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Trivia: Star Trek Online
  • Built With LEGO: The Elachi Monbosh Battleship was, thanks to caasicam from the forums.
  • Development Gag:
    • During one patch, the space station K-7 was accidentally removed. The in-game Game Masters claimed it was "Cloaked by Klingons" and that "Federation scientists were working to rescue it". Once it was re-added, a group of Security officers could be found interrogating a Klingon about how and why she helped to cloak the station. Similarly, due to all the confused newbies asking "Where's Sulu?", numerous NPCs were changed to be discussing his location, all across Earth Spacedock. This didn't seem to help anyone at all, however, and now you don't need to physically find Sulu anymore. Still, the immortal question lives on in the NPC conversations.
    • When transporting from the Klingon shipyard, you could sometimes end up back in the shipyard. With the release of Legacy of Romulus, the old transporter officer (a Klingon) has been replaced by a Lethean, and you will no longer transport from the shipyard to the shipyard. You can ask the Lethean where the old transporter officer went, and he'll say, "executed for incompetence," which is one of the duty officer missions KDF captains have available to them. For bonus points this is directly taken from the witty note left by a developer on the release notes when this change was made.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Inverted. Captain James Kurland, CO of Deep Space 9, is voiced by Jeremy "Borticus" Randall, one of the devs. After "KURLAND HERE" went memetic he commented that it wasn't his best work.
  • Executive Meddling: Popular discussion among the official forums by both the players and developers is that there some things that the developers want to add into the game that they can't do unless they have CBS's permission to do so, because they own the intellectual property rights to the entire Star Trek series. For example, adding Tier 5 refits of lower level ship designs. They kinda need CBS's approval before they can touch any ship class that was shown in the series, like the Constitution or Akira class ships.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Boff" / "BOff" / "BOFF" for "Bridge Officer" (AKA your Bridge Bunnies). Likewise, some variation of "Doff" for "Duty Officers", the Redshirt Army who run your Lower Decks.
    • Among others, KDF players are Klinks or Klanks, spiral wave disruptors are pissbeams, the Caitian Atrox Carrier is the catbus, and the Jem'hadar Attack Ship is the bugship or Jem bug.
    • "Rainbow boats" or some variation thereof for a Noob mistake of not making your weapon types match up, because of the resulting beams being in all colors of the rainbow. As one guy on the forums remarked on one of these who used cannons, "every time he fired it looked like a pack of Skittles exploded."note 
    • The forums use so much shorthand for builds and abilities it's practically a second language you have to learn.
    • The new Obelisk carrier has also been dubbed the "Obisek" carrier, noting how close it was to the well-known Reman character of the Romulan storyline.
    • "T'Its", or some variation thereof, for the nameless Vulcan lady with plentiful cleavage that graces a lot of the promo art. By the same token the pretty Romulan who was on the Legacy of Romulus art got dubbed "So'Hott" until she was revealed as Commander Tiaru Jarok, the Romulan Republic's flagship captain.
    • In a similar vein, "Handsome Phaser Guy" for the unnamed white male human Starfleet captain on the box art pointing a phaser out of the cover.
    • "Grinderversary", a derogatory name for the fourth anniversary by some because of the fact that the ship released for this event could only be obtained by grinding.
    • "Fake Majel" to refer to the actress who has replaced Majel Barrett in death as the Computer/Tutorial voice. The actress is Lani Minella, same person who voices Admiral T'nae.
    • "Tacscorts", a portmanteau of "tactical" and "escort", is exactly what it sounds like: tactical officers flying escorts heavy on tactical boff powers.
    • "The Great Content Drought", a span of of time from February 2011, when the "Cloaked Intentions" Featured Episodes were dropped, to December 2011, which was the release of Season Five: Call to Arms. During this time, no major content was released due to Atari's mishandling of the game and the uncertainty of PWE's buying.
    • "Dread-Not", "Dreadnot" or other variations refer to the Galaxy-X Dreadnought Cruiser by PVP-based players who put down the ship after its recent updating.
    • "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" or some other variation referring to players crying that STO isn't how THEY want it and threatening/are leaving and thus the game is dying.
    • The Clicky Aliens for the Solanae.
    • "Bortascrew" has been used as a derogatory term by those who see the Bortasqu'-class as a Tier-Induced Scrappy.
      • "Spaceball-1" is used for the flyby of the ship during the 2014 First Contact Day/Day of Honor/Republic Day.
      • "Captain Whiny B*tch of the IKS Whineatyou'" turned up after 90% of Koren's lines in "Surface Tension" consisted of her harping that Starfleet was only able to send two ships (USS Voyager and the Fed player character) to defend Qo'noS from a full-scale Undine assault. This after she was present for much of Starfleet's reserve forces getting trashed defending the Sol system from what the Undine considered a diversion.
    • "DOH" for the Day of Honor, more used in a hilarious derogatory manner (as in Homer's trademark "annoyed grunt") due to the fact that the Bortasqu''s tactical officer has a Cannon skill and the ship has no cannons.
    • "Junior Officer Unappreciation Weekend" for a weekend event comprising both a doff XP boost and an "opportunity" to grind for doffs at the respective academies. The former was appreciated, as was the free unique doff (although the fact that there was apparently supposed to be a unique Romulan version for whom the quest target was never added has been thoroughly savaged), but the grind, coming as it did not long after the Mirror Invasion grind and the Grinderversary, has pissed off the forums to no end.
    • "Veterans", a title used by certain older players, used in the effect to as to why Cryptic shouldn't change X for the new people.
    • "What's your beef with X?", used by players who want to know why Cryptic "hates" a certain ship/race/etc. Made popular by the ongoing "What is your beef with the Galaxy Cryptic?" thread which players have been discussing at great lengths the importance of having the Exploration Cruiser made better BOFF-wise.
    • "Slapped in the face", used by players who felt insulted by certain moves by Cryptic.
    • "Gozer the Iconian" is a derogative one towards the first appearance of an Iconian by detractors.
    • "Aux2Bat" is the nickname whose ships utilize a build that centers around the BOFF power "Auxiliary to Battery" which, if players time it right, can grant a ship's beam weapons full power without losing power to weapons.
      • "Aux2Dulmar" is the nickname that uses the Aux2Bat in coordination with the DOFF Marion Frances Dulmur, which increases a player's attack power even more when using a certain skill.
    • "MUH IMMERSHUN!" is a derogatory name towards the reasoning people hate certain aspects of the game or why a certain thing should or shouldn't happen: ruining one's immersion.
    • "Craptic", a derogatory term slung at Cryptic itself, mostly when they alter a portion of the game that anger players.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Zachary Quinto, a.k.a. Neo-Spock, now provides the voice for the EMH Mark VI, and will provide some narration for the tutorials.
    • Leonard Nimoy as the general narrator. He'll be Mr. Freakin' Spock, too. (The very first thing he says is to explain why that makes no damn sense, since the major changes he exposits happened after he left the main timeline.)
    • Chase Masterson returns as Leeta (Well, a hologram of her anyway, but still), Michael Dorn reprises his role as Ambassador Worf (See I Knew It below), Denise Crosby makes a comeback as Lt. Tasha Yar (and as Empress Sela in Legacy of Romulus), and Tim Russ comes back as Tuvok.
    • Popular voice actor Charlie Adler voices Ambassador S'tass. As a joke, CaptainGeko once stated that S'tass' voice actor was "Cobra Commander", a nod towards Adler's role as the Cobra leader in recent G.I. Joe installments.
  • I Knew It: When Cryptic told fans that the "Sphere of Influence" mission was being held back, fans had assumed they were adding voices. When people took notice that Worf's model had been revamped to look like how he was in the series, but older, people figured that the reason had to do something with Michael Dorn.
  • In Memoriam: Mark "H2Orat" Valentine, a video artist for Cryptic, lost a long-running battle with cancer in September 2013, and the forum agreed there should be some in-game remembrance made (ideas were floated ranging all the way up to a cross-faction Valentine-class playable starship). In the end, Cryptic spotlit Valentine's Foundry mission 'The Rising Phoenix, Part 1' for the second time, and added a memorial with an ever-burning torch to the Starfleet Academy map.
  • Meme Acknowledgment: Borticus, one of the devs, has as his signature "Kurland here." He's the guy who voiced Capt. Kurland, and admitted later that it wasn't his best work.
  • Milestone Celebration: The game has done numerous events for each of its anniversaries, beyond giving out rewards:
    • For the first anniversary, Earth Spacedock was changed to its circular incarnation, while the mission "The Vault", the first part of "Cloaked Intentions", was released.
    • For the second anniversary, players were given a Fleet-type Odyssey-class or Bortas-class ship after completing a special shakedown mission.
    • For the third anniversary, the Featured Episode "Temporal Ambassador" was launched, with Denise Crosby reprising her role as Tasha Yar and allowing players to obtain an Ambassador-class, the last of the ships that bore the name Enterprise to appear in-game, or a Kamarang-class ship.
    • For the fourth anniversary, the Featured Episode "A Step Between Stars" was launched, with Tim Russ reprising his role as Tuvok and allowing players to obtain (unlike the third anniversary's Ambassador, through a time-gated grind) special Dyson Sphere-inspired ships for the Federation, Romulans and Klingons.* Missing Episode: Of the stage variety. Season 8.5 removed "War is Good for Business" due to the fact that the stage was incredibly tedious. Season 9 removed "State of Q" and "A Light in the Dark", replaced "Fluid Dynamics" with a radically different version with a new story and reason behind it, and consolidated "Asset Recovery" and "Collateral Damage" into a single episode ("A Gathering Darkness").
  • No Export for You: Like any other Perfect World-published game, if you live in the former Soviet Union (say, in Glorious Mother Russia), you cannot play the game.
  • Older Than They Think: The Doff mechanic of randomly-combined names, job specialty and personality traits is reminiscent of the first Star Trek Collectible Card Game released by Decipher in the mid-90s. (Sample card.)
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Largely averted, mostly because the game's older content largely un-voiced, but since James Doohan had passed away well before production of the game started, a replacement voice had to be brought in for The Guardian of Forever, and his accent slips through quite often.
    • When the game does feature VO for established characters, the devs go out of their way to get the old actors back to help. Denise Crosby and Chase Masterson are good examples, and in season 8 Michael Dorn voiced Worf to much acclaim from the fanbase.
    • Majel Barrett was ready, willing, and able to provide the voice for various combat notifications and alerts, but she has since passed on, and a replacement, Lani Minella, had to be brought in for the announcements at Prison Facility 4028 during "The 2800" episode. Minella manages to sound almost exactly like Barrett though.
    • Lieutenant Kyona of the USS Enterprise-F was initially voiced by lead writer Christine "Kestral" Thompson during her appearance in "Facility 4028". From "First Contact Day" on she's played by Adrienne Grady of Priority One Podcast.
  • Name's the Same: Elisa Flores, the characterized tac boff the Starfleet Player Character gets in the post-Season 8 tutorial, has the same last name as Marissa Flores, the child who helped Picard decades ago in TNG: "Disaster" (and not the horrible Mary Sue she spawned into), but there's no evidence that she's related to her yet. (And probably won't be, since she basically stops being an actual character after the tutorial.)
  • Promoted Fanboy: Kyona's second voice actor Adrienne Grady is the community manager for Priority One Podcast, a fan-run podcast.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Cryptic is allowed to use anything from the TV shows and prime timeline films because CBS owns the licenses to them. However, the JJverse is off-limits (they were allowed to use the story details up until the Jellyfish and Narada left the prime timeline, since they appeared in the Countdown comic series), and anything from the Star Trek Expanded Universe has to be negotiated for. Cryptic also had to negotiate to use the Guardian of Forever at the end of the "Klingon War" storyline, since the rights to that episode belong to a different copyright holder. CBS has also put at least three ships off-limits to be used or given major upgrades, the confirmed ones being the Enterprise-J from Star Trek: Enterprise's Temporal Cold War episodes, the Constitution-refit from the filmsnote  and the Star Trek: The Original Series Warbirdnote 
    • This also extends to non-canon ships. While the game does have novelverse ships, including the Vesta-class and the Luna-class, Cryptic has gone out of its way to state that the legal red tape is such a hassle that they'll just be making their own ships once canon ones run out.
  • Schedule Slip: Perpetual Entertainment's original Star Trek Online turned into vaporware. The company never seemed to make any headway (and were rumored to have taken on the project for less than savory purposes), and finally went bankrupt. The project was transferred to Cryptic, who opted to start over from scratch. It was six years between announcement and release.
  • Trolling Creator: The devs are known to be this. From causing Borg invasions during live podcasts in game, making fun of their own bugs and lots of Easter eggs.
    • One that they had to explain because people were getting angry was about a lockbox on top of a stack of crates in the Starbase Incursion fleet event. Since the mission takes place in your own fleets starbase, the joke was about the fact that everyone had stashes of lockboxes tucked away.
      Tumerboy/Tacofangs: The idea for this map had been set, but it's flavor had not been. The visuals for this map went through a few revisions on what it could be (i.e. lab, computer core, etc.), on the drawing board before it was finally decided on storage/cargo bay. Someone said to fill it with crates. With all of the lockbox debates going on, and all of the people declaring that they just collect, but never open any of them, in my mind, this is the storage bay in your starbase where everyone dumps their lockboxes. I figured every crate was filled with lockboxes. It was meant as a little nod, a wink, a joke. Perhaps in poor taste, but that's all it was meant to be. Originally I had the holo-crate in the center be a lockbox, but figured that was too blatant, so I moved it off to the side, out of the way.
    • One that caught everyone off-guard was the "Sphere of Influence" mission. With the talk of Season 8 and the Dyson Sphere, players were convinced that "SoE" would lead to the first encounter to those inside, especially the Voth. Instead, players get a first hand look inside the Iconian Gateway System and learn of the Iconians' plans. Only a minor action sets you on the path to Season 8.
    • After people found out they could fire weapons on the first beta build of the new Earth Spacedock, the devs decided to land 50+ Elite Tactical Drones, 150 Dahar Masters and a Borgified Gorn on the testers for blowing holes in their new shiny ESD (as a prank). Cue an ass-whooping on the beta testers for about half an hour.
  • Troubled Production: It started out being owned by Perpetual Entertainment and was given a set schedule for launch. However, two years into development, they had plenty of pretty conception work, but no actual gameplay and it's been said that Perpetual was only doing this for shadier reasons. Either way, CBS was angry at the waste and gave the license to Atari and Cryptic, who forced the companies to rush out the game (though it was thankful that Cryptic had the easily compatible engine from Champions Online to use). However, even that wasn't enough as the game was bleeding players as Atari used the money the game brought to pay off their massive debts. It wasn't until Perfect World Entertainment bought Cryptic that the game would flourish.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: A mysterious Twitter account started posting mysteries and riddles for players to solve (though directed at one of the community posters). Many people suggested that it had to do with the Augment plot that was mostly dealt with in the beginning of the Federation storyline, but no one has come forward about it at this time. PWE and Cryptic said wasn't anyone in their offices and later posts had the Community Managers biting back at them. In the end, it turned out to be a contest with small prizes by STOked.
  • What Could Have Been: The Romulan PC was second choice for the Romulan flagship RRW Lleiset. Seriously. The player could have been the Romulan equivalent of Picard! They ultimately decided on the player keeping their ship so they're not bound to do the boring flagship stuff its mandated to do.
    • Originally, Harry Kim was supposed to be the one leading the charge in "A Step Between Stars", his PTSD being helpful when dealing with the Undine.
    • Both Jeri Ryan and the Cryptic devs both tried to get Seven of Nine to wear something that wasn't some sort of catsuit for her reappearance. Didn't stick.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • The aforementioned "What's your beef with the Galaxy Cryptic?" thread? Got shut down after over a year after players started attacking other players and Cryptic after the Galaxy revamp clearly did nothing to fix the problems the players had with it, namely that it wasn't "competitive." A mod made a new post a while later and told them if they did it again, the posts would be shut down and people would get banned.
    • While it's possible that they are currently working on the second expansion and dealing with other games, the sudden silence from the devs and Community Moderators certainly has shades of this as the playerbase on the forums have gotten to the point where a thread there can't get far without calling Cryptic/Perfect World the devil. A recent (as of this writing) post on the forums from CaptainSmirk pretty much confirms that as he pretty much asks the player base to stop crossing the line in their complaints with death threats and racial slursnote 
    • During recent streaming events, Community Manager CaptainSmirk had been giving away codes for freebie items. After he come to find out that the freebie codes were being distributed onto the forums, Twitter accounts and the Reddit /sto/ board, he mentioned that those things will be kept closely guarded more often.
    • When Delta Rising dropped, players were told that they could play other missions while leveling up to 60. Many players found an exploit that not only allowed them to plow through patrol missions in Tau Dewa to level them up faster, but also could farm dilithium after reaching the ultimate level cap. Cryptic quickly put a stop to that.
  • Word of Gay: According to a bio written by Cryptic's lead writer Kestrel in Star Trek Magazine, Commander Samuel Winters, XO of the Enterprise-F, is gay. This never comes up in-game.
  • Written By Cast Member: Inverted to something like Voiced by Writer. Christine "Kestrel" Thompson, the lead writer for the game, also voices Lieutenant Kyona, the Enterprise-F's tactical officer, in "Facility 4028".

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