to run away. While everyone (mainly Wilt due to his Gentle Giant personality) feels horrible for treating Ed like crap and making him run away, Bloo doesn't even see seem to care, shrugging off that Ed ran away and even constantly blaming Wilt when he keeps saying everything was his fault. While Bloo has been a Jerkass so many times in the show, it seems this episode cements all the disgusting traits of him (next to the several other episodes).
    • Supreme-X15: Right up there with you. Bloo's dickishness was one of Foster's drawbacks for me, and it kept getting worse as the series prolonged. This episode brings out the worst in Bloo, and it might be one of his worst, if not worst appearances in the entire show. While everyone else feels genuine remorse for how they treated Ed, he's quick to deflect any guilt from himself and act like nothing's wrong, and no one ever calls him out of it throughout the entire episode. He's the main cause of the conflict, and he gets away with it. He even has the brass balls to say "I never doubted you for a moment, buddy!" when Ed saves him and the others, when only moments later, he unabashedly doubting Ed's ability to save them from danger. To quote PhantomStrider, if I ever find this piece of blue turd on my the bottom of my shoe, I will scrap it off with a vengeance, because I stepped in something NASTY!
  • Magnus Force: "Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook" quickly made Jackie one of my least favourite characters in the show. He acts like a huge Jerkass to Mac and shows not even the least bit of care for his duties to help the kid with the overdue library book. It gets even worse when it turns out he stole Mac's library card to learn how to be a detective and acts like it was perfectly okay. Then we find out he didn't learn anything except for "demand payment up front" while lying in the pool thinking about what he did! Combine that with Bloo as a huge Karma Houdini and the loads of Kafka Comedy, and you'll wish that Mac would just squash the little shit like the bug he is and solve the case himself.
  • mariic: The episode Duchess of Wails, where Duchess gets sent away, is nothing more than an unfunny Mac Torture Porn. She moves in with a family next to Mac's home, and annoys his family to the point where Mac's mom considers moving away. If that wasn't bad enough, Terrence tells Mac that they're moving to Singapore, so Mac and Bloo have to carry Duchess back to Foster's, but Terrence gets there first and tells the home about what they're planning. It never occurred to any of them that Terrence shouldn't be trusted, so they assault Mac and Bloo with sharpened carrots and tomatoes. It's only until after they were betrayed by their friends that Mac and Bloo reveal that Dutchess would've caused them to move to Singapore, and Terrence gets away with nothing more than a Death Glare from the housemates. They finally take Duchess back, but Mac and Bloo have to become her servants. The episode then ends with Duchess hitting Mac with her hairbrush while he and Bloo carry her. *Nothereforlong 004 says: After this episode, I feel it's acceptable to nominate Terrence for Complete Monster status.
  • Codebox 42: For me its the episode "Imposter's Home for Um.. Make Em Up Pals"- This is basically just an obnoxious Frankie Torture Porn. This episode tries to tell a "Don't judge a book by its cover" but does it in the worst way. It basically tries to make Frankie into an antagonist by having her beliefs in Goofball come off as "Judgmental" yet the audience along with Frankie are presented the image of what could easily be a Teenage Boy posing as an imaginary friend. What makes it worse is Mr Herriman and the entire household 's logic on basing Goofball's justification on being imaginary is "His Clown Nose is wacky" which basically contradicts their own logic, as the nose can just be put on by any random human.(Considering the real twist at the ending is his Elephant Nose place under set clown nose confirmed he was imaginary, which makes her apologize, making their statement even more hypocritical and stupid This only exist just to deliver the final blow to Frankie after the torment she got) then throughout the whole episode Goofball ruins all of Frankie's chores (even getting babies to say they hate Frankie at one point), at one point Goofball even invites a bunch of Teenage friends to come over, y'know it's almost like he was a real human with actual human friends? (Even if Goofball and his creator were separated, this still doesn't make sense of how he'd never consider to find or call his owner) Which begs the question, since Goofball's owner comes from Canada, how does Goofball have random teenage friends? (Again this head scratcher only exist to make Frankie's torment worse and everyone else into stupid, hypocritical jerks.) Also the fact Goofball doesn't take off his nose to expose Frankie makes the setup all the worse, as its a huge logical mistake of the episode. Also Goofball mispronounces Frankie's name in a rather obnoxious way that comes off as a Jerkass. Not to mention Goofball has to think to come up with his own name, as if he was just making one up to pass by as a imaginary friend. With how this episode is written it basically makes Goofball out to be a Human at every turn, and the structure functions like it was suppose to be the twist that proves Frankie right, but considering the real twist it feels like a Cop-out and feels out of place with the structure. And then when Frankie tries to rebel and explain her problem, she's greeted with constant punishments by Mr Herriman for not "doing her chores" even though Goofball ruins them. Then to add insult to injury, when Frankie tries to prove her point, Mac being the ONLY person who sees through her disguise doesn't even help Frankie, instead he has Frankie bribe him and use the money to take everyone INCLUDING GOOFBALL to the concert she wanted to go to (This is out of character for Mac and his scene leaves bad implications, as it makes feel like he rats Frankie out anyway offscreen, hence how Goofball comes into the room when he leaves), all while she's being greeted with a Cinderella homage. Mr. Herriman is way too tolerant of Goofball, his tomfoolery and his douchebaggery. My point is Herriman is completely Horrible in this episode all just to spite Frankie, it seems, and he does indeed spite her by blaming everything on her. To make things worse, when the friends don't know its her when in disguise they literally admit they only miss Frankie just because she's a servant to them, by only emphasizing things she does for them! Oh yeah, and then in the ending where she's forced to say she was wrong is an Kick the Dog moment for Frankie. As she had every right to expect her beliefs and nobody apologizes for their actions. (Herriman even makes an insulting comment over how a clown nose doesn't prove your an imaginary friend, y'know the same logic Frankie was proving all along?) Meanwhile Frankie in this episode doesn't get to payback anyone and instead is forced into a position of being proven wrong through sheer convenience, while never getting to go to her concert with her friends, having to apologize to set people who tormented/punished her while all of them are Karma Houdini's. Oh yeah it also doesn't help how Bloo adds onto Frankie's punishment by assisting Goofball's antics. This is easily the worst episode of the show.
  • Mr Media Guy 2: "Beat With a Schtick" is a great case of Be Careful What You Wish For for anyone who wanted a Bloo torture porn. The premise of the episode is that Bloo is telling silly one-liners about the other imaginaries. At one point, he says "How's the weather up there?" to a gigantic monstrous imaginary known simply as "the Big Scary New Guy". Now it looks like Big Scary New Guy is going to pulverize him at 4:00, and Bloo spends most of the episode terrified at this. The worst part? None of the other residents of the house are supporting of Bloo at all. Madame Foster gleefully gambles on him losing, and even Wilt angrily tells Bloo that he deserves to be pulverized, all for making a harmless one-liner about the guy's height. At the end, it turns out that BSNG is just a comedian like Bloo and he just wanted to show off his act. However, Bloo calls his act lame, resulting in BSNG angrily smashing him, much to the amusement of Eduardo. Yes, I know Bloo can be an asshole in other episodes, but in this particular instance, he did absolutely nothing to deserve what happened to him, and there is no excuse whatsoever for the way the other house residents behaved.

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