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Sir Arthur John Gielgud OM, CH (14 April 1904 – 21 May 2000) was an English actor and theatre director.

Along with Ralph Richardson and Laurence Olivier, he was one of the three theatre giants who dominated the British stage for most of the 20th century, establishing himself as one of the most eminent and acclaimed Shakespeare interpreters of his time.

Gielgud was primarily a stage actor for the majority of his career, only sporadically appearing in films until the 1960's. He stated that in most instances, apart from films that were adapted from stage plays, he had rather little interest in the material and usually only appeared in movies for the additional income. For example, even though Gielgud won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as sarcastic and witty valet Hobson in Arthur (1981), the actor himself didn't find the material particularly funny. Most of his other numerous film appearances tended to be One-Scene Wonder supporting roles or cameos.

In 1991, he completed his EGOT, winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, becoming only the fourth person to do so, and the first non-American and first LBGT creator at that.

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