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Awesome / Lollipop Chainsaw

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  • The fact that there's a bunch of corpses near where you meet Nick implies an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, wherein he took down an entire group of them.
  • Dad's heroic sacrifice at the end. And Nick encouraging Juliet to do what she has to do.
  • Pretty much every major boss sequence you come across in the game due to the sheer number of over the top and jaw dropping moments in them.
    • Lewis Legend deserves special mention due to managing to be a standout among awesome over the top fights. Other bosses end in 2-3 "Finishers"... Lewis goes down at 7. Even Nick comments on his ludicrous tenacity!
    Nick: Dude! Black Knight! You have no legs! Stop already!
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  • The scene where Juliet's father saves her younger sister from Josey. Josey even realizes that he's reached his end.
Josey: Oh, funk me...

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