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YMMV: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
  • Abandon Shipping: Back when the show first started there was a lot of support for Donnie/April. This was due to many people finding Donnie's crush endearing and him being a borderline woobie. However near the middle of the first season he went from attention seeking to what can be considered down right stalking. This is the first thing that caused people to jump ship. Then near the end of season one he starts making increasingly stupid decisions. Que more people jumping ship. Then there's the fact that whenever April gets an episode for herself Donnie's crush comes to the forefront when said episode could have taken a lot of time to develop her character. This caused EVEN more people to jump ship. To make things worse in season two Donnie has a rather inconsistent its all about me attitude. (Which only seems to be around when April shows up.)
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: When the Pulverizer mutates into Mutagen Man.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Bradford likes his mutation into Rahzar despite it being much more horrific looking than his Dog Pound mutation, since it allowed him to regain some of his ninja speed.
  • Anvilicious: The moral about not letting insults get to you, to the point where Raph is blatantly portrayed as putting his "insult ignoring training" to "good use".
  • Awesome Art: The show is one of Nick's better animated CGI cartoons. The acute eye will notice subtle "blink and you'll miss it" moments about the body language of the characters and facial expressions that really help set the mood for certain scenes. The occasional 2D elements that get thrown in every so often make the show visually fun to look at.
    • Then there's the fight scenes. They flow well, feel realistic, and can be both fun and exciting to watch. One of the best examples would be Splinter and Shredder's fight at the end if season one.
  • Base Breaker: Either Michelangelo is funnier than ever, or he's more annoying than ever.
    • Casey Jones, even before he appeared in the show!
    • Donatello. You either think his crush on April is cute or Squick.
    • April's being angry with the Turtles after they accidentally mutated her dad has caused either people to turn against her or explain why she's justified in acting that way. Might calm down after "Target: April O' Neil", where she apologizes to the Turtles for acting like they did it on purpose and apologizing for the way she's acted to them.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: A mildly disturbing occurs in Fungus Humongus: After Leo gets sprayed with spore and starts seeing his fear, we're all treated to a random scene of all the mushrooms dancing to the Nutcracker Suite. However, it does break the tension briefly of one of the more disturbing episodes.
    • Also the cheese phone from The Manhattan Project.
  • Broken Base:
    • People either love the new personalities for the Turtles, or think it's crap.
      • Broadly speaking, their personalities still line up with both previous shows' theme songs. The biggest change is Donatello having a crush on young teen April (and Raphael is somewhere between the 1987 and 2003 shows on the anger scale).
    • The quality of this version of the turtles is arguably the most divided when it comes to the fans reactions of the whole franchise.
    • The reworked designs of the Turtles seem to be something of a point of contention among a few fans.
    • Fans are also divided over whether or not it is a good thing that Spike became Slash.
  • Cargo Ship: As per usual fans jokingly ship the turtles with their weapons of choice. However this series has provided multiple new ones.
    • Splinter+The empty broken mutagen canister Mikey called "mom."
    • Raph+Wooden Spoon
    • Leo+Karai's throwing knife.
    • Donnie+Metalhead.
    • Mikey+Smoke bombs.
  • Character Rerailment: One of the most consistent problems that were had with Turtles Forever was the Character Exaggeration the 1987 Turtles went through, save particular quirks, where they were portrayed as being a bit too silly and too similar. Their brief appearances in "The Manhattan Project" dial back the silliness and uses the characterizations more common to the 1987 series.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: The first season alone demonstrates this, due to the fact that episodes build on each other, lack of Previously On segments (though the opener may explain), and not really explaining things as well as they could for viewers who have missed an episode or are just starting (though is kind enough to leave episodes up for a few weeks just in case viewers missed them).
  • Crack Ship: Donatello/April shippers and Casey/April shippers have been at each other's throats since the first episode. Those who have been annoyed by their behavior have started shipping Casey/Donatello to troll them for their irrational behavior.
  • Creepy Awesome: The Rat King.
  • Die for Our Ship: Casey Jones has been hit with this by many April/Donatello shippers.
    • This reaches into Fandumb territory as some April/Donnie shippers have declared the show of losing "quality" and have declared they will not watch it anymore... simply for the ship teasing of the (almost always canon) Casey/April ship.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song; seems to be a tradition in the TMNT franchise.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • This show's version of Karai has developed a following. Her loyalty to the Shredder/Foot is downplayed, her snarks are hilarious, and her Ship Tease with Leo helps (or doesn't).
    • Xever/Fishface is slightly more popular than his partner Chris Bradford/Dogpound, due in part to having a more visually appealing, unique fighting style. It probably helps that the audience learns far more about him than they've learned about his partner.
    • Spike and Murakami.
    • Despite starting out as The Scrappy (mostly due to shipping), Casey has since become a fan favorite.
    • Out of the four turtles Raphael seems to be the favorite. Possibly due to his Hidden Depths.
    • Starting out as divided when people found out about the character Slash is now very well liked due to being portrayed as a cunning, genuine threat who provides interesting tension with Raphael.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop:
    • In "New Friend, Old Enemy", Splinter teaches Leonardo that victory is more important than fairness. Granted, he's talking about fighting (potentially) to the death, but perhaps they should have clarified that to the kids watching.
    • From Episode 5:
      Splinter: The first rule of being a ninja is, "Do no harm." Unless you mean to do harm. Then do lots of harm.
    • New Girl in Town has Splinter deliver a message to Leonardo that leadership is a hard, thankless task, and he should not think otherwise.
  • Fan Dumb: The endless deluge of hate Casey received from Donnie/April shippers before he even appeared, solely for interrupting their pairing, reached ludicrous levels, and some reactions to his appearance on the show have proven fairly ridiculous as well. Donny/April fans have derided Casey for his "creepy" behavior toward April (Conveniently forgetting Donny's Stalker with a Crush antics), insisted that Casey is a player who won't take a relationship with April seriously, and decided that he doesn't look like the right "type" to have a crush on April.
    • Others have objected to Casey's presence with the claim that he will "mess up" the turtles' relationships with each other. Apparently, some are unaware that Casey has been consistently depicted as being a friend of all the turtles, not just Raph specifically, when he appears.
  • Foe Yay: Leo and Karai. April and Raphael clearly do not approve of this development.
  • Fountain of Memes: Suprisingly enough this version of Raphael has been the source of most of the show's memes.
  • Genius Bonus/Fridge Brilliance: In Episode 13, the Rat King wears an outfit nearly identical to the ones worn by medieval Plague doctors (long black coat and black wide-brimmed hat). The Bubonic plague was spread (partly) because of fleas being carried by rats.
    • In Leatherhead's first episode,he grabs one of the turtles and starts spinning. A grab-and-roll is a tactic used by real life alligators to take down their prey.
  • Growing the Beard: The tone of the show became more focused and consistent mid-first season, starting with "The Gauntlet", the arcs that were previously only hinted at or set up became more prominent, and mostly dropped the Monster of the Week format. Later in Season 1, Karai's introduction upshot an interesting dynamic with Leonardo, some new and interesting setpieces were introduced, and the fight scenes and animation becoming far more consistent and fluid. Season 2 seems to be helping it along as well, due to heading into a somewhat darker direction.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: At the beginning of Rise of the Turtles Part 2, Mikey wants to drink some mutagen, but Don points out that it may turn him into a pile of goo. Fast forward to The Pulverizer Returns....
    • Also fast forward to Mikey Gets Shellacne where we see what happens when Mikey does use more mutagen on himself.
    • Any moment between Raphael and his pet turtle, Spike, become this after Spike mutates into Slash.
  • He Really Can Act: While Corey Feldman isn't a bad actor, nobody expected how intimidating he was as Slash.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Donatello/April and Leonardo/Karai were both ships that only received mere teasing in the 2003 series rather than anything serious. This series takes those teases and makes them officially acknowledged in-universe.
    • Donatello and Casey's friendly rivalry and name calling in the 1990 film, all of a sudden becomes a lot funnier now that the two have received Die for Our Ship between those who pair them with April in this series.
  • Ho Yay: Mikey and Leatherhead in "It Came From The Depths".
    • Irma seems to be just as jealous of Casey and possessive of April as Donnie is.
  • It's the Same, so It Sucks: Though most of the fandom welcomed it with open arms, a certain minority did not approve of Raph and Casey once again being Heterosexual Life-Partners.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Raph in Cockroach Terminator. Raph shows that he's clearly afraid of regular cockroaches, but then he has to put up with a mutant cockroach and the other turtles are absolutely no help since they either make fun of him or don't give him any sympathy.
    • Happens to him again in season 2 when Spike becomes Slash, hurts his brothers, and has to fight him. The ending where Raph is looking at a chewed up leaf really sends the message that his best friend is gone and has turned into a monster.
    • As of the season finale, Karai now qualifies, as she is actually Splinter's daughter and has been lied to her whole life by Shredder, and she still thinks that Splinter's the one who killed her mother and wants vengeance.
      • The ending of Wormquake/The Manhattan Project shows her eavesdropping on the heroes, where April is in disbelief that Karai's actually Splinter's daughter. Splinter states that Karai might believe the truth one day, but its ultimately her decision.
    • Arguably Spike, while he did try and murder the turtles he genuinely believed he was helping Raph... it's kinda hard NOT to feel bad for him when Raph calls him a monster.
  • Memetic Mutation: Booyakasha!
    • That which is the way the Kraang speak has become mutated by that which is known as the Internet into what is known as a meme.
    • The term "sadorable" has become extremely popular on Deviantart.
    • A certain preview for the two part finale for season one shows the turtles and April having a little dance party. All three dances shown has become a bit memetic. So you know it shows Leo shuffling. Donnie and April, of all dances they could of done, doing the funky chicken. Then Raph's dance, which might be the most memetic of all.
    • "[Insert character name here] confirmed for season 2!" (To the point where fans will search for the most obscure characters possible to keep the joke going.) It'll probably die down once season 2 actually comes along though.explanation 
    • "I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!"explanation 
    • Buzz buzz. explanation 
    • The costumes the turtles (and April) wore in the Halloween game featured on the Nick website. Especially Raph's fairy princess outfit.
    • Raphael: KING OF ALL PIGEONS!!!explanation 
    • "[X] on your [Y] if you [Z]."
  • Memetic Sex God: Thanks to his dance, Raphael is now considered this.
    • Karai and April to a much lesser extent.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If Shredder killing Splinter's wife and burning his house down or teaming up with the Kraang isn't bad enough, then there's him kidnapping Splinter's daughter Miwa to raise as his own and naming her Karai (meaning "weapon"), blaming Splinter for murdering her mother, and making Karai hate her biological father.
    • Spike at first came off as a Well-Intentioned Extremist because Raph was mad at his brothers. However, he crossed it when he not only ignored Raph's pleas to not hurt the other turtles, but went after him too.
  • Narm: Mikey calling Kirby "Wing Nut" after he's been mutated into a bat and the turtles are trying to trap him. Which is lampshaded by Donnie.
    Donnie: You are not giving Mr. O'Neil a monster name!
  • Nausea Fuel: Mikey's shell acne throughout the whole episode of Mikey Gets Shell Acne.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Fungus Humongus was a disturbing episode and probably viewed with discretion if you're afraid of rats or cockroaches as the visuals (especially with the roaches) can be frightful. Also deals with different fears such as phobias of things or personal dreads of failure as a leader or rejection out of anxiety and guilt.
  • Nightmare Retardant: While there is a certain paranoia factor to the Kraang, the "place" where they speak creates a difficult "place" with the "place" where they are taken in the serious "place".
    • Although this can be made sinister when they want it to: "The turtles must be eliminated from this place, and all other places."
    • As horrifying as the Pulverizer's mutation into Mutagen Man is, there's just something hard to take seriously about his high-pitched voice when he screams "It burns!"
    • Kraang Primes's voice was this for many people. Perhaps inevitable, considering that they were voiced by Roseanne Barr, who is known as a comedian first and the casting choice was considered pretty strange to begin with.
  • Older Than They Think: A few watchers have commented on the apparent "change" for Splinter to train April in martial arts. It's likely most of the commentators are only familiar with her 80s cartoon counterpart, who was essentially always a Distressed Damsel. Otherwise, they're a few comic series, one previous animated series, and a feature film late to that development.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Leonardo tended to get a lot of reactions ranging from apathy to dislike from fans in previous incarnations due to being, what they felt, to be a rather boring character. This incarnation gets a fair amount of like due to the show making an effort to showcase him as still learning to be a leader, as he has just started, and the addition of other characteristics (his love of Space Heroes and disobeying Splinter a bit more frequently).
    • One can now argue Raph has been rescued from the heap after "Operation:Breakout" as he took several levels of kindness within the episode. A notable example is his behavior towards Mikey in the episode. In the beginning he intentionally does something he knows Mikey can't get enough (albiet at the expense of Donnie), his once an episode Dope Slap came off as a warning for Mikey to mind his manners (Mikey basically just called Leo stupid, which visibly made Leo angry) and near the end he laughs at one of Mikey's jokes while patting his head. It helps that he has similar behavior towards Donnie in the episode. When he finds out that, yes Donnie still has a crush on April he recommends Donnie not involve him, both as something he obviously thought was helpful advice (since he just embarrassed Donnie) and because he was clearly a little angry Donnie was, in a sense, using him. This has unintended consequences as Donnie leaves without the others on a resque mission for April's dad. He obviously felt bad when he realized this and in the end retold the episodes events in a way that made Donnie look like the big hero of the day which resulted in Donnie getting a hug from April. It probably helped even more that he was called out by Leo for his negative behavior and then, as stated above, made up for it by the end of the episode.
    • Michelangelo is frequently derided for being even dumber than his previous incarnations, but has earned some likability for having occasional moments of competence in episodes like "New Friend, Old Enemy" and "Parasitica".
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: Almost every episode featuring April in a big role is going to heavily feature Donatello's obsessive crush on her, and it's gotten to the point where many are tired of it, especially now that Casey Jones is in the picture and making it a love triangle.
  • The Scrappy: All of the turtles, save for Leo, got into this zone:
    • Michelangelo gets this from one side of the Broken Base, due to feeling the show downplayed his Hidden Depths in favor of making a bigger deal on his humorous side, which results in him being grating due to him missing the point of usually very high stakes consequences.
      • The hate seems to be magnified a bit with him constantly whining about the Rat King's name in the latter's debut episode. Aside from the fact that it seems like a Take That to a classic character with an established history and fanbase, Michelangelo seems to think he has dibs on how villains should name themselves and would not shut up about it for the whole episode.
    • Raphael, due to being a bigger jerk in this series than he's usually depcited, has his fair share of people who dislike him.
    • Donnie has landed himself in this by the end of season one. His crush on April was viewed by fans a cute and even endearing during early season one, then suddenly it stopped being referenced to for a few episodes, then it came back but extremely flanderized. More focus starts getting put on it and we get to see Donnie makes less than rational choices because of it. Then there was Operation: Breakout. Raph tells Donnie to leave him out of his attempts at impress April. (Raph clearly didn't like being used like that and was offering some advise he seemed to think was helpful. ) So what does Donnie do? He basically goes on a VERY dangerous rescue mission, by himself, without telling anybody, to get April's dad away from the Kranng. Not only that but he almost gets himself and Mr.O'Neal killed multiple times. All to impress April.
    • Outside of the turtles are the Kraang, as they get this mostly for the fact that once they start talking, they're almost never going to shut up. As time has gone on, the show seems to have tried to phase out the humor aspects, possibly saving them a little.
    • The Pulverizer is quite disliked for being an obnoxious fanboy whose levels of stupidity range from uncanny to mind blowing.
    • Spiderbytez, an intentional case, for being a crude, realistically obnoxious person before his mutation, and only got worse upon it. Does(n't) help that grumpy neighbors like him exist and are one IRL.
  • Special Effect Failure: While the show's CGI is generally fairly good, sometimes an acute eye will spot that there's something off about the skyline or the distant buildings.
  • Shipping: Donnie and April have been getting this since the first episode. Also, people started shipping Leo with Karai as soon as the description for "New Girl in Town" was released (a legacy of the 2003 show).
    • Casey didn't appear until Season 2, but he got Die for Our Ship from Donnie X April shippers long before his debut.
      • Some fans got so tired of the drama surrounding April, Donnie, and Casey that they disregarded the love triangle completely and began "bro-shipping" Casey and Raph instead.
  • Ships That Pass In The Night: Casey Jones was being shipped with Karai not just before they ever met, before he even appeared.
  • Squick:
    • A birthday cake made out of algae and earthworms.
    • Almost everything about the Spy-Roach from Cockroach Terminator.
    • In-Universe, the Turtles reaction to the sea monster guarding the Kraang fortress falling in love with their submarine.
    • Depending on whether or not you believe the mutagen made the turtles related to Splinter by blood the fact that Karai is infact Splinter's daughter may have very well caused this reaction in some fans. Especially since Leo had/has a crush on her and Raph admitted she's hot "in the evil way".
      • The people who were guessing that this version of Karai and Splinter are related since before the show even aired (due to promotional material) found the Leo+Karai ship gross, especially if they're in the party that believe the Turtles and Splinter are related thanks to the mutagen. The confirmation that yes, Karai is Splinter's daughter has caused several people to abandon the Leo+Karai ship.
    • Some fans find any mutant+human shipping to be a bit...odd.
    • Concept art notes on the Mousers reveal that their "gut" carries 5 Rat Carcasses. Ew.
    • Wormquake/The Manhattan Project reveals that mutagen comes from alien worms and the mutagen has to be milked from them.
  • Stop Helping Me!: The turtle's basic reaction to anything "The Pulverizer"/Timothy does to try and be more like them or be useful to them.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Believe it or not, the most controversial change is the addition of a third toe on the Turtles. Fans exploded.
    • April being de-aged to a teenager hasn't been taken very well. And as of "Monkey Brains," people are complaining about her "empathic" ability and Splinter's decision to train her in ninjutsu because of it.
    • Neither has the replacement of "Cowabunga!" with "Booyakasha!"
    • Karai's new design.
      • Reactions are a bit better now that her full appearance has been revealed.
      • Though the decision to make her Hamato Yoshi's biological daughter is something that threw fans off. Especially since they saw that plot-twist coming a mile away.
    • Within this particular version, the second season's Darker and Edgier turn, in which April's father becomes a mutant, and as a result now hates the Turtles for causing it to happen, despite the fact that it was an accident.
    • The revelation that April is a half-Kraang mutant is already starting to turn some people off.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: April being unable to leave the lair when both Shredder and the Kraang are after her is never even implied after it comes up, and only lasts for a few episodes.
    • Although in Fungus Humongus, she did mention she spent weeks living with them.
  • Too Cool to Live: Tiger Claw who even gets a badass death scene similar to another badass bounty hunter
  • Ugly Cute:
    • The Mousers. They even make cat-like noises!
    • Justin.
    • Pete.
    • This incarnation of Casey, as opposed to being quite attractive in the previous cartoon.
    • Slash just may count, having those small, creepy eyes and big jaws and spikes protruding out of his body, but yet you still want to pinch his cheeks, if he has any.
    • The mutant mushroom's minions. At least from Mikey's point of view.
    • The Kraathatrogons, who have very catlike faces that, when they're annoyed, turn into maws, which somehow doesn't mitigate how strangely adorable these giant worms are.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • While stylized like everything else in the show, the Kraang's disguises are droll businessmen whose eyes and mouths scarcely move, as if the Kraang are barely trying with their disguises, creating a rather odd and creepy effect.
    • Then there's Mrs. Campbell, who is also a Kraang creation, and only gets creepier during her fight with the turtles.
    • There's something creepy about the realistic lips that the mutated Pulverizer aka Mutagen Man has.
  • The Untwist: Many fans saw the first season finale's twist about Splinter's daughter coming a mile away. The fact that Hamato Yoshi never had a daughter in other continuities and that in continuities where she was Shredder's daughter, Karai was always explicitly referred to as his adopted daughter is what made it easy to predict.
  • What an Idiot: Episode 6. A Kraang takes control of Donnie's robot and the guys futilely attack it, claiming it has to have some sort of weak spot...completely ignoring the Kraang that's just sitting on its head right out there in the open.
    • The season 2 premiere has the turtles (except for Donnie) playing dodgeball with the Kraang communication orb. Which Donnie calls them out on. Nothing new for Mikey and Raph, but Leo should've known better. Sure nothing bad came of it but still.
    • A better example would be Mikey telling April that it was their fault that her father became mutated, causing her to hate them
    • Mikey holds the ball even harder in the "Shellacne" episode, since in order to make himself cooler he exposed himself to dangerous experimental retro-mutagen, missing the fact that Donatello put several warnings of how deadly it was on the can since he only looked at the front.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Roseanne Barr being cast as Kraang Prime.
    • It may well have been intentional casting a comedian considering how ridiculous the Kraang are.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Kirby. The guy just can't catch a break.
    • April. In season 1, the worst thing that happens to her is her dad getting kidnapped. Things get even worse in season 2.

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