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08:22:29 PM Jul 12th 2015
about how old must someone be to qualify for this trope
03:25:56 PM Oct 12th 2014
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Thing about these examples is, they fail to explain why they are examples.
02:15:18 PM Jul 30th 2013
These are either poorly written examples or too generic or natter.

This page needs help with Zero Context Examples.
11:41:10 PM Jun 3rd 2013
Grace Cahill from the 39 Clues belongs here, I think. Even though for 99% of the series we only see the effects of her actions since she dies in the first chapter (and her death sets the rest of the story going), Amy and Dan's memories of her and her stories of travelling the world and hunting down Clues set her in this trope.
06:00:50 PM Nov 23rd 2010
edited by AnimeOtaku
Removed Mother Teresa, doing some research on the woman would show that calling her a Complete Monster may be justified, if I'm feeling charitable then Well-Intentioned Extremist works too.
03:56:22 PM Apr 10th 2011
02:18:07 PM Jul 30th 2013
It has to be said that nobody is a Complete Monster in real life.

If you are interested in Mother Theresa and how her work can be viewed negatively and justifiably criticised, I suggest you look up Christopher Hitchens' documentary about her. I think there might even be a book by him.
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