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The "Faculty" of the Kitten Academy consist of seven cats and one dog.

Headmaster Acro

An orange tabby who staked his claim to a spot by the microwave.

  • Dean Bitterman: Averted; Acro is generally a laid-back and gregarious feline "headmaster".
  • Fan Nickname: Quackro, since his meows come out sounding more like quacks.
  • Non-Identical Twins: While they aren't related at all, it can be hard to tell Acro and Loganberry apart. Here's a handy guide: Acro's tabby stripes are swirly, and he has a white tip on his tail.
  • This Is My Chair: Acro has his spot by the microwave in the kitchen. More often than not, that's where you can find him. He even has his own nameplate, thanks to a fan donation.

Professsor Ari

A grey cat with wide-open eyes.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Ridicul-Ari, since he's so silly sometimes. Also Arfi, since Mr. A and DJ are convinced that he thinks he is a dog (see Dog in a Cat Skin below).
  • Ascended Extra: Was a kitten in one of the Academy's 2015 classes before getting adopted as faculty.
  • Dog in a Cat Skin: Mr. A is convinced that Ari thinks he is a dog. He's the closest with Elsie, he eats her food, and he plays like a dog.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Ari's eyes seem locked in a concerned stare, prompting Mr. Academy and the fans to speculate that he's seen some things...

Professor Custard

A grey and white tabby who's a big playful goofball.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Custaru, Custardoodle
  • Ascended Extra: Arrived at the Academy as one of the 2016 English Desserts kittens before getting adopted as faculty.
  • Big Eater: When he's let into the Kitten Room, Custard usually heads for the kittens' food first.
  • Manchild: If this trope can apply to actual cats, then it applies to Custard. He is the most playful and kitten-like of the adult cats.
  • One of the Kids: Custard loves playing with the kittens when they're old enough to meet the adult cats. He's also well-known for enjoying the mailbag sessions with the kittens. In fact, in the original Saturday Mailbag Jingle graphic Custard was shown peeping out of the mailbag.

Professor Loganberry

Another orange tabby. He's almost as playful and outgoing as Custard.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Logie, Logush, Loganbunny, Loganbean, Loganbiscuit...
  • Ascended Extra: Was a member of one of the Academy's 2015 kitten classes before getting adopted as faculty.
  • Big Eater: While Custard probably beats him out in sheer volume, Loganberry is by far the fastest eater on staff. If he's caught eating something he shouldn't be, when picked up to be taken away he gulps huge mouthfuls in a last-ditch effort to get more.
  • Non-Identical Twins: While they aren't related at all, it can be hard to tell Acro and Loganberry apart. Here's a handy guide: Loganberry's tabby stripes are straight, and his tail has an orange tip.

Breadmaster Magnolia

A floofy grey and white cat with an outgoing personality.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Maggie, Maggie Moo, Mags
  • Ascended Extra: Arrived at the Academy as one of the momcats for the 2017 Cat Trees class, and hung around for months before getting officially adopted as faculty.
  • The Chick: The only female cat on the faculty other than Smokey, and the only one who regularly interacts with the other faculty and kittens.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Bread, apparently. She's actually stolen bread from her humans on at least two separate occasions (a piece of toast from Mr. A, a croissant from DJ).

Warden Eddie (aka Toonki)

A grey tabby who prefers his solitude from a high vantage point.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Sheddie, for his tendency to leave a lot of fur in his seat on the cat tree.
  • The Eeyore: Can come across as this due to his solitude and frequently dour-looking facial expression.
  • Green Eyes: Has a striking pair of them.
  • The Hermit: While not as much of a loner as Smokey (see below), Eddie does tend to prefer being by himself.
  • This Is My Chair: Eddie can almost always be found high up on the tallest cat tree in the house.

Canine Cordiality Officer Elsie

A good dog and long-suffering lone canine in a house full of cats and kittens.

  • Big, Friendly Dog: Elsie is a golden retriever and the only dog in a house filled with cats.
  • Cat in a Dog Skin: Similar to how Mr. A claims that Ari thinks he's really a dog, he sometimes maintains that Elsie is actually a cat in disguise.
  • Gentle Giant: Elsie is a big dog, but is always calm and gentle around the kittens.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Elsie's actual name is Something Else. Everyone just calls her Elsie.

Headmistress Smokey

The elder stateswoman of the Academy. She is a tortoise shell cat who lives in her own room in the basement.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Smuggy, Smugoo
  • Cool Old Lady: At 17 as of this writing, Smokey is the oldest cat in the Academy. And the fans love her.
  • The Hermit: She lives in her own room in the basement, which doubles as Mr. Academy's office. According to him, she likes it that way.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: Smokey may not like the other cats being around her, but she is very affectionate and happy.
  • Noodle Incident: Smokey has no teeth, a rumpled ear, and has been de-clawed. Since she was adopted as an elder cat, Mr. A and DJ don't know much about how all this came about.

    Kitten Classes 
These are kitten classes past, starting with the most recent or current. (As new classes begin, please add them to the top of the list.)

Tempest and Teacup note 

  • Momcat: Tempest

Working Class Kittens

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Apothecary (F)
    • Wainwright (M)
    • Haberdasher (M)
    • Squire (F)
    • Troubadour (M)
    • Draper (M)
    • Cooper (M) note 

Well-Versed Kittens

  • Momcat: Verse note 

  • Brought to the Kitten Academy:
    • Stanza (Stan) (M)
    • Meter (F)
    • Prose (F)

  • Born at the Kitten Academy:
    • Bookworm (Book) (F)
    • Erudite (Rudy, Rude) (F)
    • Poise (F)
    • Flair (F)
    • Astute (Stu) (M)
    • Wise (M)
    • Prodigy (M)
    • Ace (M)
    • Number Nine (M)

Fable's Tails

  • Momcat: Fable
    • Parchment (Parchie, Parchnip) (F)
    • Ink (F)
    • Quill (F)

Breakfast at Tiffiny's note 

  • Momcat: Tiffiny (Tiffy) note 
    • Toast (M)
    • Donut (M)
    • Waffles (M)
    • Egg (F)
    • Bearclaw (Bear) (M)
    • Muffin (F)
    • Chai (F) note 

Frolic's Furballs

  • Momcat: Frolic (Frolly, Frollypop)
    • Revel (F)
    • Gallivant (Gal) (M)
    • Roughhouse (Roughie) (M)
    • Tumble (F)
    • Prance (F)

Baf Time Kittens

  • Momcat: Pumice (Pummy)
    • Wash (M)
    • Ducky (M)
    • Bubbles (F)
    • Faucet (F)
    • Tubby (M)

Scientific Mewnits

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Torr (M)
    • Dalton (M)
    • Kelvin (M)
    • Newton (Newt) (F)

Birbs... and Graycie

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Budgie (F)
    • Finch (F)
    • Wren (M)
    • Graycie (F) note 

Cat Trees

  • Momcats: Fig and Magnolia (Maggie) note 
    • Eucalyptus (Euki) (F)
    • Elderberry (M)
    • Ginkgo (F)
    • Chestnut (F)
    • Sassafras (Sassy) (F)
    • Hickory (M)
    • Maple (F)
    • Buckeye (M)
    • Crabapple (M)
    • Juniper (Juni) (F)
    • Larch (M)
    • Filbert (M)

Purrsians... and Mr. Pickles

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Hummus (M)
    • Babaganoush (Baba) (M)
    • Tahini (F)
    • Felafel (F)
    • Mr. Pickles (M)

Chili's Beans note 

  • Momcat: Chili
    • Cayenne (F)
    • Kidney (F)
    • Coriander (Cory, Agent Corn) (M)
    • Garbanzo (Garby, Gonzo) (M)
    • Tomato (F)
    • Pinto (M)

Roux's Pâte à Choux

  • Momcat: Roux
    • Éclair (Clair) (F)
    • Croquembouche (Cro) (M)
    • Beignet (Ben) (M)

Dance Kittens

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Foxtrot (F)
    • Waltz (M)
    • Cha-Cha (F)

Song's Quintet... and Kazoo

  • Momcat: Song
    • Cello (F)
    • Mandolin (Mandy) (F)
    • Banjo (M)
    • Lute (M)
    • Fiddle (M)
    • Kazoo (M) note 

Angel's Fish

  • Momcat: Angel
    • Haddock (Haddie) (F)
    • Trout (M)
    • Halibut (Hal) (M)
    • Pomfret (Pom) (F)

Coffee Cats

  • Momcat: Star
    • Latte (M)
    • Caramel (M)
    • Frappe (F)
    • Mocha (M)
    • Java (M)
    • Bean (M)

Fonts... and Charlie

  • Momcat: Arial
    • Baskerville (M)
    • Wingdings (Winnie) (F)
    • Zapf (M)
    • Garamond (Gary) (M)
    • Charlie (Charwee) (M) note 


  • Momcat: Velvet
    • Poplin (F)
    • Jacquard (Jackie) (F)
    • Flannel (F)
    • Merino (F)
    • Chiffon (F)
    • Tweed (M)


  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Parsley (F)
    • Basil (M)
    • Chamomile (F)
    • Tarragon (F)
    • Cilantro (F)

Weather Cats

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Dusty (F)
    • Cloudy (M)
    • Stormy (M)

Ivy's League

  • Momcat: Ivy
    • Cornell (Nelly) (F)
    • Harvard (Harvey) (M)
    • Yale (F)

Spice Kittens

  • Momcat: Unknown
    • Clove (F)
    • Fennel (F)
    • Poppy (F)
    • Tamarind (F)
    • Nutmeg (M)

English Desserts

  • Momcat: Victoria Sponge Cake (Vikki)
    • Biscuit (M)
    • Toffee (M)
    • Pudding (F)
    • Crumpet (F)
    • Cobbler (Cobb) (M)
    • Custard (M) note 
    • Shortcake (F)

Hazel's Seven note 

  • Momcat: Hazel
    • Coopi (F)
    • Apple (F)
    • Spot (F)
    • Broccoli (M)
    • Riker (M)
    • Troi (F)
    • Seven (F)



Cashew and Quiche Lorraine

A pair of "momcats" who, shortly after arriving at the Academy, turned out to not be pregnant at all! Both hung around for a short time before finding adopters.

Creepy Reindeer

A stuffed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer toy that's often found in the main kitten room.