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Even in wide open worlds, there's nearly Everything Trying to Kill You and no one else.

Terraria has its own page.

  • The Special Forces soldiers in Dead Rising 1 are very tough for Mooks, requiring seven shotgun blasts to put down, immune to handgun fire and headshots, toted machine guns that stun locked and damage you which allowed the other soldiers to shoot you more, always came in groups, and were not stun locked when shot (quite annoying when trying to use their own assault rifles against them). When they show up, you better have the small chainsaw or sniper rifle, or you're in for a rude awakening.
  • The "Gas Zombies" in Dead Rising 2 only miss sweeping the list by one factor - they can't take away levels. They have everything else. They can stun you. Their grapple attack has twice the reach of conventional zombies - and is undodgeable. They are everywhere, and you will not notice them among the mobs of zombies until they are right on top of you chewing your face off. They draw every other Gas Zombie within earshot when they attack. They can attack multiple times once they grab you, forcing you to consume healing items faster. They are twice as tough as normal zombies. They can charge right through mobs of zombies. Queens only stun them. Oh, and that stun attack? Has enough range to hit you before they enter camera view from behind. The game is 72 hours of zombie smashing, but once these bastards show up, the party is over.
    • The military can eliminate conventional zombies with ease, but Gas Zombies can wipe out entire platoons in minutes. They're recognized as Demonic Spiders in-universe.
      • On the other hand, once you complete the case in the Phenotrans lab, you can find about four Blast Frequency Guns, which can eliminate several dozens Gas Zombies with one precise shot and carry ridiculous amounts of ammo. Sure it only stuns normal zombies, but they're hardly a threat and can be pushed pust unless you run into a huge unavoidable cluster of them. Make sure to keep at least two of these weapons handy.
  • Grand Theft Auto III has every gang pack a lot of heat, but the worst of them come from the mafia. After killing Salvatore, wandering into the Leone Mafia territory will cause them to shoot you on sight with shotguns. Shotguns in the game are capable of killing anyone in one or two shots and when you got several people with shotguns trying to kill you, it will take a miracle for you to get out unscathed. Driving in a car? Unless you're in a bulletproof vehicle (usually acquired by completing certain missions) or a Rhino, shotguns are so powerful that the mafia can almost make your car instantly explode in a few shots with their shotguns. If you're traveling on foot in their territory? Their shotguns can knock you down if you so much as get within a hair's breadth of their sights, and they'll continue doing it even after you get up and try to run away. Hope you weren't planning to do side missions after turning against the Mafia, especially if you're going for 100% Completion!
    • Special mention goes to any enemy carrying an M-16. If you so much as walk into their line of sight, it's essentially instant death. Even with full armour and health, you have to pick them apart far away or face certain death.
  • Saints Row: The Third has Brutes, massive footsoldiers that can soak up damage like a sponge and can punch FREAKING TANKS out of their way. In addition, each gang has their own "specialist" that can give you a hard time: the Morningstar has snipers that attack from helicopters, the Luchadores has men with rapid-firing grenade launchers that can make you stumble and make short work of vehicles, and the Deckers have girls on rollerblades that can move so fast, they seem to teleport, making them difficult to put down.
    • Saints Row 2 played on hardcore has mooks who frequently carry full-auto shotguns and RPGs that can easily tank your health even with defense upgrades as well as one-shot you if you happen to be riding in a vehicle prone to exploding easily. Also, EVERY ATTACK HELICOPTER EVER. With lock on missiles that instakill everything either from the explosion itself, the resulting fire, or fall damage, you better beware pissing off the Stilwater Police Department all the way to five stars.
    • Saints Row 2 also gives us the Tornado, an attack helicopter with homing missiles. These missiles can take out any vehicle with less armor than a Bear Awesome Personnel Carrier in two hits or less, can be aimed at a solitary individual running on the ground, and never miss. Oh, and since these are helicopters we're talking about, they'll usually be able to fire off at least one missile before you even manage to make visual contact with them, never mind bring them down (if you can bring them down). There's a reason why a clear majority of the missions named as the game's That One Level by players involve being attacked by Tornadoes.
  • Minecraft has several mobs that make your life a living hell:
    • Creepers. They're walking plants that are completely silent until they get close enough to you to start making fuse-burning noises and then explode. They can outright kill an unarmored player at close range even on Easy, wreck any structures you built, and destroy items. Creepers are also the only way you can obtain the rest of the music discs by having a Skeleton kill one. Creepers will stay away if you have a cat nearby, but ocelots are incredibly rare in the first place and their shyness makes taming them a challenge. Creepers are also the only overworld hostile mob that is neither burnt nor weakened by sunlight (regular spiders, too, but they cease hostilities after a while in bright light); they're just as deadly in the daytime as they are at night — possibly moreso because they blend in with the vegetation and you're more complacent.
    • Ghasts. They only appear in the Nether but they will make your time there constantly dangerous. They can fly and will usually float out of range of your swords, making them only vulnerable to arrows. They also constantly shoot fireballs at extremely long range that explode on contact, causing major damage unless you are wearing armor. There's also an achievement for sending a Ghast's fireball attack back at it, but good luck trying to get the Ghast to sit still for it to be hit.
      • Also, they don't follow you, so you can't lure them into traps, and will just keep shooting at you.
      • And if that weren't bad enough, Ghast cries carry for an absurd distance, so you never know if one is hanging around until you hear the distinct thump of incoming death.
      • In addition to hitting very hard, a Ghast's fireballs also tend to leave patches of fire where they hit, and they explode with enough force to destroy Netherrack in a small radius. It's entirely possible to get killed by fall damage or dropping into lava because a Ghast's fireball knocked you off of a ledge or destroyed the thin patch of ground underneath you.
    • Cave Spiders, being a literal form of this trope. They only appear in abandoned mineshafts and attack like a regular spider, but if you are playing on Normal or higher, their attacks will poison you, causing your health to drop at a constant rate. They are very similar to the Poison Headcrabs where the poison cannot kill you directly, but the poison itself can leave your health at just half a heart, making you a One-Hit Point Wonder to other enemies or pitfalls. A bucket of Milk can cure the poison, but you have to hope there aren't more Cave Spiders nearby to poison you again. To make matters worse, the spiders are not slowed down by cobwebs. Plus, unlike regular spiders, they can fit through a 1x1 gap.
      • As well as poisoning you, they can hurt you with normal melee damage. If you're at half a heart of health and the spider runs toward you, you're screwed.
    • Silverfish. They only appear in strongholds (and occasionally in Extreme Hills) and are very weak, but are powerful in numbers. Because of their Wall Master status for hiding in blocks, mining blocks in the stronghold is a risk because you could wind up freeing a silverfish and if you hurt it, its pain cry will alert other silverfish that are in hiding and they will all Zerg Rush you. Since silverfish are extremely tiny, they are also damn hard to strike with a sword. Worst of all, silverfish drop no loot at all, making them a waste of time to fight.
    • Skeletons are fairly weak, but they do a fair bit of damage and they do not suffer from Hero-Tracking Failure. Even so they wouldn't enter this category weren't it for one bit of annoying gameplay mechanics: when one of their arrows hits you, you're thrown slightly backwards and your forward momentum is stopped completely. Together with the aforementioned good aim and fair damage, by the time you get close enough to them to do melee damage most of your health evaporates; even if you do manage to kill them before they strike the finishing blow, you're now easy prey for pretty much anyone else at all.
      • In 1.5, they were changed so that they shoot faster as you get closer. This made blocking with your sword counter-intuitive as blocking slows your advance while you're constantly knocked back with ever-faster-firing arrows. Even with iron armor to stop you from getting to low health and sprinting to reduce the effects of the knockback, you couldn't get to them without a bow or using the environment (such as luring them into a corner for a surprise sword attack) to your advantage. This was a large reason why the shield item added in a later patch was such a boon, and even then it slows your movement speed when you block attacks, leaving you vulnerable to other mobs outside of your periphery.
      • When you're in water and a skeleton is shooting at you, it might be a good idea to swim away. The arrow knockback combined with slowness in water makes it impossible to reach them.
    • How about Mini-Zombies? They're faster than anything else, have as much health as a regular zombie, they're hard to hit because they're so tiny, they can climb ladders, they don't burn in sunlight, they come in packs, and they don't even drop anything.
    • Guardians of the Ocean Monument easily qualify. They have a whopping 30 HP and attack with lasers which hit for 6. Attacking them with melee does damage on the player, too, and since arrows don't work underwater you're pretty much obliged to grit and bear it. Think it stops there? The Ocean Monuments are a combination of The Maze, Under the Sea, and Blackout Basement all at once. The guardians also spawn frequently, making them double as Goddamned Bats, and the objective is to beat three Elder Guardians which are just guardians made even worse and the former are more than happy to help out the latter. Beating an Ocean Monument without being Crazy-Prepared is pretty much impossible.
  • [PROTOTYPE] has several, but the prize goes to the Supersoldiers. Pretty much all of Alex's abilities are melee, and the Supersoldiers shine at this. If you attack them too much, they'll go into a blocking state where they're invincible. Hit them in this state, and they'll break into a combo which can beat off nearly half your health. Because of the button-mashing nature of attacking, you have to pay very close attention not to do this. They also love to grab you, which, should you fail to counter it, will also cost you half your health (though if you're lucky, they might use a less painful move). They can even grab you in mid-air, sometimes even in mid-kick, and ground slam you for, you guessed it, half your health. They can follow you anywhere, see through your disguise, and detect you at range (they're walking virus detectors). They are impossible to grab, except during the block state, and even then you can only flip them over. They also cannot be consumed, period, so all that health you lost trying to kill them is rewarded with a pittance.
    • The lesser spiders are the Hunters, especially in the early stages of the game. If struck too much, they turn invincible and go into an attack frenzy, which can very quickly take a lot of health if you don't run from them. They can run faster than you can fully upgraded, and have a tackle move that, if it doesn't knock you down on the first try, allows them to turn on a dime for a second attempt (which probably won't miss). Much like Supersoldiers, they aren't fooled by your disguise (not that any disguise would matter to them), and will ignore all other targets to chase Alex. They take several hits with anything to kill, and often come in groups of three or more. Leader Hunters up the ante by almost constantly being in the "invincible attack" state. You actually have to wait them out, attack, then rinse and repeat.
  • [PROTOTYPE 2] is arguably more forgiving in general. It isn't until the difficulty is set to Insane that Red Zone Strike Teams and mass rocket trooper squads become real bringers of pain. This is due to the various upgrades Heller can receive to compensate for less-than-immaculate evasive combat maneuvers. Also, most of the challenging enemies that are organic can be consumed once weakened, negating the attrition on the player's health bar. Depending on behavior, enemy Brawler packs can be this when they start continuously hurling debris at you from their spot instead of rushing to meet you. Juggernauts are definitely these when in a pair or more due to their aggressive and hard-hitting attacks in tandem with their high tendency to block a wide variety of attacks.
  • Mount & Blade, having dozens and dozens of possible units, was bound to have some of these. Just remember that a bit of recruiting savvy and training will have these fighting for your side.
    • Khergit mounted archers (read:every single Khergit troop). Their horses are fast enough to let them run circles around almost everything in the game, and they will proceed to happily do exactly that, with added Rain of Arrows. They are, however, pretty trashy in sieges, as you can't ride a horse up a siege tower or ladder and they're less than optimal when dismounted.
    • Vaegir Marksmen, the single best archers the game has. Pinpoint accuracy, enough draw strength to tear through half your healthbar in a single shot, and they like to aim for the head. Trying to assault a castle lined with these can end in your entire army getting shot down before the siege tower has even reached the castle.
    • Rhodok Sharpshooters combine the strongest crossbow with one of the stronger bolts and some terrifyingly good aim. Surviving one of their shots is an impressive feat, and even then you won't get back up from the next one.
    • Nord Huscarls, for their part, are the single best melee infantry unit the game has to offer. Trying to go axe-to-axe with them will get them to smack you for well over 40 damage a hit, trying to block their strikes with a shield will shred the shield and then kill you, trying to charge them on horseback will make them stick so tightly together they're worse than a stone wall and stop your horse, which will let you hack down both you and the horse at their leisure, and trying to shoot at them from afar will get them to draw out the throwing axes and nail you in the head with one.
    • With Fire and Sword, one of the official expansions set in 17th century Europe adds Polish Winged Hussars to this list. They're damn near unkillable, taking several musket shots to take down, and they carry a gigantic lance, which combined with their Lightning Bruiser of a horse lets them spear your troops to death with ease. Killing the horse will not be enough to stop them from skewering your troops to death, either, so don't think you've solved that problem just by dismounting them.
    • Early game Steppe and Desert Bandits, if you make a mistake of straying eastwards without a decent party you will find yourself facing 10 to 20 strong parties of mounted archers and lancers, and at that level they may as well be Swadian Knights for how much damage they do to you, bonus points, they are all mounted so good luck outrunning them.
  • Red Dead Redemption has the most infamous animal in any Rockstar-made game; the cougar. The cougar is faster than you, stronger than you, stealthier than you and has the ability to kill you in one or two attacks. Needless to say, they've become a Memetic Badass on GameFAQs.
    • They make a return in Grand Theft Auto V, and while they aren't as hard to kill this time and will run away from you if you're in a vehicle, if you get attacked by one it's game over because an attack from them is now a guaranteed One-Hit Kill. Worse is, you are virtually guaranteed to find them when playing the hunting minigame, and you can't use the invincibility cheat in missions, so if you can't run away fast enough or kill them first (or climb on top of something) you will get killed. Your only hope is Trevor's special ability, assuming you can activate it before you're pounced on...
  • Subnautica has its share of awful lifeforms, making exploration in certain biomes a nightmare.
    • Warpers. They show up in pairs, use teamwork, can summon other dangerous creatures right on top of you, will teleport you around and scythe your health in half when you're up close, and perhaps worst of all they can simply yank you right out of the driver's seat of any vehicle and into open waters. Offense is not an option either, as they'll simply teleport away as soon as they're in danger. All you can do is run.
    • Crabsquids, like most other creatures, really want a bite out of you. Like several creatures, they also think vehicles still look tasty or need to be evicted from their territory. Unlike any other creature, they also have an EMP blast that will wipe a whole chunk of energy out of any of your vehicles or bases, and disable them for a short, but crucial time. They are thankfully not that fast, but that doesn't mean much if your base is being besieged by an angry crabsquid and repeatedly EMP'd to hell.
    • Leviathans in general probably qualify, if they don't simply count as "bosses" of some kind in a game where your offense is extremely limited. But if they qualify, none qualify more than the Reaper Leviathan. They may be the smallest hostile ones, but they are terribly aggressive, quick as lightning, and have a grappling attack that will incapacitate your non-Cyclops vehicles for a good while, flailing you around until it lets go or the vehicle shatters. Reapers can also chase you longer than any other Leviathan, having little in the way of special biome requirements or territory to defend, so getting one off your tail once spotted is an ordeal.
  • Stardew Valley has varying types of bat (and their upgraded, deceptively hitboxed Serpent forms) which can spawn on every floor of every dungeon, even if you've already killed everything on the floor, and combine just about every foe's strengths. They appear at random, usually in groups, automatically home in on you, and are not constrained by the walls of the level. They are also strong, can't be knocked back very far, and much faster than any other creature. For reference, there is one other foe that can go through walls- the ghosts of level 40- and they only appear individually, do not spawn out of nowhere based on the RNG's whim, and are thrown far away by attacks (theirs or yours). Basically the only reason that Skull Cavern and miasma scenarios are so hard is that they're where and when the game feels like siccing five Serpents on you in a row note .

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