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YMMV: Star Trek Online
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Admiral T'nae: Some interpret her as a Blood Knight. See here
    • Theoretically the main reason for the Federation-Klingon War is that the Federation is heavily infiltrated by the Undine. However, in the KDF storyline the Undine aren't even mentioned until you get to the "Cloaked Intentions" episode (where the Fedside fiasco on P'Jem gets a throwaway mention while you're decoding some Tal Shiar files). Couple that with the war having actually started when the Klingons decided to return to their conquistador days and started attacking Federation colonies, and one starts to wonder if the Undine infiltration isn't really just a convenient Pretext for War.
    • Is D'Tan a genuine reformer who is doing what he feels is best for his people and honestly wants friendship with both of the remaining Alpha/Beta Quadrant superpowers, a traitor to the Romulan way of life, or a particularly shrewd manipulator who is Playing Both Sides to improve the Romulans' situation?
  • Alt-itis: The game suffers horribly from it - free players get three slots and subscribers/LTS players get 4-5 to start with and can purchase 2 or 4 more up to a maximum of 49. With three factions, three classes and multiple races (especially the catch-all "Alien"), players will want to try to get them all. However, this has caused players to be bitten in the ass as of recently due to the time-gated grinds - players who are in the mind set of Gotta Catch 'Em All wants to have their characters with all of the ships, all of the DOFFs, as much Dilithium as possible and will get really pissy because they can't.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Inverted with Species 8472, aka the Undine. Remember that clichéd episode of Voyager in which the writers try to make them sympathetic by means of an infiltration school? Well, now we see the results of that. The reason the Klingon Empire turned on the Federation is revealed later to be that they're terrified of what the Undine agents will be capable of doing if they gain a full foothold... Interestingly, this started to set in again with the Undine. So Cryptic decided to revamp them and make them more relevant to the story again, recreating the original aversion.
    • Double Subverted with the Borg. Initially they were Demonic Spiders, a refreshing contrast to the Flanderization and Badass Decay they'd received by the time Star Trek: Voyager wrapped, but power creep in player starships has turned them back into jokes: The average decently built player character will destroy dozens of Borg ships an hour when grinding STFs.
  • Broken Base:
    • Rifts have formed over whether it's a credible addition to the Star Trek universe, or simply a flash in the pan and not long for this world. Rifts have formed within the game as vocal Klingon players clamour for content, among other issues. Basically it's the same as any other MMO.
      • Interesting, retroactively, STO is gaining legitimacy in this regard. When it launched it was Darker and Edgier than the Star Trek Novel Verse. 4 years later and the STO Timeline is suddenly Lighter and Softer than the novel verse simply because in those 4 years several novels were released that featured the deaths of several popular characters, destroyed a few popular pairings and blew up Deep Space 9. While STO got Denise Crosby as Sela (who was one of the Killed Off for Real Novel-verse characters) and Tasha Yar, made Kira the Kai, kept DS9 and lots of publicity push from CBS, even including STO in official timelines for their comics with IDW. The base is breaking further as a result.
    • The Lockboxes and their related Shop Items, the Master Keys. It's basically a lottery, where you receive random loot whenever you open a box, ranging from awesome rewards (Cardassian Galor or Ferengi Marauder Starships) to near useless Junk. Most people seem to consider it a blatant rip-off, while others scramble for the shops to purchase Master Keys by the crapload. Discussion over that matter can turn very heated in short time.
      • This has somewhat cooled off after the Third Anniversary, as many of the assets made for the Lockboxes were used in the (awesome) anniversary mission "Temporal Ambassador". When the concept that the lockbox stuff could be used as team assets that could also be sold, many people shut up about the lockboxes.
    • The Foundry has its own massive debate regarding story-driven missions versus missions designed solely to raise funds. A little backstory to this one: the Foundry mission creator has a behavior for NPCs called 'timid creature'. An NPC set with this flag can be attacked and killed, but won't fight back. Missions started appearing in (and eventually dominated) the list of top-rated and popular missions simply because they were seven space maps with 25 battleships each that sat there while you destroyed them. A small group of detail-oriented Foundry authors noticed both the overabundance of these missions as well as the number of them dominating the top-rated list and cried 'exploit' at players taking advantage of them. Cryptic patched the game so that Timid Creature NPCs start to fight back when attacked, pissing the 'sit and shoot' mission fans off beyond belief. The threads on the STO forums are slowly leveling out to mostly level-headed discussion with the occasional name-calling and snarky responses thrown in, but Jesus ran three laps around the church it got out of hand for a while.
    • Note: None of the above is anything that Cryptic hasn't already dealt with before. Most of the team on this worked on City of Heroes before the split between Cryptic and Paragon Studios. And let me tell you the Broken Base on City of Heroes was much worse.
    • Recently, Cryptic released a modified version of the "Crystalline Catastrophe" PVE match titled "Crystalline Cataclysm". Suddenly, you got another set of base splitting with one side raging because of the chance to be surrounded by the Terran Empire and the other saying they enjoy the challenge and that players should ignore them.
    • The revelation of Season 8 and that the Voth will be bad guys here and that some of their Mooks will be "T-Rexes with frickin' lasers on their foreheads. Cue half of the fandom crying "Ruined FOREVER!", "Jumped the Shark!" and "It's too childish!" despite a lot of equally ridiculous situations being canon in ST, and the other half just going completely nuts about it.
    • The Federation Avenger-class Battle Cruiser is considered horribly ugly or quite cool-looking with little to no middle ground. And then there's the GCS diehards who wish Cryptic had given its boff layout and stats to the Galaxy-X. Surprisingly, the Mogh-class, its KDF Moveset Clone, got a near-uniformly positive reception (though this is at least partly because the KDF has so few goodies to begin with).
    • The Reputation grinding, to the point where players began demanding that Cryptic revert the lower grind numbers on the test servers because they didn't want to grind for what they felt was things too high to obtain.
    • As mentioned below, the Exploration Cruiser Refit line (the Galaxy-class). Either it's an effective tank that's meant to be tough to kill and be able to help heal your teammates or that it should be a monster that murders everything on sight and Cryptic should feel bad for not making it this way. The latter group love to point out that power creep has so thoroughly outpaced the NPCs that tanks and healboats don't have a role anymore: Even the flimsiest tacscort can usually handle what the AI throws at them, so if you aren't contributing to DPS you're just slowing everyone down.
      • This has spilled over into the reworked Galaxy-X-class that was recently released. Opponents of the revisioned ship call it still useless as the Spinal Phaser Lance still misses its shots and that, even with the extra Tactical console, it's worthless DPS wise because it doesn't have a Lt. Commander Bridge Officer slot. Proponents, though, cite that the Antimatter Spread/Saucer Separation console power set grants the ship better turning, giving Dual Cannons a better shake, which increases even more once the Saucer does come offnote , that the Spinal Phaser Lance does work, especially if the targets aren't fast and that there's more to the ships than DPS.
    • PVP is a major Base Breaker for this game. Many of the naysayers have various of reasons for hating it: the imbalance of the fights as most of them end up being PuGs vs Pre-mades, the belief that the only way you win is if you have Fleet/Lobi/Lockbox ships outfitted with Mk XII/Fleet gear, thus selling into the idea that STO is actually Pay-2-Win, that any attempt to sell PVP to others is doomed to failure, etc. This was driven home when a Guest Blog written by a prominent player on PVP was put up and 3/4ths of the replies outright attacked it using those reasons.
      • This has gotten worse with a recent patch that put PVP-related dilithium-granting missions on the same 20-hour cooldown as other missions. Some see it as a needed thing, trying to cut down on rampant bot farming. The others, especially PVP players, see it as a nerf to force them to spend more money on the game than just using dilithium.
    • Whether or not TOS-era ships should get Tier 5 refits, something CBS has vetoed. Proponents essentially point to Rule of Cool. Opponents point to the fact that the game is set in 2409, which makes the Constitution-class over 150 years old, and that just because the also-century-plus-old Excelsior-class is already at T5 doesn't mean it should be. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the T2 cruiser apparently doesn't get a T5 refit, unlike its escort and science vessel counterparts, because it has a Connie Refit skin.
    • Whether or not the Federation should have Cloaking Devices or be allowed to use Cloaking Devices. Proponents point out that the canon reasoning, the Treaty of Algeron, doesn't really work with the Romulan Republic as it was made for the Romulan Star Empire, thus they should be free to use them again. As well, the Defiant, Galaxy-X and Avenger can use it, so all other ships should. Opponents point out that the Federation is supposed to be good guys, thus not sneaking around. As well, the Defiant and Galaxy-X were special cases and the Avenger was designed to use Cloaking as an optional function, not a main one. And then we have the folks who Take a Third Option and just want the cloak on the particular Starfleet ships that already possess it to be a built-in power rather than having to use a console slot.

      It doesn't help that the game itself can't seem to make its mind up, given two seemingly contradictory bits of exposition. The Path to 2409, Volume 16 notes that there was a big kerfuffle with the RSE's Remnant in 2395 over another Starfleet cloaking experiment, ending with the President of the Federation banning them by executive order in the interest of peace. Then the flavor text for the Defiant/Galaxy X/Avenger cloaking console goes and states that it's an exception to the treaty.
    • 2014 has been a major year for Base Breaking, with Cryptic pulling moves that has either the players cheering or the players raging, going so far as declare "WALLETS CLOSED". These moves included an increase in time-gated events, leading to the 4th Anniversary to be decried as the "Grinderversary"; the removal of the Bonus Marks hourly events; the alterations to the Reputation system; and, probably the worst off, the inclusion of Undine ships in the Lockbox and Lobi store. Many players just didn't care, but there were a select few who were out and out furious over these changes, calling the grind "tedious" and "soul-crushing" and calling Cryptic liars as they had said that the Undine ships wouldn't be included.
    • The game's Power Creep is easily this. Does it exist or is it just a bunch of whiny n00bs who got pummeled in PVP and want Cryptic to make it easier? If it does exist, does it need to be toned down or left alone? Whatever you do, don't touch the Romulans, even if the devs have admitted that those guys are way too powerful.
    • Some feel this way about the Iconians showing up at the end of the "Surface Tension". Some felt it was about time we saw them, others felt that with the Iconians advanced technologies they should have just kicked a bomb through the gate and killed everyone right then and there.
    • The Season 9 changes have prompted a strange discussion between whether the game was better through subscriptions or with Free-2-Play. The subscription supporters believe the game was better under this period due to a complete lack of grind- and time-gated-related items, the lack of Lockbox and Lobi ships, most of which have been ships from antagonistic groups and that this would give the developers more time to "fix bugs" than to develop things that the supporters feel are not worth it. F2P supporters point out that under their model, the game has flourished, that the game was actually bleeding people under the subscription models and that, under the F2P model, Cryptic has been attempting to fix bugs that have been languishing since those early days.
      • Alongside this is the Free-2-Play model itself. Some find the fact that a lot of the things in game being sold is excessive and that other games don't have this level of paying gear. Others find the model to be just fine, that other games, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic actually punish players for playing Free-2-Play to force them into subscriptions.
    • The Weekend Events involving Dilithium bonuses always prompt calls for removal of the Dilithium cap (or at least an increase to the cap). Detractors tend to point out that this would essentially ruin the Dil/Zen trading economy. The supporters tend to mock those by saying it doesn't exist.
    • The swimsuit issue involving the Risa Summer Event for 2014. Cryptic designed a bunch of swimsuits for men and women, but restricted them to only Risa. Players who want the swimsuits everywhere point out that Cryptic allows people to not only run around in other era uniforms, but also formal wear and other odds and ends. Also, Orions and Mirror Universe uniforms. Players who don't point out that this would give incentive to ERPers and many people do not want that. When a bug accidentally allowed players to go elsewhere with swimsuits, supporters called Cryptic "liars" for "going back on their word".
    • The Crafting Revamp has really divided people, especially on the forums. Some are curious about it, some just don't care, but there's a group that is incredibly pissed over it, due to the fact that it forced a revamp of the DOFF UI, removed the rarely-used Memory Alpha and Exploration Clusters, uses the DOFF system entirely and you have no choice in what it can have beyond what type of item you're crafting.
      • Going alongside the Crafting Revamp is the removal of the Star Clusters. Many players are angry because they claim that Star Clusters were the way to get the "Star Trek feel" via the whole "explore strange new worlds" and find Cryptic's reasoning - that it was horribly out of date, took up too much hard drive space and that new players were getting lost and being turned off from the main game - to be a smokescreen towards forcing players to grind more for the crafting and taking away for dil locations. Other players point out that the Star Cluster areas were horribly buggy, were horribly boring, many rarely touched them, there are better places to gain dil than just there and that players can come up with even better locations via the Foundry than the buggy-as-all-hell Genesis system.
  • Complete Monster: Colonel Hakeev of the Tal Shiar was already a solid candidate before the release of Legacy of Romulus, and that expansion only confirmed that he's the single most evil character in the game. He abducted entire colonies of innocent Romulans for horrific experiments into Borg technology, attempted to massacre most of the 'inferior' Remans and drive the rest back into slavery, arranged sadistic gladiatorial events to determine the combat potential of various species (sentient or otherwise), and was the person truly responsible for triggering the Hobus supernova, with all its apocalyptic consequences. To add icing to the cake of concentrated dickery, he's the only Iconian agent in the story who is Not Brainwashed and not tricked either - he just thought that enslaving and exterminating the 'lesser races' at the behest of his 'Dark Masters' sounded really, really awesome.
  • Creator's Pet: A lot of accusation towards the Federation, due to the fact that they have the most expansive collection of ships, better outfit choices, a more complete story, etc. etc.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: See page.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • Most of the music in the game is merely okay. And then you start fighting Romulans.
    • The main theme starts off with a classic Trek feel, then halfway through kicks off into a rousing orchestra piece that makes you want to jump into your ship and take on the whole galaxy.
    • Legacy of Romulus has a truckload of great music, as befits its status as the game's Growing the Beard expansion pack. Particular highlights:
      • The primary theme for New Romulus. You'll hear this primarily in the Staging Area, but you can hear it anywhere, since it's long.
      • The "Virinat theme", which greets newbie Romulans and is the theme of the colony while it's at peace. Later on, it also serves as cruising/ambient music for when you're doing various heroic things as a Romulan character - since you never forgot Virinat and are carrying on its legacy.
      • And then, of course, "Return to Virinat".
      • The already awesome Romulan battle theme gets new variations that are usually played when fighting the Tal Shiar or Elachi as a Romulan.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Klingon Swordmasters almost always make a beeline straight for the player, outright disregarding the rest of the landing party, no matter how well they've been armed. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that Swordmasters are dual disruptor pistol wielding, BFS-carrying, seriously pissed off damage sponges capable of killing players in seconds at lower levels. Such as all of the Lieutenant grades. Note that every enemy you encounter has their own Bad Ass Mook equivalent, but for the majority of the early game, the Swordmaster will be the bane of many a PCs existence.
    • Fast forward to the next step in the Sorting Algorithm of Evil and you'll meet the Reman captains, who can spawn telepathic clones of themselves and attack with shield-piercing psionic attacks. Even at low difficulty levels, many players have complained of wiping again and again against these guys.
    • The Borg. At maximum admiral level with the top tier weapons, shields and extras, and all the right skills, you can take out a single Borg cube. But it will drain the hell out of your shields and hold you in a tractor beam while doing it, all while burning through your hull and lobbing extremely devastating torpedoes at you. Expect to be at half hull strength by the time the battle is over. Plus you'd better be far away when it dies or the blast will finish you off. If you end up facing anything more than a single Cube (even a cube and a few probes, or a cube and a sphere), you will barely survive if you choose to run instead of fight. And if you blunder into a Borg fleet of two cubes or more, you'll become a rapidly expanding vapour in less time than it takes to order "Evasive! Emergency power to engines! RUN FOR IT!".

      At least, that's how it used to be. The NPCs haven't kept up with the Power Creep and now it's not unheard-of to have players soloing entire groups in Borg Invasion dailies.
    • Speaking of Romulans, Romulan Warbirds (D'deridex-class) have the Viral Matrix ability, which launches a probe that disables your ship's systems (such as weapons or engines) for a few seconds. Along with a Tractor Beam (if you get close enough) and a few Heavy Plasma Torpedoes, they can be very annoying.
    • The Tholians. Go to down to Nukara in the Neutral Zone. You'll see why after being chased across the map by Tholians you happened to be withing 100 feet of 5 minutes earlier.
    • The True Way have the Keldon Class. While on the lower end of the Demonic Spiders scale, they have a number of very cheap moves that can make them hard to beat. For example, they can crap out three "photonic Galors," hit you with a massive torpedo spam attack that will make you wish you could hit the "brace for impact" button faster, and attacks that will drain your shields rather rapidly.
    • Most likely set up intentionally with Voth starships, at least if you're flying a typical Glass Cannon-build tacscort. They build Mighty Glaciers that can put up an indestructible shield that will outlast most escort Alpha Strikes (and with higher-level mobs, actually pays the damage back), and their Beam Overloads and transphasic chroniton torpedoes hurt. You're best off fighting fighting fire with fire from a cruiser.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The Federation, KDF and Romulan Republic all have three unique storylines, though the Federation detours into a Featured Episode partway through. After the end of those stories, all three deal with the same things: they go to Nimbus III, they help the Remans and stop the Tal Shiar, they go to the Beta Quadrant and rescue Deep Space 9, deal with the Breen, the Borg and the Undine. While these missions do net you some very valuable, after playing them numerous times, they tend to get tedious, especially the Nimbus missions, which force you to travel great distances just to get to point A to point B. This is why many players tend to just spam the hell out of Borg incursions and Mirror Universe Invasion PVE missions to level up, even if the story missions allow you to level up almost instantaneously.
    • Cryptic is aware of this and has started to work on it a little bit, first by adding new Featured Episodes at the end of the storylines and second, by announcing that they are revamping and retconning the old last level missions (specifically the underwhelming and annoying Borg and Undine arcs).
  • Dork Age: Season 8.5 and Season 9 can easily been seen as these due to the major gameplay changes. Season 8.5 saw the disappearance of the Hourly Events in favor of Weekend Events (which was more "Bi-Monthly Events") and an added growth in time-gated, grind-based events. Season 9 saw the major alteration to the Reputation System that "took away" players' obtained Rep Passives (re: made it so that you didn't have every single one active at the same time) and gave players the "vile" Undine lockbox/Lobi ships.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A few of them.
    • Linnea, Admiral Quinn's secretary for being an Ocampan. She has no backstory or even Cryptic written dialogue (she is a foundry contact though), but still very popular.
    • Lt. E'genn, a research on ESD who's claim to fame is over him not understand the concept of what "egghead" means, hence his nickname, Egg. This was used to great effect when Surface Tension released, revealing him as an Undine.
    • Admiral T'Nae, for being an axe crazy Blood Knight Vulcan.
    • Ambassador S'taass, for several reasons - being one of the most fleshed out KDF characters, someone who doesn't like the Empire entirely and yet is their top ambassador, Deadpan Snarker, and willing to rip Jem'Hadar apart with his claws.
    • Hakeev, for being such a great Love to Hate villian.
    • Admiral Tuvok, not only for being a canon character but also for being a Reasonable Authority Figure, and the most Dangerously Genre Savvy person in-game.
    • Captain Akira Sulu, no reason to tell you why.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Already suffering from this. Not helping is the fact that Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone Free To Play as well, leading to something of a revival of the Ur-fandom rivalry.
    • Also has somewhat of an internal one between players who prefer Federation toons and those who prefer KDF, and the latter view the Feds as somewhat of a Creator's Pet since they've got a lot more content and ships to choose from. Anytime there's a forum thread where people ask for new Fed ships, you can guarantee there will be at least one KDF guy saying, "No, we need it more than you do."
    • Season 9's Reputation Powers changes seemed to have awaken another internal one between "Veterans" (read: Players who have played the game for awhile, at least a year or so) and "Newbies" (read: players who have reached Level 50 and are trying to learn the ropes). Cryptic's attempts to ease the latter into the revamped Reputation System has lead to the former to flip their lid.
    • Even message boards get into the act. Some of them, like Reddit's r/sto board, tend to have a rule along the lines of "don't bring in anything from the official boards unless it's news" as many of them are quite tired of the bile that goes on on the official boards.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Split-Beam Rifles have a secondary attack that allows you to split the energy beam and hit up to 5 separate targets at once. The attack itself does considerable damage (just slightly less than the sniper shot from a sniper rifle) and each beam proceeds to do full damage to each target, making it easy to take out multiple enemies faster instead of just focusing on one enemy at a time.
    • The Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher. It combines the two torpedo skills, firing salvos of three heavy plasma torpedoes at a time. These torpedoes do AoE and DoT (Area of Effect and Damage over Time), and while they can be targeted and destroyed, if their own target is destroyed before they get there, they'll find a new one. If you use the High Yield torpedo skill, each torpedo in your next salvo does double damage. If you use the Torpedo Spread skill, you fire two heavy torpedoes each at three, four, or five targets, depending on your skill level. With the right combination of gear and duty officers, you can increase the chance of reduced cooldown to the point where you are almost constantly firing hyper-plasma torpedoes. The High Yield and Torpedo Spread abilities above do not affect cooldown, either.
      • For added damage, the rest of the Romulan Singularity Harness set - the Zero-Point Energy Conduit and the Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array - make it even more dangerous. The ERPBA dishes out continued high damage beam shots without draining your energy. The Zero-Point Energy Conduit gives you more power to use while increasing your chances for a Critical Hit. Two of those pieces increase your attack power and all three turns your Beam Array into a powerful DoT-inflicting weapon.
    • The Plasmonic Leech of the Vandal Destroyer. When you use this, energy from all four substations (weapons, shields, engines and auxiliary) are drained and placed onto your ship. This makes Klingons and KDF-allied Romulans dangerous as they can keep their energy levels sky high and dish out almost constant high-level attacks. Feds and Fed-allied Romulans can get this off of the Exchange, but they're highly expensive.
    • The Valdore's Shield Absorptive Frequency Generator, which gives you a chance to fully heal your shields for 200% of the damage dealt. This makes Romulans even more dangerous than usual as they can pummel you and constantly restore their shields.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Syphon Frigates. They're not especially tough and will die pretty fast to any kind of firepower, but they launch Power Syphons. Power Syphons start sucking out your warp core's power as soon as they get into range. And Syphon Frigates like to appear in squads of three, forcing you to pause, kill all their Power Syphons and then go back to killing them... except they like to stagger their syphon launching, and they can launch more!
    • The Targ Handlers. They're damage sponges, sure, but they also spawn endless rushes of Targs at regular intervals until you finally kill them. They like to appear with Swordmasters, too, so when you're trying to kill the Swordmaster you end up with annoying Targs running sideways at you to chip away your HP even more.
      • Any kind of fighter. They're small, annoying, and easy to kill. And Annoying. They sometimes show up when you're trying to concentrate your fire on a battleship. And they're annoying.
    • The goddamn motherfucking Devidians. Yes, those mind-sucking bastards from the TNG episode Time's Arrow. They managed to trap a ship and feast on the crew, and it falls to you to get in-phase with them and fight 'em. They use health-drain attacks exclusively (that is, they attack you and get health back at the same time) AND even their weakest mooks have an ability that allows them to temporarily become invincible. They don't hit very hard, and so they really aren't very dangerous especially if you have anyone with a health-restoring ability with you, but they take forever to kill even with focus firing.
    • The Tholians. Words really can't describe it.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • During closed and open beta there were numerous bugs which although game breaking, were incredibly funny. The best of them involved Tribbles which in the game are basically a small medkit. Petting a Tribble you carry in your backpack heals you slightly every ten seconds. The ideal time to use the Tribble is during critical moments in ground PVP while making good use of cover. During a Ground PVP mission aboard a Klingon freighter, the opposing teams eventually meet at the central corridor where a bitter firefight ensues. Both sides take cover behind large obstructions and attempt to gain ground on the other. Losses are not heavy since players can simply crouch and heal. Unfortunately a bug forced the client to consider the Tribble to be a viable Medkit. Since players may forget the number of medkits they are carrying, repeatedly pressing 'H' to heal would cause the game to run the Tribble heal animation. This involves the character taking the tribble out of their backpack and gently stroking it while it purrs, giving it a gentle poke and laugh as the fuzzball softly coos before returning it to the backpack. This animation forces the character to stand out of cover for a solid 10 seconds. Many missions were lost due to the majority of either teams suddenly standing up and deciding to poke their Tribbles while taking the entire opposing team's phaser fire to the face.
    • Another Tribble bug would cause any Tribbles used during a heal in Ground PVP to slowly grow in size. For some reason the bug was serverside so every player on the server could see it happening. Over the course of 15 to 20 minutes the Tribble would slowly grow out of the players right pocket, eventually taking up the entire map. Occasionally the gradually inflating Tribble would be anchored to a random body part of the character instead of the right pocket. This would yield several players running haphazardly through the midst of a firefight with a large Tribble consuming the upper half of a player's body, head or leg. The growing Tribble had full collision so given enough time, players would start getting their Tribbles caught on doorways, ship decor and eventually become embedded in the map.
    • Sometimes upon switching from Ground PVP to Starship mode, some players ships would be massive flying Tribbles.
    • More like a Good Bad Typo, but there's a duty officer assignment to investigate rumors that your faction's military intelligence agency has inserted operatives aboard your ship. Its title is "Investigate Rumors of <insert faction> Intelligence". Cue jokes about <faction> being rumored to be intelligent. Cryptic actually fixed this at one point only to backtrack because people liked it so much.
    • One possible version of the "Officer of the Watch" daily in player fleet starbases is to be requested to line a group of cadets up for inspection and inspect them. The KDF version occasionally spawns a targ by mistake.
    • A pre-launch bug that reappeared after season 8 launched caused the game to sometimes forget to change the player's avatar when moving from a space map to a ground map, resulting in indoor starships with rather bizarre collision-detection.
      Eleya@starswordc: I think I've had too much nepeta.
      Baldrick@pickledonion451: now thats some bad parking
    • Another season 8 bug involved the brand-spanking new Origin bridge set up. Thanks to a screw up, the viewscreen shows the stars flying away from the ship, not towards, giving rise to comments that ships were flying backwards.
    • The "D'Deridex Defender", a D'Deridex Warbird whose coding glitched to the point where it was near invincible and had an amazing hull heal rate. This was due to the fact that a patch caused the AI to use its healing skills.
    • The "Borgassian Death Turret", an odd spawn in Foundry stages where, instead of Cardassian-based ships spawning, a turret would spawn, causing one of the many stock Borg clips to play and fire a One-Hit Kill shot at you.
    • Post-Season 9, giant floating Andorians in the Undine Battlezone. You can almost hear the devs laughing when you read the patch notes that fixed it:
    • Another "forgot to change between person to ship" bug: the USS Running Man.
  • Growing the Beard: While STO has been improving step by step over the years, it's generally agreed that, technical gremlins aside, Legacy of Romulus was the "Riker steps onto the bridge with the beard" moment for the game. So many things, large and small, have been improved that in some ways it's hard to recognize as the same game that launched in 2010. The Romulan leveling and play experience, in particular, is light-years ahead of the original launch missions. The difference was so pronounced, in fact, that Cryptic decided to completely overhaul the Klingon and Federation tutorial missions in a similar manner.
    • By Cryptic's own admission, LoR also marks the most successful period for STO to date from a business standpoint, and marks the point at which they're making enough money to really polish the game up and bring in some of the content they've wanted from the start. The general uptick in quality of content since LoR's launch is noticeable.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The sound of a Scimitar powering up it's thalaron weapon right behind your ship while your evasive maneuvers ability is still on cooldown.
  • Jumped the Shark:
    • People who played the game prior to the Free-2-Play transition will tell you that the time when Season 4, "Crossfire", was running was the game's lowest point. No new episodes were released during this time and the only new content seen were C-Store-buyable Refits. It wouldn't be until Season 5, Call To Arms, when things would really get put into gear. It was this period of time that gave rise to the term "The Great Content Drought".
    • Fast forward a couple of years, and we get the Undine lockbox, with playable Undine ships. This was viewed as an insult to the lore above and beyond the various other non-faction-appropriate lockbox/Lobi ships (at least a Jem'Hadar attack ship is a technological vessel from the same universe) and proof that Cryptic and PWE will do any damn thing if they think it will make a buck.
  • Love to Hate: Hakeev is the poster child for this in the game. When Legacy of Romulus was announced to have him as the main Romulan villian the joy was palpable.
    • J'mpok is another one. Feddies hate him for starting the KDF-FED war despite being justified. KDF players hate him for killing Martok. In-universe he has a 0% Approval Rating, but he's never been an actual villian.
    • The FED/KDF Rivalry out of game could be this as well.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Franklin Drake. Especially once you reach the Captain levels. To say more would be spoilers.
    • Obisek, anti-villainous Dark Messiah of the Reman Resistance, is not quite as smooth an operator as Drake, but makes up for it with scads of charisma and balls of steel.
    • The Iconians are rapidly getting here. They've been playing every faction like harps to get their homeworld and empire back, and as of Sphere of Influence they've essentially caused all the major ones to punch themselves out to give them time to set up their Portal Network.
  • Memetic Molester: If Risa summer event zone chat is anything to go by, Pavyl, the Risian who has you play hide-and-seek with him on four different local nights for a quartet of accolades. The first place he has you go is this dark cave.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Immediately upon entering Earth Spacedock, there are now two NPC's having a conversation. One of them asks if the other has seen Sulu lately...
    • Every time people begin making Tribble related puns anywhere in the Sirius Sector block, put the drinks away. Not even Nikola Tesla could survive that much alcohol in his system.
    • Don't even mention the word 'Gorn' on zone chat unless you're prepared for an ungodly flood of puns related to the word.
    • Dinosaurs with freaking laser beams (or with various other adverbs replacing 'freaking').Explanation 
    • ACTING!! Explanation 
    • On the message boards, posts from players dissatisfied with how the game is progressing in their eyes and cries of either "the game is dying" or "I'm leaving for Star Citizen" or something of that sort are usually met with "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!"
    • /10chars, something the forum came up with to beat the minimum post length of 10 characters that took on a life of its own.
    • [REDACTED]Explanation 
  • Mis-blamed: Oh, brother, players have been very critical of numerous things, as of recently blaming the sudden rise in grind-related missions on new Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo and blaming Cryptic itself for the arrival of Arc (it's the publisher's fault, not Cryptic's).
  • Most Annoying Sound: Q's Winter Wonderland 2013 - the Gingerbread men with their overly cutesy high-pitched voices, and the heavy-glurge random comments by NPCs in the gazebo.
  • Narm: The Guardian of Forever's voice actor is downright painful.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • During one of the Season 2 weekly missions, What Lies Beneath, you are tasked with exploring the extremely dark lower levels of a space station. This is bad enough, but then as you're walking down a hallway a creepy voice suddenly starts singing at you.
    Bonnie-kin, Bonnie-kin, dressed all in red
    Bonnie-kin, Bonnie-kin, soon you'll be dead!
    • Did we mention that this episode was originally released around Halloween? Or that it was one of the first times voice-overs were used in missions? It may still be the first time you encounter one...
    • What Lies Beneath was complete Nightmare Fuel. All throughout the mission, the corridors are so dark you can barely see at all (the optional flashlight doesn't help much), you're assaulted by not-there-before groups of Devidians and these cat-sized spiders, and at the beginning, you and your away team find yourselves not at the level you expected, then next thing you know, the doors close behind you. And that's not mentioning talking to a person through an intercom, suddenly they scream in terror, silence, then finding out their body was killed SECONDS ago. And your scared tactical officer asks what could have possibly killed her in a locked room...? Sweet dreams!
      • Furthermore, this mission contains a fair amount of graphical bugs. Like blue outlines of humanoids frozen in place only visible from certain angles.
    • The Borg Warzones, especially when your rank is low. Sure, you might be able to blow up all the Borg facilities and the lower end ships defending them with a little help, but don't you dare think you're safe after that. At any moment, if you don't mind your surroundings, a cube or worse, a Tactical Cube can come looming out of the debris clouds, right behind you. This Troper was unlucky enough to have one appear behind and below his ship, and got snagged by all four tractor beams, completely stuck. And that's when the worst part begins: the boarding of the small, helpless vessel by dozens and dozens of Borg drones...
  • Sacred Cow: Fans considered ships by the Borg and the Undine to be this as they couldn't see captains piloting ships from these races. When the Undine ships became available, a shitstorm kicked up because of it.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Shon as of Surface Tension. At first people were kinda ambivalent about him as the Captain of the Enterprise. But the moment he was willing to go on a suicide run to save Qo'noS was the moment people started to think he earned the job.
    • J'mpok *MAY* be starting to fall here now. Its hard to argue with the fact the game of late has totally vindicated his position to the point Shon told Ambassador Sugihara to shut up and admit they screwed up big time.
  • The Scrappy:
    • If the forum is anything goes by, Tovan is basically such. You cannot dismiss him, his voice intrudes all the time, and your story is involving more finding his sister. Before the changes, you couldn't even modify his looks! Goodbye, "Shut up, Wesley." Hello, "Shut up, Tovan."
    • Captain Koren has fallen here of late. At first she was far more popular than Shon as a flagship captain. But her attitude since her debut has made it clear she has only two personality settings: Rage and Homicidal Rage. Even when it's justified it didn't endear her to anyone. What really did her in, though, was when in the fourth stage of "Surface Tension" she wouldn't stop harping on how Starfleet initially only sent one ship (two if your PC is a Fed) to defend Qo'noS from the Undine. Never mind the fact that a sizable portion of the Federation's ready forces just got trashed beating the Undine away from Earth Spacedock...
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Chain holds. They were annoying when science vessels could use them, but now the new weekly episode mobs all seem to use annoying hold skills. And they can, and often do, fire them over and over again. And they're annoying. And this is Older Than They Think: People have been complaining about Cryptic's seeming obsession with chain holds since City of Heroes was still a thing.
      • A sub-example from season 9: The Undine fluidic space rifts. Not only are they a strong gravity well in and of themselves, but they also spawn these blobs of yellow material that quickly got dubbed "snotballs", which irregularly orbit the rift, slowing and damaging any ship with the misfortune to fly into them. And there's no way to get rid of them unless you use the Undine space set. And the best part? The Undine space PVE queues are considered so annoying that by the time you've gotten the ability, you won't need it anymore because you'll be utterly sick of the content you need it for!
    • For a sizable section of the playerbase, the fact that the Romulan Republic is not implemented as a fully separate faction. After the tenth mission Romulan characters have to choose to make an alliance with either the Federation or the Klingons.
  • That One Level:
    • Episode "Romulan Mystery", mission "Divide et Impera" is reviled for particularly blatant railroading. It forces you to massacre a Romulan medical facility in order for the Undine impersonating Admiral Zelle to Kill and Replace the facility's commander and infiltrate the Romulans. Foundry writer Captain.Hunter eventually stepped in and wrote a Fix Fic, "Divide ut Regnes".
    • "Assimilation", in which you and your crew must work your way through a Borg cube absolutely crawling with huge numbers of drones, searching through hazards and occasional ambushes for a randomly-placed transporter... and then achieve a series of objectives in a room stuffed with a good fifty or sixty Borg. If you fight through it you will probably die. But even if you switch your bridge officers to passive, one ambush in the wrong place can lead to a Zerg Rush. Suffice it to say this mission drew a lot of screaming on the forums from people running it for the first time.
    • "Devil's Choice", the final mission of the Elachi storyline for the Romulans, was this at first; fighting three Sheshar dreadnoughts and dozens of Monbosh battleship escorts, all using crowd-control abilities and Scimitar-esque one-shot kill weapons.
    • "Hive: Onslaught", especially on Elite, and most certainly if you want the optional. First stage: Dozens of Borg cubes, spheres, and tactical cubes. Second stage: Two Borg unimatrixes, boss ships with an extra One-Hit Kill attack in addition to their usual one, and the extra one, a plasma lance, can hit you from 30 kilometers away. Also you're supposed to be able to avoid being targeted by staying next to the shielded Borg Tetrahedron containing the Borg queen, but sometimes they'll lance you there anyway because of a bug. Final stage: The Borg tetrahedron, easily a match for five player-piloted ships. No matter what you're flying, expect to die at least twice before you're done.
    • "Boldly They Rode" is disliked because the EVA portion takes freaking forever. You can't run on the exterior of Deep Space 9, or even walk normally; all you can do is shuffle or use your suit jets. And the suit jets can only fly between beacons, which frequently aren't placed remotely conveniently to where you need to be. And then there's "KURLAND HERE".
    • The Daily Mission "Party Crashers" is disliked because of one of the two possible ways to get tiny Qs. One of those ways is a Shell Game where you have to try to find Q hidden within three presents. However, as this happens in the Academy hubs, it makes it harder as you have to contend with the various cadets running around as well as players who will either run past trying to get a Q or is trying to troll.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • The Miranda-class ship in all of Star Trek in general gets no love. The only reason most players would ever use it is because you HAVE to when you start the game. And now you don't: shell out a few real dollars, and spend your Lieutenant levels flying the NX-01 Enterprise or the original Constitution-class.
    • As well, many people consider the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, its Fleet variant and the Dreadnought Cruiser as such (essentially, anything that has to do with the Enterprise-D), due to the fact that it leans heavily on Engineering skills, poor turning (especially for the Dreadnought, since it can use Dual Heavy Cannons) and poor DPS-building consoles.

      Even after the ship was given a revisioning as well as giving the Dreadnought Cruiser a Fleet variant with all three having Saucer Separation, people still put it here because the BOFF layout was barely changed. To them, it's only useful if the layout gave it a Lt. Commander Tac BOFF setting. Add to it, even with the two-piece bonus the phaser lance's accuracy is still horrible, causes horrendous power drain, and has a three-minute cooldown, and getting the two-piece set requires expending two console slots that could've been devoted to improving your more-often-usable broadside damage. And when min-maxers can match or exceed its damage with a tac boff's beam overload skill, you can see why the more competitive players drop it in the "fail" column. It's the wrong ship to feature a Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon, and just to add insult to injury, the conceptually identical disruptor javelin on the KDF's Guramba Siege Destroyer is far more effective despite its lower base damage.
      • Then players on Tribble for Season 9 found that it was actually one of the better ships for fighting Undine in "Undine Incursion". So while it's still here, it at least has a unique niche.
    • The Bortasqu' line got dumped in the "fail" column mostly because it's altogether too different from the rest of the KDF lineup. The Klingons tend to build smaller, faster ships that can use dual cannons well, but despite being called a "battle cruiser" like the Vor'cha and its cousins the Bort is basically a Starfleet engineering/tactical Mighty Glacier with the serial numbers filed off. It can mount DCs but on launch couldn't turn well enough to use them properlynote , so the majority of KDF players used to the faction's many zippier options found they often had to reskill to use it competently. It doesn't help that, since Cryptic calls it a "battle cruiser" even though it's really a cruiser, when cruiser commands debuted the Bort didn't get the "Attract Fire" command that Starfleet cruisers get (although threat generation isn't all that useful anyway).
    • The Odyssey-class could also qualify. While it would make a great cruiser, it's hampered by the fact that it is really reliant on its universal consoles, making it essentially a 7-console ship. However, in a rare case of Tropes Are Not Bad applying to this particular trope, it has made the USS Enterprise-F stand out in the story as most players are not using an Odyssey themselves.
    • If someone is at that point, a player can consider the entire Tier III set of ships this by the reasoning that by the time they reach Level 20, "Temporal Ambassador" is available and you can obtain the ship from those missions there instead.
    • Many players have dumped the Dyson Science Destroyer ships into this category... only if you're a Federation player, though. As Klingon and Romulan players lack dedicated science ships, many have welcomed this ship. For the Federation, however, many call it inferior to the Vesta line of ships due to the fact that its gimmick concerning the extra Proton Dual Heavy Cannons forces players to adapt a weaker attack build or ignore it completely. This also hurts the Klingon and Romulan players, but it's usually ignored for the fact that, again, they don't have dedicated science ships. On the other hand, the Warp Core that completes its four-piece space set makes the space set wonderful and all four pieces are frequently tossed onto other ships. In fact the Romulan version is sometimes outright hated for being too strong, since it has all the abilities of its sisters from the other factions, plus Romulan Battle Cloak.
    • The Romulan and Reman Prototype space set. Nine times out of ten, if you see any piece of this active, it's only the shields and that's because it's an item you earn for completing a certain mission. Most players use either the four sets from the Omega Task Force set or the two that can be earned by missions (Jem'Hadar and Breen). However, the ship weapons are loved by all, especially the Hyper-Plasma Torpedos mentioned above.
    • Thanks to power creep, outside of premade PVP teams healboats and tank builds basically have no role because A) even the flimsiest tacscort can usually pack in enough self-heals to last well enough against NPC attackers, and B) Death Is a Slap on the Wrist. Thus, if you aren't meaningfully contributing to DPS while in a PVE instance, or packing offensive sci, you're basically just slowing down the team. This is at the core of the PR problems of the Galaxy-R, Galaxy-X, and Star Cruiser, all three of which are engi tanks with limited tac powers.
    • Phasers. Save for the retrofit Phasers and the Andorian Phasers, many players tend to ignore Phasers altogether, preferring more powerful yet expensive antiproton weaponry. On the other hand, spec into flow capacitors to boost their subsystem-disabling effect and they can be pretty damn annoying to face. Mitigated somewhat with a season 9 item set that boosts phasers and disruptors.
    • The D'deridex-class is often nicknamed "D'deriderp" or some variation thereof due to a similar PR problem to the Galaxy-class. The perception isn't helped at all by the Romulans' incredibly small selection of ships, since the free T4 one comes right after the much more escort-like Mogai-class. However this one actually bleeds into Fan Dumb: advanced players consider the ship Difficult but Awesome due to having lieutenant commander boff slots in tac and sci, enabling some terrifying combos when combined with its battle cloak and singularity powers.
    • The Undine-based Lockbox/Lobi ships. While incredibly powerful, many players hate it because it was something of a Sacred Cow to them and feel insulted that they are playable. A major reason for this hate is that they believe it destroys established canon by allowing anyone to fly it, despite the fact there's very little canon stating what exactly they can and cannot do and going with the assumption that bio-ships are a part of an Undine.
    • The Aquarius-class Destroyer for having low amount of weapon slots on what should be an Escort-level ship, low health equal to a Bird of Prey but without the Cloaking advantage and so on. The Aquarius was released strictly because players wanted one to go with their Odyssey cruisers and had told the devs "they didn't care what stats it had." Thus the playable Aquarius was born. Its Klingon counterpart got a buff with the Raiding mechanics added but the Aquarius didn't because its a Fed ship and it doesn't make sense for the Federation to have "raiders." It got so bad that when Captain Shon crashed the U.S.S. Aquarius (the Aquarius destroyer assigned the Enterprise) into an Undine planet killer, people joked that Shon found the only way an Aquarius would ever be useful.
    • The new Patrol Escort Refit quickly became this the day it was unveiled with one reasoning that goes into Fan Dumb. While many noted that the ship is amazingly overpowered (With a Universal Lt. Commander BOFF slot), some people hated it because it attached a weapon to the rear slot, again forcing a weapon type onto ships that people would rather not have on there. What takes this into Fan Dumb territory is the fact that players who have the original Fleet Patrol Escort do not get an upgrade to the Refit version, thus they get to keep a piece of game history. However, they want the new ship to replace the old one and they're angry that they'd have to shell out money instead of automatically getting it.
  • Woobie Species:
    • The (extinct) Dewans, who were captured and used as slaves on their own world by the Iconians, who claimed their homeworld as a Risa-esque pleasure planet while worshipping them as gods. Then when the rebellions off-world occurred, the Iconians left the planet and let it get bombarded in orbit by coalition forces, leaving most of the Dewans dead. They got better, and became an advanced civilization. Then, 5 years prior to creating a Warp-capable starship, they found an Iconian Gate and figured the geothermally powered device would be better to travel the stars with. Unfortunately, they didn't know the bombardment had damaged the mantle so when they turned it on, every volcano in the northern hemisphere erupted. Then they slowly died out as their environment collapsed, leaving only a few ruins and some tablets describing their last days, begging for help, wishing for the Iconians to return and save them.
    • The Romulans get hard with this too. And not just because Romulus is an asteroid field now. Many of the Romulan Colonies are trying to break away from the Empire, the Imperial Senate was killed by Nero, and speaking of, no one is willing to help the Romulans now because of Nero's actions before falling into that Black Hole. Now Sela's a puppet ruler for the Tal Shiar who are killing civilians in the name of the Iconians, their dark masters and allied with the Elachi. And while they eventually get their act together as the Romulan Republic, that ends up being the time you learn the Romulan side of the events that led to their exile from Romulus. Turns out that only a handful (and not very well liked but still influential members) were the ones who started the violence on Vulcan. Most of them just wanted to openly express emotions like Love. And even though they fired the first shots, the Surakians sure as hell gave it right back. Eventually they CHOSE to leave because they were tired of fighting their brothers and didn't want to continue living under oppression (the followers of Surak had won by this point). And in fact, the final days before the departure they had very civil and touching goodbyes from their Surakian friends and family. After they left they thought it would only be a few years before they found a new home. It turned out to be decades and along the way they learned that their BIOLOGY (especially the Pon Farr) was a major point of their problem. Their instinctual emotions had been the problem and to force mating or duel to the death was uncivilized. So they chose to genetically alter themselves to remove those issues. But by that point, they had suffered so much during the voyage that their good peaceful emotions were drowned out by the despair of their lives. By the time they had reached Romulus, they had gotten rid of what had been the issue on Vulcan, but ironically they were more hateful now because of the horrible suffering and vowed to never forget that. And hence the Romulan Empire was born. It would take Spock's reunification movement to reexpose their earlier more civilized elements and the destruction of their homeworld for the Romulans to (as a general whole) learn that My Species Doth Protest Too Much. But after all they went through, the Romulans have been victims this whole time. This can all be read here: as its kinda obscure.
      "Father said we left Vulcan so we could be free. He says Surak's philosophy is a prison for the mind, and that one day we'll find a new home where we can do and act as we wish. That didn't make sense to me. How can you imprison a mind? He told me that Surak taught his followers that they had to suppress all of their emotions, not just the ones that cause harm. Father said that we shouldn't let anger or hate control us, but we have the right to feel them, just as we have the right to love or be happy."
      (Ten Years Later, after the above girl's mate is killed in Pon Farr.): "Love is a lie. Emotions are a burden. Why did we come so far only to embrace pain?"
  • Ugly Cute: Several aliens fall into this category.
    • The way the Tholians scuttle around is almost adorable. They even squeak when they melee attack you!
    • Nanovs, the cuddly, harmless, six-eyed squid-things that act as living radiation scrubbers on New Romulus.
  • Unpleasable Fanbase: Like most MMOs, to the point where the off-topic forum has at least one thread parodying it with metahumor.
    • This has gotten worse since Season 8.5 as many players have gone from "unpleasable" to "downright ugly".

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