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Age of Empires Civilization

Egyptian-Style Civilization


The Assyrian Empire was a kingdom in the Mesopotamian region.

Their villagers move faster and archers fire quicker.

  • Archer Archetype: Their archers have a higher fire rate.
  • Crutch Character: Strong in early ages due to their faster villager speed, allowing them to reach Tool Age sooner than most civs, compounded by a firing rate bonus on their archers (Bowmen in Tool, Chariot Archers in Bronze) which makes them devastating in standard Random Map games. Their abysmal Government Center and Storage Pit at Iron Age serevely cripple them if the enemy survives their rushes.
    • The Definitive Edition gave them back the final armor upgrades and Engineering, bringing them closer to Jack-of-All-Stats thanks to their already complete Swordsman line and Siege Workshop.


Their chariots have more health, their priest have increased range, and gold mining is more efficient.

  • Crippling Overspecialization: They can't upgrade almost any land unit outside of Chariots and Priests.
  • Skill Gate Characters: Their tech tree isn't complicated and they're pretty easy to play. They're even playable in the tutorial campaign. note 


Their catapults fire quicker, their villagers have more health, and their farm production is more efficient.


Babylonian-Style Civilization


Their walls and towers have more health, the priests' cooldown for converting units are lowered, and their stone mining is more efficient.


Their archers deal one more damage than most other archers, their siege units have more health, and their War Galley and Scout Ships have more range.

  • Master of All: Before the Definitive Edition, where they had fully-upgraded Centurions, Chariot Archers and Heavy Horse Archers (with bonus), Scythe Chariots, Armored Elephants, Heavy Catapults (with bonus), walls and towers. They could also research all technologies in the game apart from the ones at the Temple not named Astrology. They now have frailer buildings, worse Farms and can no longer train Centurions.



Their War Elephants move quicker, their villager hunt more efficiently, and their Trireme fire quicker. Their farm production is more efficient in the vanilla Age of Empires.

  • Born in the Saddle: Outside of Chariots, their Stable units are all available and fully upgradable.
  • Magikarp Power: Playing with the Persians is tough in Random Map games, despite their hunting bonus. This is due to their abysmal Market which only provides techs at the Tool Age, preventing them from developing their economy from the Bronze Age onwards, improving archer range (Artisanship and Craftmanship) and training the gold-free Chariots (Wheel). If they reach Iron Age unscathed, their fast Elephants will then wreak havoc on their opponents. They also have full Barracks, Archery Range (with no Ballistics nor good range though), Stable (outside of Chariots), Temple and fast-firing Triremes (with the same problems as with archers).
    • They have a much better Market in the Definitive Edition with Artisanship, Wheel, and Coinage gained back, allowing them to fare better in random maps.
  • War Elephants: The Persian ones have a buffed moving speed.

Asian-Style Civilization


An ancient Korean kingdom.

Their Longswordsman and Legion has more health, their towers have more range, and their priests cost less.


One of the dynasties of China.

Their villagers cost less and their walls have more health.


The ancient Japanese kingdom.

Their ships have more health, their villager move quicker, and their cavalry cost less. In the vanilla Age of Empires, their cavalry moved slower.

Greek-Style Civilization


Units from the Academy and warships are more quicker.

  • Lightning Bruiser: Their Hoplites, which are almost faster than other foot units before Aristocracy.
  • Magikarp Power: With the worst Archery Range in the game (they can't train anyone else than the Tool Age Bowman), expect them to only pull off Cavalry and Hoplite assaults before the Iron Age. Their average (read: mediocre) Tool and Bronze Age times seal their fate in Random Map mode. Even when rushing with Hoplites, Macedonians are better.


Their Composite Bowman has more range, their farm production is more efficient, and their ships cost less.

  • Archer Archetype: Only able to create basic and Composite Bowmen at the Archery Range, but they have upgraded range.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Can't upgrade their walls and towers at the Iron Age.


Their wood production is more efficient, their Siege Ships fire quicker, and Elephants cost less.

The Rise of Rome Civilization




  • Confusion Fu: Can create several types of units, but they tend to always miss a technology or two.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Most prospective Palmyran players are put off playing them because of the higher villager cost. They are however more efficient workers (builders and repairers are also affected in the Definitive Edition) and they are more resistant to attacks. Getting used to these changes is hard, but it pays off thanks to their wide choice of military units. They miss quite a large number of technologies in the Iron Age, though.


Their Academy units are more resistant to pierce damage, their siege weapons are cheaper and their units are more resistant to conversion.

  • Discard and Draw: All their units and buildings gain huge conversion resistance to compensate the inability to build Temples and Priests.
  • Mighty Glacier: Their signature Hoplite and Stone Thrower rush in the Bronze Age. Both units are slow, powerful and benefit from a bonus.
  • Scissors Cuts Rock: The Hoplites' better pierce armor and conversion resistance allow them to take down their traditional counters (respectively archers and Priests).

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