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    Anime and Manga 


AHHH! Not my hair! My flowing hair is my trademark! Now I'm REALLY mad!! YOU'VE MADE A VERY BIG MISTAKE, SEVIPER!!!
Jessie, before beating the crap out of a Seviper with her bare hands, Pokémon

Bob whenever someone gets his name wrong (which happens often), Pokémon

(Eggman has destroyed Amy's good-luck bracelet)
Amy: RAAAGH! Now you're gonna PAY!
Sonic: Oh!
Eggman: Huh?!
Amy: Don't mess with me! (starts repeatedly pounding Serpenter into submission)
Sonic: ...Whoa.
Eggman: Oh my...!
Amy: (still pounding on Serpenter)
Eggman: Oh no. Perhaps it's time for me to go!

You think I'm Vicious? YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT VICIOUS IS!
Spike Spiegel, Cowboy Bebop

"What the hell did you say about my hair?! (...) I won't forgive anyone who insults my hair... no matter who it is! Did you just say my hairstyle looks like Sazae-san's!?"

Lind L. Taylor: Kira, I've got a pretty good idea what your motivation might be and I can guess what you hope to achieve. However, what you're doing right now is evil.
Light Yagami: You think...I'm evil?...I am justice! I protect the innocent and those who fear evil! I'm the one who will become the god of a new world that everyone desires! All those who oppose that god, they are the ones who are truly evil!

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, episode 6 (uncut)

    Comic Books 

It was in that moment that I realized something. A dull, blurred feeling that I'd had since this whole mess began, all of a sudden crystal clear. It had been a long, long time since I hated anyone the way I hated them.
Frank Castle, The Punisher MAX, "The Slavers"

    Fan Fiction 

The civilians stay out of this! Remember that!

    Film - Animated 

Beaver? Did you say... did YOU SAY... BEAVER?!
The Cactus King, The Elm-Chanted Forest

    Film - Live-Action 

That makes me angry, and when Dr. Evil gets angry, Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset... people DIE!
Dr. Evil, Austin Powers

Thor: I've come here to put an end to Loki's schemes!
Captain America: Then prove it! Put the hammer down.
Iron Man: Um, yeah, no! Bad call! He loves his hamme- (hit with Mjölnir)

Nobody calls Han Solo a bitch!
Hutch, Fanboys

The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or my American heritage as a negative is: I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, NOW'S THE FUCKING TIME! ...I didn't think so.
O-Ren Ishii, Kill Bill

They destroyed my beautiful creation. Now I'm beginning to get really angry!

Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest

Mr. Cheeky: Well I was asking her to shut up, so I can hear what He's sayin', Big Nose!
Mrs. Bignose: Don't you call my husband Big Nose!
Mr. Cheeky: Well, he has got a big nose.
Hearer 1: Could you be quiet, please? What was that?
Mr. Cheeky: I dunno. I was busy talking to Big Nose.
Mr. Cheeky: See, if you would shut up, I would've heard that, Big Nose!
Mr. Bignose: Hey! Say that once more, and I'll smash your bloody face in!
Mr. Cheeky: Oh, better keep listening. Might be about "Blessed are the big noses"!
Brian: Oh, lay off him!
Mr. Cheeky: Well, you're not so bad yourself, conk-face. Where are you two from, 'Nose City'?
Mr. Bignose: One more time, mate... and I'll take you to fucking cleaners!
Mrs. Bignose: Language! And don't pick your nose!
Mr. Bignose: I wasn't gonna pick my nose, I'm gonna thump him!
Mrs. Bignose: You're not gonna thump anybody!
Mr. Bignose: I'll thump him if he calls me 'Big Nose' again!
Mr. Cheeky: Aw, shut up, Big Nose!
Mr. Bignose: Oh, right. I warned you. I really will slug you!
Mr. Cheeky: Listen, I'm only telling the truth, you have got a very big nose!
Mr. Bignose: 'Ey... Your nose is going to be three foot wide across your face when I'm through with you!
Mr. Cheeky: Well, who did yours, then? Goliath's big brother?
Mr. Bignose: Ooh, right, that's your last warning.
Hearer 1's wife: Will you pipe down- (is punched by Mr. Bignose) Ooh!
Mr. Bignose: Silly bitch!

You made me swallow my gum! It's going to be in my digestive tract for seven years!
Gideon Graves, Age: 27, Asshole, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Teddy: You call my dad a looney again, I'll kill you.
Milo: Looney, looney, looney!
Teddy: I'm gonna rip your head off and shit down your neck!

I am warning you...if you touch my drums, I will stab you in the neck with a knife! If you even go in the room, I will go apeshit!
Dale Doback, Step Brothers

Billy Batts: Hey Tommy, if I was gonna break your balls, I'd tell you to go home and get your shinebox. (to his friends) Now this kid, this kid was great: they used to call him Spitshine Tommy. I swear to god, he'd make your shoes look like fuckin' mirrors - excuse my language. He was terrific, he was the best. Made a lot of money, too. Salud, Tommy!
Tommy DeVito: No more shines, Billy.
Batts: What?
Tommy: I said, no more shines. Maybe you didn't hear about it, you've been away a long time, they didn't go up there and tell you: I don't shine shoes anymore.
Batts: Relax, will ya? For cryin' out loud, what's got into you? I'm breaking your balls a little bit, that's all. I'm only kidding with ya...
Tommy: Sometimes you don't sound like you're kidding, you know, there's a lotta people around...
Batts: I'm only kidding with you, we're having a party, I just came home and I haven't seen you in a long time and I'm breaking your balls, and you're getting fucking fresh. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
Tommy: I'm sorry too. It's okay. No problem.
Batts: Okay, salud.
(A Beat, as all finish their drinks)
Batts: Now go home and get your fuckin' shinebox.


I am Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt. I am known as a fair man, unless I am pushed. You have just pushed me.
Gaunt discovers some local troops assaulting his medics to steal supplies, Straight Silver

Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me.
Rubeus Hagrid while giving Dudley a pig's tail, Harry Potter.note 

"Snow," my wife called me before she ate her fingers, but I say Bolton.

I have a special place in my heart for those who steal from disaster relief. I think I will sic David and Meriwether on them. With any luck, they will be in prison before they can find jobs elsewhere. If not, perhaps I will ask Hector for a favor.
Queen Helen, The Zombie Knight

How dare you! How dare you suggest I would neglect a patient because you wouldn't do what somebody else wanted! Listen to me, Lemuel, and you'd better remember it. I do not know what kind of society you come from, although I can make some guesses. But you are on Earth and this is a hospital. Maion will get the best treatment we can possibly provide. No reservations, no exceptions. When you suggest we might do anything else, you insult me, you insult the people who are working here all night to look after her, you insult the three nurses who risked their lives to make sure she got here safely. You insult a group of Irish doctors who are coming thousands of miles on the off-chance that their skills and experience will help Maion fly again. *takes a deep breath* That Colonel out there, Colonel Paschal, yes, he will want you to do things. Give us information, provide us with data. Probably more. And he will offer you deals and put other kinds of pressure on you. But if he walks into this ward and tells us to stop work, we'll kick his ass out of here. Or, if he talks to that nurse there, Colonel or not, if he makes the same suggestion to her, she'll probably head-butt him. Now do we understand each other?
—Dr. Zinder, The Salvation War

    Live-Action TV 

Do not touch me in that fashion. We may sometimes look like you, but we are not you. Never forget that.
Lennier, Babylon 5

Why don't you take a shit in Fiorello LaGuardia's hat and feed it to Joe DiMaggio's crying ghost on Liberty Island, you son of a bitch?
Jon Stewart, upon witnessing Donald Trump eating pizza with a fork, The Daily Show

Did you just call me "Blue Squirt?!"note  EXPLOSION OF ANGER!! SAMURAIMAN HAS ARRIVED!

Boy: Would you please tell me: where do you get your spandex?
Rangers: (gasp)
Doctor K: THAT IS NOT SPANDEX!! The material is a self-assembling nano- (restrained by the others)
Girl: Ranger Yellow, as the sole female representative of the Power Rangers, I have a question for you: Which one of the guys looks cutest in the span-
Doctor K: (stopped by Summer before she can charge)
Girl: I mean, in the tights?

Korax: We like the Enterprise! We... we really do! That sagging old rust bucket is designed like a garbage scow! Half the quadrant knows it, that's why they're learning to speak Klingonese!
Chekov: Mr. Scott!
Scotty: Laddie... don't you think you should... rephrase that?
Korax: (mocking Scotty's accent) Yer right. I should. (normal voice) I didn't mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage. I meant to say that it should be hauled away as garbage!
Scotty: (punches him)

You know, I'm really easy to get along with most of the time. But I don't like bullies, and I don't like threats. And I don't like you.
Captain Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager

You lied to me.
Cameron, while choking multiple people to death, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


So I said to him, I said, "If you pop that gum one more time..." And he did. So I took the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots. Into. His. Head.
Chicago, "The Cell Block Tango"

Hamilton, "Meet Me Inside"

    Video Games 

Morrigan: You... do not truly think I look as my mother does, do you?
Alistair: Have you really been thinking about that all this time?
Morrigan: I am simply curious.
Alistair: And not insecure in the slightest, I'm sure.
Morrigan: I think I look nothing like her.
Alistair: I don't know. Give it a few hundred years and it'll be a spot-on match.
Morrigan (menacingly): I said that I look nothing like her!
Alistair: All right. Got it. Totally different. I see that now.

What's the problem with the Second City?
Never mention the Second City to the Masters of the Bazaar. Mr. Wines will look at you narrowly and give you its worst vintage. Mr. Cups will fly into a rage. Mr. Veils will harangue you for your discourtesy. Mr. Iron will say nothing, only write down your name with its left hand.
A tooltip, Fallen London

Yosuke: Has anything strange happened to you lately?
Kanji: Strange? What's this "strange" stuff, huh?! Are you saying that I'm strange?!
Yosuke: Huh? N-No, I didn't mean—!
Kanji: You shitheads better get the hell out of my face, or I'm taking you down!
Yosuke: Wha—!? Wait, why?!

Pronyma: (dying) Lord Yggdrasill... Mithos, please...
Yggdrasill: Only my former companions may call me by that name, get out of my sight! (kills her)

I'm gonna lose it on you!
Rembrandt, The Warriors

Now why would you go and do something like that? Didn't you see the sign that said do not push this button!
Mimiron, World of Warcraft

Junkrat, Overwatch, Going Legit

    Visual Novels 

Celeste: (smiling) Even in cafes that offer proper milk tea, it is always more expensive than simple tea with milk. It takes more time to prepare, surely, but...why even bother creating a menu if you are not going to offer the highest level of quality!?
Yamada: Well, um...we don't actually have a menu...
Celeste: That does not matter. HURRY UP AND BRING ME WHAT I ASKED FOR, SWINE!
Yamada: WHAAAAAT!? O-okay! Your little piggy will bring it right out!


Yosuke: Has anything strange happened to you lately?

Inside the psyche of every individual, there exists a spot. A spot that must never be disturbed. It exists inside even the most coolheaded humans. Where it sits. And waits. And if you think you are immune...if you think nothing you hear could ever offend you... think again.
— Introduction to Mulberry: Offended

I'll warn you about one more thing. If you do something like that in front of Koon, your fingers will be gone by tomorrow.
Novick to Edin Dan, who just implied that Koon and Rachel were fuck buddies, Tower of God

Meme Man: "where is my foond"
Waiter: "here is your steank with NO VEGETAL as you ordered sir"
Meme Man: "cool and good"
Vegetable: "did someone say NO VEGETALS?" (slips into Meme Man's mouth as he's eating)
Meme Man: "i taste a VEGETAL. ANGERY"
— Meme Man "No Vegetal" comic

    Web Original 

Nobody rapes Christmas.

Vegeta: And I wish you would understand who you're talking to! I am Vegeta! Why would I ever need that gibbering fool's help?
Trunks: Because you're not as strong as-
(Vegeta slugs him in the stomach and flies off)
Krillin: You pushed the Goku Button. You shouldn't had did that.

Cooler: How?! It literally doesn't make any sense! It took everything you had to defeat a single "me", yet you have enough power to overload the Big Gete Star?! HOW?! How did you do this?!
Goku:: It looks like... you underestimated our power... just like-
Cooler: Don't you dare-
Goku: -you did on Earth.
Cooler: Oh. Fair enou-
Vegeta: And just like Frieza.
Cooler: (Completely loses his shit, summons a gigantic robot body and starts choking Goku) Did Frieza ever do THIS?!
Goku: Beginning to feel like you have something against your brother.

Nostalgia Critic: [This movie has] mediocre special effects that you're more likely to see in one of Linkara's videos!
Linkara: HEY!
NC: Get over it, comic geek, your special effects suck.
Linkara: Bat-Credit Card.

    Western Animation 

Call me Dottie, and you die.
Dot Warner, Animaniacs

Hey! I know you're upset, but if you EVER mention my mother's loins, OR their frothiness to me again... I don't know what I'll do, but it will be bad!
Sterling Archer

Sorry Core, [Trina] dissed the band! Nobody disses the band.
Laney Penn, Grojband, "Queen Bee"

I was stuck in an elevator and I had to listen to forty-one and a half minutes OF ELEVATOR MUSIC!!
Corey Riffin, Grojband, "Love in a Nethervator"


Compare me to Family Guy again and so help me, I will kill you where you stand!
Eric Cartman, South Park

SpongeBob: Who do they think they are? I gave the best years of my life to this place and they think they can just fire like that? Like trash? I don't think so.
Patrick: SpongeBob? Is that you?
SpongeBob: I've been waiting for you, Patrick! (growls like an animal)
Patrick: SpongeBob, you're scaring me, stop it. Ahh!
SpongeBob: (laughs maniacally and closes in)

Yumi: Why are you so upset over those dumb, little toys?
Ami: They're not dumb! They're Huggle Buddies, AND I WANT THEM!

Did I mention how much I hate bugs?
Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 cartoon), Episode 47

Don't call me pretty. The last guy who called me pretty ended up looking a lot less pretty.
Duncan, Total Drama Action, "Riot on Set"

    Real Life 

Everyone is a reactionary about subjects he understands.

There are three surefire ways to get punched: in Italy, claiming the women are not beautiful, in England, claiming the English are not free, and in Germany, that sauerkraut is not food fit for the gods.
Alexandre Dumas, The Great Dictionary of Cuisine

It is not the expert thrust of Athos nor the cold skill of Aramis nor the iron wrist of Porthos that we have to fear - it is the Gascon's fury - the wild and unacademic attack of the troubadour — the sword of D'Artagnan.
O. Henry, The Last of the Troubadours

If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.
Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Don't count! Only a fucking old woman counts.
Uncle Donnie, Adam Sandler