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Hey, I'm deeman45. I've been around since 2008.

I used to love this site, though the past few years I've seen an uptick of people who seem beholden to the site's letters, not its spirit. Users deciding that a page is their personal fiefdom—to the exclusion of all others—have also become a blight on the site. A certain type of personality is rather common; I wonder what it says about a person—to spend fifteen seconds pointing out a problem for someone else to fix when fixing it yourself would also take fifteen seconds?


For these reasons I've decided to permanently leave the site. I'm done with the bullying, the rules lawyering, the random nobodies deciding they and they alone are the arbiters of a page. I have left as of 2/18/2018. It was a fun 10 years.

Once upon a time I was focused on doing page quotes. Pages for which I have provided the quote:

There are many more, but I can't remember them off the bat.

Oh, and Ghetsis is a Complete Monster. If you think otherwise, well... we can't all be born with taste.



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