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Series / The Adam and Joe Show

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British comedy sketch show starring Double Act Adam and Joe that ran on Channel 4 in four series from 1996 to 2001. Very low budget and designed to look like it was being presented from Adam and Joe's bedsit (actually a small studio above a shop in London), as such it didn't have a studio audience and most of the sketches were filmed on location. Some location sketches featured pranks such as trying to sell ridiculously-named chocolate bars to shops, or organising a literal 'Piss up in a brewery'. After nearly getting in serious trouble taking the 'you break it you pay for it' sign in a shop literally and going around breaking stuff they decided to 'leave the pranks to Jackass'.

However they continued with some similar recurring sketches such as 'Vinyl Justice' where unsuspecting popular musicians had their record collections assessed by Adam & Joe dressed as British police, and 'Baaad Dad', Adam's real-life father investigating various youth phenomena such as Ibiza nightclubs and delivering his usually withering verdict. In the last series the duo spoofed prank Tv with the 'Media Chaos Collective' a pair of wannabe anarchists who film themselves trying to bring down the banks and businesses but usually can't get past the receptionist at the front desk.

One of the most distinctive aspects were the Toymovies, parodies of movies or TV shows with stuffed toys or Star Wars action figures.

Tropes featured include: