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Prehistoric Chapter - Contact:

Pogo's first words

Kung Fu Chapter - Inheritance:

"Forgive me, and farewell. I'll be with you all soon enough... wait for me..."
The Master's internal monologue after his dojo is attacked and two of his pupils are killed

Medieval Chapter - King of Demons:

"So long as at least one person believes in you... You must not lose hope!"

"There's nothing left for me. No place to return to, nobody to love, and nothing to believe in... Nothing... but Demons... ... I will become a demon... In doing so, I shall teach humanity the folly of their selfishness! From now on... I am no longer Oersted... I am... The Demon King... Odio...!"
Oersted, chapter end

Final Chapter:

"It's not over yet! Even if I'm beaten... I'll keep on living... You must know... (switches to Odio's font) the meaning of Odio! From ancient times, until the distant future! In eras of peace, and eras of war! In all places and all times! The impetus of all conflict! The eternal sentiment that will not die as long as there are humans to perpetuate it... It is hatred... It is Odio!!"
Oersted's speech before awakening Odio's stone idols

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