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Japan has made plenty of influential shows and made some extremely memorable moments for as long as anime and manga have existed. But make no mistake, it doesn't spare them from the burning anger and derision that comes from making decisions such as these.

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Series that have so many that they have to have their own Articles:

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    Akame ga Kill! 
  • Akame ga Kill!:
    • IMAGINE Zapper: Changing my DMOS for Akame ga Kill! from Leone's death in the anime. I still think its terrible, but after thinking long and hard about it I personally find that the way Syura was defeated in the manga to be much worse. I've long abandoned the Akame ga Kill fandom but in spite of that I can still get some enjoyment out of the first half of the manga when it was focused on Night Raid vs. the Jaegers. Like many, I felt that the Wild Hunt arc was the beginning of the manga's decline since it threw away many of the potentially interesting plots from the first half but it was when Lubbock anti-climatically killed Syura that I felt the manga had really gone off the deep end. While Syura is an utterly repulsive character, I felt he had the potential to be a strong main antagonist. Unlike the other members of Wild Hunt he is introduced in the middle of the first half and seeing as how he was the leader of Wild Hunt it was pretty clear that Takahiro was setting him up to be a major villain or even the true final boss. The fact that he was an enemy to both Night Raid and the Jaegers gave him an edge over the other antagonists which I thought would have made for a cool Enemy Mine team up fight. Obviously, none of this happened and instead he is killed off by Lubbock without a fight in the middle of the Wild Hunt arc nonetheless and long before the manga has yet to reach its climax. Even Ogre and Zank, who were mere Villains of the Week that existed just to demonstrate how fights work in Akame ga Kill ended up putting up more of a fight than Syura. Making things worse is that Syura ends up being a very bad case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character as his motivations are never explored and all he amounts to being is yet another cartoonishly evil arc villain. His death also has very little payoff as well, it doesn't move the Wild Hunt arc forward and even leads to Lubbock's death wasting away a character that looked like he was moving towards an interesting character arc. Lastly, in spite of being a major character we never get to see his Teigu used in combat nor do we learn what its Hidden Ability is. Let it sink in that the mediocre anime adaptation actually gave him a better fight than the manga and the only reason his fight was included in the anime is because his first appearance was adapted and White Fox didn't want to forget about him.
    • PokeNirvash: If there's any reason to reasonably dislike Leone's death, it's that the Minister shot her with a flintlock pistol that fired more than one shot at a time. Critical Research Failure, anyone?
    • Falconwing: The one from the Manga that pissed me off the most was Kurome surviving her final battle with Akame. Do I even need to list the reasons? Wave doing the impossible by gaining use of two Teigu at once, effectively making him a Mary Sue (In comparison to the actual main character Tatsumi whose Incursio is literally subjecting him to a fate worse than death every time he uses it), the destruction of Yatsufasa for no good reason...and basically everyone forgiving Kurome for killing and desecrating Chelsea's body. Or turning her own comrade Run into one of her puppets, making her a total Karma Houdini in a verse where virtually every other female villain (except Shizuka so far) was killed off for their crimes. I mean if we are supposed to sympathize with and forgive Kurome, then why weren't we supposed to do the same for Aria, Seryu, Cosmina or Dorethea? There should have never come a day where I would prefer the anime to the manga, but here we are!

  • Aldnoah.Zero:
    • chucknormie: The ending of the series. So apparently killing Slaine would be too cruel a fate for him, but forcing him to watch as he is made The Scapegoat for every bad thing that happened during the war, including those that he had nothing to do with, is not? The worst part is that it's Asseylum who made that decision. Even regarding what he did to her and her sister in season 2, she is still the sweetest, kindest character in the show, so for her to do something like that to someone who did serve her faithfully for many years is massively OOC.
      • Elven Queen: Oh, it gets better! It's not enough that Slaine is used as a political scapegoat and blamed for shit he would never do in a million years, but he's also thrown in prison for life because everyone (with the exceptions of Asseylum and Inaho) thinks he's dead. Let me repeat that—Slaine was thrown in prison. For life. Because everyone thinks he's dead. If this had happened to a complete monster, I wouldn't have batted an eye, but this is Slaine we're talking about. For all that the writers tried their damnedest to screw with Slaine's character, he did not deserve to be imprisoned for life. Why the hell he couldn't have just been given a disguise like Asseylum's Seylum identity, changed his name, and gone on to live his life is beyond me.
    • Retloclive: The repercussions shown at the beginning of Season 2 for such an awesome Season 1 Cliffhanger was nothing but a steaming pile of garbage. Long story short, it turns out that Everybody Lives. I could no longer take the story seriously anymore after this.

    Assassination Classroom 
  • Assassination Classroom:
    • Retloclive: What goes down in the God-of-Death arc turned out to be incredibly disappointing given the hype that was being built up. You have the introduction of the villain character for this arc with the potential to allow for the series to enter Growing the Beard territory with the E-class students finally entering serious territory, and taking on the world's greatest assassin. The arc even hypes this "god assassin" up perfectly by killing off two other characters that had become fan favorites of the readers. Only...that doesn't turn out to be the case as both assassins turn out alive and well by the end of the arc. The hype regarding the greatest assassin is now all but destroyed, and the only thing remaining amounts to nothing but Karasuma fan-service taking down a so called "God of Death" that failed to actually kill anyone by the end of it all. Such wasted potential. Minor edit: even though it was later revealed that Korosensei was actually the true God-of-Death, I still feel the same way regarding the issues I have with this arc.
    • Animeking 1108: For me, it was an episode early in season 2 where the class is forced to fill in for a kindergarten teacher they accidentally injured while practicing parkour. For starters, the whole class, even the students that weren't there, were punished for something only two students were guilty of. Second, Korosensei acts uncharacteristically harsh by slapping the students and then prohibiting them from studying for an upcoming exam until their sentence is served. While filling in for the person they injured is reasonable, forbidding them to progress in their school work is not only nonsensical, but cruel and unusual punishment. This seemed like an excuse to bring Class-E down to underdog status again, since this naturally leads to them not doing so hot (the only exception being Karma, but only because he studied ahead of time).

    Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts 
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts:
    • Anime King 1108: In the first episode "Idiots, Classes, and a Summoning War", during the placement exam, Himeji has a medical emergency in the middle of class. Despite this, the teachers still failed her. I know Japan has high education standards, but that's just absurd. They wouldn't let her retake the test for something she had to go to the hospital for? Adults Are Useless would be a compliment to these incompetent hacks. How did these people become educators?
    • Heroshii15: Then, in the first series finale, she's given the chance to take her test again and she erases her name so that she'll fail and end up back in the F-class with her friends. This is already talked about on the What an Idiot! page, but I must add that getting a zero for forgetting your name seems like a Disproportionate Retribution to me, and that this was a very blatant example of Status Quo Is God (A huge Pet-Peeve Trope of mine).
    • Supreme-X15: My moment comes from midway into the second season of Baka and Test, as everybody goes to Study Camp. Akihisa and Yuuji are being blackmailed by a girl with a burn mark on her butt, and they need to find out who it is. What follows is, for lack of a better phrase, sheer stupidity. First, nearly every girl, including Mizuki, Minami, and Shouko accuse Akihisa, Yuuji, and Kouta, minus Hideyoshi, of installing mini cams in the girls changing room (which admittedly Kouta did at school, but only to read a message Shouko was sending to the blackmailer, and kept the rest of the image blurry) and proceed to brutally punish them for their transgressions. After that, the boys decide to grab an Idiot Ball and rush the girls' changing room to get at the mini cam hidden there, only to be foiled by the teachers and get punished further. This plan repeats itself for the next two episodes, and escalates to the point of the four gathering an army of like-minded idiots, which leads to fighting not only the teachers, but an army of girls, as well. Good god, the monotony. Sure, it finally ends with Akihisa beating Iron Man, and revealing Miharu as the culprit, but it also ends with all of the second year boys being suspended for peeking on the principle, thus rendering their efforts pointless. This entire arc was nothing but an excuse to make the girls even more unlikable than they already were at the beginning of the season, and the guys into brainless morons. This could have been solved quicker had they just asked Aiko, who was implied to know what was going, if she knew who the culprit was, or at least get help from her, or Mizuki and Minami, since the three of them would've had better luck finding the culprit than any of the boys, or even Shouko, as she had been in contact with the culprit and could have been persuaded to at least give a clue as to who said culprit is. Or better yet, get a teacher to help them. But, nope. The boys choose to be literal idiots. While it did have some good moments, the Study Camp Arc was a god awful mess and painful to sit through, leaving you wondering when it will end. Not to mention, it leads to a conflict with Minami and Miharu, which adds a lot of unnecessary drama for a comedy anime.

  • Berserk:
    • Lord TNK: Berserk (1997)'s ending, if only for how it was aired: just when the saga was getting started in the Manga, spoiling it completely.
    • The Big Bopper: Berserk (2016) created a Broken Base because of its story changes early on and for the ugly animation and directing throughout, but up until episode 21 there were still a fair number of people who had stuck with the series from the beginning because they thought it was Growing the Beard, and because they were willing to put up with a lot just because they loved Berserk so much. Episode 21, depicting the burning of the Spirit Tree and Guts' putting on the Berserker armor, caused many of these watchers to feel betrayed because there was a nosedive in the quality of the animation and visuals just at the point where they were hyped for the climax of the show and hoping for an Animation Bump. On top of this, the next episode preview indicated that the next episode would be a Clip Show, totally ruining the momentum of the show and quashing the viewers' entusiasm as it was nearing the end.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: Speaking of the animation quality in Berserk (2016) there is a scene from season 2 where Guts moves to protect his allies and he moves like he's on freaking South Park. (Video here) The thing is that South Park's animation style is part of what makes the series it's own and has been the style for 20 years. Berserk was supposed to use 3d to make sure that Miura's artstyle pops more. Yet it means squat when the animation looks lazy and amateurish. That's really sad when the movie trilogy, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and even Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage has better 3d animation.

    Black Clover 
  • Black Clover:
    • Ayal 92: Rebecca falling in love with Asta. They talk for a few minutes, he defends her from a drunk guy who insulted her and she is in love with him before the chapter ends. In the next chapter she even thinks of sleeping with him. And she is not even important, she is just a random civilian that we probably won't see again after this arc. Asta's harem is getting really out of hand.
    • Retloclive: The horrible introduction of Fanzell, Dominante, and Mariella in the Witches' Forest Story Arc sticks out like a sore thumb. Asta originally met, and helped, these three people in the side content of a light novel. But how was it done in the manga? They show up out of nowhere as a group of three people that have apparently already received help from Asta. It's as if the author is saying that as long as you read the light novel, there's no need to explain where these characters came from.

    Certain Magical Index 
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • JG98: New Testament Volume 9. So, basically, One-Eyed Othinus gets suddenly redeemed after spending 8 and a half volumes being a complete bitch who didn't care how many people she had to kill or hurt in order to get what she wanted, and after destroying the world and putting Touma through sheer Hell multiple times. And Touma is even willing to defend her from his friends (Index and Mikoto above all) and become the enemy of the world just for the sake of a mass murderess whose Heel–Face Turn was just as much of an Ass Pull as Accelerator's. Many others are singing praises and saying this is the best volume ever, but in my opinion, this just cemented how much it's impossible for me to like Touma as a protagonist.
    • ouykcuf: The objective dethroning moment is the second episode of the anime. Neglecting the fact that the protagonist's power is lazy and requires no effort on his part, we are treated to...good gosh I dont even know where to start with this. Anime is usually full of bizarre characters behaviours that are far from logical that any self-respecting viewer should mock, but the complete failure in logic by the protagonist in episode 2 takes the absolute friking cake. So he loses his memory...then gets the doctor to script some dialogue for him to say to this girl he barely knew anyway to make her think he hasn't lost his memory because of reasons...WHAT. Not only a shameless backpedal of such an idiotic degree that you'd expect from Lost, but quite literally the dumbest character flaw in existence.
    • lazyboywonder88 The fact fiamma decides to join the good guys after everything he's done is probably one of the dumbest moments in the entire series. you just can't redeem a character after the star world war 3. Toaru has always made redemption far too easy but this just takes the cake. This is a combination of karma Houdini and easily forgiven.There's no sense of justice in this series anymore.

    Crayon Shin-chan 
  • Crayon Shin-chan:
    • Darth Josh: In one episode', Hima kept bothering Mitzi. However, she crosses the line when she damages a magazine her mother's trying to read. Instead of punishing Hima, Mitzi hits Shin for no reason. What the fuck? Why hasn't she been arrested for child abuse yet?
      • Ecclytennysmithylove: It's probably because Mitzi thought all the crayon doodles drawn in her magazine were Shin's doing. Either way, that ending is still not justified!

  • Danganronpa: The Animation:
    • Supreme-X15: I mildly enjoyed the first Danganronpa anime, but I acknowledge the biggest issue with the series. The pacing. Things go by too quickly to get a handle on the plot or get attached to the characters, unless you've played the first game and already know how events played out. And that's exactly why you'd know that the class trials were butchered. A lot of information from game in general, not just the trials, were cut out to fill the run time of each episode. Now, that probably wouldn't be so bad, if the characters were given enough time to flesh out before a murder and trial occurred, but that didn't happen much due to the pacing. The second trial particularly sticks out because of it. Mondo Owada, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, and Chihiro Fujisaki were the main focus of chapter 02 in the game. Mondo and Taka's friendship, Chihiro's wish to get stronger, and the secrets both Chihiro and Mondo were hiding are also the driving points of chapter. However, only Mondo and Taka get any focus, and Mondo barely interacts with Chihiro at all, outside of one scene were he tries to comfort Chihiro after Byakuya and Monokuma's Kick the Dog moments. And then Chihiro's death just happens. At the end of the class trail, we learn that Mondo killed Chihiro in a fit of uncontrolled rage, and tries in a vain attempt to atone for it by switching the crime scene to hide Chihiro's secret (that 'she' was really a 'he'). Once he's found out, he reveals just how awful he feels about killing him for having the courage to face his weakness, which the former didn't. The scene is powerful for its raw emotion, yes, but how can we feel it when the victim and the murderer never got a chance to spend time together? Made worse is the fact that Chihiro had little screen time to begin with, and his only big moment was at the beginning of Episode 04, where he tries to stand up to Byakuya only to fail and end up in tears. Not to mention, a brief scene of him creating Alter Ego. And then he fades into the background until his death, with his short lived Character Development toned down and only brought up at the end of the trial. For an adaptation one of the most famous trials in the series, this one is just sad for the wrong reasons: Poor pacing, and almost less than adequate treatment of the characters.
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School:
    • Nono Robot: Dangan Ronpa 3 ended up being an immense disappointment, mainly because it directly contradicts Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: in DR2, it is explicitly said that the students fell one by one into despair because of Junko's manipulations, who exploited their weaknesses. In the anime proper? Blunt force brainwashing thanks to a video. Such a cheap plot device leaves a bad aftertaste, and this retcon taints the game's characters, making them just tragic victims of brainwashing instead of true Remnants of Despair who followed Junko out of their twisted vision of love for her. The different kind of corruption weakens the characters and the story overall, and also weakens the main antagonist, who in Danganronpa 1 and 2 was a master of Breaking Lectures..
    • Rhythm 19: While I overall enjoyed Dangan Ronpa 3 I take serious issue with the fact that in the end Makoto is ultimately pointless to Side:Hope. since Hajizuru and the rest of class 77-B are the ones who talk down Mitarai from brainwashing the entire world and forgive himself, Makoto Naegi, the original game's protagonist, doesn't do anything to help resolve the conflict. As such, it didn't matter whether he ended up surviving the killing game in Side:Future. Everyone except Mitarai could have ended up dead, and nothing would have changed. What's worse is that since this is the Grand Finale to the Hope's Peak Saga, Makoto probably won't have any other appearances after this. And on top of not doing anything to affect the plot of Side:Hope, he was basically The Load for Side:Future because of his NG code. He was entirely pointless, and practically nothing would have changed if he did end up killing himself after seeing the Suicide Video, and that's pretty disappointing for one of the guys on the logo for Side:Hope
    • Foomin Blue: What bothers me the most about DR3 is how the character of Mitarai Ryouta is handled. In some ways, he's well-written, as the anime shows him to be a very self-absorbed young man who only cares about his talent, dismissive and unappreciative of what others like the Imposter and Mikan did to support him, whose tunnel vision plays right into the mastermind's hands. Even his supposed attempt at 'atonement' comes off as less well-intentioned and more a desperate effort to avoid the consequences of his actions through mass brainwashing — after all, nobody can punish him for the part he played in Junko brainwashing the masses into Despair if they're all brainwashed into thinking and feeling what he WANTS them to feel! He spends practically the whole series insisting that nothing's his fault, and even when he does finally start admitting to the role he played, he's focused on how he was personally victimized. He even cites the way others were brainwashed into Despair as an excuse for his own brainwashing scheme, DARING to claim that their being brainwashed into Despair somehow proves that most people are too WEAK to stand up against Despair, and thusly 'need' to be Mind Raped into feeling nothing but Hope. And instead of deconstructing and calling him out on this flawed logic, he ends up pulling a Karma Houdini and getting to escape any consequences of his actions. He's even forgiven by his classmates from 77-B for the role he played in their getting brainwashed into Despair — something we're repeatedly told led to them killing their own families and becoming hated criminals. The worst he 'suffers' is going into self-imposed exile with Hinata and Class 77-B, meaning he effectively gets to keep running away from the consequences. DR3 created this potentially compelling Foil only to try and Retcon and shoehorn him into being the Key Character not just of this anime, but effectively the entire Hope's Peak Arc because his stupid brainwashing anime is just THAT Important, and treats him like some poor Woobie and tragically misguided Well-Intentioned Extremist who just wants to atone for sins that he's HIGHLY reluctant to admit were actually his fault, and on top of all that? He's one of only two new characters who actually get to survive the whole anime!
    • The Lucky Cat: Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School is poorly written in general, but there's one consistent thing in the story that is absolutely infuriating - Chiaki fucking Nanami. In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Chiaki was an important supporting character, but she isn't treated like the main character or the main focus on the game and other characters get their time to shine in-story, Teruteru and the Imposter in Chapter One, Mahiru, Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko and Peko in Chapter Two, etc. The anime, however, not only makes Chiaki an actual person, but also turns Chiaki into the sun in which the Dangan Ronpa universe revolves and it's absolutely infuriating. Everything Chiaki does is treated like it's inherently amazing and much better than anything else anyone does. Chisa makes Chiaki homeroom representative because everyone just loves her that much, and after that all the rest of the cast (aside from Nagito, the Imposter and Mikan) have nothing to do in the story but endlessly fawn over and coddle Chiaki. Even the Twilight Syndrome is utterly retconned so Mahiru, Ibuki, Mikan and Hiyoko were barely involved, even though that was literally the entire reason Chapter Two of the game happened! Even more examples, you have Kazuichi building a giant TV so the class can play videogames on it, but he gets no credit for it. The class frequently kick Teruteru's ass when he's being a pervert, but it's treated like slapstick and not some crowning moment of badass like it does when Chiaki does it. Fuyuhiko refuses to cooperate with everyone until he sees how hard Chiaki (yes, just her, not everyone else who was helping her) is working, so that's what motivates him to get involved. Gundham and Nekomaru pull a You Shall Not Pass! in order to buy the other students more time to rescue Mikan and Chisa, but it's glossed over, while Chiaki's few interactions with Hajime are literally his entire motive to have the operation that turns him into Izuru - Hinata's final thoughts are entirely centered around Chiaki. But the kicker? Chiaki's death, combined with Ryota's nonsense hypnotism, is what drives the class to Ultimate Despair. Chiaki's death is this ridiculous, Narmy, prolonged torture session where you're meant to cry over the endless suffering the most wonderful person in the world is going through, despite dashing in to save Chisa alone is exactly what got her into that mess in the first place. Well, I didn't feel sorry for her. I didn't care she was suffering. The anime made me go from being indifferent to Chiaki to absolutely despising her. I just wanted her to hurry up and die, especially since even with her drawn out, melodramatic execution, it was still nothing compared to, say, Leon or Mondo's. And to top it all off, Izuru recognized her. That's right, the unfeeling amalgamation of every talent possible crammed into a human body somehow recognizes Chiaki despite not even remembering himself before the operation, and he cries while dramatically holding her hairclip. The only thing that could have made it worse is if she was somehow brought back to life at the end of the anime (like Kyoko was), but thankfully she stayed dead. If there was any Dangan Ronpa character who could be called Ultimate Canon Sue, it'd be Chiaki.
    • synczomb: For the most part, I enjoyed Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. However, one thing that came close to ruining it for me was the survivors of the 78th Class having very noticeable Plot Armor. The most infamous example of this, as mentioned above, was Kyoko's Disney Death; however, I personally found Hina's fakeout death to be much more egregious. I can understand wanting to keep Kyoko around, because she was both popular among fans and important to the overall Hope's Peak storyline, but Hina? She did practically nothing throughout the whole arc. There was no reason at all to keep her alive, and her death could have added to the tension of the final killing game, to show that not even the survivors were guaranteed to last through the series.
    • Aizen10: Honestly the fact that the whole cast of SDR2 is revealed to be alive is absolute bullshit. The ending of SDR2 left it very open-ended as to the faith of the people killed inside the simulation. However them being perfectly normal and fine (weren't they supposed to have messed up their bodies trying to implant parts of Junko into them?) makes the death of Class 78 all the more shitty, as they are still dead while these people are alive.

    Death Note 
  • Death Note:
    • Nani: L's death was this for me. Sure, it was a turning point for the series and brought it into a whole new arc (along with a time skip), but not only did it cause about half of the fan base to stop watching and reading the series, but they tried to correct it (at least, this is how I see it) by bringing in Mello, Matt, and L's copy Near. So, they technically never got rid of L, which made his death totally pointless.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: I actually continued the part with Mello and Near just to see Light losing. The reason why? It made up for one part of the story I cannot watch or read at all without feelings of anger. Which is when Light killed Naomi Misora for three reasons. 1. It was the part where Light jumped the Moral Event Horizon and lost all redeeming qualities. 2. Because it's the first and, maybe, only time he killed a good character who was at the wrong time at the wrong place and 3. The way it happened was so out of character that a real person would have never fallen for it. They took a character I wanted to see in future chapters and made her kill herself.
      • Savini 24: I totally agree. I couldn't stand Light after he killed Misora. The only way he could have known she had given him a fake name was if the Death Note failed. There was absolutely no reason for her to divulge her real name until she met with the actual task force, not one guy who claims to be working for the task force! After she tells him her name, he suddenly decides to reveal that he is Kira, with a confident smirk. Absolutely no reason to do this. If she had given him a second pseudonym, he'd have been screwed. It's just a cheap way to dramatize his victory. In the process, an intelligent and sympathetic character is reduced to a desperate and emotional wreck to try and show how "smart" Light is. Even though later parts of the manga are better at showcasing Light's intelligence, I never stopped rooting against him. Though a lot of people dislike Near and Mello, anyone who could manage to kill the bastard is aces in my book.
    • Catmuto: I found the whole manga lost a lot of its edge after L dies and the story jumps ahead six years. But what really infuriated me, was the final few chapters that all work to bring Light down as Kira, once and for all. It could very well be that I just did not want to see Light losing, but the breakdowns all just seemed to not just serve the above purpose, but to humiliate Light as largely as possible. It felt unnecessarily mean-spirited and like the mangaka was trying to tell its fans that we were stupid for being on his side, even for a moment, despite him being the protagonist. The fact that Matsuda theorizes, and the mangaka sort of implies to admit, that Near won through cheating, by using the Death Note to control Mikami's actions, just comes off as a really, really cheap way of ending the manga. The fact that this whole thing only started because Mikami was stupid and did not double-check to see if he was being followed when he went out of his usual routine schedule is just an extra layer of annoyance.
  • Scsigs: I find the whole second arc to be just a waste. It's got all of the hallmarks of a Post-Script Season, where the story stops being entertaining and the story writer clearly had no idea how to properly end the story, so he cheated. I totally understand thee point of the ending. You can't let someone like Light have the unlimited power the Death Note gives someone because he was developing a god complex and other mental disorders like sociopathy and whatever else. However, the author clearly seemed either burnt out on the series, or just grew lazy. The first arc with L was really well done with its setups and payoffs and was very entertaining. The second, however, introduced someone who's almost exactly like L and forced plot points along with no setup prior. What ruined it for me was when Near revealed that he got the Death Note before they all met up in that warehouse. However, from my recollection, there was absolutely no way that could've happened. With how the series prioritized its intricate setups and payoffs, it felt cheap and the audience was cheated out of a satisfying ending to the series. Light's death should've happened after he grew so arrogant that he screwed up somewhere and the pieces would've been there to be recapped by Near, not forced into the script with no proper setup. It would've been the ultimate irony, as Light killed L through gaining L's trust and learning his real name through a series of Batman Gambits and something like that should've happened to Light with Near, where he thought he could fool someone like L again, but Near would flip the script on him. Overall, the last arc, and especially the ending, just ruin what was otherwise a great series.

    Detective Conan 
  • Detective Conan:
    • Animeking1108: Episode 263, which was titled "The Osaka Double Mystery - Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle", had the infamous scene where Heizo struck Heiji for "getting in the way." First, everyone objects to it (even Kogoro, who has no problems striking children), but then everyone just calls it "Tough Love." Umm, no. Tough love is smacking your children for doing something stupid. What Heizo did was full-blown child abuse. The chief of police more than anybody should know that striking your children until they bleed is abuse.
      • Nikita123: Agreed. This is not Values Dissonance. Even though Heizo stated that he did it to "motivate" Heiji into luring out the bad guys or whatever, it doesn't change the fact that what he did was outright abuse. I'm surprised that he got away with it despite everyone being around when it happened.
    • Retloclive: It's been very tempting for me to drop this series after The Reveal that Bourbon is yet another good guy that has infiltrated the Black Organization. It just screams of Strictly Formula of the author, Gosho, being a one-trick-phony after the previous arcs revealed the exact same result that Kir and Rye were spies that also infiltrated the Black Organization. However, I was a bit more forgiving to these because Rye had already been ousted from the organization in a Flashback, and Kir's Story Arc was technically the first in the present time to do the spy reveal. But I swear, by the time the series finally ends, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the mysterious Black Organization Big Bad turns out to be a good guy as well.
  • RobHas: I legitimately dropped this series after finding out that Renya Karasuma who was thought to be dead long ago (as in Volume 30 manga), was retconned into "there is no material evidence of his death" and somehow is revealed to be 'The Big Boss' of The Black Syndicate. Mind you, Renya Karasuma was just mentioned in Volume 30 as deceased (his belongings were auctioned 40 years before the main story began, for sakes!) and was not mentioned again for more than 50 volumes, then suddenly he is 'The Big Boss'? One of the biggest Ass Pull I've ever seen, something that cannot be tolerated in detective series.

    Elfen Lied 
  • Elfen Lied:
    • Man With The Plan: The kiss. Just...the kiss. Lucy actually has the gall to kiss the boy whose family she cruelly and horrifically murdered and whose life she ruined? And said boy actually kisses her back? Pretty much forgiving that monster? And even if we ignore that she did the above for a moment, wouldn't it still be better for him and her if he puts the poor crazy girl out of her misery instead? But no, he looooves her too much. If this was all directed to Nyu, not Lucy, that'd be different, but it's not.
    • CatMuto: I really did not like the fanservice-y scene of Kouta and Yuka, cuddling in the gazebo during rain to keep warm. Aside from it just being pandering to the pairing, the scene does not really come across as romantic but really awkward instead. Then we get the 'hilarious' antics of Kouta moving his legs, cause they're falling asleep - and Yuka, who is sitting on his lap getting aroused by the movement. Oh, haha, isn't that funny? And let's also make her take her underwear off, instead of perhaps dropping by home for a second and changing. And then she falls and flashes her soaked goods. That's just hilarious and totally not awkward and almost disgusting. This was where I shook my head and said 'Screw this' about any romance in the story. It never felt like it had a place to begin with, it isn't portrayed in a non-awkward manner and ultimately is not the focus for majority of the time, anyway, so Lucy's tragic love for Kouta never appealed to me, since it came too late.

    Eureka Seven 
  • Eureka Seven:
    • Anime King 1108: Episode nine titled "Paper Moon Shine" was when I finally decided to give up on this series. Out of nowhere, Holland decides to beat up Renton wandering off without permission. The problem was that Moondoggie was there too, and he didn't so much as yell at him. The worst part of it was that nobody called him out on what he did and he got away with it. That was when I realized that this series is just incredibly mean-spirited.
    • Komatsuzaki - The very first dialogue in the show is the MC explaining to the audience three straight times that he's 14-years-old, and announcing how unhappy he is with his current state of affairs. It comes off as clunky exposition to the highest degree, like the writers were screaming, "Calling all 14-year-old boys! This is the character you're supposed to identify with!"
    • Sanfranman 91: To make one thing absolutely clear, I really enjoyed the original Eureka Seven. That said, it does not take a genius to recognize why so many of my friends gave up on the show after Episode 7 "Absolute Defeat", the one where Renton was given a "mission of utmost importance." What was this "mission", you ask? It was for Renton to dress like an absolute buffoon and be left out in public so the entire crew can laugh at him. Watching the entire crew pick on poor Renton for no reason whatsoever still makes me cringe today. Thank God the show improved dramatically since that rather disgusting episode.
  • Eureka Seven AO:
    • Jackedup85: The final episode effectively poisons not just the sequel series, but the original as well. The series had problems staying consistent and filling out plot holes throughout its entire run, but the moment that made me throw my cereal across the room was the revelation of what happened to Ao's sister. It shows that human-coralian hybrids turn to rocks when exposed to high densities of trapar and die. That's right: Eureka and Renton are not able to have biological children in their home universe, as they horrifically learned through the stillbirth of their daughter. 1. Talk about a brutal and flat-out cruel Diabolus ex Machina. Creating a shocking death just to torture fan-favorite characters without purpose doesn't create good drama. 2. So humans can live in high trapar and Coralians can live in high trapar, but a hybrid child can't? Tell that to the original series' last DVD's cover. 3. Even if Tomoki Kyoda created a legitimate excuse for this ludicrous rule, what Renton does next goes completely against the original's message of co-existence. I guess Dewey Novak is right, Scub Coral and Humans can't live together lest Renton later loses it and tries to kill off his first and only love's species. 4. It proves that Tomoki Kyoda thinks it's more dramatic to have a Convenient Miscarriage than to form dynamic relationships between family members, which is what a hack thinks.
    • Sanfranman91: Remember the Gekko, the ship where Renton, Eureka, Holland, and the entire crew lived together and where they all thoroughly developed as characters and became stronger because of it? Yeah, upon its arrival, Eureka was the only original series character to come out of it, which was disappointing but somewhat understandable. The real DMOS involving the ship, however, came in Episode 14, when Generation Blu scuttles the ship, all so that the Japanese can't get their hands on it. What's worse, the show couldn't even muster some shred of respect to the iconic ship upon its rather unceremonious sinking, which left a truly bad taste in my mouth when I first saw this. In hindsight, I should have seen the sequel's lack of respect to the original story coming.

    Fushigi Yuugi 
  • Fushigi Yuugi:
    • Justice Gundam: Nakago goes to heaven after his death, despite never showing a trace of regret or sympathetic traits. We get treated to his angsty childhood flashback, we get the reason behind his Disproportionate Retribution, and we're supposed to feel bad for him as he dies. "Oh, poor baby, sure he left the Moral Event Horizon far behind him and wanted to commit genocide, but he was doing it because the bad, bad king killed his mommy and raped him. He was a good guy after all..." Puh-lease, Watase. Give me a freaking break.
    • Fiendish: The whole "Tasuki tries to rape Miaka" situation, complete with the reveal that it was More Than Mind Control and he had secretly been in love with her for ages. I mean, seriously? At that point in the series the number of male characters falling obsessively in love with Miaka and/or sexually assaulting her was already nearing laughable proportions, and this was just like the unholy combination of both.
    • Catmuto: When the party goes to Hokkan, to get the Shinzaho, and Nuriko ends up fighting Ashitare. What really bugged me was that Nuriko dying was not just a Senseless Sacrifice, but the fact that it felt so cheaply done for the sake of drama and to suddenly rank up the mortality and darkness of the story by admitting, 'Yeah. Anyone Can Die now. Gloves are off!'

    Haruhi Suzumiya 
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Animeking1108: Episode 2 (Chronologically). The SOS Brigade needs a computer, so what does Haruhi do? She forces the president of the Computer Club on Mikuru's breast and takes a photo. She threatens to tell everyone that it was a gang rape. Want to know the worst part? Haruhi got away with it. I officially stopped watching the series after that. I don't care if Haruhi is god. Someone should have smacked her across the face.
    • Man With The Plan: For me, it was in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya and the whole "Mikuru is my toy!" incident. Not only was the moment overblown with melodrama, but the end of the first novel implied that Haruhi would start getting better, so why reset her development to have her be an even bigger Jerkass than ever before and have Kyon dislike her again? Some fans have never forgiven Haruhi for this.
    • Larkmarn: Seems silly to even mention it since it destroyed the franchise, but freaking "Endless Eight". Eight near-identical episodes. Which wouldn't even be a good episode if it was aired just once. The decision to try that gimmick is the definitive Dethroning Moment of Suck for Kyo-Ani, not just for me but...probably about 90% of their fans.
    • Psyga315: While Endless Eight, in my opinion, destroyed the franchise, the dethroning moment of suck for me would be the aftermath of it: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. The moment being that we're supposed to believe that having eight episodes of the exact same thing is actually a plot point. That's not justifying their existence in a clever way, that's trying to make an unbearable anthology of episodes 'enjoyable' by saying "b-but it drove Yuki insane too, guys!"
    • chucknormie: The ending of Disappearance did it for me. Here there was the wonderful climax, with Kyon returning the real world to its place after he realized he liked having Haruhi's craziness in her life and the speech where Yuki told him she would be deleted for trying to change the course of the universe in the most heartstring-tuggingly stoic way possible, and what is Kyon's reaction? He blackmails the Data Overmind into keeping Yuki alive with the control he discovered he had over Haruhi. The problem with this is that the Data Overmind wasn't established as an evil entity, the orders it gave Yuki (observe) were very benign, and the Endless Eight doesn't justify Yuki nearly rewriting the freaking universe. It's a blatant case of Protagonist-Centered Morality that nearly ruined one of the greatest anime movies I've ever seen.

     Hetalia Axis Powers 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • Ecclytennysmithylove: Don't get me wrong, I love Funimation's Gag Dub of Hetalia Axis Powers, and I gush at the dubbed accents of every nation, especially Germany who happens to be my favorite character. But one thing that pushed me into writing this entry is the dubbed short "Let's Play Soccer!" in episode 48. Basically, Germany is trying to read, but Italy continues to interrupt him by asking to play soccer. Then, Italy starts to bat Germany's hand between his own hands (to imitate a soccer ball) and suddenly makes a strange gesture. And what does Germany respond back in aggravation? He shouts at Italy, "Are you vanting me to gas you?!" Excuse me for a moment... the character Germany, as we all remember in the original Japanese Hetalia canon, would! Never! Say! Such! Thing! Look, Funimation, I praised you for replacing 4Kid's horrible bowdlerized dub of One Piece with your accurate uncut dub and for giving me the hilarious gag dubs of Crayon Shin-chan and Sgt. Frog. But when you combined the character Germany with All Germans Are Nazis stereotypes, you're not only offending some several Hetalia fans who are probably Jewish but you're also destroying the reputation of Germany fans, including me. Thank god the Gag Dub script was toned down in later Hetalia dubbed episodes.
    • CJ Croen 1393: You think that's bad? What about Germany's comment to South Italy earlier in episode 7? Basically, Romano (South Italy) is constantly trying to get Germany's goat. At one point he says that he's "got something for [Germany]". Germany's response? "Great. Vhat is it, another Jew?" Okay, wow. That...I don't even need to explain why that's offensive. I will give them points for historical accuracy (yes, in real life Southern Italy did provide Nazi Germany with prisoners), but that doesn't excuse the offensiveness of the so-called "joke".

    High School DxD 
  • High School D×D:
    • Tropers/55Revolver: I tried to give season 4 a chance. I was not a fan of the character redesigns, but I realized that was a petty reason to dislike it, so I gave the first episode a chance. Boy that was a mistake...They wasted the entire first episode retconning the last few episodes of season 3. So not only was it tediously retreading old ground for what we had seen before, but the new stuff they put in wasn't enough to justify the retreat in my opinion. It's just an annoying waste of time that only serves to remind me of an older better version that had character designs I actually liked.
    • Retloclive: The above mentioned example wouldn't have had to happen if it wasn't for my DMoS regarding this series in season 3, which was the moment Loki put a curse upon Issei. This to me was the exact moment where it became quite clear that season 3 was not going to be following the light novels, and turn out to be an absolute trainwreck of an anime adaptation that wasted so much potential. The result of the change is the light novel content from books 5 to 7 getting streamlined or skipped over in favor a lame anime-original plot-line. I'm actually glad that season 4 chose to go through with the retcon after witnessing this travesty. I was so ready to drop the series completely if it decided to keep going with the anime-plot surrounding Loki's curse.

    Hunter × Hunter 
  • Hunter × Hunter:
    • Animeking 1108: I love Hunter × Hunter. I originally had the climax (or lack thereof) to the Chimera Ant arc as my Dethroner, but Togashi topped himself with the resolution to Hisoka's battle with Chrollo. At first, it looks like Chrollo not only won, but killed Hisoka. Of course, that can't be since he has yet to have his rematch with Gon, but it gets undone in the most infuriating way possible. Hisoka revives himself using a convoluted trick with his Rubber Nen. To make matters worse, he begins a massacre of the Phantom Troupe, unceremoniously killing Shalnark and Kortopi. There's no suspense to all of this because you know Hisoka will have some convoluted plan to come out on top that would make Sosuke Aizen call bullshit.
    • Retloclive: One major gripe I have with this series was Togashi's decision to just suddenly axe off Pokkle and Ponzu at the start of the Chimera Ant arc. This event was obviously meant to act as shock value to hype up the threat of the Chimera Ants, but for me, it just ends up in They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character territory since these two characters remained Out of Focus ever since the starting Hunter Exam arc, and you never got to truly know either of them. I also feel like it pisses on the people that were hoping to see characters that have been missing since the first Story Arc. You start off excited finally getting to see old characters again only to have your excitement suddenly crushed watching them die horrible deaths a few chapters after.
    • Emperor Oshron: speaking of the Chimera Ant arc, the complete Ass Pull at the end of Netero's fight with Meruem. For this entire arc, we seem to basically be expected to side with Meruem—who, mind you, started his more overt on-screen villainy by eating a child's brain after murdering that child's parents moments earlier—and this is "encouraged" by showing, completely out of nowhere, that the setting of Hunter x Hunter (or, as I prefer to call it in light of everything, Hunter2SCP 40,000) has been a Crapsack World the entire time where everything sucks for everyone everywhere all the time and there's (basically) been multiple nuclear detonations by terrorists resulting in thousands of deaths. All of this is just thrust upon us very suddenly with no suggestion that was a thing before now as a last-ditch effort to basically paint Meruem as the good guy. No. You can't just do that all of a sudden. Some might call this deconstruction, I call it pointless grimderp to try and humanize a literal man-eating monster. I never liked Hunter2 SCP 40,000, but this—followed by the also pointlessly grimderpy nature of Alluka almost immediately after this—made the entire series, not just the Chimera Ant arc, completely irredeemable to me. This was a waste of thought, a waste of money, a waste of writing, a waste of art design, a waste of animation, a waste of voice acting, a waste of marketing effort, a waste of space on a TV schedule, a waste of translation and importing, and a waste of everyone's time. This series is infamous for its repeated hiatuses, but if this one sequence in the Chimera Ant arc is any indicator of the quality of the rest of the series following it, then it deserves to die once and for all without ever being completed and without anything else from the manga being adapted to anime. Oh, and having exactly one opening theme with slightly different pitches and visual accompaniment for the entire overly-long series is fucking stupid.

  • Inuyasha:
    • Blue Rose: The ending of the episode, "Kirara Come Home". After believing that Kirara ran away, it was revealed that Miyoga was borrowing her. Apparently, Shippo gave him permission, but he was half asleep. So, instead of punishing Miyoga, everyone agrees to beat up Shippo. Even Kagome, who usually punishes InuYasha for beating up Shippo, encourages it. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen. Watch as they beat up a small child for something that wasn't his fault.
    • Cabbit Girl Emi: The episode where there were these two symbiotic demons left a bitter taste in my mouth. It involves another InuYasha vs. Koga feud, which of course, tends to have Kagome use the "Sit!" spell, which can quickly get old after, I don't know, the 3rd time? Sure, there were moments where it was necessary, such as when InuYasha tried to block off the entrance to the well with a boulder (which was funny), and when he went full-demon after the Tetsusaiga broke in half. But after InuYasha got injured fighting the symbiotic demons and Koga taunts him before running off? Wow Kagome, I had no idea you would be so cold-hearted. Long story short, InuYasha and Kagome argue again, and their friends get mad at them and not Koga, when it's clearly his fault and not theirs!
    • King Cr Inu Yasha: At one point, the gang encounters a mountain spirit that gives them information on Naraku's heart, along with a crystal that could help them track it down. The manga supposedly handles this one alright, but in the anime, Hakudoshi offs the spirit, making the crystal the heroes just got not five minutes earlier completely useless. Granted, Inuyasha by that point was becoming notorious for adding pointless MacGuffins and power-ups and needlessly dragging the storyline, but even by its standards, this plot point was a total waste of time.
    • Elven Queen: The moment that cemented my immense dislike for Kagome is in episode 109. So Kikyo has to be carried away from Mt. Hakurei's barrier so her soul collectors can tend to her, and Kagome suggests that Inuyasha be the one to do it. When he does what she says, Kagome proceeds to mope about her Love Triangle woes, thinking to herself that she doesn't want to see Inuyasha and Kikyo together. First of all, it was Kagome's idea for Inuyasha to get Kikyo to safety—if she didn't want that to happen, she should've agreed to have Miroku do it, which was the initial suggestion. And what really angers me about this scene is just how petty and selfish Kagome is. Kikyo is in a life-and-death situation, and all Kagome can do is throw herself a pity party when Inuyasha dares to care about the wellbeing of his first love. The fact that the audience is clearly supposed to sympathize with Kagome and think Inuyasha is in the wrong is just the smelly icing on the rotten cake.
    • Supreme X 15: "Shippo's New Technique, the Heart Scar!" should have been called "Shippo Torture Porn". I kind of like Shippo, even though he serves no real purpose for the plot. Still, this episode puts him through hell, and takes great glee in doing so. To be frank, he put himself in it, but we'll get that later. The episode begins with five fox turds- sorry, a group of five young fox demons searching for Shippo because they believe him be the powerful leader of Inuyasha's group, which can't be further from the truth. The heroes happen upon a village that's having trouble with a local demon, and they're asked to take care of it. Meanwhile, Shippo gets acquainted with a cute girl named Mizuki, who he becomes smitten with. However, the episode goes downhill when Shippo meets the fox turds who want become his apprentices. note  The fox turds think Shippo knows the Wind Scar and want him to teach it to them because they want to be badasses like their new "Master". Shippo, in an effort to feed his overly inflated ego, plays along with their delusion, but soon realizes he can't back up his promise to teach them the Wind Scar. Later, the fox turds get it in their heads that Shippo is planning to play some cruel prank on Mizuki, and pressure him into doing it. Predictably, after the prank is done, Mizuki, understandably upset at being betrayed, angrily declares she hates him and runs away crying. The fox turds are absolutely no help in soothing Shippo's broken heart. And then the demon shows up and tries to kill Shippo and the fox turds, but Shippo, having had enough of being hopelessly outmatched and being rescued by the others, takes all of his anger & frustration out on the demon by using a new move he created, the dreaded "Heart Scar!", which is just mega biting the poor bastard repeatedly, and the fox turds join in. Admittedly, it is awesome that Shippo managed to defeat a demon on his own, but still, a mega bite to the balls is just lame. After that, the fox turds finally leave Shippo alone, leaving the poor little guy to cry in misery over Mizuki. Boy, does Shippo suffer needlessly, and the little fox turds are responsible for it all. It's not just the fox turds, either. The episode itself is basically an unfunny rehash of episode 55, and the same can apply to episode 91 to a lesser degree. In all three, Shippo meets a potential Love Interest while also dealing with a demon plaguing the local village, except in this particularly episode, Shippo doesn't get to save the girl in the end this time. Instead, he's forced to hurt her, resulting in his heartache, because she now hates his guts, and the fox turds get away with forcing Shippo to do it. Yes, part of it is his own fault for trying to act cool and regret it later, but the ones truly to blame are these fox turds, who made him do it in the first place. Now, I can forgive this repetitive romance thing with Shippo, because even if the formula gets tiring after a while, these girls from each respective episode, Satsuki, Koume, and Mizuki are perfectly nice and likable characters (At least at the beginning, in Mizuki's case, albeit understandable). What I can't forgive, is the inclusion of these five obnoxious little fox turds, who never shut up, drag the plot down and never get punished for causing Shippo's misery. As a result, they make me want to feed them to starved crazed dogs.

    Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple 
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
    • Philip Marie: Its excessive use of Fanservice. I mean seriously. To wit, when Miu is kidnapped by Silcardo Jenazad as she's falling off a building and Kenichi is helpless because he himself got knocked off said building, the way she is drawn is so indecent that it almost totally ruins such a dramatic moment. Why'd the mangaka choose this time to provide some fanservice?
    • Saiyan5ninetail: Saiga Furinji, the head of revealed to be an imposter named Senzui who was pushed into the Eternal Sunset by Kushinada. All of a sudden, Saiga is completely cleared of any and all wrong-doings committed as head of YAMI because of a last-minute twist that comes virtually out of nowhere to make Saiga...not Saiga. All of this in the last few chapters of the series, rendering any possible drama or development that could come of fighting the real Saiga pointless. Makes me glad I drop the series a long time ago.

    Kill la Kill 
  • Kill la Kill:
    • In The Gallbladder: On the one hand, Kill la Kill is chock full of awesome and genuinely respectable characters. On the other hand, Trigger seriously screwed up when writing some of the series' villains. Case in point: This Girl Can't Help It, wherein Ragyo gets in the bath with Satsuki, sexually molests her while prattling about the nudity taboo, and calls it "ritual purification". So, not only does she yak about clothes being the original sin, spout trite slogans in foreign tongues (her leitmotif is one such slogan), and consider her second-in-command too artistic to take orders, but she's a sexual predator to boot? Nope, not gonna like her, you can't make me.
      • Gene 0129: The molestation on Satsuki was bad enough as it is, but it gets worse when you realize that Ragyo is her biological mom.
      • Tropers/someoneintheshadow456 That's not even the worst part, I had a suspicion that Ragyo was sexually abusing Satsuki since episode 13, what annoyed me was the way the writers handled it. Whenever it was mentioned again, it was Hand Waved or just used to show how evil Ragyo is and the psychological repercussions were never explored. Which made me think they included this scene purely for shock value and that's not only lazy writing but a slap in the face towards actual victims of sexual assault
    • Some New Guy: While Ryuko's Face–Heel Turn by Mind Rape led to such badass moments as Satsuki donning Senketsu and Nui finally being brought down a peg, I have to take issue with the events that directly preceded this, namely Ryuko bitterly delivering multiple hateful, spiteful The Reason You Suck Speeches to all the people she developed bonds with for the past 17 episodes before outright abandoning them out of spite. To me, the idea that she would instantly do a complete 180 in personality and abandon her closest friends, all because she found out her mother was the Big Bad, completely flew in the face of all the Character Development Ryuko had gotten in the series up to this point.
    • Calamity 2007: Now aside from Ragyo there wasn't really much rape imagery in the later parts. It was mostly the early parts that had some examples of this imagery, namely when Senketsu forcibly forces himself on Ryuko. While yes, it is understandable that he would be desperate since he was literally starving at that point and needed Ryuko's blood, it doesn't help that the scene was framed strangely sexual, and because of this seems a Out-of-Character Moment for Senketsu in hindsight due to him treating Ryuko with respect and like a sister throughout the rest of the series.
    • Chrisp And Chris Ice: I have very strong feelings about Episode 12 of Kill la Kill. Many I've talked to enjoy this episode for reasons I can't fathom, but think about it: a cute, small girl comes into the setting out of nowhere. She embodies the qualities of cute and psycho blatantly, with a sadistic evil side to contrast her adorable look and speech pattern. The first thing she does is immediately curb stomp a character shown to be nearly untouchable, then beat up the main character and pull some super important revelation involving the main character's backstory, complete with flashback. What does this sound like? Look around the Sue Tropes for a while. It's every crappily written OC in history.

    Kirby: Right Back at Ya! 
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!:
    • Ilovededede AGAIN: Episode 12 (13 in dub) "Escargoon Squad". Escargon scaring Dedede out of his wits with a ghost (in the dub we're never told who the ghost's name was) was not funny. Not only that, this episode gives a glimpse of Dedede's abusive nature by showing him chasing Escargon with a chainsaw! Thankfully this scene never made it into the dub version (probably because it was too violent for kids to see). But even without the chainsaw scene, the episode's main point is that Dedede likes abusing his minions.
    • Tropers/Kirb-Star: I'm a die hard kirby fan, but I have plenty of issues with this anime. I could just say "the entire anime in general" and call it a day but there's a part that really killed the entire thing: The Finale. A 5-parter which promises to be a whole great epic, right? While it starts off interesting (Holy Nightmare getting tired of DDD and Kirby sends his troops to destroy them and sets off with many of the heroes to destroy Nightmare once and for all) the whole thing comes apart on the final episode. Fumu/Tiff (a character I was never fond of) gets kidnapped by Nightmare and Kirby has to go rescue her, upon arriving at the final battlefield, Kirby falls asleep. For no reason. Nightmare has him and Fumu go into Kirby's dreams and haunt him in his sleep. Then out of nowhere, Kirby inside the dream inhales the Warp Star, his source of energy, and gets Star Rod. From which he curb stomps Nightmare and kills him once and for all. All while the """""Big Bad""""" is now scared like a complete pussy despite being built for 100 episodes straight as a complete Eldritch Abomination. All because he's apparently "weak" to the Star Rod. Something never hinted at throughout the anime and killed what could have been a great villain. Ass Pull at its finest. A Moment of Awesome gone horribly wrong. I could mention way more moments of this anime but only one entry.

    Love Live! 
  • Love Live!:
    • chucknormie: Love Live! is one of my favorite Guilty Pleasures, but I won't even attempt to defend episode 7 of season 2. Long story short, Honoka and Hanayo find out they've gained a bit more weight than they'd like to over the break. It would be quite a good episode if they decided to get back into shape on their own, but what happens is Umi decides to put the two into a completely draconian Training from Hell-filled diet plan, which goes from strict into outright dog-kicking because Umi has no authority to do that. At one point, she even mentions that she's been asking Honoka's little sister about what Honoka eats at home, which is spying. It's no surprise that both girls would want to cheat on the plan, but the worst part comes after Umi finds out about it: she proceeds to dress down Honoka for more than a minute in front of everyone, and not a single other character attempts to call Umi on it (the most it gets is a Lampshade Hanging from Maki) or even come to Honoka's defense at all! The worst part about this episode? Honoka didn't look a single bit heavier than usual during it. Instead of delivering a nice aesop, what this episode did do was to establish Umi as the resident Karma Houdini (if the penultimate episode of s1 didn't already) and make the viewer wonder how she managed to remain Honoka's friend for so long, unless Honoka's about thirty-three vertebrae short of a spine.
    • Luca Earlgrey: I just finished Season 1, having seen the finale, and while it's great that µ's is all back together, one part really nags at me: Kotori, having been 99% set on her career as a fashion designer, is at the airport with her escorts, getting ready to pursue her new life. Honoka shows up at the last minute, begging Kotori to come back and apologizing for her misdoings. As if without much second thought, Kotori just ditches her escorts and whatever other preparations that she, her mother, and the school she's set for to go rejoin µ's. I can understand having conflicted feelings, but now imagine her escorts being angry over this, her mother getting furious calls about her daughter making such a last-second decision, and the mess of expenses and bureaucracy that her family now has to deal with. Yet all Mrs. Minami has to show for it is...a smile for her daughter who's on stage, as if nothing bad is going to happen. I know it was effectively mandatory that µ's get back together, but this probably could've been done in a way that doesn't carry the message of "go ahead and throw away a few million of your family's yen in study-abroad expenses just to join your friends again."

    My Hero Academia 
  • And now, here are the moments from My Hero Academia that failed to go beyond Plus Ultra.
    • Retloclive: I've come to enjoy the My Hero Academia series, but one moment I just can't overlook is the Midoriya vs. Shinso match during the Sports Festival arc. To sum the fight up, Midoriya was on the verge of losing, because he was about to be forced out of the arena ring under the control of Shinso's brainwash power. However, Midoriya's One for All power kicks in within his mind at the last second to allow Midoriya to hit himself, which broke Shinso's control over Midoriya since damage to the target ended up being the brainwash power's weakness. For a series that tries real hard to show off how knowledgeable and resourceful Midoriya is when it comes to his character and way of fighting, it was really disappointing that it took quite a blatant Ass Pull to help Midoriya get past a brainwashing power instead of trying to learn how to counter it.
    • Andariel: There is a character in this series that I hate above all else. No, it's not the Big Bad All for One, not the Psychopathic Manchild Shigaraki, not Overhaul, and not even the Abusive Parent and Nominal Hero Endeavor (though I'd happily push him into a woodchipper). Oh no, the one I hate the most is Bakugou Katsuki. Why? Oh, you don't have to look farther than the first episode/chapter where he tells Izuku to commit suicide. You don't say things like that to a child! You don't say things like that period! I don't care if that was the case of Early Installment Weirdness, that moment cemented my hatred of him forever and ever.
      • Shadow 200: Seconded and agreed, after watching Sasuke ruin Naruto and get off scot free over and over for being an entitled self-serving asshole who sell them out in a heartbeat, here I see that we have another jackass of a character who has little to no redeeming qualities who threatens physical violence towards everybody if they so much as breathe but everyone in the show acts like he's the coolest and can do no wrong. Even Izuku the main character who he told to commit suicide acts like he's done nothing wrong. What the heck ever happened to jackass's being treated like the scum they are for how they act instead of nowadays being put on pedestals and revered?
      • Gene 0129: I third this, especially since he was supposedly a childhood friend in the past. In hindsight, I now believe the Sludge Villain did nothing wrong and I wished he succeeded in suffocating/absorbing Katsuki that day.
      • Swiss 666: While the character has got better over time, Bakugo is one of the reasons I can't like the series as much as I'd wish, also due to not small sections of his fanbase who will excuse anything, from downplaying his early suicide baiting or his mother's lackluster parenting, through victim-blaming Izuku, up to painting Bakugo as some tragically misunderstood bleeding heart who's merely bad at communicating. All of that diminishes the very point of his character, starting as a piece of garbage and developing slowly but positively from there. Unfortunately the writing of the manga doesn't help: we are sometimes told that Bakugo's attitude is problematic (like his failure at the provisional license exam, or when his part in an interview was completely cut out), yet any character interacting with him weirdly under-reacts to his constant yelling and verbal abuse like it was no deal; seriously, at times it feels like there was a completely different character in front of them. Can't help but think that Horikoshi wanted to develop him more but he's forced by editorial mandate to keep him an asshole. Also, his famous breakdown: I can't fathom how it's considered the moment that made him likable by many. Sure, he began a path of further betterment from there, but it just showed openly how petty and ridiculous he had been in his hatred towards Izuku.
    • The Lucky Cat: I love My Hero Academia, but there's one scene in Season Three that instantly drives me to fury. So All Might and Aizawa have to go visiting the parents of their students in order to confirm they are okay with their kids boarding at UA for their own safety. They visit Bakugou's parents and Mitsuki quickly establishes herself to be the worst parent in the series not including Endeavor and Chisaki. She starts by hitting Bakugou in the head for no good goddamn reason (literally, he wasn't doing anything in that moment to deserve it, he was just sitting there), insults him in front of his teachers and then tells him it was HIS FAULT he was abducted by villains because he was "weak". She shows absolutely no concern over her son or any relief he got out of his situation unharmed. And what do All Might (the man Bakugou has idolised since childhood) and Aizawa (the man who fought an entire league of Villains single-handedly to protect his students) do about this blatant Victim Blaming and emotional abuse happening right in front of them? Why, nothing! They just sit there and do nothing. Hell, Toshinori lampshading how dysfunctional the family is was meant to be funny! Yes, it's really fucking funny that Bakugou's extremely traumatic situation is being made light of, his mother is horrible bitch and his father is a useless enabler. It's hypocritical to boot - you know he wouldn't have sat there in silence if it was his precious Midoriya getting treated that way. Hell, later on Bakugou gets in a fight with Midoriya because he blames himself for All Might's depowering and it's made blatantly clear that nobody bothered to talk to Bakugou about what happened, and he even refers to himself as "weak" - just like his mother said to him! The guy is sixteen and was kidnapped by supervillains who could have easily killed him, his mentor lost his powers and it takes Bakugou having an emotional breakdown for anybody to acknowledge that! What's worse is that even after Toshinori makes it clear to Aizawa that Bakugou's been badly affected by all this, and Midoriya also suffered a lot because he was there when Bakugou was kidnapped, Aizawa punishes them anyway! Kind of goes to prove that bullying does start at home - Mitsuki Bakugou's treatment of her son is not funny, I hate her and I hope something horrible happens to her in the future - she deserves it.
    • The Mister Sonic: How you basically always need "permission" to use your Quirk. I really do not understand what I'm supposed to be thinking here...they act like the number 1 reason the students shouldn't have fought Stain isn't because they were young and inexperienced and could've easily gotten themselves killed, but because it was "unlawful"? And they all got scolded and apologized for it? That's a really shitty start, but then comes what I don't care what anyone else thinks, because this is just morally disgusting. The absolute worst thing in the entire series that made me hate Aizawa and Tsu, both whom I thought were cool before. In Season 3, after the Hideout Raid Arc, when Aizawa says he would've expelled everyone for letting the team go and get involved with the fight without permission had All Might not retired. And then Tsu makes them all apologize for it. Even though Bakugo would've been killed by the villains. All Might would be dead because he would've been distracted by avoiding Bakugo during the fight instead of going all-out on All For One. And All For One would be back in power finally as a result. H-How am I ever gonna watch that arc again?! What the hell was I supposed to think of our heroes during it?! "Mmm they're totally doing the wrong thing going out and saving this guy who's life is totally in danger like real heroes I mean they're not even fighting but fuck it they even thought about hurting that law's feelings" Whyyy?! They were doing the absolute rightest, bravest things they could've done and that law's a piece of shit! If murder was completely legal, would you just go kill anyone you don't like?! I swear, I bet the author voted for Iron Man in Civil War...In the Comic.
      • Valiona I'll second this, except for the part about Tsuyu. She actually didn't make anyone apologize for what they did; she just made the (admittedly harsh) statement about how if they disregard the rules, they'll be no better than the villains, then later told Bakugo's rescue team how guilty saying that made her feel. In fact, I'd argue that this means Aizawa's willingness to punish of the twelve who didn't participate was even more unfair, since some of them tried to stop them, and didn't know for certain until when Aizawa told them. You could make an argument that the decision to punish Midoriya and the others was justifiable, but treating the twelve who might have known and did nothing about it the same way is ridiculous.
    • Crackalacking: First off, I never liked Mineta; he goes beyond the boundaries of a perverted comic relief character in anime (like Sanji, for instance) and has me seriously questioning if the kid is mentally ill. On top of that, he's annoying, cowardly, and smug, as well. I tolerate him at best and loathe him at worst. One moment of his, however, has assured me there's nothing sympathetic or likeable about him in the slightest. He makes a pass at Eri - Eri, a child who lived under a monstrously abusive stepfather, and has become such a Broken Bird that she's physically forgotten how to smile - telling her that he "can't wait to see her in 10 years"! It wasn't funny. At all. It was disgusting, creepy, tone-deaf, and it completely derailed any and all character development he's had in previous arcs. Fuck Mineta, I hope the little bastard gets offed by one of the villains in the near future.
    • I Like Robots: I adore My Hero Academia and consider it one of the best Shonen out there. That said, there's one moment in the Training Camp Arc that feels way too contrived for me to stomach in a way that's similar to the end of Izuku's match against Shinso in the Sports Festival Arc: the ending of Izuku's fight against Muscular.

      Most of the fight is great: The stakes are high against a villain with an incredibly powerful Quirk who's outright gunning for murder, with Izuku showing his stuff as a hero, jumping in solo to protect Kota at the expense of his own well-being to fight a villain out of his league in experience and power. He puts up a pretty decent fight, but ends up losing a desperate clash against Muscular as he tries to hold him back, crying and mentally apologizing to those he cares about in a highly emotional scene.

      But then something happens to allow Izuku to wake up and attack again: Kota using his Quirk to splash Muscular with water. Uh...really? Muscular being distracted for a few seconds by a light splash of water allows Izuku to have a sudden Heroic Second Wind, get up and summon the power to beat him? That's the most blatant Plot Armor I've seen in a while, and fails badly at being a satisfying end to a great setup.

      Sure, Izuku's finishing smash against Muscular is cool and all, and I get that Izuku's the main character and that the series has a Framing Device of Izuku narrating his journey to being the greatest hero, and thus him surviving each encounter is given, but other fights and obstacles in Izuku's way have him get by on the effectiveness of his strategies, his knowledge of his opponents and their weaknesses, and teamwork as well as his own drive to succeed in ways that are much more plausible and don't feel completely contrived.
    • caulifla: Spoiler for a recent chapter: in chapter 254, it's revealed that, while Aizawa expelled the students that didn't impress him, he later re-enrolled them. Um...what? That's a giant Ass Pull: not only it is clearly written to make Eraser Head looks less like a jerk, but it makes no sense when at the beginning we see several characters surprised he didn't expell anybody and implying that expulsion was a big deal.
    • curiouskat: My DMOS for the series is All Might's so-called "teaching prowess". It's proven In-Universe that All Might is a rookie at teaching, but no one really calls him out on it other than Aizawa, and it's always brushed off as him being antagonistic because All Might is the number one hero—which of course means he's supposed to be revered and can do no wrong. This is especially highlighted after his battle against All for One at Kamino; now, because he's deflated he thinks he's useless, and as a result is stagnant when it comes to teaching, most importantly when teaching Izuku. Most of the time Izuku hits a roadblock with his Quirk, his first consultant is All Might, who just goes “Sorry kiddo, I don't know what you’re talking about. I received it 100%, perfection on the first try” and just shoves him onto someone else in hopes that he’ll learn something from them instead. Well, he does, but that's just luck on All Might's part. The time that he actually does have Izuku by himself to train in the woods, he’s so lazy with it and subconsciously steps back because he believes that just because he doesn’t have the Quirk anymore, it means that just barking shoddy advice and telling him tidbits is enough. It's no wonder this kid is so reckless with his Quirk: he doesn't have the right teacher and if the right teacher is within his grasp, they can't teach him or pay attention to him long enough.
    • Some New Guy: Midnight's death. A complete and utter waste of one of the most beloved characters in the series, just when she was starting to get development through her bond with Aizawa and Present Mic. What makes it sting even more is that it happens entirely offscreen and the only reason we even know about it is a news report. The fact that she was literally the only major character to die and that she's immediately forgotten by both the characters and the plot itself despite how major a character she was just completes the insult.
      • Swiss 666: Even if it may be just an unfortunate coincidence, Midnight was also the only relevant female UA teacher (Thirteen is much less important and for a long time her gender was even left ambiguous), in a series that's already often criticized for the treatment of its female cast. Given how her death will likely motivate several students, it's hard to shake off a sensation of fridging.

    Negima! Magister Negi Magi 
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Japanese Teeth: The anime's ending for doing the same thing as Berserk (1997) where it spoiled the arc currently going on in the Manga.
    • Retro Friday: For me, it was Negi befriending Fate at the conclusion of their last battle in the manga's Magic World arc. After all of the crap that Fate had put Negi and the others through in the Magic World, Negi decides to forgive and befriend the same emotionless prick who had tried to kill him with a stone spear through the back from within the past while Fate suffers no karmic backlash for his own despicable past actions, instantly making him into a Karma Houdini who gets away with his past transgressions. Truly a disappointing and unsatisfying moment in my honest opinion.

  • Oreimo:
    • Kashima Kitty: Oreimo pleasantly surprised me by not being the tasteless incest anime I expected. The only moment in the anime that made me facepalm came during the climax of episode 4 "My Little Sister Can't Be Going to Summerket". Kirino receives a package from Saori, unaware that there's an eroge game inside. Knowing what's inside thanks to a call from Saori, Kyosuke barges in and steals it before Kirino can expose her secret to her two friends. A chase and struggle ensues, ending with the two falling over and Kirino's shirt somehow flying all the way up, with Kyosuke's hand conveniently on her chest, just in time for said two friends to see this. These kinds of Accidental Pervert moments were never convincing or entertaining.
    • Poke Nirvash: Normally, I'm not one to hate on anime, even if they're technically not all that good, but Oreimo episode 11 was definitely my least favorite, because of the whole scene in Kyosuke's room near the end of the first act. You'd think my problem with it would stem from Kirino being a bitch towards her older brother, as per usual. But that's not the case here. The reason that scene drew my ire was because of how Kyosuke responded to the situation. Or rather, how he didn't respond. If my little sister opened an eroge on her laptop and then placed it on my bedroom desk in an attempt to make my cute childhood friend hate me forever, my first response to it would be to close the effing laptop. So much drama could've been avoided if Kyosuke just closed his laptop, which is a more effective means of hiding scandalous imagery than covering up the screen with your person or even pressing the escape key. Hell, shutting the damn thing down would've been equally satisfactory. But no, he just had to spaz out over the presence of Kirino's PC and the eroge displayed on it instead of using common sense.

    Pretty Cure 
  • A Magical Girl franchise that’s been running over 15 years is sure to have made a few big slip-ups here and there.
    • Tropers/Izzy Uneasy: I like Yes! Pretty Cure 5, but I hate how Milk behaved in her debut episode. First she ate Nozomi's snack, and them pulled some sob story out of her ass to make everyone pity her! And guess what? It worked! Everybody is crying about her, spoiling her, while paying no attention to poor hungry Nozomi! And also, why are Girinma's glasses are twice as bigger as they were before?
    • Fire Chick 12012: In episode eight of Smile Pretty Cure!, Miyuki and Candy switch bodies because of Majorina's Switcheroo rings, and as a result, Candy has to spend the day at school in Miyuki's body. It goes about as well as you expect: Candy draws all over her tests, fails any work she receives, misbehaves during class, and basically makes the teachers angry with her misbehavior, much to the infuriation of Miyuki and everyone else. You'd think that Candy would receive a massive scolding over how she almost ruined Miyuki's social life and how she needs to grow up, since Miyuki moved to the area recently. But nope! Miyuki thinks she said too much and should apologize because Candy supposedly did her best., Miyuki. Your anger was completely justified. All Candy did was act like a little kid and almost ruin everything! The only thing she did her best at was cause trouble, and NOBODY calls her on it! In all fairness, Miyuki and the others should have been harsh toward Candy since she almost ruined any chance Miyuki had of a social life and was too much of a brat to realize it!
    • Aj Wargo: I personally did my best to enjoy Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode, but now I hate the final set of episodes. Why, you ask? The Dragon, Elisio (Or either Erisio or Elysio, depending on how you choose to say that bastard’s name) betrays The Big Bad, Noir, with what I consider to be a Shocking Swerve! The Starscream is a tricky trope to pull off, and the show’s producers didn’t do it all that well. Not only were there little to no signs of this betrayal coming, but it also prevents the Cures from getting to Noir and convincing him to stop his vendetta against sweets! It also feels redundant as the Cures had fought Elisio in several episodes before hand (including the one prior to the episode the betrayal takes place in), and on top of that, what he does after taking both Noir and the Big Good’s power is dumb- making a world without hope or fear. How does that tie into the season? It’s a good thing Hugtto! Pretty Cure was a very, very good season after that, or I would have quit watching Pretty Cure altogether!
      • cookieman: A La Mode was a pretty good season, and I did have some issues with Elisio's Shocking Swerve betrayal (considering he was actually part of Noir). However, one episode that bothered me a bit was a really early one where a guy had a crush on a preschool teacher. Nothing wrong with that, but how it's presented was incredibly awkward and comes off as super creepy. Basically it's shown he keeps awkwardly encountering her (he explains he doesn't feel confident enough to ask his crush out), sometimes with her students with her. The reason why he has a crush on her? A memory of them back when they were really young and shared a cookie on a school trip that makes him come off as obsessive. Of course the Kira Pati use this as an opportunity for customers, which seem even more off-putting. The part that bothered me the most about this episode was the Unfortunate Implications it has with people with crushes - as there have been people who have stalked others at their workplaces just because of a crush, and the fact they ended up dating two episodes later to leave a really weird and mixed message.

    Ranma ½ 
  • Ranma ½:
    • Micool TNT: The "out of order" sign rising up from the Japanese Nannichuan at the end of that story arc. Obviously, Failure Is the Only Option where a cure for Ranma's curse is concerned, but comedy or not, an "out of order" sign is an Ass Pull taken Up to Eleven. Regardless of the fact that the "quest" was pretty bogus and Parodied many tropes, it should have still ended in a real reason why the cure was fake — even if that reason was humorous, it should have made sense. It also highlighted the series' increasing reliance on the Reset Button to maintain Status Quo Is God.
    • Catmuto: In the final volume, the party is in Jusenkyo, the fiasco of the bird tribe has been dealt with and you think Ranma, and the other cursed characters, would take a dip in the appropriate spring and remove the curse, right? Nope! After things have died down it rains heavily and floods the entire Jusenkyo area, making it impossible to tell where one spring begins and ends, leaving the characters to return to Japan. Aside from this being one of the worst ways to bring Status Quo Is God up as the story's end, it's a completely pointless problem, too. Why couldn't the characters just stay in Jusenkyo for a few days or however long it took for the rain to stop and the flooding to subside? It's not like they haven't skipped school for things before and a few more days would not make much of a difference, considering the series runs on Comicbook Time.
    • Gunarm Dyne: The ending is the capstone to the decline of an otherwise very good manga, but the dethroning moment that signaled Takahashi writing herself into a corner involved completely destroying my personal favorite character, Ukyo, by making her fall to the levels of characters like Shampoo and Kodachi. Here was a character who genuinely loved Ranma and competed for his affection without trying to hurt other people in the process (at least after she got over her initial anger). Near the end, she ends up helping destroy the Saotomes' house with Shampoo and Kodachi in a jealous rage. No apology. No recompense. And all three Saotomes are forced to live with the Tendos again. Status Quo Is God was so important to Takahashi in that series that she had to destroy a well-established and popular character in order to maintain it.

    Sailor Moon 
  • Sailor Moon, your dethroning moments of suck have gone too far! They've turned a popular, well-loved manga into a nest of darkness, angering fans the world over! These crimes cannot go unpunished! In the Name of the Moon, we will punish you!
    • Legomaniac90: This troper enjoyed Sailor Moon S, but the end of the season left a bitter taste in his mouth. It starts out with a Heartwarming Moment as Michiru and Haruka give baby Hotaru back to her father. However, Haruka then mentions one more thing to do, and from there it all goes downhill. Said thing is to approach Sailor Moon while she's still depressed from losing Hotaru, and denigrate her, throw a rock at her, and generally act like a bunch of pricks. The two main reasons they are upset are (and I kid you not) "Usagi, you were too kind!" and "You risked the Earth by protecting the Soldier of Destruction!" Then they flat out say that Usagi shouldn't be a queen. First off, it's not their decision, since Usagi happens to be Princess Serenity and they are supposed to serve her (not the other way around). Second, how dare they get angry about Usagi risking the Earth when they did next-to-nothing to help the Inner Senshi and actually hindered them on several occasions? Thirdly, if they think Usagi was being too kind when she protected Hotaru, why'd they give Hotaru to her father? She (presumably at this point) still has the power to destroy the Earth. And lastly, unlike them, Usagi actually has saved the world not once, but twice (four times counting the movies made up to this point).
    • Ms CC 93: One moment that infuriated me was in episode 61 "Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Break Up" when Chibi-Usa wets the bed, and Usagi gets misblamed and gets punished for it, and Shingo makes fun of her for it. It came off as mean-spirited rather than funny. A question that popped up in my head was this: how can parents expect a 14 year old girl to wet the bed, intentionally or not? I know Usagi is supposed to be the Butt-Monkey, but this moment took her Butt-Monkey status to ridiculous lengths. Not cool.
    • Fire Chick 12012: Episode 18 of S, known as "Art Appreciation" in English, is basically an Idiot Plot in the worst form. Basically, Usagi accidentally eats a cake, not knowing it was Chibiusa's. When she finds out, she's angry at her. You'd think that Chibiusa would realize that the whole thing happened because she forgot to leave a note on there, and that it's just a trivial thing we can forget about in a few minutes, right? Nope! Instead, she yells at Usagi about it, doesn't acknowledge her own part in it, and proceeds to hold it over her head throughout the entire episode. Worst of all, nobody else calls her on it! Not only that, after that, Chibiusa treats Usagi like crap even for so much as helping her attempt to win over a boy she liked! Even at the end of the episode, Chibiusa holds the incident over her head and instead of calling the brat on it, the other girls agree with her and join in on insulting Usagi!! This was just so stupid beyond belief, and IMHO, it's easily THE worst Sailor Moon episode ever!
    • Cat Muto: I really enjoy the manga of Sailor Moon more than the 1990s anime version, but there is one part I really do not enjoy, and dread if I want to re-read it. And that's Usagi's jealousy towards Chibiusa during the Black Moon arc. Usagi is jealous of Chibiusa, who has a childish crush on Mamoru. And Usagi actually thinks Chibiusa is a potential, serious rival for Mamoru's affection, like Mamoru would actually consider dating a girl who looks to be 9 years old. This does not feel like a character flaw Usagi needs to overcome through Character Development, this feels like Usagi actually thinks her boyfriend has paedophilic tendencies. It comes across as a very weird, and very off-putting aspect, and really drags down an arc that improved on the original Dark Kingdom arc.
    • Pookaboo: The entire episode 'Much Ado About Kitten' of Super S made me hate everyone. The fact that Artemis was immediately assumed to have been having an affair (and a crush on a human woman of all things), and despite the fact that this guy (er, cat's) been with the Senshi and Minako of all people for some time, no one stops to think, let alone try and talk to him to get his side. Minako especially treats him terribly. And even after everything is cleared up, Luna is still a bitch and calls him out for his 'supposed crush', when in actuality, he was staring at the chapel becaue he thought it would be a good place to get married. And that's it. No apologies, nothing. It made me want to reach through the screen and slap everyone, especially Luna and Minako, right in the face. Plus, uh, hello? Diana has a moon on her damn head! This shouldn't be that hard to solve, dumbasses!

    Seven Deadly Sins 

    Soul Eater 
  • Soul Eater:
    • Dellanotte: So, several chapters of Soul Eater included build-up to the Big Good's death, including a surprisingly serious conversation between Shinigami-sama himself and Excalibur, with the latter assuring the former that he'll be sure to look after Death the Kid. So his charge in question finally walks in in denial, demanding where his one parent is. The answer? Excalibur, in signature pose, declaring that "Fool! He died!" Which is harsh. Beyond harsh, especially as this kid blames himself, since his own ascension to power assured the death of his father. Naturally, a Take Up My Sword speech follows as Kid re-avows to make this awesome, sorely missed parent proud. Or at least attempts to. Excalibur, of course, talks over the whole thing, in what is probably supposed to be a spoof of the whole dramatic "I will not fail you" speech. Instead of being funny, it fully cements this self-absorbed fish-dog-reject as a weapon nobody should want, because here's a kid crying over the loss of a parent and Excalibur's talking about going out for Yakiniku. Yes, thrice-cursed, completely unnecessary and inappropriate Yakiniku. Who does that to a kid? The fish-dog-reject who should finally go to California, the least-populated desert in California we can find, and stay there.
    • NTroper: The same chapter as the above example began with Maka crying over Spirit's Heroic Sacrifice. When Spirit reveals he's fine, we have a lead up to a heartwarming reunion...and then Maka runs right past him and hugs Marie-sensei who is behind him. Ungrateful, much?

    Sword Art Online 
  • Sword Art Online:
    • Blatch: The Alfheim arc has a scene where Asuna, having made an escape from her birdcage prison, wanders into the room where Sugou is keeping everyone's brains held hostage. While that is somewhat disgusting, it's just a backdrop for what horrible act happens next: Asuna finds the terminal controlling her brain, and is this close to deactivating it (thus, freeing herself from the game), when a strange slug monster with tentacles grapples her from the terminal, and then dangles her in the air for a few Out of all the wrong from an arc that many other fans hate, I found this to be the worst (even worse than the climax, which had Attempted Rape). Due to Sugou's Large Ham tendencies, I actually was able to enjoy it, simply because the tentacle monsters did not have any right to actually be like that, the whole scene was unecessary to begin with (if the anime dropped several scenes of importance to the plot, why couldn't a non-important scene be dropped as well?), and overall, it just seemed like a vain attempt to please someone's sexual preference.
    • KantonKage: Kirito calling Sugou worse than Kayaba. While Sugou is indeed terrible, his crimes pale in comparison to Kayaba. The former was responsible for kidnapping 10,000 people and doesn't care that over 3,300 people died at his hands. While the latter kidnaps 300 and goes for an Attempted Rape. So I got the feeling was that A Million Is a Statistic and that rape is the only true crime.
    • bisonx: Sword Art Online has by far one of the worst Christmas episodes of all time. All it focused on was Kirito watching his girl Sachi die, and later, as the episode ended, Kirito breaks down hearing Sachi's final message play "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" of all songs (the episode gets its title from this scene, Red-Nosed Reindeer). You do not end a Christmas episode like this at all.
    • Kevjro 7: The Reveal that Heathcliff is Kayaba Akihiko. Kirito's first reason for this is that watching someone else play video games is boring, which is completely inaccurate as any fan of Let's Plays will tell you. Even people who don't watch them have probably seen others play video games in person and still gotten enjoyment from just watching. As a gamer myself, and as someone who watches a lot of YouTube videos of people playing games, I was insulted by this complete ignorance. The second reason is that Heathcliff moved really quickly during a split second exactly once. There are plenty of other explanations for that other than Heathcliff cheating, like him being that good of a player or exploiting faulty programing. This reasoning basically amounts to "Nobody can beat me in a fight without cheating," which is extremely arrogant of Kirito. That whole scene was rushed, insulting, stupid, and made it very clear that the staff is ignorant about gaming culture. If you're going to write a story about video games, do your research first.

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Avatar Sango: I love Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Still, in the second movie, Gainax crossed the line when they altered the Antispiral torturing Nia scene. In the series, it was only a little creepy. In the movie, however...he destroyed her clothes, started grabbing with NaughtyTentacles and straddled her while she called out for Simon in fear! Way to go Gainax. You literally raped my favorite character, and still killed her in the end.
    • King Clark: I've had more fun watching Gurren Lagann than any other anime, namely because of how the show takes Refuge In Cool. But there was one scene that I felt was gratuitous: Rossiu's reveal to his father that their religious text was nothing but a bunch of gibberish that they were misinterpreting. There wasn't any given reason for the show to have a Take That! against organized religion, especially considering the age group that the show was initially intended for.
    • Rpgingmaster: The last five minutes of the last TV Episode retroactively piss all over the point of the show (which was supposed to be about hope of some sort, right?), and manages to Up to Eleven (fitting, given the show) in subverting it. First off, Nia dies, even after that was a perfectly good chance to save her but it wasn't taken for some bullshit reason. Boo. And then the Distant Finale manages to make everyone (save Viral, Boota and Leeron, though the first is justified) look like they just let themselves go and they aged horribly (Rossiu and Simon pretty much lost all their good looks in their middle age), Yoko got it even worse (and her face isn't even shown, mostly because it most likely probably looks like her badly aged figure, and the dark, dreary colors in most of the scenes really give one a feeling of hope.) As if one's gut needs more punches, Viral has a wife (but he can't have kids and he'll outlive her, which is just cruel given his circumstances), and Simon is essentially robbed of one final chance to be awesome and pretty much admits he's useless. And, as the cherry on top, the above could've been cut and the show ended as Simon was walking into the distance after the wedding, and the hope and optimism would've been retained, but some jackass added five minutes of the deplorable crap outlined above, and it pretty much retroactively poisoned all the awesome I watched in the last 27 episodes.

    Valvrave the Liberator 
  • Valvrave the Liberator:
    1. First it was the crowd's reaction; believing the revelation that Magius exposure was fake despite it being on live TV!
    2. Also X-Eins' Senseless Sacrifice. Wasn't this guy supposed to be The Strategist? What was with that Leeroy Jenkins-esque attack?
    3. The fate of the ARUS President, only for the simple fact that he got away with murdering innocent teenagers, only so he could keep his job.
    4. Haruto's death. Unlike Marie, who lost 3 years of memories and not only survived the first time but was a failed prototype, Haruto lost nearly twice as many memories in one battle.
    • L Dragon 2: And before all that, we had Saki's complete abandonment by the rest of the "heroes", which led to her capture by A-Drei, and subsequent humiliation via torture bag and public execution. The fact that none of the main cast even gave a rip about her before leaving Earth, instead returning home and celebrating festivities while she was still out there really made me angry. Sure, just ignore the fact that one of your pilots and former idol could be getting tortured right now, and instead focus on having fun.

    Yuyu Hakusho 
  • Yu Yu Hakusho:
    • Xiantera: The low point for the manga was when much of the Three Kings Saga builds up how powerful Yomi is and that he could be planning to take over all three worlds, only to turn the fight against Yomi into an anticlimax when Yomi apparently gives up on his ambition after Yusuke starts the Demon World Unification Tournament, and reduces the fight against Yomi to the opening moves.
    • Sahgo: For me, it was way before that: Yusuke vs. Rando. Are you honestly telling me that he won through sheer luck? Don't get me wrong here - I know that luck is a factor in any conflict...but it's one factor. Any anime who has the character surviving through luck also has it winning through effort/intelligence/etc. In this case, Yusuke only won because he had algae inside his ears (not by his own planning, mind you, it simply got stuck there). Nope, no strategy, no willpower-that-defies-biology...just algae. What a cheap victory, Togashi.
    • Ecclytennysmithylove: Episode 97 "Departing Living World" is where I lost my interest in Shizuru when she beats up Kuwabara for not going to school. As a fangirl who loves Kuwabara, I sometimes like Shizuru because of her Cool Big Sis personality. However, I would've liked Shizuru more if it weren't for the Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male she inflicted on her baby brother. The way she treated him in that episode would make South Park's Shelley Marsh feel ashamed of what she always done to her little brother Stan. Yes, I know these abuse are meant to be Played for Laughs, but the Fridge Horror that the way Shizuru treated Kuwabara was where Kuwabara's desire to never fight with women probably comes from seriously makes me want to write an angry letter to the anime director, Noriyuki Abe, demanding him to please remove that scene of Shizuru abusing Kuwabara permanently.
    • Why Not Now: There are four little words that utterly killed the Yusuke/Keiko relationship for me, and if I hadn't decided to give it a second chance and seen how epic the series became later on, it might damn near have ruined the series for me: Yusuke grabs Keiko's breasts. Yusuke grabs Keiko's breasts. Yusuke. Grabs. Keiko's. Breasts!! What. What?! What the hell, Yusuke?! Everything else he's done to fondle and tease Keiko pales in comparison to the Crowning Moment of Fail when our hero, even a lowly street punk like Yusuke Urameshi, violates and molests his Love Interest, and worse yet, when it's implied to be the foundation of their relationship! That is a Moral Event Horizon many real life men cross by sexually harassing and forcing themselves onto coworkers and employees and even family members and it's the kind of callous, cruel disregard for women's rights and the female body that leaves deep, traumatic scars behind and which can sometimes never heal, and it's something that made me hate Yusuke initially. Thank God he developed into a better, more fleshed out, well-rounded character later on, even if their relationship did go nowhere.
  • Izzy Uneasy: After Kuwabara defeats Byakko, he hangs at the brittle stone, and his comrades are joking among one another, paying no attention to Kuwabara's cries and even mocking him/ That's right - apparently, the authors think that giggle about your helpless ally is the funniest thing ever. What if he fell for real? Would it be funny then?

  • Teleport_Ted: At the end of the Afro Samurai manga, Kotaro's Cruel Twist Ending: after all that buildup toward him being Afro's successor, he... gets One-Hit Killed by Afro in the Distant Finale. So what was the point, then?
  • Mateu-san: One specifically for the European Spanish dub of Aggretsuko. In the original version of Episode 3, the rumor about Retsuko that started with her complaining about her job in Shibuya somehow twists itself into Retsuko having given birth yesterday, leading to Haida having a freakout and the introduction of Fenneko's deadpan laughter. In Spain, this was Bowdlerised in the worst way possible: Haida now asks, "Did you say something inappropriate yesterday!?" Since this is exactly what happened, this kills the joke in translation. At least the English, Italian, and Latin American versions kept the joke intact.
  • megachao24: While Aikatsu Stars! has been a controversial series from the onset, Episode 21 is an episode I felt hit a low point that's indefensible. Basically, the episode is about the main character Yume having won the chance of releasing her very first album from a contest held from the previous episode. However, Yume also has a special ability to raise her capabilities to a much higher level whenever she's in a pinch and has a drawback of affecting her voice after using it. Four Star's headmaster, Hikaru Moroboshi, is concerned about this, but rather than talk to her about it straight up, he instead sabotages her album release by assigning the record company to release and produce an album for his top idol on short notice and release it on the same day as Yume's. While Yume has become quite controversial after a series of events by that point, she definitely did not deserve to have such a crushing blow so early on in her career.
  • Lord TNK: AKIRA's ending, for the same reason as that of Berserk (1997).
  • Kanton Kage: The ending to Aquarion Evol, Mykage gets what he wants at the end. Despite his heinous actions such as: killing Jin, Alicia and Izumo. Also the two  he didn't kill got hit with a Ship Sinking so hard that they were forced to pull a I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. The worst part however was that Mikono apologized to him! Not cool.
  • Riley1s Cool: I'm not huge on it when shows go Darker and Edgier. And as one of the few fans of the anime of Black Butler's season 2, I felt fairly screwed over when it was declared non-canon, as They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. However, the kicker here is that they quickly adapt the "Book of Circus", a ten-episode arc focused on adapting the manga as faithfully as possible, with no mention of any of the anime's previous original events, which ended with Ciel going Laughing Mad and murdering a bunch of children, which, of course, is entirely inconsequential to the next storyline for manga faithfulness. What the hell? Why can't these people just make a story and stick with it?
    • Furtive Grist: While in general I absolutely hate season 2 of the anime, my DMOS has to go to the Blue Cult story arc. First, Agni is murdered while trying to protect Soma, who evidently was the real target; then Elizabeth disappears and is presumed kidnapped, only to later reveal that she was staying at the music hall by choice without ever explaining why, and she later goes back of her own volition (again, still not explaining why she's doing so); and finally the reveal that Ciel has an identical twin brother who claims to be the "real" Ciel Phantomhive, who has now suddenly reappeared and is currently making Ciel's life a living hell. Oh, and the last thing is finally revealed to be why Lizzie didn't want to go home, and she is now telling Ciel that she hates him for it. The twist is what really ticks me off, because up until around the time of the Circus arc, the series had never suggested that Ciel was anything other than an only child, and now suddenly its become a case of Remember the New Guy?. This has now sworn me off of the series completely until the series ends, they end this ridiculous story arc, or it's all revealed to be some kind of fever dream, whichever one comes first.
  • Cerotech Omega: I'm a decent enough fan of the BlazBlue series, so I was looking forward to the Alter Memory anime like most of the others. It turned out to be So Bad, It's Good with the various animation errors and overcompressed plot (some folks believe it's So Bad, It's Horrible instead), but I still believe, so long after watching it, that Episode 10 is absolutely indefensible. The biggest part of the episode, and the reason it's here in the first place, is the "fight" Hazama has against Noel and Makoto (the latter of which only fights this once, I should inform you), which includes such highlights as the girls choking on Worf draught and Terumi coming across as a thin-skinned douchebag (the girls only manage to hit him once before the fight goes downhill at meteoric speeds); Makoto's role in the entire story meaning absolutely squat in the end (which is likely to enrage newcomers, since veterans know her plan to save Noel wasn't going to work out); new heights of Fan Disservice (underboob isn't titillating when the girl they're attached to is being slammed around explicitly for the sake of torturing her); Noel degenerating to Taokaka levels of stupidity (Makoto's warning not to trust Hazama came in the previous episode, which was technically minutes ago compared to a whole arc like in the games), which led to Makoto being dropped off the edge of a 100-story building; even more Fan Disservice as the Kusanagi cocoon ensnares a catatonic Noel with tentacle-like restraints (that it just pops in through a portal is deranged enough); and all of this just so the plot could stay on course. The fight between Ragna and Jin felt like an afterthought to this debacle, which turned me off to the point I never saw the last two episodes; even though Makoto survived the fall somehow, it's probably for the best they never elaborated on that. Grotesque bias towards the villain, blatant abuse of the Ensemble Dark Horse (the 25th Arcsys Anniversary poll had Makoto ranking below Noel and Dizzy alone in terms of popularity amongst the girls, and she's popular for a myriad of reasons on both sides of the Pacific), and little of quality to distract from this disasterpiece all come together to create an abomination towards an otherwise respectable series. I personally hope that if Arc System Works ever decides to do another anime based on one of its franchises, they use Alter Memory, and this episode in particular, as an example of what not to do.
  • Galactic Driftwood: I wanted to like Blend-S. I really did. I loved the characters, the concept, and the intro theme is a bop of course. But then I got to episode 8, which introduced Hideri into the main cast. A few minutes into the episode reveals that surprise surprise, Hideri is actually a boy (even though the following scene mentions that she refers to herself as female on her resume) Now the “trap” trope in general is one of my least favorite anime tropes, so this kind of rubbed me the wrong way, especially when Dino essentially outs her as a “man”. But my DMOS comes in the second half of the episode, with the “picking flowers” scene. While on a chance outing with Miu, Hideri suddenly needs to “go pick some flowers.” The two find a restroom, and Hideri immediately runs towards the women’s restroom, only for Miu to pull her back, tell Hideri to “not aim for an early retirement because of a scandal”, and guides her towards the men’s restroom. Yikes. Say what you want about the “discourse” around Hideri’s gender identity but this scene just felt like a wholly unnecessary, ham-fisted, shoehorned-in reminder that “Remember! Hideri is actually a boy uwu!”. Not to mention, it felt contradictory considering that the show goes to great lengths to remind us that Hideri is male but then show her doing things that would suggest otherwise, sometimes immediately after these “reminders”. Also it’s never shown why Miu stopped her. Was it for Hideri’s safety? Probably not, since the scene shows two businessmen leaving the restroom looking confused, and Miu is shown trying not to laugh afterwards. It left a really bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t finish the series after that. Good job.
  • Animeking 1108: Blue Exorcist for the same reason. After the second episode established Satan as an Axe-Crazy sociopath, they reveal that he and Rin and Yukio’s mother, Yuri, mutually loved each other. This is problematic for a few reasons, but the biggest one is that this plot twist, along with the filler in this one season, 25 episode anime, gives the viewer a hint that A1 Studios was making things up as they went along.
  • Stewyworks333: Despite the manga adaptation of Breath of Fire IV being well-done, and leaving in much of the gruesome violence that was cut out of the American version, you'd think that we'd get to see Yuna beaten to a bloody pulp, after all the shit that he did to everybody in the game. What ends up happening? He teleports away in the exact same way as the original game, getting away with all the shit he caused. What the fuck, Capcom? You managed to fully do the storyline that was planned the entire time, including Fou-Lu decapitating Soniel in a huge geyser of blood. And you still decide it wasn't necessary to change something many fans were really anticipating?
  • Alvarocasalino: While I liked a lot the Bunny Drop anime (which was cute and heartwarming) I loathe the manga ending since it manages to ruin and in a spectacular way all what was good and charming about the anime and the first half of the manga. To summarize it there is a revelation that Rin and Daikichi aren't blood-related and they get married. In the anime series, Rin and Daikichi had a very heartwarming father-daughter relationship, so even when they aren't actually blood-related this ending still has a creepy and inappropiate feeling, especially considering that Daikichi raised Rin as his daughter for ten years, so changing that kind of relationship just for the revelation of not being blood-related feels forced and out of character for him.
  • Sampa CM: Captain Tsubasa, or "Super Campeones" as I know it, was one of the animes of my childhood, as a soccer fan, missing one episode was a mistake that couldn't be easily forgiven, however, there is a particular moment that I'd wish to have missed: during he first school tournament, we have the semifinals between Nankatsu, lead by Tsubasa Oozora (Oliver Atton), and Musashi, lead by Jun Misugi (Andy Johnson), who has a heart disease that only allows him to play for a few minutes, but for his one, he decided to make an exception and play the entire match. Before the match, Yayoi Aoba (Mary), assistant of Musashi and an old acquantaince of Tsubasa's, pleads him to let Misugi win, and comments him about his heart disease that could potentially keep him from playing soccer anymore, or worse, kill him if he stresses too much; but Tsubasa respectfully refuses, commenting that he also has he objetive of winning the tournament and fulfill his dream of going to Brazil, not to mention Misugi wants to play with all he's got, and wouldn't like it if someone lets him win out of pity. OK, nothing wrong so far, but the next part is where we enter the DMOS zone: Misugi eventually learns about this conversation and, how does he respond? By slapping poor Yayoi. What the heck?! It is true that Yayoi made a mistake, but she had good intentions, and I fell Misugi's reaction was exaggerated, and Yayoi being hit in the face was undeserved, and as someone who hates violence against women, that part rubbed me the wrong way. Although I sill respect what Misugi can do in the field, I can hardly get the stink of this part off of him.
  • Loekman3: Unlike the manga version of Cardcaptor Sakura in which every single plot point is resolved and confirmed that Sakura and Syaoran are living happily ever after, the ending of the second movie does not. It just ends with Sakura jumping to hug Syaoran and that's it, no sequels, no extra materials or anything, just an alternate universe reboot. Not only do we never see them hugging each other, but too many plot threads are also unresolved, like Sakura giving the teddy bear to Syaoran, Eriol halving his power with Fujitaka, the other character's like Touya's reaction to their confessions, or even a stinger showing what happens to the couple or hell, any other character besides the Kero and Spinnel special that does not reveal anything. In short, a terrible hastily written ending by CLAMP that is on par with Tsubasa and ×××HOLiC in how bad it is.
  • Kashima Kitty: Cross Ange. The infamous "Physical" scene at the end of the first episode. While concepts like Prison Rape and cavity searches aren't unheard in an anime, this scene is a special kind of insulting for two reasons. First is the unnecessarily gratuitous and sexual manner it's depicted in, with our protagonist's rear end jiggling in front of the camera when she's bent over a table and restrained, before her underwear is cut off. The second is the fact that the show treats this traumatic event as insignificant. The On the Next preview simply jokes about the whole affair and in the following episode Ange isn't really affected by it at all. This clearly wasn't Rape as Drama in a serious anime about racism. Instead it's just a sleazy moment of fanservice in a mech anime that picks and chooses when to take itself seriously, featuring an Improbably Female Cast wearing absurdly revealing uniforms.
  • I Like Robots: I think Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a good show with amazing visuals, interesting action scenes and an endearing main character, though sometimes the underlying writing is lackluster. There's one moment that sours the awesome of the otherwise well done Mt. Natagumo arc for me: The Dance of the Fire God "reveal" in episode 19, "Hinokami."

    So Tanjiro is locked in battle with Rui, a child demon with spider motifs who outclasses him in power, his blade breaks, and despite his best efforts, he’s unable to cut Rui's webs, let alone his skin. Rui traps Tanjiro in a web of blood-red strands and is about to slice him to pieces, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Tanjiro remembers seeing his father do a ritual dance when he was toddler, and himself as a toddler mimicking the dance. This dance, which has never been mentioned before, turns out to be similar to a Breath Style and powers him up, and suddenly he’s able to perform it perfectly, slice through the webbing, go toe to toe with Rui, and with some help from Nezuko’s new Blood Demon Art (seemingly) behead him and win the battle. What.

    Up until this fight, this series had been good at avoiding the whole New Powers as the Plot Demands and Instant Expert thing; we see Tanjiro's struggle during the two years of Training from Hell under Urokodaki and then with Sabito in order to use the Water Breathing Style, but suddenly remembering something he'd forgotten about completely from more than 10 years ago that he played around with as a little kid allows him to use it flawlessly? And to wit, Breath Styles aren't supposed to be magical or supernatural in nature, but a sort of Charles Atlas Superpower based on intense training. Muscle memory is one thing, but this is painfully contrived.

    Worse still, the beginning of episode 20 has Rui reveal that he severed his own head before Tanjiro's blade could; he reattaches it, thus keeping him alive, unharmed and more or less negating the impact of the scene and Tanjiro's declaration. Tanjiro still has to be saved by Giyu, who ends up killing Rui for real in a single stroke, making the whole thing, aside from the fantastic animation and music, pointless. It looks and sounds like a moment of awesome and almost feels like a moment of awesome, but falls flat because the setup and payoff are weak writing.
  • CJ Croen 1393: I love Descendants of Darkness, but the Devil's Trill arc ended on a sour note for me. The basic point of the story was to keep Hijiri and Kazusa safe from a demon that wants to kidnap Kazusa and take Hijiri's eyeball out. At the end of the story, a fierce battle is raging and Hijiri caught underneath a collapsing pillar. Kazusa is the last thing he sees, having left the room they were hiding in when he told her not to. He then wakes up in the infirmary and it turns out that the demon is dead! Well that's a load off everyone's mind! So he asks if he can take Kazusa home. What do Watari and Hisoka tell him? They pretty much just say "Oh yeah, she died. She pushed you out of the way of that pillar and was crushed under it"...what!? You guys tried and succeeded at protecting her and she still dies!? This makes the whole. Arc. Completely. Pointless! The dub made it even worse by giving Watari a mercilessly cheerful tone of voice when he says "Kazusa died! ^_^" and Hisoka delivers his line with a cruelly unsympathetic monotone. Yeah, let's all pick on Hijiri when his best friend just died. To make matters worse, the anime version totally brushes off the fact that the eight year old they were trying to protect just died. Deaths in this series are usually treated with sympathy, but no one seems to care that Kazusa is dead! When she's back as a shinigami it's all over-shadowed by Hijiri. When Hijiri receives a gift basket from his three friends after his concert, who does he thank? Not Kazusa! Just Hisoka and Tsuzuki! I love bishies as much as the next Yaoi Fanboy, but still, give your best friend some credit, wouldja? Especially since she saved your freakin' life!
  • AL 19: In my opinion, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden is an overall pretty bland anime, and the pairing of Himeko and Chikane could've worked if it wasn't for the last five episodes, especially one scene in episode eight. That's right, I'm talking about the infamous scene where Chikane rapes Himeko. For the remaining four episodes, Himeko is understandably distraught and questions why Chikane did such a horrendous act, yet still loves her despite this for some reason. I think the worst part of it was in the final episode, after their sword-on-sword fight, Chikane admits she did horrible things to her (Which is the only thing she's right about in these last few episodes), but then Himeko states she doesn't mind. Are you fucking serious? You don't mind the fact that Chikane blatantly violated you? If that doesn't scream Unfortunate Implications, I don't know what does! And no, I don't buy that Chikane had "no other choice" in order to try making Himeko hate her. She could've simply gone to the Orochi and fought her without raping her prior and Himeko would've virtually had the same reaction.
  • Gryphus: Diabolik Lovers itself could easily be considered as a massive Dethroning Moment of Suck as a whole, but if I had to choose a single moment, it would definetly be the part where Subaru gives Yui the oportunity to escape the mansion without any consequences whatsoever. Keep in mind: So far Yui has only experienced abuse at the hands of the Sakamakis, who have gone out of their way to antagonize her, treat her like dirt, bite her in rather painful ways and be overall douchebags without bothering to hide the fact that they see her as nothing more than an object for their enjoyment, as well as basically being a walking blood dispenser for them. So of course, Yui decides to...stay in the mansion. Let me rephrase that: Instead of leaving and simply trying to find a new place to live, Yui decides to stay in the home of the abusive vampires who literally haven't done a SINGLE good deed for her, and have been mistreating her for what was apparently weeks. I'm sorry, but this was my breaking point. I managed to tolerate the senseless abuse that was shown, but this obnoxious case of Violation of Common Sense is what made me swear off this anime. The rest of the anime is basically a plotless mess that it's just to have an excuse to show vampire fanservice, but this single moment made me so angry I actually removed the disk from my computer, smashed it with a hammer and threw it in the garbage. Heck, right now I'm still wondering why this plotless mess of an anime is so popular.
  • SamMax: I've been watching the Di Gi Charat anime shows, and have been enjoying them so far. However, there was one special that just didn't do it for me. There was a special where this slug-like character (I don't remember his name) comes in and tries to renovate the game store. His changes are not well received, yet he keeps trying anyways. It started off funny enough, but I got tired of the joke before the end of the episode, yet it just kept trying, which just resulted in the character becoming a Scrappy. Fortunately, the later specials didn't have him, though I don't know about the remaining series themselves.
  • Animeking 1108: Durarara!! is a great series, but the episode going into Izumii and Aoba's backstory rubbed me the wrong way. We get a flashback where after Izumii's room was on fire, we see his father yelling at him and then breaking his nose. We then learn that Aoba set it up just to get back at Izumii for hitting him. Apparently, the Light Novel showed Izumii's abuse in more detail, but in the anime, it was only mentioned. Keep in mind, at this point, Izumii's worst crime was being a Big Brother Bully, which is just jerkass behavior at worst and not uncommon in society. This was before he broke Saki's legs and threatened to rape Earthworm, but we're still supposed to take Aoba's side because Izumii was a dick to him. Hell, if anything, Aoba subjecting Izumii to child abuse is probably why he turned into such a violent sociopath in the first place.
  • Mightymoose101 barely one episode into Familiar of Zero F and the show's already shocked me to my fucking core. To wit; Saito, once again, gets into an argument with Louise. What's it about this time? He suspects that she's eyeing up another man. Now, normally I'd just pull up their long history together as proof of how fucking stupid and irrational his jealousy is here. But who does he think she's interested in? The Pope. He's worried that she may be eyeing up and intending to form a relationship with the most holy man on the planet who's dedicated his whole life to religious pursuit. Saito, I doubt the Pope's gonna fucking violate his vow of celibacy and spit in God's face in order to shag it up with the girl who's shown time and time again that she loves you completely.
    • Supreme-X15: As much as I love the second season of Familiar Of Zero, the first episode left a bad impression. Saito and Louise make plans to see Henrietta's parade in celebration of her coronation ceremony. However, Louise gives Saito a present, a pair of gaudy glasses called Medusa's Glasses, which glows brightly every time he leers at a girl other than herself, preferably buxom girls, Louise gets mad, blows him up, rinse and repeat for almost the entire episode. Okay so, we saw some Character Development from Louise from season 1, and at the start of the episode, she promised she wouldn't do abusive things, like forcing him to sleep on the hay, whipping him, or calling him a dog, anymore. Unfortunately, whatever development she had goes out the window when she finds a loophole in that promise with the gaudy Medusa Glasses, so when he looks at other girls in a lecherous fashion, she has an excuse to blow him up as punishment, repeatedly, which it gets old fast, and it doesn't exactly endear me to Louise. I wish I was kidding when I say this leads to the most embarrassing stunt seen yet in the series, where Saito looks at Henrietta (at her chest mostly), causing the glasses to glow, and so Louise thought it was a good idea to blow him up in the middle of a crowded area for that. Soon after, he's believed to be an assassin trying to kill Henrietta and is promptly arrested, while he was knocked unconscious by the blast and Louise doesn't get any comeuppance. This was done so Saito and Henrietta could meet in private later in the episode, but it was done in the most contrived and embarrassing way possible, at Saito's expense might I add. And of course by the end, Louise decides "To hell with the promise, this dog deserves a good whipping for being a pervert!" and we're back to square one, like it was predicted to be. I'm glad this episode happened the way it did. The explosions, especially the parade incident, were clearly very important.
  • Prinny Ramza: Fire Force, Episode 9. Episode 8 was good, fantastic even. Rekka, an idealistic hero, is revealed to be a villain. It's done in a fascinatingly creepy way where he is still acting like a stock shounen hero even as he's murdering women and children. Tamaki, who at this point had been just a fanservice character rises up to delay him, being on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown help arrives. Shrina comes down for the save as Tamaki is overtaken with a combination of trauma and relief that all she can do is cry. So of course with the appending fight between Shinra and the viliian how do they start Episode 9? Fan service. Oh no Tamaki's dress gets burned to a bikini and Shinra gets knocked right into her boobs. Now Shinra is shammering while Tamaki is going 'what are you doing p-p-p-pervert?' and Fire Force, what the fuck are you doing? Why are the characters allowing sex to distract them when there is a serial killer right on top of them? Why is the villian letting them do this? How did the writers think that we want to see this right at the climax of the arc? Dropping a series cause no one involve could take it seriously for a single moment.
  • Chris X: In the manga version of Flame of Recca. Mikagami Tokiya. Drugged by a minor villain so easily. So much for being a genius!
  • Animeking 1108: The ending to Fruits Basket would have been good if it weren't for one thing: Akito being a massive Karma Houdini. I get that Tohru is a Nice Girl and it wouldn't be out of character for her to show compassion to her enemies, but did she honestly forget all the atrocities she did? All of the members of the Sohma clan she emotionally and physically abused? Putting Rin and Kisa in the hospital? Ruining Hattori's life? Attempting to kill her and Kyo during her Villainous Breakdown? Akito doesn't need forgiveness. Akito needed time in prison (or at least some serious therapy). I don't care about her Freudian Excuse. Sasuke Uchiha wasn't this Easily Forgiven.
  • Ragamander: Futakoi Alternative is a pretty good show that starts as an over-the-top action-comedy, quickly drops the action, then shifts to character drama. Surprisingly, it somehow manages to do all of this very well. And then the end of episode 10 "Dance Like a Bear, Sting Like a Squid" pretty much ruins the show. The preceding episodes are intensely dramatic, melancholic, and realistic, with decreasing amounts of comedy. The end of episode 10 marks the reversion of the show to action-comedy, and it comes literally out of nowhere. This is Mood Whiplash at its finest; the dark nature of the preceding story arc makes the over-the-top-ridiculous action seem very, very out-of-place, while the over-the-top-ridiculous action makes the dark, realistic drama (which at this point still needs to be fully resolved) impossible to take seriously.
  • Sea Maid 96: The second episode in the third season of the anime Gag Manga Biyori. As somebody who likes insects, and had several species as my favorite animals for most of my childhood, I was rather excited at the thought of an episode starring a kid (called Tooru) who likes insects. I expected a fun parody of edutainment shows and maybe some new facts. Enter Doctor Insect (yes, this is a character who takes Meaningful Name to the extreme). Dr. Insect is despicable in general, but his worst moment comes halfway through the story: he strips in front of Tooru, who is in third grade, and shows off his privates. When Tooru says that he doesn't want to see them, the Doctor just says "So you say the same thing as my daughter..." with what comes out as a Creepy Monotone. Jokes of that kind just are not funny, especially not with such young people as victims.
  • Andy Jay: Episode 8 of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet titled "Separation", when Ledo departs to fight the Whalesquid/Hideauze and leaves Amy behind in tears. Her crying is somewhat understandable given that she has a slight crush on him, but her subsequent statement to Bellows about Ledo being "in torment" and how she'd seen "the real Ledo" after the dance was a bit too Narmy for what should've been a genuinely poignant scene. No, Amy, Ledo has been trying to tell you that he's been fighting the Hideauze his whole life; cold combat mode is "the real him". Meanwhile Melty, one of her best friends whom she's presumably known for much of her life (as opposed to a couple months at best with Ledo), is joining Ledo on a departing ship. Amy doesn't even seem the slightest bit concerned about her, even though Melty's also putting her life at risk from a possible Whalesquid attack (which Gargantia was in deadly fear of just two episodes before). Needless to say, this marks the decline of a previously vibrant, independent leading lady into a shallow cheerleader who likes Ledo for very vaguely defined reasons.
  • AL 19: I've always hated the Scandal Arc in Gintama ever since I watched it back in late 2011. I get that this was supposed to be a parody of the Harem Genre, but I found none of it to be funny (And considering my already huge dislike for the Harem Genre, this arc didn't help any) and only thought of it as mostly Gintoki Torture Porn (I can accept Gintoki being a Butt-Monkey and all, but I felt like the characters in his "harem" took it too far here). But the biggest DMOS for me was at the end of said arc, where Gintoki finds out he'd been punk'd, and his "friends" all laugh at his recorded reaction (No, I don't know how they were able to record him). Even by Gintama standards, that was exceptionally cruel. And this was supposed to make him stop drinking! I'm sorry, but how would pulling a prank on him like that make him stop drinking? I'm pretty sure it would only make him drink more to forget this ordeal. In my opinion, this is by far the worst arc in this series.
  • Disco Glacier: Episode 8 of Girls und Panzer titled "Against Pravda!", in which Oarai ignores Miho's carefully thought-out strategy in favor of a last-minute idea to rush their opponent, Pravda, despite Pravda having more and stronger tanks than them. Their recklessness leads to them following a decoy into Pravda's trap, despite Oarai themselves having used this tactic before and thus should've known better. This is especially cringe-worthy considering that the fate of Oarai Girls' Academy rested on this one battle, and that both the Student Council and Kawashima knew about this; why would they support such a risky tactic if it was going to needlessly jeopardize their school? Despite this, the episode's not all bad: the Pravda girls are interesting characters, and their musical number is kickass.
  • MadMan400096: Golden Time was ultimately a good, if occasionally narmy show, but the ending really soured it for me. For context, the final few episodes had been setting up a great Aesop about how while the past should not be forgotten, moving on is still the best thing to do, and since Banri's old memories were returning to replace the new ones, he could move on, with his friends doing the same. It would make for a great Bittersweet Ending...if they'd actually followed through. Instead, we get the intervention of Ghost Banri more or less making the arc seem pointless, and the series ending with everyone, for all intents and purposes, going back to live in the fucking past. Basically, an otherwise decent show throwing away its own raison d'être. Weak.
  • Kesra Kiranov: Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl for the same thing. Is Erio an alien or not? What exactly does Yashiro know? Who does Makoto end up falling in love with? Who knows! They ended it at visual novel #3 of 8 total, with literally no questions answered.
  • Man Called True: GUN×SWORD chickening out and revealing Michael and Fasalina survived in the audio drama. Congratulations, you've managed to commit serious Karma Houdini in the name of fan wankery and retroactively ruined one of my favorite series!
  • Catmuto: ½ Prince. In the last chapter, it's revealed that Lan wanted a baby, but didn't want to go through with the pregnancy and birth, because she absolutely hates pain. Fortunately, medicine has advanced so far that they can make men pregnant and carry out children, which Lan makes use of and her husband does the childbearing. It completely infuriated me, because it was done as such a stupid and not-humorous reason. If Lan turned out to be infertile, it would make more sense, but only doing it because she doesn't like the idea of pain during childbirth? The worst part is that this story takes place in 2100 AD. Is the reader honestly supposed to think that medicine has advanced so far that they can go against nature and make men give birth without any danger, but that the rather simple and 'old' help of the epidural does not exist any longer? A poor excuse to rail the series back to its lighthearted comedy, after it was rather dark the preceeding volume, only resulting in making me want to ask Yu Wo just what she was thinking, using such a piss-poor excuse to bring this stupid scenario into the series.
  • eirigfi: Oh Hamtaro, I never thought you would be on here but here we are. You can thank episode 209 for this. Pretty much starts with Lapis being angry at Lazuli for leaving a mess in the house but that's not where my anger begins. It starts after Lazuli falls out of a tree (which could have killed her!) and Lazuli tries to give Lapis a cherry to make amends. Not only does Lapis slap the cherry away she doesn't even show concern that her own sister nearly died for this gift. Lapis pretty much humlites her sister despite Lazuli trying to rencolile for earlier. And Lapis only feels remorse after this incident. To make matters worse, the episode's end pretty much starts their argument over again thus likely meaning that Lapis didn't learn a thing. What a great sister Lapis is everyone! This episode only completes my hatred of Lapis. Also what in the world was the point of Laura's subplot. It could have been cut out. But yeah, a horrible episode to a nice and cute show.
  • Gene0129: Walter's betrayal in Hellsing. Not only was this one of the biggest Asspulls in anime history due to the foreshadowing being too subtle for anyone to notice, the logic given after was flimsy. This is the same guy who gladly served Integra for most of his life, and was deeply loyal. There were little hints to him being The Mole the entire time prior to this happening, completely derailing his character.
  • Izzy Uneasy: I would be better off never getting into Interspecies Reviewers. The premise of monster girls is already very annoying, the jokes are... well, they certainly are (haha, the protagonist is unwilling to fuck a fat fairy! Hilarious!), but the moment my annoyance with this all was made certain was the second episode, where they said something like "nobody wants to marry lizards, because they're stinky, gross and lazy!" Have fun with pissed scalies now.
  • Retloclive: In Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Bell's fight against a gorilla during the Monster Festival would have ended a lot quicker had Hestia just simply handed him the newly crafted Goddess knife that she got from Hephaestus. There's no logical explanation whatsoever for why Hestia held out on handing over the knife for as long as she did except to pad out the fight for whatever convoluted reason. As a result, you're left yelling at the screen for Hestia to just hand over the bloody knife already.
  • Animeking 1108: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is an excellent series, but Stone Ocean was a disappointing finale to the Original Timeline. Pucci started off as an endearing and sympathetic villain, but he ascends to Villain Sue status once he obtains Made in Heaven. He demonstrates this first when he unceremoniously kills Jotaro. Yes, the poster boy of the franchise not only dies, but it happens so abruptly that the characters and readers aren't given time to mourn him. Not only that, but Pucci managed it by targeting Jolyne so Jotaro would take the bullet for her, which was cruel and underhanded, eliminating the sympathy the audience had for him. However, it doesn't stop there. As if Jotaro's send-off wasn't insulting enough, Pucci proceeds to effortlessly kill everybody by Emporio. Yes, that includes Jolyne, the goddamn protagonist of this Part. She doesn't even get the honor of taking Pucci with her. Instead, Emporio finishes him off using the Heavy Weather disc. If Heavy Weather had the power to finish Pucci off, why didn't they use it before!? It's like Araki wanted to Torch the Franchise and Run, but realized how much of a letdown the ending was and started a Continuity Reboot with Steel Ball Run.
  • Batmany: Let me just say beforehand that I normally love the works of Junji Ito. However, his short story Black Bird is by far the worst story of his I've read. First off, the plot is just a mess. It centers around this hiker who breaks his legs only to be visited by this weird lady who feeds him human flesh. Turns out that it's his own flesh from the future where is slowly torn apart while still alive by the same weird lady. Did I mention the lady is a bird demon? What!? In Ito's other works, the otherworldy force at work could be ambiguous, but at least their actions made some sense within their universe (IE: Tomie is lust incarnate, Planet Remina wants to eat the earth, the Spiral is a forgotten god punishing humanity, etc.). By contrast, Weird Bird Lady's actions make no sense even within the narrative. She kills the man in the future so she can feed the man his own flesh in the past because um, why again? Also, the artwork just isn't up to Ito's usual standards. The most blatant example being Weird Bird Lady herself. Sure, she falls under the Uncanny Valley, but it's more hilarious than terrifying. If anything, she looks like a bad caricature of Kim Kardashian than some horrifying bird-demon. It's a good thing that most of Ito's other works are masterpieces because this is a blemish on his otherwise flawless career.
  • Baffle Blend: As much as I adore Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger and think it Needs More Love, one thread of Episode 5 (which is otherwise a good episode) was ridiculous and, frankly, contrived. First, when Kirinda tells the team that the world they're visiting is The Ugly Duckling, everyone looks right at Tart the Chicken. And then when they arrive in that world and she accidentally lands on Hols the Bull, he complains about her huge butt. She's clearly hurt and after calling them out, and they start Digging Themselves Deeper in response, she runs off on her own. And then just to add insult to injury, Bakumaru calls her "hysterical" after that. What. The Eto Rangers aren't usually that big of Jerkasses to each other — yes, they do argue...a lot...but it's normally nothing more than Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, not making someone feel bad enough to storm off — and it just makes poor Tart, who's generally seen as being actually quite attractive by the fandom on top of that, come across as The Woobie. To make matters worse, she transforms, and decides to make it permanent; that's right, not only did they get away with tormenting her, they got rewarded for it. Frankly, the whole thing just felt like they wrote themselves into a corner wondering how to introduce her second form.
  • AL 19: There was one moment in episode 36 of Kaleido Star which infuriated me. Basically, it involves Leon telling May that if she wants to be his partner in the upcoming Circus Festival, he informs "he'll create a perfect chance for her to show off in today's show". That's all fine and dandy, but what does he end up doing during said show, when May has the chance to show off? Well, when she swings towards him, he misses her, nearly letting her fall to her death. He does manage to catch her, but it ends up severely hurting May's shoulder. As if that wasn't bad enough, do you wanna know the reason this happened? Because Leon states it was supposed to be an ad lib, even going as far as claiming she couldn't even do that (Right, because when acrobats think of ad libs, they automatically think they're gonna get endangered by their partner), meaning he did it on purpose. What?! Why would you go out of your way to purposefully almost let your partner die?! Mind you, I don't like May, but even I don't think she deserved that. I don't give a shit if the Kaleido Stage needs him or whatever, that was the biggest dick move in the whole series.
  • Kind Adaptable Kayak: I cannot forgive Bucky's actions in the Kimba the White Lion episode, "The Troublemaker". He insulted Kimba, he blamed him for something he didn't do, he gave him less food, he says he is mean, he punishes him, and he practically beats him. This was enough to make me think that he hates him, if not wish he was dead. And the theme song implies that Kimba was king of the animals as a cub, so Bucky shouldn't have treated Kimba like that.
  • GX Next: Kimi no Iru Machi A Town Where You Rage. The way the relationship between Haruto and Yuzuki ended is understandable given the circumstances, however the issue this troper took was with Asuka, the Tsundere that Haruto met while in Tokyo and pursuing Yuzuki to learn why she broke up with him. Asuka's Dere comes out in force after Kazama dies to the point that everyone in the series, including two of the girls that were previously pursuing Haruto suddenly decide to Ship Asuka as the perfect girl for him even though it has only been a few months since he got the double whammy of Kazama dying and he and Yuzuki deciding to stay away from each other. Cue a two year time skip, and what has happened to them? Haruto has basically stayed the same as he was at the beginning and all of Asuka's previous flaws are gone to the point of she really is just his girlfriend, and nothing more.
  • Black Dragon: The Kindaichi Case Files - or rather, the animated version, Kindaichi R...though I'm unsure if this particular episode was adapted from a manga-chapter, in which case that may count too. Regardless, the show seemed very promising at first, being your classic 'high school detective solves mysteries' fare! Kindaichi, for all his flaws, seemed like a genuinely brilliant kid, figuring out difficult puzzles of every stripe. But then comes Episode 23 - the first part of the 'Game Mansion' arc. In which our brilliant hero, while escaping from a burning room, fumbles the key, dropping it. He then proceeds to completely fail to even try to catch it, like any regular person instinctively would, but instead just goes 'Oh noes!' as it bounces over under a burning table. He crawls over to pick it up, and is then completely surprised to find that the metal key has become hot by practically landing inside a fire. Shocked by this completely unexpected and unpredicted turn of events, he drops the key again and rears back like a spooked horse, smacking his head into the table, making some burning boxes fall on him and briefly knocking himself out. Of course, he manages to recover his wits just in time to escape with his life, but...the great thing here is that that PARTICULAR MOMENT doubles as a Dethroning Moment of Suck for both our supposed hero, who here shows himself as a completely moronic clutz who is, apparently, operating on the mental level of a preschooler, and for the show's writers, who apparently couldn't come up with any better way to drive up the tension at the episode's end. Seriously, guys...seriously? What, did all the guys who came up with the clever tricks and plots for the other episodes just check out for an early lunch that day? Everybody in a rush to head home that friday, so you just threw together the first garbage that occured to you? "Hey, guys, what if...stay with me here, what if our high-school protagonist was actually a clumsy toddler who doesn't understand how keys, doors, hands or fire works?" "Good enough for me, Jenkins, let's clock out before Happy Hour ends!"
  • AL 19: King's Game The Animation had potential to be a good survival anime. Sadly, by episode three, all of said potential was flushed down the toilet by overuse of flashbacks (To which begs the question why they didn't cover the first manga before deciding to adapt its sequel), terrible pacing (Which ties into the flashbacks), idiotic characters, and overall bad writing and direction. Speaking of episode three, my Dethroning Moment comes from this one. In the third episode, two characters - Kana and Naoya - are given an order from the King, who tells them that whoever receives the least amount of votes from their class will have a punishment. Naoya wins, and not wanting to die by the King (Despite the message saying "punished", not "die"), Kana decides to jump out the classroom window. It turns out that her punishment was going to be her confessing to someone she likes, but because she ended up killing herself, Naoya gets the punishment. His punishment says, "Have sex with someone," and he has this message not long before midnight. Panicking, Nobuaki insists on having his girlfriend, Chiemi, and Naoya have sex due to not having much time left (And if they don't obey, Naoya will die from self-immolation). He initially refuses, since he loves them as friends, but Nobuaki ends up punching him to the point where he goes unconscious. This is where the DMOS comes in. Chiemi has sex with an unconscious Naoya, and right afterwards, the King messages them, "Obedience Confirmed." That's right, Nobuaki caused his best friend to go out cold and then get raped by Chiemi, all because they didn't want him to die. That's not "saving" someone, that's traumatizing! What makes it worse is that this is never brought up again afterwards! I'm sure if this was more realistic, Naoya would think they betrayed him, and wouldn't even speak to them again! Yes, they're regretful about this (And they should be), but that will never come close for me to forgive them. This is also what cemented my hatred for Nobuaki, since he was the one who, again, made him go unconscious. So Nobuaki, fuck you.
  • blitzking: While Little Witch Academia (2017) is overall a very valid show, episode 7 really bugged me. Basically, Akko could be on the verge of expulsion because she's not improving. Her peers are mocking her and the teachers (except for Ursula, obviously) are mercilessly against her. Kinda a heavy situation, right? Well, it's still Played for Laughs for the most part. Even Sucy and Lotte are acting like it is an everyday occurence, instead of the emergency it really is. Granted, Akko is seen in genuine turmoil at a certain point, but for the theme of this episode, the majority of the gags were very out of place.
  • mariic: In Love Hina, Naru Narusegawa has always been a character I hated because of her treatment of Keitaro being played for laughs, but her portrayal in Love Hina: Spring Movie was the worst. Not only did she cross the Moral Event Horizon by torturing Keitaro's friends without getting punished or called out for her behavior, but it ends with both her and Keitaro going to Tokyo U together, so the latter has to spend the rest of his life being tormented by an abusive spouse.
  • Kashima Kitty: Magical Angel Creamy Mami Episode 37 - "Marian's Eyes", the episode involves the titular cursed wedding dress that causes the wearer to become possessed by its original owner who had committed suicide, compelling them to do the same. Throughout the episode Mami investigates a conspiracy that leads her to be stalked by shady men, narrowly avoid being deliberately crushed by a truck, be kidnapped by said shady men, stripped and dressed in the titular wedding dress while unconscious, and witness Megumi die in her arms...only for it to all turn out to be a movie that was being filmed, with her as the star. Everyone was in on it except Mami, who was kept in the dark because they wanted to film "real terror". Even in her transformed state, Mami can't be older than 16, and would this be a very scarring experience for her. And the worst they get for it is Mami tearfully shouting "I hate you all!" in a manner that's clearly played for laughs.
  • bisonx: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. I really hated episode 17 of the anime. In what is quite possibly one of the series' darkest moments, it just has the bad guys brutally curbstomping the heroes repeatedly, attacking and destroying Riot Force 6's HQ and the site of the press conference, kidnapping Ginga and Vivio, and in the case of Ginga, almost getting killed in the process. So in short, the good guys had just got their asses kicked. The episode ended with Dr. Jail Scaglietti laughing triumphantly in the face of the heroes.
  • Novaheart: Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness is perhaps one of the worst anime movie sequels. It had so many things that went wrong for a Sequel to one of the best Affectionate Parody of Mecha and Yamato. Even before you see it there is the Saturn only game Fate of Three Years designed to bridge the gap between the series and the movie. Unfortuneally it's Japan only and hard to find. An OAV Series would have been better. The overall tone change, Characters acting out of character, nothing being expained, Akito losing his tastebuds. And of course this was supposed to be the first of three films, which would have at least helped explained things, but it bombed.
  • Twilight Pegasus: One of my favorite anime movies of recent years is Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. It's gorgeously animated, has a great cast of characters, and is heartwarming, intense, and heartbreaking. Unfortunately, I can't call it a masterpiece because of undeveloped subplots, some characters getting little to no development, and some...questionable writing choices, one of which really hurts the movie in my eyes. Near the end of the movie, after being imprisoned and made as a glorified baby-making machine for the Mezarte Empire, an Iorph girl named Leilia gets rescued by her friend Maquia and a Renato dragon. Leilia has since given birth to a daughter named Medmel and was unable to see her. When she finally does, what does she decide to do? She leaves her behind and straight up tells her to forget about her. I'm sorry, but this part absolutely infuriates me, mostly because it completely derails her overall character. From the very beginning of the movie, Leilia has soapboxed about how she loves Medmel and yearns to see her despite the crappy life she endured under Mezarte's captivity. All of the decisions she's made in the movie are because of Medmel and her wish to see her. But all of a sudden, when she finally gets the chance to see her, she just leaves her behind and goes off on her merry way, throwing her away like a bag of trash? You can't establish a character as being one thing and then doing a complete 180 and changing her at the very last second, because not only does it make her completely out of character, it makes her come off as a cold-hearted hypocrite. Furthermore, if you really think about it, Leilia's actions basically seal Medmel's fate. She could have easily taken Medmel with her, since by that time, the Mezarte Empire had crumbled to the ground, and nothing was stopping her from taking Medmel to the Iorph village and giving her some semblance of a happy life, and it would have made sense, since Leilia's wanted to see Medmel for years. Instead, by leaving her behind, Leilia basically doomed Medmel to being stuck in an abusive, neglectful family that has made no secret of the fact that they hate her solely because she's not immortal and that she's being used as little more than a means to extend their rule, and then having been similarly discarded for not being an Iorph. What makes all of this even worse is that the movie does absolutely nothing to provide even a modicum of an explanation for Leilia's decision! I know a lot of people complain about Mari Okada's writing and how it can border on being rather melodramatic, but for me, this one scene really left a big stain on what's still a great movie overall. Did the writers not consider the deeper implications of Leilia's decision when writing this scene? I'm not even a professional writer, but even when I first saw this in theaters, I could figure all this out! This scene really leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, though I still really love this movie regardless of its many problems.
  • MetaMaster54610: I love Monster Musume. It has creative world building, interesting ideas for fanservice that actually helps BUILD on said world building, and likeable and memorable characters. It may use several tropes that may be considered cliche for the genre, but it also has fun with them and uses them in interesting ways. And there's one trope they usually avoid: Double Standard Abuse. The girls are usually so reasonable when it comes to Kimihito's slipups. They put blame where it rightfully belongs, and they acknowledge their own part in the incidents and apologize accordingly. However, there was one instance in the chapter where Papi was having an egg...when Miia, Centorea, Mero and Suu hear that Papi is having an egg, they IMMEDIATELY break character and they all hit Kimihito right over the head, Miia with a bat, Cerea with her fake sword, Mero with a large shell and Suu with a steel bar. Now, Suu is kind of exempt from this, as she only copied the other three. But Miia ADORES Kimihito and would NEVER jump to conclusions like that (a later chapter has her firm in the belief that Kimihito is faithful), Cerea swore an oath to PROTECT Kimihito, and takes her chivalrous, knightly persona very seriously, and Mero is generally a very nice girl, so there's just something inherently wrong about how willing they were to physically strike the object of their affections, especially since they're legally not allowed to do so and could very well be deported had Kimihito been upset enough to tell anyone else, and it doesn't help that it's played entirely for laughs and never even mentioned again after the fact. Thankfully this seems to be a one-time thing, as no other incidents like it have occurred, but it still irks me enough to warrant an entry.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: Don't get me wrong; I like Gag Dubs, I mean, why do you think Ghost Stories is fondly remembered more in the west than in Japan. However, My First Girlfriend is a Gal went a bit too far into Author Tract territory with episode 7's infamous "Visual Novel fans are misogynists" line. The reason that upsets me more than Prison School's "Gamergate" line and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid "patriarchy" line is because of the Critical Research Failure and overall generalization that implies. As a fan of the genre, I know there are VNs out there that don't have a sliver of pornographic material (IE: Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, Steins;Gate and CLANNAD). Second, that also means that those with pornographic material are considered misogynistic despite having some of the most well-written stories (ever heard of Fate/stay night?) with some of them (G-Senjou no Maou, the Grisaia trilogy and Katawa Shoujo) having the sex scenes made up to enhance the story. note  I don't like when people throws baseless insults over genres they are not familiar with. Even more when they use an anime (the most ironic genre to insult another one influenced by it) as a political spiel when the original anime line was never close to what they would say.
  • JusticeGundam: For me (and for many other Italian fans), the lowest moment of My-Otome was the 8th OVA special, where Mai tells Natsuki how she disappeared. Not only does it make Mai look like an idiot for getting lost in a forest she should know very well - and, lest we forget it, she's a trained Otome! - but it also felt to many like a silly excuse to write Yuuichi out of the continuity, pander to his haters who just wanted him gone, and somehow pair up Mai and Mikoto. In fact, when reading the Mai-Otome manga, I was glad to see that Yuuichi actually has a substantial role there, even as a posthumous character, and is/was married to Mai.
  • Gaston1991: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water: The worst part is in episode 23 "Little Castaways" when Nadia said Grandis, Hanson and Sanson are evil and deserved to disappear in the sky in episode 21 "Goodbye Nautilus". What. No only that Out of Character for Nadia since she was friendly with Grandis in many episodes, but at this point of the series they had done more heroic things than Nadia.
  • Kirby 0189: I feel that Neon Genesis Evangelion took a dip in quality in the second half when they ran out of money and began to use Mind Screw segments as a substitute for plot (or rather, they had plot but muddled it up with confusing symbolism) to pad out episode length, but confusion is preferable to the disgust I had in response to the first scene of End of Evangelion. Now End was fine until the Instrumentality segment when one of the most nonsensical Mind Screw segments I have ever seen began, but I didn't expect much good after the first scene. To keep it brief, Shinji masturbates over Asuka while she is in a coma. Congratulations writers, you took the already-unlikable main character and turned him into a flat-out freak by having him masturbate over my favorite during her period of vulnerability. What little sympathy I had for Shinji was pretty much gone by that point, and there was pretty much no need for that scene because the part where he begs Asuka to wake up would have given enough reason for his angst during the movie's first half. Also, it's just gross, and not in the good way. How disgusting indeed.
  • Lin Taylor: Don't get me wrong, I love Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! in just about every way, but then we get episode 6 of Nyarko-San W titled "I'll Try to Act it Out". Mahiro has to pretend to be Cuuko's fiancée in order to get her cousin off her back, while Nyarko goes through your standard Clingy Jealous Girl reactions. Then when the group goes to a restaurant, Nyarko pulls Mahiro aside and begs him to just put an end to it; rather thoughtlessly, he tells her "If it bugs you that much, just go home", at which point her pain stops being comical. Then comes Nyarko's Anguished Declaration of Love, where she talks about how painful this incident has been and the fact that Mahiro's refusal to just say if he likes her or not is driving her crazy. His response to all this? "You've been going on for a while now, are you done yet?" I do like Mahiro as a character (I kind of see some of my younger self in him), but when he said that line I just wanted to punch him right in the face and chew him out for having the emotional sensitivity of a rock. A young woman is having an emotional breakdown right in front of you; Lovecraftian creature or not, would it really kill you to give her a damn hug or something?
  • Lily Nadesico: Despite being a mostly excellent show (in my humble opinion), the penultimate episode of Overman King Gainer contains a very infuriating moment - when the Overdevil possesses Gainer and Gauli, their respective love interests Sara and Adette both try to make them snap out of it through a True Love's Kiss... but it turns out, only Adette manages to, while Sara fails and gets possessed as well. Now, the common Hand Wave is that Gainer and Sara had gotten distant, and that's why Sara's kiss didn't work on him... but then, Fridge Logic kicks in: Adette and Gauli barely had any interaction before declaring their love to each other, and furthermore, only 2-3 episodes before, Gainer and Sara had had a Heartwarming Moment/Ship Tease moment together in King Gainer's cockpit. So, exactly, why are we supposed to believe that Adette and Gauli have a stronger, more significant connection? The whole thing felt like it was only done for the sake of cheap drama, and to make sure the series lasted another episode (because when Gainer came back to his senses, the Overdevil got Curb Stomped)...
  • Gyrobot: Queen's Blade's shift in to Cerebus Syndrome territory causes Shizuka to die for Tomoe to get stronger, only to be beaten by Reina and not coming back. It just came out as a giant middle finger to Shizuka and Tomoe fans in a series where the female cast's plot armor is much thicker and durable than their clothes. Shizuka is the only one who isn't brought back by Deus Ex Machina, many fans didn't like that at all.
  • aurast: The ending of Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0, Shinji and Kaworu go to retrieve two specific spears to fix the Crapsack World in which everyone is either dead or a prick. They go to the place where they think they are, only to find two different spears. Shinji goes ahead and pulls them out, despite Kaworu's very insistent pleas to stop. This makes everything worse, kills Kaworu and traumatises Shinji. It's the culmination of an Idiot Plot which made the entire storyline a bleak, pointless waste. This part stands out, however, for how out of character it is, and how the whole thing was obviously manufactured just to make everything worse. Again.
  • Saberwulf 2018: Re:CREATORS would have qualified as a rather average anime to watch, but what really ruined the anime was the Elimination Chamber Festival arc near the end. The entire arc was a completely one-sided fight, with Altair easily defeating or incapacitating any Creation and not even breaking a sweat. And the reason for this is because she gets new powers out of thin air, all thanks to the audience watching the show. She spent most of the battle being an Invincible Villain that she was damn near impossible to stop. And how do they put an end to her rampage? By simply creating a fictional version of Setsuna Shimazaki that she ends up calling off her attacks and goes home. And this is after Celejia gets killed off and no one seems to make a big deal out of this. Not to mention the many atrocities she's done in the show, such as brutally killing off Mamika. Altair, go fuck yourself.
    • Lalapolpolpol: Seconding on this. Re: Creators "final battle" is probably the most anti-climatic conflict solution i've ever seen in a anime. So, at this point, Sirius failed to take down Altair. I was wondering how the creators would defeat her, as a big Jojo fan, i love predicting solutions to fights and such. Them comes the last episode, and the (show) creators take the most lazy way possible out of it: Giving Altair the very thing she wanted from the start. Altair, who at this point, was an Omnicidal Maniac who wanted to destroy the entire world (Which her creater loved, btw). Altair, who killed the loveable heroine Mamika for trying to empathize with her. Altair, who never repented for her actions or felt even slight guilt from her wrongdoings. Look, i have nothing against a final fight ending with a diplomatic solution: Just look at Fallout 1 and New Vegas, where you can talk down the Big Bad's in epic and smart ways, or Planescape: Torment, where the diplomatic solution is arguably more interesting and beautiful than fighting the main antagonis. But Re: Creators? The diplomatic solution doesn't involve ANY of the main characters at all, doesn't have Altair confront the errors of anything she did or of her motivations and solves what until now has been an one-sided conflict in less than 5 minutes. Oh yes, and what could have been an epic final battle between many creations and Altair never came to light. Kids, this is how you don't write a final fight (And by extention, a main villain)
  • Hyoroemon: Shakugan no Shana is a story of demons (Crimsons) and ghost that make contract with some of said demons (Flame Haze) to enact their revenge. In season 3 the main character merged with big bad to put and end to this thousand years war. MC explain his plan to move Crimsons to alternate realm (Xanadu) where they can live there without feeding on human (‘s life energy). The only ‘problem’ is Flame Haze have spent years of their live just to slay Crimsons and allowing them to move Xanadu would leave them with nothing to do. It is really enraging seeing Flame Haze’s motivation to stop The Organization in 2nd half of season 3 is not to protect human anymore (not that the demons still targeting them), but they are doing it so they don’t lose their purpose: to fight. Everyone from ‘good guy’ team agree on attacking/genociding Crimsons to stop this. And how the Crimsons doesn’t bother much to fight while getting slaughtered make people empathize with the bad guy instead.
  • Lalapolpolpol: I have a mixed relationship with Shamo. On one hand, I love the realistic take on the series on both street-fights and Ryo's increasing moral ambiguity and struggles with himself. On the other hand, the author's efforts to make Ryo a "complex" protagonist ends up making him much more unsympathetic than truly complex, to the point where it becomes impossible to root for him. The moment that cements this for me is Ryo's rape of Suwagara's girlfriend, for the simple purpose of setting up a match between them. While his desire to fight him falls under a morally gray area, the fact that Ryo would go as far as to rape a completely innocent woman to basically piss off another person into fighting him is horrible enough, but the fact that he calls him on the phone to make him listen to her being raped and when they finally fight Ryo mocks him for it is just pissing on the wound. At that point, any sympathy I had for Ryo went down the drain and he had gone from a "tragic Byronic Hero that shows how a man can become more and more depraved by bad influences" to a "Horrible Villain Protagonist who does terrible and petty actions with no justification at all behind them", and I was honestly wishing for Suwagara to cave in Ryo's skull during the entire match. Even worse, Ryo was a rape victim himself, and should know better than anyone how despicable it is to sexually abuse a person. This scene tarnished Ryo's image for me so much that I Couldn't care less for his death at the end of the series. If anything, I was HAPPY that his sister would be able to live without such a toxic and tainted person near her.
  • WRM 5: Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Shirokuma Cafe and everyone should watch the anime right now. That said, one episode I can not bring myself to watch again is episode 36: "Grizzly's Hibernation Preparations/Grizzly's Hibernation!" Polar Bear is known for his trolling, but he is just an absolute ass in this episode. In the first half, he derails Grizzly's attempts to prepare for hibernation in order to force his friend into buying a bunch of things for him instead, which we're supposed to forgive because...Polar Bear bought Grizzly a fancy pillow at the end. The second half sees Polar Bear continuously waking Grizzly up from his hibernation for petty, nonsense reasons. This last part even became a running gag in the following episodes, unfortunately.
  • Kuro Kokoro: The ending to the Shugo Chara! manga. Peach-Pit, thanks for telling your audience that you care more about pairing up your characters than wrapping up the story up in any way.
  • Adept: Sket Dance, halfway through the Happy Birthday Arc, Bossun discovers that his mother and sister are actually not his biological family and starts Wangsting about how they are actually "strangers". I mean, sure, the reveal that his life and heritage is not what he thought it was is shocking; but immediately calling his family—who never treated him with unkindness or partiality—"strangers" just because they're not blood related is really overblown and frankly out-of-character for someone who founded the Sket Dan to give two strangers, Himeko and Switch, a family they can belong to.
    • Hissing Aurora 94: For me, the Dethroning Moment of Suck comes on Episode 69. Bossun has to help Tsubaki draw a flier in manga format to help attract new students to the student council. Bossun warns Himeko to be careful around the correction liquid as they have only one bottle left. She dismisses his warning and then accidentally ends up knocking over the entire bottle over the pages anyway, completely ruining it. When Bossun angrily says I Told You So, she freaks out, slaps him (it has been established that she is strong enough to take out really big guys and even adults while Bossun is very weak, physically and a little tap from Tsubaki is enough to make him cry) and yells at him. This happens despite the fact that it was her fault and not his, unlike most of the other occassions when Bossun is on the receiving end of Himeko's attacks, where Bossun is usually insulting or embarrasing her. Predictably, no one calls her out on this.
  • Ecclytennysmithylove: As far as I'm a huge fan of Space Dandy, episode 7 "A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby" never existed; we never found out who won the race. I understand that Gainax Endings can always happen in every bizarre anime, but this one was just ridiculous!
  • Austin DR: In the second season of Squid Girl, there was the third episode in which Alex (Sanae's dog) gets jealous of Squid Girl, and bites her on the leg just because Sanae showed more affection towards Ika Musume rather than him. Sanae then comes up with the solution to have Ika walk Alex. After going through a lot of trials and tribulations, you could say that they formed a respect for each other; only to have that respect go completely out the window when Sanae still shows more affection towards Ika and not seeming to remember that that was the reason for his animosity towards Ika in the first place. So at the end, he bites Squid Girl on the leg again, and Status Quo Is God. The first part of the episode could've worked had Sanae also given Alex a hug, but no, she just has to completely ignore him for Squid Girl, even though it's blatant that Squid Girl dislikes her.
  • Hadijulianto: I have no problem with majority of Super Gals plot line, but the fact that Rei Otohata never get his commeuppance for doubting Tatsuki's credibility as Ran's boyfriend while being a crappy boyfriend himself by kept hurting Aya, who is actually his girlfriend left a bitter taste in my mind. What makes it worse is that no one in the main cast paid any attention to this issue, including Miyu (a friend of both Ran and Aya) who I safely assume is aware of Rei's feeling toward Ran, not even in the ending of the series. Aya kept waiting for Rei (her boyfriend) to love her unconditionally like a lost puppy, Tatsuki never made any attempt to at least confront Rei about all the shithousery he had done, and everyone is happy. Congratulations, mate. For all I know, you will never get away with such thing in real life, no matter how popular or good looking you are.
  • Spark Plug The Troper: I genuinely love Tamagotchi. Cute characters, great animation, surprisingly involved lore... for what's more or less a sugary girl's show, that's quite impressive. Even still, I wouldn't call it perfect, and episode 120 demonstrates this well. Before I get to the dethroning moment itself, here's a bit of backstory: So you have this space princess named Himespetchi who is in love with the main protagonist, Mametchi. Not an inherently terrible idea on its own, but the producers had the wonderful idea to make her a Satellite Love Interest with very few traits not directly connected to this crush. Now that that's covered, there's a scene in this episode where the Tama-Friends have woken up after sleeping over at a house in Melody Land, and they're all well... except for Himespetchi, who has Exhausted Eye Bags. When Memetchi notices this, a flashback shows that Himespetchi had suddely woken up in the middle of the night, noticed Mametchi sleeping in the bed next to hers, and immediately got up to admire her one true love... for multiple hours straight... until morning, depriving the princess of much-needed rest. This has me wondering how nobody in the room woke up, noticed Himespetchi just standing there, and wondered if she's insane - it seems to be because Himespetchi is too shy to say she has a crush on him, but how does that work? Like, wow, Himespetchi, if you love Mametchi that much, you need some serious psychiatric therapy. And Mametchi is still completely unaware of her crush even after this? I don't think so. The realization of just how much of a creep Himespetchi really is made me ditch Mametchi x Himespetchi as my One True Pairing, with this scene only making it worse. This would feel more at home in a more dramatic, mature anime than a kodomomuke series.
  • Raxis: Episode 8 of Toradora! titled "For Whose Sake?". Ami challenges Taiga to a swimming contest, and Taiga, despite being very aware that she has Super Drowning Skills, agrees to it anyways. Over a few days she attempts to train, despite being so nervous she can barely put her head underwater. Then, literally the day before the contest she tries to swim - and discovers she can effortlessly swim at amazing speeds. The day of the contest she cheats by kicking Ami into the water, savagely attacking her underwater and stealing her bikini top, and nobody calls her out on this. After a bizarre series of extremely stupid events, Ryuuji ends up knocked out underwater and Taiga fishes him out - and then forbids anyone else provide him any care because "they had been distracted by Ami's bikini" or somesuch. She was evidently dissatisfied at the speed with which everyone else reacted, as we have nobody's word but her own to go on they were allowing Ryuuji to drown. Taiga's out-of-nowhere swimming talent, excessive cheating, the unlikely sequence of events that saw Ryuuji in danger and Taiga's over the top reaction afterwards ruined the whole episode.
  • Critz: Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit, official canon manga of Touhou Project is a great expansion of the already fascinating youkai lore of the series. But chapter 27, "The Youkai-Piercing Needle" got me sick of the protagonist of the series, Hakurei Reimu. Long story short, after a few unintended curb-stomp battles, Tatara Kogasa, a tsukumogami girl of an abandoned umbrella - and one of the most pitiable and harmless youkai in the series - finally manages to propose Reimu that she can fix her broken youkai exterminating needles, with her being an excellent blacksmith. After Reimu agrees, Kogasa - finally able to take pride in something - delivers her extremely high quality needles and impresses Reimu...and Reimu promptly skewers her with them for "quality testing" and possibly to avoid paying her for her work. For a character the manga makes a point is flawed but ultimately very much good-hearted, that moment instantly repulsed me from sympathizing with our so-called "heroine" further - and soured me towards the series as a whole, as Reimu is an extremely prominent character in just about any Touhou work compared to anyone not named Marisa.
  • Loekman 3: The so-called happy ending of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- is an absolute DMOS because CLAMP apparently did not understand the implications. You see, in the ending, Syaoran must keep moving as price for his continued existence with Kurogane, Fai and Mokona coming along with him. Sakura decides to stay apparently because she will make Syaoran's journey miserable if she accompanies him thanks to the dream, why didn't she try to change this future by making a deal with Watanuki I have no clue. But not only time flows differently within each world but Syaoran also cannot stay long enough to spend time with Sakura and must continue travelling; in other words by the time Syaoran manages to return back, Sakura would have most likely either passed away or become an old lady, essentially dooming the SakuSyao couple to be separated for eternity. I guess the clones cannot change the future to keep them together in the end after all.
  • Kesra Kiranov: Video Girl Ai also for the same reason. The anime ends with Ai disappearing, and never comes back, leaving Youta devastated. Though this ending is incredibly tragic, the manga keeps going, and Ai is not actually lost forever.
  • James Bannon: Witch Craft Works episode 12. Hanaka refusing to properly kiss Ayaka to save her life. OK, we can perhaps forgive him the first time, during the battle with Medusa, but a second? And what's his excuse? (Paraphrase) "It's wrong to kiss your loved one before marriage." WTF? This is the person he loves more than anyone, though he's so dense he doesn't realise it (another pet hate of mine), and he's unwilling to kiss her properly once to save her life? Ayaka would have been justified by giving him an Armor-Piercing Slap for that one!
  • Sam Max: I'm gonna tip a Sacred Cow here and mention an example from Yotsuba&!. You see, there was a chapter in vol. 2 where the characters are at a swimming pool, right? Well, Jumbo makes insults over Fuka over her body and such. The fact that no one attempted to defend her (and if I remember correctly, Yotsuba's dad even got in on it) didn't help. Maybe it's just me, but I honestly felt she had every right to react the way she did (namely, by throwing him into a swimming pool). Yet he calls her crazy rather than even attempting an apology. This chapter was what turned Jumbo into The Scrappy for me, since he came off as an unlikeable jerk, and it felt like it was trying to be funny. To say it failed would be putting it lightly. What I've read of later chapters hasn't exactly inspired confidence that Jumbo will be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap anytime soon. Fortunately, later chapters are better, but this was a low point.
  • Nico Hades 91: I'm going to start by saying that I did not care for Your Lie in April at all. It handles the subject of abuse and trauma with about as much maturity as an episode of Family Guy. However, the moment that cemented my hatred for it was around episode 3 (or 4, I forget which), when Kaori and Tsubaki try to motivate Kousei into playing piano again. And by "motivate," I mean "harass him until he caves in just so they'd leave him alone." Throughout the episode, they stalk him, send notes, and even chuck a baseball at him with a message begging him to play. Considering Kousei's backstory as a child abuse victim, Tsubaki of all people should have known that was a bad way to go about it and that should have been the part where Kousei filed a restraining order on Kaori and told Tsubaki she was dead to him. But then again, we wouldn't have a series if the characters weren't assholes, now would we? However, the final blow for me was when Kaori and Tsubaki wonder if they're overstepping their boundaries (No, really?), but they ultimately decide that its for Kousei's own good. Wow, I never saw a series try to gaslight its audience into thinking its problematic writing was justified. If this series didn't have pretty animation and music, it would have died in obscurity after that.


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