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Campaign 1: 2015-2017

    Running Gags 
  • The comment cards of Episode 1 are an episode-contained Running Gag.
  • There are quite often mistakes about who's Vex and who's Vax, and jokes surrounding that.
    • In the first dozen episodes or so, Marisha Ray is completely unable to remember which of the twins is which. She seems to have gotten better at that, but still makes the mistake from time to time.
    Marisha: (after being told she can only use a boosting skill on one person) [I cast it on] Vex.
    Laura: Did you mean him? (points at Liam)
    Marisha: ...Yes.
    • Not even the DM himself is safe. In episode 14, Gilmore calls Liam's character "Vax'ahlia". Liam uses this as a segue for Vax to basically ask Gilmore out. Matt reassures them that Gilmore looks very ashamed.
    Vax: You naughty man, you called me by my sister's name. That is going to cost you.
    • It happens again in episode 21, which Laura pointed out to him after the game.
    • At one point Laura corrected Marisha with, "I'm Vax, not Vex," and Marisha took it as truth until Laura told her she was joking.
    • And yet again in Episode 55, to the point where after being corrected, Matt jokingly says to Liam and Laura, "I will stab you."
    Sam: If I ever have to roll a new character, I'm calling him "Vix".
    Matt: I will cut you.
    • Reaching new heights in Episode 70 when Laura refers to Liam's character as "Vex."
    • The two players eventually get matching shirts reading "I'm Vax, that's Vex" (or vice versa, as appropriate), which they occasionally wear to sessions.
  • Anytime the players address the characters by their player's names.
  • Laura throwing away her "cursed" dice after failing several rolls and and constantly buying more to replace them. Whenever she's picky about her dice, the look on Travis' face is priceless. She even tries to get her fellow players to replace their dice sometimes, and it generates the same reaction from Travis. Bonus points if she's trying to convince Travis.
  • Anytime the players reference something that doesn't exist in the setting and then have to improvise like hell to cover the break in character. Examples so far include Venn diagrams, Jesus Christ (whoever that is), NyQuil, Randy Savage, skywriting, and radar.
  • Any roll of 19 is usually pronounced "n-n-n-nineteen", especially if it's rolled by Vax. At one point in Trial of the Take Part 4, most of the party says it in unison.
  • Any time Percy/Taliesin facepalms. It could be said that he does so both as himself and as his character reacting to the party's antics, seeing as he is the only human and the Only Sane Man of the group, and maybe the most experienced roleplayer.
    • And, for that matter, whenever the DM facepalms.
  • Anytime Matt is whispering something into the ear of one of the players, Sam usually breaks the fourth wall and tells the stream to subscribe to Geek and Sundry and buy t-shirts.
  • Pretty much any song that Scanlan sings. Special props to the song Scanlan sings to the illithid, Clarota, that heals him... which is a riff on Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. Yes, really. Apparently, Clarota is a fan of slow jams.
  • Somewhere between this trope and Awesome is Scanlan's ability to deal damage with an insult - in particular the moment where he kills a duergar with a Your Mom joke.
    • And his habit of humming loudly whenever he critfails stealth checks.
    • Speaking of failing stealth checks, there's Pike, clad in heavy metal armor which imposes a disadvantage on said checks. Usually followed by her or someone else imitating the sound of her gear ("CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK! CLANK!") or Ashley mentioning she should oil her armor.
  • Every time Percy introduces himself with his full name, at least one other party member says "You can call him Percy."
  • Vanessa's husband's name constantly being said wrong, usually by Vax.
  • Kashaw not saying Tiberius' last name correctly.
  • Rakshasa jazz hands!
  • Keyleth getting arrested and/or scaring the crap out of some innocent bystander in animal shape.
  • The phrases "I would like to rage" and "I encourage violence" have been adapted to almost every situation. For the first, see "I would like to rage-climb" in Episode 13, "I would like to rage...and...RUN!" in Episode 10, "The chat would like to rage," in Episode 19, and "She would like to rage!" in Episode 25 for Vex's double crit. For the latter, "I encourage violence!" returns in Episode 23, and "I encourage sandwich!" happens in Episode 26.
    • “I encourage violence” is also brought back in a Heartwarming way in Episode 72, with Scanlan requesting that “I encourage peace” be the epithet on Tiberius’s grave.
  • The Running Gag of Scanlan shooting his Lightning Bolt from his crotch with a pelvic thrust.
  • Whenever Grog tries to move or bash down a heavy obstacle and Pike decides to assist, it always has adorable results. Grog usually always rolls high enough, while Ashley usually rolls below a 10. (The below quote is from Episode 22)
    Travis: I take the Warhammer, activate it, run up to one of the walls and swing as hard as I can.
    Matt: Go ahead and roll a strength check.
    Ashley: (brings out d20 and rolls) Can I assist?
    Travis: 19.
    Ashley: (puts away d20) Oh, you don't need assistance.
    Travis: (grins adorably) Yeah I do. From Pike, anytime.
    Laura: 9!
    Ashley: (proudly) 9! (holds imaginary mace and knocks it against the wall) Tink!
    • Inverted in episode 32, when Grog tries to move a statue away he throws out his back. Vox Machina collectively fails as well. And who moves it out of the way? 3 foot gnome Pike.
  • Any time Grog rolls a Natural 20 on an Intelligence Check.
  • For some reason, the players' greatest enemies in the Whitestone arc have been Whitestone's awful, awful... doors. Vox Machina has been briefly defeated and even injured by these diabolical doors of death, doom, and destruction so far during their stay in the city.
    • Preceded in Episode 12 when guest group Vox Moronica fail miserably to get through a perfectly ordinary door using both lock picks and a flying kick. Eventually they just burn the building so that someone inside opens the door to escape.
  • Every week, Sam seems to add a new sticker to the bottom of his giant flagon of ale.
    • In Episode 55, they are covered by a piece of paper with "Your Ad Here" written on it (and the next episode it's Scanlan fan art). Scanlan Shorthalt: Corporate Shill.
    • Taken further when Sam changed mug while playing Taryon Darrington. And after the one-year (in-game only) timeskip, he brings in the old mug, only to open it and take the other mug from inside.
  • Vax'ildan calling Vex'ahlia "stubby," and states that she is two inches shorter than he is. According to his character sheet, he's 5'11, making Vex'ahlia 5'9". 5'9" for a female half-elf is not stubby at all! It's actually above-average.
  • Pike continues to show up the team at every turn (except stealth checks).
  • Sam's prepared limericks.
    • Later, he inspires people by reading from a book called Dad Jokes and a book of Shakespeare insults.
  • Critmas: from plushies to art to selfie sticks to people feeding Matt's addiction to minis (much to the chagrin of Marisha and jealousy of Liam).
  • The delivery of the painting Scanlan commissioned in Episode 36 seems to be turning into a minor one now that Vox Machina has been forced to temporarily abandon Greyskull Keep because of the Chroma Conclave.
  • Every time the show is about to air, Liam starts yelling swear words to try to make the cast laugh when they go live.
  • Minor one: Vax feeding Trinket chocolate, much to Vex/Laura's vexation.
  • Liam plugging Wyrmwood Gaming in increasingly absurd and creative ways during the pre-show announcements.
  • The servants in Scanlan's mansion are apparently incapable of cooking anything but whole chickens. It gets to the point that they have Pike's grandfather Wilhand go in and try to teach them how to make proper meals. They have limited success. Scanlan's daughter, however, actually manages it. So instead of only cooking chicken, now they only prepare salads.
  • Any time that Matt's NPCs have a whispered conversation amongst themselves, and Laura reminds him that Vex can read lips.
  • Vax'ildan and the theatre.
    Keyleth: (to Vax) What is it with you and the theatre?
  • Keyleth being a happy drunk and then needing to be carted off.
  • Sam's increasingly ludicrous Loot Crate pitches before each game.
    Sam: I'm an actor. Why would you listen to me about this stuff, I'm a liar and a deceiver. But what you can listen to [...] is hardcore maths.
    Sam: I've been dabbling in the hip-hop world lately, so I've prepared a little rap.
    Sam: Ancient Greece: Zeus presents a lovely crate to the first woman on Earth, a lovely gal named Pandora; it contained death and evil, corrupted the world forever more.
    Sam: I prepared a word game.
    Sam: I did learn a magic trick.
  • Seeming is the gift that keeps giving. First flying cows, then lots of de Rolos, then nesting doll sexy sextuplets.
  • Vax never washes his armor, so apparently it's smelly.
  • Tiberius murdering an old woman was treated a What the Hell, Hero? moment in-universe. That doesn't stop them from regularly making jokes about attacking the elderly.
  • After the show started airing on Alpha, the crew began putting amusing commentary in the lower left hand corner.
  • Episode 85's Wham Line, "What's my mother's name?" has started being called back to in humorous contexts.
  • Sam's shirt. Not only they are always different (at one point he notices he almost wore a different one per episode, only thrice wearing a shirt he already wore, and cam wearing four different ones to even it out), they often have humorous immages to. The most frequent are pictures of Matt's faces and the "shirtception" (started by him wearing a shirt with his face on, than a shirt with him wearing that shirt, than a third one with him wearing the second one...)
  • Vex is always getting hit with Finger of Death and other necrotic magic. Enough that Matt took notice and nudged her into a situation where she would gain innate resistance to necrotic damage.

    Vox Machina Origins 
  • Vex and Vax meet Keyleth for the first time.
    Vax: I'm dying. I'm dying and I'm hallucinating a squirrel who can turn into people.
  • The second comic, which features Grog and Scanlan traveling together with their pre-Vox Machina group, has a minor running gag of the paladin/cleric pair that they travel with never getting introduced. Even when the opportunity comes up to do so, Scanlan deliberately does not say their names.
  • Also in the second comic, Scanlan asks Grog what someone like him is afraid of. Grog says spiders. Scanlan agrees.
  • In the third issue, Tiberius and Keyleth are tracking the scent of the poisoned water, all the while the two are conversing like normal... despite Keyleth having transformed into a dog and is speaking in woofs and barks.
    Tiberius: This conversation would be somewhat less absurd if I could understand you.
    Keyleth: Woof.
    Tiberius: Oh, really? I hadn't considered that.

Campaign 2: 2018-present

    Episode 1: Curious Beginnings 
  • Laura's character: a Genki Girl blue Tiefling named Jester with a vaguely Russian accent, is already shaping up to be hilarious.
    Jester: I'm sorry I took all your friend's money...
    Fjord: You could give it back?
    Jester: Why though?
    • After this she's told "Your Laura is showing." and everyone, including Matt, breaks down into laughter.
  • When Jester first starts talking to her and Caleb, Nott notes that Tieflings can only sense movement. Jester admits that while that may be true, she can still hear her.
  • Similarly, Taliesin plays an extremely ostentatious Tiefling circus performer with shades of Snake Oil Salesman named Mollymauk.
  • At one point while speaking as Nott, Sam's voice starts to break and a few others are beginning to giggle. It's what he says next (while still doing the voice, too!) that causes the whole table to crack up:
    Sam: Yeah, I'm sticking with this fucking accent for the next two years.
  • Caleb is browsing the bookstore, and while he's talking to the owner, Jester decides to misplace and rearrange a few books. She rolls a Natural 20, however, so there are stacks of pulled-out books, books turned every which way, and books completely misplaced all over.
    • Also, after failing to find any interesting books in the store, Caleb, trying not to seem impolite, asks to buy a book on farming:
    Caleb: How much for this book on, uh... hoe technique?
    Book store owner: Ah, Jamison's Hoedown, yes. That would be two silver pieces.
    Caleb: I'm very embarrassed, sorry, I gave away my last two silver pieces...
    Laura: No, I gave them back to you, remember?
    Caleb: I gave away my last two silver pieces.
    • When Caleb leaves, he calls Frumpkin - his tabby cat familiar - after him. Cue Matt meowing in response, followed by Liam and Marisha's reactions as they realise that Matt has to make cat noises now.
  • As the group approaches the circus tent, they find Mollymauk outside, doing his fortune telling for a farmer who asks if he should be worried about his cough. Molly flips over a tarot card and tells the man that the cough will probably get better soon, but still encourages him to have it looked at.
    Farmer: Oh, right, right. Um, by who? What do the cards tell me?
    Mollymauk: (flips over a card, completely deadpan) ...Some sort of physician, perhaps.
  • A case of Meta Black Comedy, the cause of this campaign's first battle is an elderly man turning into a zombie-like creature. The elderly do not have a good time around any P Cs in this universe.
  • Sam's new character, Nott, tries to sing. Everyone shrinks away in horror.
    Liam: He's killing the memory of Scanlan!
  • Marisha's character is nicknamed "Beau", and by sheer coincidence an NPC happens to be nicknamed "Bo" as well. This causes confusion. At the end of the episode when the party is surrounded by guards, they milk this and all try to claim their names are "Bo".
    • Their full responses when asked by the guards to give their names:
    Jester: Shirley!
    Nott: Temple!
    Caleb: ...Caleb Widogast.
    Beau: Beau. Like him. [attempts to indicate the NPC Bo, but is technically gesturing toward Travis]
    Fjord: ...Bo.
    Nott: (who has already given an alias) I AM BO!
  • When the guards start accusing the carnival of being responsible for the attacks after the battle at the end, Mollymauk makes an irritated remark about how of course they intentionally caused their patrons to turn into zombie-like creatures, just to deliberately ruin their own performance. The guards then declare that the whole carnival will be arrested and ask who belongs to it. The carnival master Gustav tries to exempt Mollymauk and Yasha by saying they came in with the other patrons, but because of Molly's comment earlier, Matt has Taliesin roll a Deception check...which he critically fails, leading to Molly being essentially arrested for sarcasm.
    Episode 2: A Show of Scrutiny 
  • After Keyleth getting arrested became an unintentional Running Gag, Marisha makes it clear this character isn't going to jail for once. Thanks to a series of extremely poor rolls (failed Stealth, failed Deception when the guards see her, failed Strength when trying to elbow a guard and get away) Beauregard ends up getting arrested anyway.
  • While the party is swapping stories from their pasts, Nott talks about her thieving career so far. When she mentions she had a collection of stolen sticks and rocks, Molly points out that people probably wouldn't be mad about that. Sam has a perfectly-timed on-the-spot response, which sends the entire group into hysterics.
    • Later, Nott's sticky fingers happen to find a flask made of platinum. To put this into perspective, the party is currently dealing in silvers and single-digit golds; this single item is likely worth several times their total party wealth.
  • When Jester and Fjord enter the jail to try to get Beau out, Matt describes the jail as smelling like piss and mildew. Jester's response?
    Jester: Ugh, it smells like Caleb in here!
  • At one point, Nott says she likes "loves trinkets so much" in a fairly drastic turnabout from Sam since the last campaign, which the cast acknowledge with barely-contained laughter.
    • Similarly, Fjord admits that he's "not much for ale", with an identical reaction.
  • When ordered by the city guards to wait in an inn for questioning, Jester declares that she is going to run up and down the stairs until the staff asks her to stop.
  • Laura leaves the table just before the break, so Taliesin puts on her glasses.
  • Nott tries to pretend-fight Caleb to deceive some guards, and rolls a 0 and a 4 (a 3 and a 7, but she has -3 to her Charisma-based checks) even with Caleb assisting for advantage. Caleb ends up real-hitting her in the face with his own Natural 20 on Deception, so the players joke that Nott's teeth were straightened because they were already messy. Meanwhile, Jester was failing at her own stealthiness by squatting in six inches of lake water.
  • Jester offers to cheer Caleb up by showing him "something cool"... it turns out to be graffiti of a penis that she scratched into one of the tables at the inn.
    Caleb: Is that— is that what you think they look like?
    Jester: I've seen a lot of dicks, okay? That's what most of them look like!
  • Jester fails at poo graffiti.
  • Jester and Nott's entire routine of "That's our culprit!" is comedy gold.
    • Nott and Jester make an amazing duo throughout the episode, even before wildly accusing half the circus of being responsible for the zombies at the end. While investigating earlier, they disguise themselves as a mother and young daughter. Despite this, Jester successfully persuades a bartender that it's all right for Nott to have whiskey (even though Laura can't quite get the line out without laughing).
    Jester: It's okay, she's my daughter, she loves whiskey...
  • Caleb describes the group as including "a dirty ginger" when talking to Nott about their need to blend into the shadows. Cue Marisha silently questioning if Liam meant her, before remembering that Caleb is literally a dirty ginger.
  • Beau's attempt at bonding with the Not Sisters, by insulting Molly.
    Molly: Her name's Beau. She's, ugh... She's helping, she's awful, you have a lot in common.
    One of the Not Sisters: Well, okay. Whatever you wanna know.
    Beau: He's such a dick, why is he such a dick?
    One of the Not Sisters: Molly's great, why're you such a dick?
  • Fjord uses a classy fake British accent to talk his way past some guards at the circus. As soon as they’re clear of the guards Travis starts speaking to Grog. It only takes him a sentence to slip back into Fjord but the reactions from the rest of the cast are pretty amusing.

    Running Gags 
  • The Wildemount Campaign gives us Caleb and everyone's (but mostly Jester's) tendency to point out how bad he smells.