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Jaime Ray Newman (born April 2, 1978 on Farmington Hills, Michigan, The United States) is an actress and singer and producer.

When she was eleven years old she started performing in plays, acting in many of the regional theaters. She attended Boston University College of Fine Arts' theater conservatory for two years, before transferring to Northwestern University as an English and drama major. At Northwestern, she founded the Ignition Festival for Women in the Arts. Through that, she produced and acted in Paula Vogel's Pulitzer Prize winning play How I Learned to Drive.

She moved to Los Angeles in September 2000, and made a living performing with her own jazz quartet, before her acting career started to take off, landing her many guest roles in popular Television shows.

As a producer, she made the 2018 short film Skin which was directed by her husband Guy Nattiv and won the Academy Award for "Best Live Action Short Film" in 2019.


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