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  • Prehistoric chapter: Contact: When Gori (the ape) kicks a headdress at the final boss of the Prehistoric story. Double points are given because that was what the evil tribal leader was wearing five seconds before Pogo, Gori, and Bel saw him get eaten. Then the three heroes go and fight the dinosaur anyway in a Big Damn Heroes moment which is made bigger when Zaki comes to help.

  • Kung Fu chapter: Inheritance
    • The Xuan Ya Lian Shan Quan is always a Moment of Awesome. Even when you get it as a normal technique, but especially the first time the student uses it. By extension, anything epic the student does also counts as their former Master's moment.
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    • A great example is when Yuan is your chosen student: When you're facing a bunch of Odi's goons alone, he suddenly appears and starts ranting about how he sucks compared to Li and Sammo while effortlessly beating the crap out of the goons! What's even better is that Yuan's stats reflect this aspect of his personality. He is the weakest of the three students at the beginning, but has pretty good stat growth; once he gets to around level 16, all his stats (except HP) are the best of the three or second best!
    • Another is the end fight to Odi Wang Lee. The student fighting him performs the technique taught last minute by the master (which you could also use once during the battle itself). And for the finishing blow, the successor makes a slow motion spin kick that sends him flying off the table, breaking through his chair, and hitting his back against the gong. Killed on the spot.

  • Bakumatsu chapter: Secret Orders
    • You don't necessarily have to rescue the hostage you are ordered to rescue, while going through the castle. What you're expected to do during a normal playthough is to rescue him, then fight the Big Bad of the chapter - but you can skip directly to the Big Bad. If you do so, he rescues you!!
    • The Watanabe father gets one before he dies by dodging sword strikes while in a small space. And said attacker was below him.

  • Old West chapter: Wandering

  • Present Day chapter: The Strongest: When Odie Oldbright tells Masaru how he killed all the fighters Masaru had defeated and learned from, all in cold blood, Masaru declares that Odie didn't know what a fight was and that he would use the master's powers to end Odie for his crimes.

  • Near Future chapter: Flow
    • Akira getting Buriki Daioh to move completely and then the theme song starts up. The player will then quite possibly go through a Theme Music Powerup in real life, it's that good. And then you fight the entire friggin' Japanese army!
    • Before that, Matsu takes a drug that amplifies his spiritual power, barges into the Buriki Daioh's cockpit, and manages, through sheer grit and force of will, to get it moving. And then he kicks a lot of ass before the overdose kills him and Akira has to take over.
    • Matsu's "I'm the taiyaki guy!" is pretty damned good, too. Notable because this is his introduction as a character.

  • Science Fiction chapter: Mechanical Heart: The three survivors all get one:
    • Darth faces the Behemoth, the Final Fantasy monster that can one-hit-kill Cube and killed Huey and Rachel, with nothing more than some sort of gun. And wins!
    • When Rachel tries to kill herself and almost kills Cube in the process, Kato saves him. Also a part of the main Character Development thread of Cube progressively behaving and being considered as a human.
    • And of course, Cube himself by defeating the Big Bad of the chapter. Even more so considering he had no fighting ability, and hacked the virtual reality in which the fight happens to give himself some fighting abilities. That he keeps once back in the real world!

  • Medieval chapter: King Of Demons
    • The moment Oersted stopped being a Heroic Mime and proclaimed his undying hatred of the world and everyone in it (using Odio's font, no less!). After all the horrible things that happened to him, slowly destroying everything he believed in, he finally snaps, and it is awesome.
    • It's probably the most emotional scene in the entire game because in theory you know that it's probably a bad idea, but you just want those asshole villagers to get their comeuppance so badly.

  • Final chapter
    • Pretty much the whole of Oersted's version of the Final Chapter. You get to be the villain for once as you wipe out the Heroes. His monologues at the start of the chapter and before each battle gave more of a feel to his perspective. The fact that you can CHOOSE Armageddon as a battle command was pretty cool too.
    • And what about seven people from different eras, that never met neither know, and even fight between themselves at the beginning, defeat the fucking God of Hatred!! Bonus points for the fact that at least four of them (Pogo, the Xin Shan Quan inheritor, Oboro, and the Sundown Kid) should logically have extreme difficulty meaningfully communicating due to their wildly disparate eras of origin (prehistory, ancient China, feudal Japan, and the American Wild West).
    • The overall ending itself can count as an awesome ending, simply the thought of the seven heroes running altogether on the sun as montages of their actions and the aftermath of their quests, accompanied with awesome music, is just awesome.
    • The Boss Rush that preceeds the Golden Ending, especially if you've made sure to find all the characters and gone through their dungeons during the final chapter. Each character once again faces the Odio incarnation they battled in their own eras, except this time, they have all the experience and training they achieved during their journey through time, and the Villain Forgot to Level Grind! As such, what was once a terrifying enemy, is now almost laughable. The Xin Shan Quan Inheritor and Masaru can fell Odiwan Lee and Odie Olbright with a single blow, Sundown can kill O.Dio with a single shot from his gun, because as strong as they were, now they are NOTHING!
    • Oersted's speech before the final battle and the true ending.


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