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Nick (severed boyfriend head) will temporarily gain a body and become a boss at some point
Suda'd do it. He's crazy like that. Plus it could work as another to Buffy shout-out.
  • Confirmed (To some extent)in the newest trailer. Juliet can put his head on a headless body so he can give help her out. (So far we've only seen him giving her a boost when she needs to reach a higher place)
  • Oddly enough, putting Nick on the Big Bad's corpse will finish the final boss.

Juliet is the grown-up Bubbles
A twin-tailed blond with a fondness for all things cute and sweet with the capability to solve problems with violence when the situation calls for it. It could happen. There's also
their other connection, and while we're on that subject...

Juliet is a younger Bad Girl
Years of zombie hunting and keeping a smile on her face eventually made her snap. She kept her affinity for girlyness and pink stuff, as well as a similar fashion sense (who else thinks pink miniskirts and heels are a great idea for combat?). She killed her first zombie at 6 months old, I'm sorry but that is going to mess you up pretty good.
  • Not to mention in the bad ending, Her mother is a zombie, and possibly kills more members of her family, which will be her Start of Darkness.

Juliet is an alternate-universe Ember
The DP version (presumably) killed herself when her boyfriend dumped her. The Suda version cut his head off and accessorizes with it as she kills zombies.

Juliet is a cousin of Travis Touchdown
Hey, we know Travis' dad was a cheating scumbag. Jeane might not be Travis' only relative he has no idea he has.
  • Unless you're saying cheating is genetic, I think being another half-sister is more likely.

The game takes place in the same universe as Dead Rising
Similar zombie outbreak, same level of silliness, and similar characters. Who knows, maybe Juliet is the daughter of Frank West?
  • Juliet's dad is in the game. His name is Gideon Starling.

Juliet and her sisters are The Powerpuff Girls all grown up.
Working under alternate universe rules of course. Juliet is obviously Bubbles, Cordelia is Buttercup since she's all punk and stuff, and Rosalind is Blossom since she's The Heart of the family. "Dad" is obviously the Professor, and he apparently finally got married.

Juliet's chainsaw is partially empathic
Juliet is a Spoiled Sweet cheerleading party girl with an upbeat and wonderful personality that only the most negative and dour of people would find sickening. She loves lollipops, kinda ditzy, and probably does community services all while being chipper with a positive outlook on life. Her chainsaw is stated to be magically enchanted and the reason all the zombies she kills burst in rainbows, hearts, glitter, and liquid bubblegum instead of pure blood and gore is because the weapon is reflecting its wielder's personality upon her kills. This is possibly also one of the reasons why Juliet's bubbly and well adjusted despite her family's history of zombie slaying. Though as a side effect it made her kinda eccentric instead of PTSD.....

Why Juliet's dad cries every time he sees a dog die on TV
Its because as a young boy, he saw his puppy get eaten by zombies. This traumatic image is what stuck with him until adulthood, fueling the rage needed to beatdown zombies with his bare fists and crying fits whenever he sees a canine dying.

Possible plot of the sequel
Juliet goes to college and having the time of her life when suddenly some douchebag comes around, blows up the school, opens the Gate to Rotten World, planning to engulf the Earth into Darkness and Rot. Right after Juliet mocks the guy for basically repeating what happened back in the last game, the douchebag is immediately killed off by........
an angel. This angel, a General of God himself, explains that the armies of the Land Beyond Words was a hair's breadth away from marching down and eradicating all of Earth in order to prevent further corruption by Rotten World due to the previous fiasco Swan caused, but thanks to Juliet, Nick, and her family the crisis was averted. This actually caused a big uproar in the Land Beyond Word between those who wanted to go to war against Rotten World and those who saw Rotten World closing up as a good thing. Thus, Juliet is forced to fight the angelic general and his group of Glorious Ones and stop him from unleashing Rotten World as a means to have humanity wiped off the face of the Earth.

List of Glorious ones and reasons:

  • Country Western Angel - Doing this out of blind loyalty to the Big Bad.
  • Pirate Metal Angel - wants to fight against the forces of Rotten World bad enough he's willing to trample over humanity.
  • Gangster Rap Angel - Out of sheer boredom despite knowing God is going to punish them all severely for their actions.
  • Death Metal Angel - Tired of working for God and wants to cause as much destruction as possible before someone destroys him.
  • Gospel Angel - Believes humanity was a mistake of God and wants to destroy us all, the ONLY Glorious One who shares the Big Bad's view.

The fight against the Big Bad, instead of taking cues from pop music, the music is entirely Ominous Latin Chanting, signifying his complete and utter hatred of humanity's free will and rampant creativity. There will also be collectible vid files strewn about the game, where the number you collect determines the endings, with the less you collect, the worse the ending becomes, and not collecting all of them results in the Big Bad as the final. These vid files reveal the guy who initiated the ritual was actually a very good kid who was deeply religious, but the Big Bad on purposely ruined the kid's life just so he could become the harbringer of humanity's extinction.


Collecting ALL the vid files though will open up the True Final Boss, who will be God, whom takes the form of a robotic, multi-headed being who controls the universe via a cosmic turntable with his musical theme being techno.

Lewis Legend takes so many finishers to kill because Rock n' Roll will never die
Opposite for Josey, who only takes two finishers since Disco's already dead.
  • To be precise, Josey represents Funk, not disco. However this still applies since funk was derivative of disco despite funk lasting longer and being a better genre than disco. The first three bosses, however, all represent genres that were derivatives of Rock n' Roll, giving them three finishers total to defeat as NONE of them could exist without the original rock n' roll.

Juliet is the social outcast, not Swan
It's probably overdone, but I got the impression that Swan is a projection of what Juliet is like in the real world, an outcast mooning over a fantasy she can't have. The game takes place in Juliet's head after she snaps, takes a chainsaw into school and starts killing her classmates, including taking the head of the boy she likes (Nick) so that they'll be "together forever". Building a Mary-Sueish background for herself with the awesome family of special people, and the bosses either being a side effect of a drug she's on, or a method to convince herself that it's "just a game."

Swan liked Juliet and seeing her with Nick is why he snapped
Well, he yells at her about how he thought she was different from the other cheerleaders, and one of Killabilly's throwaway lines is "I love you more than I love hamburgers" or something like that, considering that Swan's body was at its core could that have been Swan's feelings coming through?

Juliet is a teenage Harley Quinn.
And Nick will eventually become the Joker for whatever reason.

The Dark Purveyors are a rock band in the Rotten World.
To break it down: the Dark Purveyors is their band name, and the zombie band members consist of a vocalist, drummer, bassist, keytarist and autotune vocalist and a lead guitarist. Their genre? A fusion of punk rock, viking metal, psychadelia, funk and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll, which is either called zombie rock 'n' roll (since they are called the "zombie rock 'n' roll lords") or "elephant rock" (something that Lewis Legend keeps saying in his boss fight). Think about it.

The game takes place in the same universe as Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
We already know zombies exist in Panty and Stocking, and that they're really hard to kill. The Demon Sisters probably used a similar spell as Swan did, just not as potent due to not needing a lot to take out just two angels (which is also probably why the zombies turned on them). Since angelic weapons don't work on zombies, The World beyond Words probably rely on zombie hunters to make sure they don't overrun the place. Plus, it would be just awesome, if Panty, Stocking, and Juliet teamed up, they would pretty much be unstoppable.

Nick getting “the wrong body” is a blessing in disguise
Before his heroic sacrifice Nick mentions he actually had fun killing zombies. With his head now firmly attached to Morikawa’s Body that body remembers all the cool zombie-killing moves, and “Nick” can now carry them out. He can now slaughter the undead by Juliet’s side without having to go through 18+ years of training first.
  • Also, this troper has to figure that if there is a magical ritual that can keep his head alive without a body, then there's probably one that can at least edit his new body to look more like his former one. It seems like something Juliet would casually bring up as they're eating her birthday cake.
    • Either that, or The Powers That Be were just screwing around with Nick one last time before restoring him to normal.
    • Going along that line of thinking, the whole "accidental" mix-up might have been a test by the powers that be to see if he really deserved the chance at life by giving him Morikawa's body, and seeing if he really did want to live no matter the circumstances. Since Nick's reaction was basically "eh, I'll take what I can get", he'll probably wake up the next morning completely returned to normal, and with some new badass zombie-hunting skills to boot.

Juliet is a pre-op, male-to-female transsexual
She wasn't kidding about that getting wood line.

The next game will feature a parody of The Umbrella Corp as the Big Bad
And their name will have something to do with Lollipops.

Alternatively, if there ever is a sequel, an Expy of Stubbs the Zombie will be the Big Bad

The Live-Action Adaptation will have...
Summer Glau as Juliet, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cordelia, Chloë Moretz as Rosalind, Bruce Campbell as Pa Starling and Ashton Kutcher as Nick.
  • Considering one of Nick's lines is "We're getting Punk'd, right? When's Ashton Kutcher gonna pop out?", that last choice will be extremely Meta...

Juliet is Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.
Soul has inexplicably become a chainsaw as well (He might have become a Death Scythe, as the chainsaw was explicitly stated to have magical powers), so that makes Death The Kid the disembodied head that is Nick.

Here's the reasoning: Sparkle Hunting is Witch Hunter with a chainsaw/bazooka. I've only watched the anime, but there's also a striking similarity between the storyline events when it came to the battle with Zed. A cut was made down the middle in the first Finish Him!, but Zed, much like Ashura at this point, just pushed his severed halves together and proceeded to try and maul Juliet/Maka.

Another thing is the voice. Juliet sounds a lot like Maka when she's happy, and when Juliet's mad, she sounds like regular Maka. Either my theory is correct, or the two just share a voice actress.

There are some flaws in my theory, though. The personality, for example. Maka was never this perky, or ditzy for that matter.

  • About the voice actress: Nope. Juliet is voiced by Tara Strong, while Maka is voiced by Laura Bailey in the English dub.

The game takes place in the same universe as Bayonetta
In level 1, Mr. Morikawa explains there are 3 dimensions: The Land Beyond Words (Heaven), Earth and the Rotten World (Hell). Meanwhile, Bayonetta has the Trinity of Realities: Paradiso (Heaven), The World of Chaos (Earth) and Inferno (Hell).

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