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David Firth is an animator who got his start as an animator on Newgrounds.

On the side he's also a musician, playing a mixture of indie, folk and psychedelic rock in the band Grape Digging Sharon Fruits, playing harder, Post-Rock-ish material as I'm the Manager, or releasing electronic solo material under the handles Locust Toybox and Stegosaurus Trap.

Series made by David Firth:

Common tropes in David Firth's works include


Tropes in works not seen in series above include

  • Ascended Fanboy: Firth is a fan of Warp Records artists like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and, most notably, Flying Lotus. He has, through the reputation he garnered for himself via Salad Fingers, ended up collabing with FlyLo several times and even has a writing credit on Flying Lotus's film "Kuso".
  • No Indoor Voice: In Not Stanley
  • Silly Walk: The main character in Not Stanley walks rather weirdly.
  • Take That!: In his "Music Guess 2009" short, David Firth takes a stab at the music industry and the Lowest Common Denominator they're aiming for.
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