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YMMV / An Akatsuki's Life

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  • Awesome Music: The third opening "Real World" by All Amercian Rejects.
  • Bizarro Episode: Episode 20 starts with everyone waking up with a hangover after a getting stoned from smoking Zetsu. It appears Pein has slept with Hidan, Kisame is white, Elton and Leo have become humans, Nagato turned into a frat boy, Itachi lost his ear, Konan grew a tail, a Balrog is sitting on the toilet, and a pair of "liberalist rainbow bunnies" are doing it in the yard. This is later implied to be a hoax, as the "white" Kisame turns out to be Greed.
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  • Designated Hero: Naruto doesn't seem very competent. In fact the only reason everybody relies on him is because he's the "protagonist".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one episode Pein was shown reading a newspaper with one of the headlines saying "Two Kyuubis? Yeah, funny." in reference to the Twelve Ninja Guardian-arc. In chapter 631 of the manga, it turns out Minato can also use the Kyuubi-chakra mode.
    • At one point Sasu 2 has an encounter with a parrott that uses Curse Mark Transformation (Jugo's pet from another Hungarian Naruto web-parody). When Sasu 2 recounts the meeting to Itachi, he laughs, saying that it sounds like an idea from "Z-category horror movie". Circa seven years later, the Boruto anime came along, with an arc focused on Jugo protecting and curing birds infected with a Curse Mark...

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