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Time to Live a Evil

Each scenario in the game paints us a picture of the destructive hatred Odio wishes to unleash upon the world. Odio's hatred is explained by playing through Oersted's chapter. Oersted starts out as a noble, heroic figure. The game shows us, tragedy after tragedy, exactly how such a person can be turned evil - with enough hatred, anyone can be pushed to the other side. If Oersted can be pushed to the brink, what does that say about the rest of us?


The only time the player actually gets in on Living Evil is at the end of the game. Notice that the only time Odio could cast Armageddon on command was when the player himself chose Oersted for the Final Chapter. This is meaningful as it goes into meta territory: the player agrees with Oersted, and humanity is not really worth fighting for. You've become evil too. The casting of Armageddon could now be completed.

Or you just really wanted to see that evil ending.


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