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Beneath the realm of the Digital World of lies a moment that is wrong on so many levels that fans would rather delete these moments from existence than let them be reborn at the Primary Village.

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Digimon Adventure

  • Loekman3: During the episode 25 that focuses on Mimi becoming a princess resulting in her temporarily turning into a genuine Spoiled Brat, she undergoes a lot of Character Development after realising how much of a bitch she was. Thanks to Sora's help, she has managed to activate her crest of sincerity. Now would you think this will result in Palmon unlocking the ability to digivolve to Lilymon, slap ShogunGekomon with the cannon and give the pinky girl a bone for her actions? Nope, instead Agumon stole that spotlight in form of MetalGreymon who frankly speaking didn't do anything to ShogunGekomon. She only managed to evolve her Togemon into Lilymon much later when fighting a DarkTyrannomon, only to be pushed aside by Vamdemon/Myotismon. All in all, it not just negated one of Mimi's most significant Character Development but relegates Lilymon into the sole occupant of the bottom tier out of the 6 other perfect/ultimate Digimons. At the very least the novels correct this by appropriately made Palmon super digivolve during the 'Princess Mimi' incident.

Digimon Adventure 02

  • Lily Nadesico: This one has the most anticlimactic and unsatisfying ending in all the anime I have ever seen. Talking the Monster to Death at its worst, by using the Chosen Children's "power of hopes and dreams" (dreams which, by the way, had never even been mentioned until then), and followed by a nonsensical Where Are They Now ending in which all the Digidestined have clone children, all with clone Digimon of their own. At least this travesty of a season was followed by Digimon Tamers.
    • Deeman45: The main characters' hopes and dreams have nothing to do with their personalities at all. Matt, the angsty Lancer who was a budding musician in a teen band? An astronaut! Yolei, the perky and somewhat hyperactive girl who was probably the smartest female in the main cast? Someone's a housewife! And Davis—main protagonist of the second season, who led the effort to save two worlds from an abominable evil—ends up running a noodle cart. A fucking noodle cart. Do you respect your characters at all, Digimon?!
    • Caellach Tiger Eye: They seemed to respect Ken at least, since his profession as a police officer with Stingmon (detective in the dub) is largely liked by fans (for good reason - it fits his character to a T). The rest, though, are complete and utter cock-and-bull - is it any wonder that so many people call Fanon Discontinuity on the Distant Finale?
    • Demon Damian: To me, the worst was the episode introducing the Daemon Corps. Aside from They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, we had been getting a lot of hand waving as to why Angemon and his evolutions had been so thoroughly Nerfed (because he's supposedly only powerful/useful against "real" Digimon that are dark/evil type). Enter SkullSatamon, an Ultimate Level fallen angel Digimon, who should be easy for MagnaAngemon, who once defeated a Mega level, right? Nope, he was curb-stomped like the others, and he had to give up his powers (alongside all the other Digimon) to power up Imperialdramon. Yeah, the whole thing was just an excuse to give Imperialdramon a stronger mode, making all the other Digimon pretty much useless in every subsequent battle.

Digimon Tamers

  • Ajustice: The way they dubbed the final episode screwed up the emotional scene between Henry and his dad as the Digimon had to leave, it made it so that it seems Henry would forever resent his father when the original Japanese had Johnu telling Henry that he doesn't deserve his son's forgiveness but Henry assures his dad that he does forgive him.
  • The Otaku Ninja: The way the season ends, with the Tamer's partners being de-Digivolved and forced to return to the Digital World. Yes, Takato finds another portal at the very end, but it doesn't help matters anyway. And according to Word of God, it apparently never led to anything, either. After what the characters went through during the season, it feels more than a little cruel...

Digimon Frontier

  • Retloclive: Takuya as BurningGreymon not taking Grumblemon's regular Spirit away after defeating the Digimon in his Beast Evolution form, Gigasmon. After taking away the Beast Spirit, there was definitely a chance for Takuya to grab Grumblemon's normal Spirit, because Takuya went for his friends stolen Spirits within Grumblemon first, and was able to grab Tommy's before Grumblemon was finally able to reestablish himself to get away with his regular Spirit and Zoey's Spirit. It leaves you realizing that had Takuya instead just gone for Grumblemon's regular Spirit instead of Tommys, then Grumblemon would be dead, and the stolen Spirits would be free to return to Zoe and Tommy.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time

  • Man With The Plan: The Grand Finale is worse than the ending of 02 and the Royal Knights arc of Frontier put together. It turns out that all the past Digimon heroes coming together was overglorified Fanservice for the anniversary of the franchise, since they're all rendered useless by the final battle. Taiki, the hero of the past Xros Wars seasons, gets knocked out by a cheap shot from Ryouma and Astamon once Ryouma reveals he's working for Quartzmon, so he gives his goggles to Creator's Pet extraordinaire Tagiru, in order for him to take his place. Then Astamon is revealed to have been Quartzmon all along, something that was barely foreshadowed and causes Ryouma to make a Heel–Face Turn because he realizes Quartzmon was using him all along. (Uhh, weren't you consciously choosing to help Quartzmon anyway, Ryouma? Shouldn't your partner Digimon being Quartzmon all along make things more convenient?) The past heroes then all give their power to Tagiru so he fights the final battle with Quartzmon alone. It gets to the point where Quartzmon has Xrossed himself with the entire earth and has absorbed the souls of every living thing, so it's up to Tagiru to save the universe on his own. And his motivation in all this? "Defeating and hunting Quartzmon will make him a true superstar?" What about all your friends, loved ones, and the world you selfish little shit? And after Quartzmon is defeated, the series ends abruptly with no true sense of closure and a few things left hanging too! So basically, They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot in order to show off this flat, unlikable character reminiscent of a self-insert fanfic Mary Sue, and secured Young Hunters place as the worst Digimon series ever.
    • Alden2: Not to mention that Astamon also digixrossed with Arresterdramon, and somehow the latter didn't realize something felt off?

Digimon Adventure tri.

  • batmany: The ending of Symbiosis where Ophanimon Falldown Mode and Raguelmon merge into Ordinemon to be just the absolute low point of an already hit-and-miss film series. For one thing, it feels completely out of place and Ordinemon feels more like something out of Evangelion than Digimon. Second, and more importantly, it completely takes away the threat Ophaniman FM should possess as a "Dark Digivolution". Let's use SkullGreymon and Megidramon as comparisons, shall we? What made those two such huge threats was that they were nigh-unstoppable monsters capable of causing massive damage. SkullGreymon was a mindless killing machine and Megidramon's very existence alone was enough to tear the Digital World apart. Heck, even Raguelmon is a massive threat on her own being Apocalymon's Axe-Crazy reincarnation. It really makes Ophanimon FM far less of a threat in comparison considering she doesn't really do anything on her own and instead becomes something much lamer than what she was built up to be. I can't help but feel like she was just there to give a half-assed nod to her fans. And, I really hope that the next Tri movie does a far better job when they finally reveal Holydramon.

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