Funny / Go Animate
GoAnimate is very well-known for its low quality that makes many of its videos unintentionally hilarious. As a result, there are many videos from the website (satirical or not) that are funny.
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    Conventional Grounded Videos involving Caillou and/or Dora 

    Conventional Grounded Videos Involving Other Characters 
Dora is forced to babysit her grandma, because her parents are going to a meeting. highlights include:
  • The vintage style intro
  • Her grandma's "naked body" is really just a skin-colored outfit
  • The bath water is a bright blue rectangle.
  • Dora's mom looks nothing like her, and her dad has yellow skin.
  • When the bath starts flying like a rocket (complete with flames at the back), one of the censors blurring out her grandma's breasts, doesn't move with her, and just stays where she was before.
  • Dora's grandma, slowly, falling to the ground, with the blur stuck the previously mentioned, blue rectangle water.
  • Dora screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" after being told to go to her room.

     NotSmirks and other satirical videos 
Any video by NotSmirks can be a real gut-buster. Examples: