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This is the cast of the Hungarian web series An Akatsuki's Life. If you're looking for the characters in their original context, try this page.

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Yahiko (aka Pein)

The leader of Akatsuki, and the superhero team known as the Power Peins. He is regularly refferred to as Pein (which is actually Nagato's chat nickname), to most characters except Nagato himself. He's been killed off at the end of episode 25 in a situation very similar to his death in the comics. Nagato has been controlling his body along with the other Power Peins ever since.

  • Driven to Suicide: Hanzo takes his cereal for ransom and forces Nagato to kill him. When Nagato refuses, he kills himself instead.
  • A God Am I: He has a pretty inflated view of himself.
  • Of Corpse He's Alive: Nagato has trouble explaining that he died on his wedding day, and tries to manipulate his body to convince everybody that he's alive.
  • People Puppets: Nagato can cotrol him via remote thanks to his piercings. and later via music.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Lampshaded. His name is 'Pein', not 'Pain', as indicated by his T-shirt, which has the 'a' crossed out in the word 'pain', and an 'e' written beneath it.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: He loves his cereal.


The only girl on the team. She's engaged to Pein, and generally fulfills the role of a housewife. She's often the target of several guys' advances, most prominently Hidan. Currently married to Nagato.


Pein's rival. Sometimes Ax-Crazy, sometimes scheming. He's often making advances towards Konan, which always fail spectacularly. Is currently a head in a jar.
  • Cassandra Truth Once he went to a fortuneteller, who predicted that he'll be killed by a cigarette or a lighter, which he dismissed as "utter bullsh*t" since he doesn't even smoking. Then it's subverted when he's blown appart by Naruto's Rasenshuriken instead of by Shikamaru's bombs.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: He swears. A lot. Ever heard people say that Hungarian is the best language for swearing? Well he loves to abuse this to hell.
  • Goshdangit To Heck: He spends the entire movie doing this as part of a punishment for running off with Pein's body after a "Freaky Friday" Flip. His lines are so bad, Pein finally allows him to swear normally.
  • Humiliation Conga: In episode 24, he's shredded by Naruto, and later buried. In episode 26 he makes it out only to be hit by a stray bomb. In episode 30, he's finally rescued, put in a jar, and mounted on the head of a purple bear. Also, while underground, he was repeatedly bombed by Worms.
  • Mistaken for Gay: When he admits that he considers Kakuzu his rival.
  • Not Quite Dead: Hidan returns in episode 30. Except he's reduced to a head in a jar, mounted on the head of a bear.
  • Precision F-Strike: His first words after Pein allows him to swear again.


Generally acts as The Big Guy. Kakuzu is said to be extremely violent and responsible for the deaths of his previous partners (including Kenny), but generally acts friendly. Whenever he's not sleepwalking. [[Died in episode 24, though he does call back from the afterlife occasionally]].
  • Techni Color Eyes: Red sclera with green iris, no pupil. Hilariously lampshaded, whenever the gang is high on Bijuu: while the sclera of the others' eyes turn red from it, his turn white.


He takes on the role of the Token Black Guy, due to the different skin color. He also likes to rap, and speaks in a vaguely Russian accent.
  • Author Avatar: Every now and then he will speak for the author. His first Rap number is basically about the creation of the series.
  • Expy: Of Eminem. And sometimes Norville Rogers.
  • Soul Brotha: He's got the weird accent, uses some odd slang, and often engages in rap.
  • Sweet Tooth: He loves candy. A lot.


Secretly a good guy. First he's trying to keep it a secret with interesting results, but most people know that already. He was killed by Sasuke at the end of episode 27.
  • Large Ham: When confronting Sasuke, he tries to act as much like a villain as possible. It's hillarious.


Regularly mistaken for a girl. Deidara is usually seen crafting various things out of clay, that usually meet explosive ends. He seems to be obsessed with blowing stuff up, and past incidents have left permanent marks on the HQ. blew himself up to avenge the deaths of his two hands, forgetting for a moment that they were dead to begin with.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Elton likes to remind us way too often as to what his function was while he was still attached to Deidara.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: blows himself up to avenge Elton and Leonidas. Except they were ghosts to begin with so getting killed just means they lost their bodies.


He rarely gets any spotlight and is rarely seen without his armor. When he is, he sometimes wears it's head like a mask. He was killed off in The Movie, and his puppet body is exhibited in the living room.

Zetsu and Yoropiko

Often the subject of plant jokes due to the Venus Flytrap he's wearing. His habit of eating people is also the source of a lot of morbid humor.

  • Pass the Popcorn: During Itachi's and Sasuke's fight he's shown eating popcorn. He even complained about running out of it, right when things started to get interesting, because half of the corns didn't pop out.


Team Pet, and secretly, The Chessmaster. He wants to consume the world, and eat plenty of ice cream.


A late addition to the cast. Nagato made Pein's piercings that allow him to control him with a remote when he wants to. He still loves Konan and eventually gets her to marry him. His hair started out jet black, but was later dyed red by Kisame.

  • Insane Troll Logic: And it works!
    • During the Hangover arc, a talking cat explained to the Akatsuki that for understanding the events of the previous night, they had to follow the piglet's tail. Nagato's deciphering is as follows:
    Nagato: Well in some language "tail" means "cola", and a piglet is often called "coca". So the answer is "Follow the Coca-cola".
  • Memetic Badass: In-universe. Konan's father referred to him as "Bruce Lee-ashmer Nagato", who saved him, his friend and even Chuck Norris from an army of Konoha ninjas, despite being injured and could only kill twenty of them with each punch.

     Supporting Cast 

Sasu 2

Itachi's pet crow that has a Sharingan for some reason. Turns out to be the same one that got pushed down Naruto's throat, implying that he may have Shisui's eyes. Was last seen in Naruto's mind sitting next to Minato, Kushina and the Ninetails.


Deidara's left hand. Along with Leonidas, he started talking in episode 8 and they eventually got in a fight with their host. A Power Pein removed their souls from Deidara. They both got human bodies in episode 20, thanks to a dimensional portal. He was incinerated by Sasuke, returning him into his ghost form.


Deidara's right hand. Along with Elton, he started talking in episode 8 and they eventually got in a fight with their host. A Power Pein removed their souls from Deidara. They both got human bodies in episode 20, thanks to a dimensional portal. He was impaled by Sasuke's Chidori returning him to his ghost form.
  • Shout-Out: To Bleach. He's a Fullbringer, and can turn his pendant into a pair of guns, that work a lot like Ukitake's shikai.


Itachi's brother. He's been hunting for Itachi to avenge his clan, and is seen assembling a team to help him out. Defeated Orochimaru by wearing a KKK hood, and killed Elton, Leonidas and Itachi. Tobi eventually recruited him into Akatsuki.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: His Sharingan renders the entire battlefield in 3d and allows him to come up with a complete battleplan.
  • Emo Teen Even more than the original, and that says something. Seems to run in the family.
  • Improbable Weapon User: During his battle with Itachi, he kicked his own shed skin ignited by Itachi's Amaterasu under Zetsu's popcorn can, which was full off non-popped corns. The heat of Amaterasu made them pop, turning the can into a gattling canon.
  • Straight Gay: He isn't even too secretive about it.



A former Akatsuki member who decided to quit out of envy towards Itachi's assets.

  • Big Bad Wannabe: Though Itachi makes it clear he's just an irritating bystander.
  • Expy: you know how the original Orochimaru is often compared to Michael Jackson? Well, here his true form is Michael Jackson.
  • Large Ham: Always was, but once he revealed his true form, he took his hamminess to impossible levels:
    Sasuke panicking: I warn you! I have powers you can't even imagine!
    Orochimaru singing: I'm not afraid, Show me that poweeer! *Sasuke puts on a KKK hood]]* DISCRIMINATION!!!!


A woman (implied to be part Saiyan) Itachi accidentally confessed to while drunk due to her resemblance to Sasuke. She's been obsessively stalking him but eventually committed suicide after realizing that Itachi doesn't remember her.
  • Alien Blood: Bleeds candy due to a bad case of diabetes.


Konan's Sister. She had a short affair with both Yahiko and Nagato.


First introduced as a bumbling kid who is the host of the nine-tailed-beast. He eventually became a more important character after the movie. He is apparently important, because he's "the main character".
  • Hero Antagonist: Shaping up to be one, if the latest intro is anything to go by.

Yamato (aka Treetearer)

Joins Tobi in his quest to rescue the store-owner's daughter from the 1/2 headed dragon.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Of course Tobi can't be the same guy he helped defeat the dragon. That guy wore a scarf.
  • Shout-Out: Shares his nickname with a character (either the title character of one of his brothers, depending on the adaptation) from Son of the White Horse of all things.


Secretly replaces Kisame during the hangover arc. Strangely, besides his skin color, nobody notices the change, even though he's not very good at impersonating Kisame.


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