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Adam (left) and Joe (right)

British comedy double act consisting of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish. First rose to mild prominence with the Channel 4 comedy The Adam and Joe Show in the late 1990s — a low budget sketch show with a 'homemade' feel (the set looked like a bedroom). It lasted for four series before they quit, or to quote Joe in the last series: "just as the show becomes popular".

They presented a few specials on Channel 4 and the BBC before reappearing as DJs on independent London radio station XFM. They transferred over to BBC 6 Music with a weekly Saturday morning radio show where they continued to present until 2011. Since then, the two men haven't been seen working together much, with Adam frequently appearing in television comedy gameshows, and Joe writing several successful movies, such as Ant-Man, The Adventures of Tintin (2011) and Attack the Block, also directing the latter. Joe would go on to direct The Kid Who Would Be King, while a sequel to Attack the Block is in development. Joe wrote and directed the first and last episodes of the first season of Lockwood & Co. (2023), adapted from the books by Jonathan Stroud, also serving as a adapter and showrunner for all episodes.

Supposedly, the duo meet up yearly to write in a magazine called The Idler.


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