Quotes / Berserk Abridged

Guts: And do you know who showed up just in the nick of time, and gave me a sword and a blanket, and taught me to believe in myself?
Casca: Was it Jesus?

Zodd: The Crimson Behelit? This scrawny little fruitcake bears the Crimson Behelit?! *evil laughter*
Guts: What's so FUCKING funny?
Zodd: What's so funny? WHAT'S SO GODDAMN FUNNY? You dumbasses think he's your friend and I'm the monster!
Guts: I don't get it.
Zodd: No, but will. You'll get it. And they'll get it! But most of all, SHE'LL get it!
Guts: I am really starting to dislike you.
Zodd: Fuck you, Zodd out!
Berserk: The Abridged Movie Episode 1 - Kneel Before Zodd