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Being a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Critical Role is bound to be full of these.

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    In General 
  • Anytime Matt Mercer says his Catch-Phrase, "How do you want to do this?" It's going to be awesome. At least one fan project actively keeps track of these moments.
  • The Critical Role intro that has the players as their characters and then ends with Matthew Mercer casually looking up from his handbook and throwing his dice with a confident smile as they freeze in place as he closes it.
  • Whenever Grog goes into full-on barbarian mode.
  • EVERY TIME someone rolls a Natural 20!
  • In general, many pieces of art drawn by fans of the show are simply amazing.
  • This opening video, featuring the players as their respective characters performing various acts of badassery, from Travis's barbaric war cry to Sam casting spells with pelvic thrusts.
  • Critical Role sourcebooks have been announced for the world of Exandria. The first one is set in Tal'Dorei and there are plans for other parts of the world.
  • Despite starting as a one-shot birthday present, and despite simply being more or less a bunch of friends playing make-believe, Critical Role has become a successful and surprisingly far-reaching show. Critters write in with stories of the show or the players helping them in dark times of their lives, and everyone on the show seems equally touched and inspired by the fanbase.
  • Matt Mercer's talent as a Man of a Thousand Voices is always on display as he voices every single non-player character (and sometimes absent player characters). Over the course of the first 99 episodes, he's voiced five-hundred and fourty-four NPCs.

    Episode 01: Arrival at Kraghammer 
  • Marisha's first Natural 20... which culminates into a magnificent circus-like performance while in bear form.
    • It's the first Natural 20 of Critical Role!
  • Scanlan uses magical lightning to finish off a particularly tough monster that was giving the team trouble. Since he's the bard of the group, this is particularly impressive.
    • It's his first kill of the entire campaign. Even the anticipation is awesome. Travis has his arms around both Liam and Laura as they wait to see if Matt will utter those seven magic words.

    Episode 02: Into the Greyspine Mines 
  • The mere mental image of Cave Bear!Keyleth grappling an Umber Hulk into a river.
  • The team kills the two Umber Hulks without any casualties. Note that this was after one of the monsters hypnotized a raging Grog into fighting for them temporarily.
  • Scanlan polymorphing a giant and dangerous Umber Hulk into a tiny snail, and Vax then picking it up and throwing it into the nearby waterfall with a very affable "Erm, go fuck yourself."

    Episode 03: Strange Bedfellows 
  • The gang thins the numbers of a duergar warcamp by creating illusions of powerful monsters that draw them out, then lead them over a magically-disguised abyss to fall to their doom.
    • And then when the plan goes awry and our heroes start falling in, they manage to save everyone (and their magic carpet) with some quick thinking.
      • The ending of this episode is awesome too. Hard to know what's better - Keyleth and Vex stealing the flying carpet when the rest of the party disagrees with their idea of exploring the crevasse, Tiberius stealing the carpet back, or Matt keeping a straight face the whole time.

    Episode 04: Attack on the Duergar Warcamp 
  • This was the episode in which Pike is properly introduced (i.e., Ashley Johnson appears in person.) Her first roll; a Natural 20!
  • Vax'ildan kills the illithid residing in the war camp after managing to stealth behind it, and eviscerating it with both an assassination attempt and two follow-up strikes upon getting the top spot on the initiative order. Good thing he did that, considering the mindflayer's turn would've occurred right after his and he would've been screwed!
  • Thanks to the efforts of some creative uses of Stone Column from Tiberius and Scanlan successfully casting Dominate Person on the duegar general, the fight doesn't last longer than a least until the Bulette shows up.
  • Percy firing his Pepperbox pistol down the gullet of a Bulette while his hand is stuck in its mouth for 35 fire damage.
    • Preceded by Taliesin asking if he could get Advantage if his hand was stuck in the mouth. When the DM tells him that he would in exchange for remaining grappled by the Bulette's mouth, Taliesin simply says "Done!" and proceeds to add modifiers to his incoming attack.
  • Just when you think the battle can't get any crazier, Scanlan decided to run at the Duergar general, with his arms outstretched, giving him a big hug... and casting Banishment to send him to another dimension. To the surprise of everyone, this actually works!
  • Grog gets the "how do you want to do this?" against the bulette. And promptly not only rips open the mouth but tears out the tongue partially by biting it. The final blow? A punch up into its brain.

    Episode 05: The Trick About Falling 
  • Clarota gets one when we see the reason behind his people being nicknamed "mindflayers." Creepy Awesome has a new poster child.
  • The mere fact that the entire team survived a disaster during their escape that resulted in most of them free-falling is awesome in itself, they could have all easily been killed right there.
  • Later in the episode, we see Clarota help out the party in battle for the first time. His first attempt only makes things worse, but his second more than makes up for it: after seeing Tiberius use Telekinisis to throw one of the Hook Horrors into a lava pit, he does the same to one of the slimes (which is at serious risk of killing Grog), telekinetically hurling it into the same lava pit, onto the Hook Horror already in it. Matt announces that the Hook Horror is dissolved instantly by the slime's acid, followed by the slime itself melting into nothing in the lava. With a single move, Clarota turned the tide of battle and likely saved the team's lives!
  • During the same battle, Keyleth gets one by making unconventional use of Thorn Whip to pull enemies into lava. She also gets a "How do you want to do this" with the Thorn Whip spell later on.

    Episode 06: Breaching the Emberhold 
  • Scanlan blasting two duergar off the roof of the fortress with Thunder Wave, leaving them wide open for the party to slaughter.
  • Percy's "Bad News" blows an enemy's head clean off.
  • Grog dispatches a duergar torturer by bullrushing him onto a rack of his own torturing tools, ripping his jaw off, and then pummeling him to death. ''With'' the jaw.
    • Preceded by the entire party giving him "encouragement" to get violent.
  • After rescuing Lady Kima, she proves... unwilling to work alongside Clarota. Tiberius, Vax, and Scanlan all do their damnedest to achieve some form of peace between the two so they can complete their respective quests (all of which boil down to "kill K'Varn"). Despite some terrible rolls, their acting is top-notch during this scene. And it works.

    Episode 07: The Throne Room 
  • Unsurprisingly, the climactic battle in the throne room of Emberhold. Some highlights:
    • Keyleth and Tiberius use a clever combination of Call Lightning and Water Sphere to take out an entire line of duregar guards... except one, which Scanlan finishes off by using his Vicious Mockery ability to shame the guard into killing himself.
    • Tiberius takes on the form of the duergar god and rides in on Keyleth, in the shape of a giant scorpion. His voice is enhanced by Pike's magic, and he intimidates the hell out of a bunch of dwarves. He has a legitimately badass voice, and it makes some of the players jump as well, if you watch their reactions.
    • Once things turn to battle, Vex takes out half the mooks in one shot.
    • The duergar king proves a mighty foe, taking on Lady Kima in combat and even enduring Percy shooting his jaw and part of his scalp off. He even downs Scanlan. Who takes this enemy out? Scanlan, of all people, having been revived by Pike and using his magical sword to lop off the king's head. This was his first time using a sword, by the way.
      • Even better: Earlier in the battle, Scanlan attempted to suggestion the duergar king to "stand on his head" and failed. Scanlan's comment before decapitating the king? "You should've stood on your head."
    • After an intense battle, the duergar queen nearly killing everyone with magma, and a harrowing escape sequence where Grog becomes dominated, and disappears with the duregar queen, Tiberius and Kima are statues thanks to basilisks while Vax gets heavily injured, they still manage to avoid a TPK. In fact, everyone lives.
      • Speaking of, during this sequence Clarota immediately grabs the petrified Kima and pulls her to safety when the lava starts pouring in. Considering that just last episode she fully intended to kill him and he made it clear he'd return the favor if she attempted it... well, as the team would sing, "That's fucking teamwork!"

    Episode 08: Glass and Bone 
  • Keyleth, the otherwise awkward and introverted druid, getting suddenly aggressive towards Kima regarding the paladin stubbornly placing all of her faith in Bahamut. The air was definitely filled with so much tension you could cut it with a knife.
  • Percy pulls out the Bad News against the tentacled aberration the team is fighting. Cue a natural 20 and Mercer asking "How do you want to do this?"

    Episode 09: Yug'Voril Uncovered 
  • Tiberius using Counterspell to stop a mindflayer from getting away, followed up by roasting it with a fireball.
  • Grog riding on Shark Keyleth. That alone is pretty awesome.
  • Scanlan's speech to the Duregar queen before combat starts.
    Scanlan: Queen Ulara, if I may have a word? Let us spare each other lots of bloodshed and just have a chat before we fight. Is that all right?
    Queen: Talk, small, annoying creature, and perhaps it may delay the inevitable.
    Scanlan: We, my friends and I, have come, weíve come from the Above World- The Normal World, letís say- to your fine kingdom, down here below. And, we were on a mission, a bit of- I donít want to brag, but weíre an elite task force sent in by kingdoms and kings that you probably havenít heard of down below. But, anyway, Iíll spare you. [Ö] Mílady, we have come on a mission to save someone that you are holding captive. We have completed our mission, and in the melee, in that, um, hovel you call a palace back there, we lost one of our own, and we would like him back. Now, Iíll make it very simple, Ďcause my fellows are begging me keep things simple; itís a simple binary choice: you can all die right now, or you can turn over our friend and we will probably, probably leave you in peace. I would promise, but I donít make promises to dogs.

    Episode 10: K'Varn Revealed 
  • Say what you want, but K'Varn damaging and knocking Keyleth out of a scrying spell and taunting her is awesome in and of itself.
  • Using a saddlebag bomb originally meant to blow up a pony (long story) to utterly annihilate a pack of Gricks in a cavern. The ensuing explosion was indeed, as Vax said, "pretty cool".
  • Also, the party is fleeing from a cloaker on their boat, and it causes most of the party to become frightened of it (lots of bad saving throws). Grog is one of the few NOT frightened! In retaliation, he promptly runs to the back of the boat and uses Intimidating Presence (a new ability he just picked up after leveling to 10) to cause the cloaker to be afraid of HIM!
  • Meta-awesome, but the post-Episode Q&A reveals that the gang is planning to bring on guest stars or even entirely new permanent teammates, something sure to excited voice actor fans. Troy Baker is mentioned as being interested, and Yuri Lowenthal is likely to join in having played with them before the show began. Matt also responds positively to the chat suggesting Danny Sexbang, and several of the group like the idea of bringing on Garfunkel and Oates. The show is only going to get bigger and better!

    Episode 11: The Temple Showdown 
  • Both players and characters went into this expecting at least some of them to die and a probable TPK. They go anyway.
  • Grog headbutting a Fomorian Giant (which is at least 4 or 5 times bigger than he is) because it drank all of Grog's ale and then crushed the cask. He asserted dominance through this, briefly preventing it from fighting Keyleth's geas.
    Travis: (when asked to roll an athletics check on the headbutt) Natural 20!
    Everyone else: (various shades of Oh, Crap!, while Ashley confirms that he did in fact roll natural 20)
    Travis: You don't FUCK with Grog's cask of ale.
  • The greatest Dynamic Entry ever; GIANT THROUGH THE CEILING!
  • The epic battle against K'Varn, unsurprisingly.
    • Keyleth's first act against K'Varn? Swan dive off the roof and turn into a stone golem. Above K'Varn.
    • Grog attempts to ull the horn from K'Varn, he's unsuccessful, and in retribution, K'Varn targets Grog with all of his attacks to knock him out of the fight. thanks to Pike's death ward, and a natural 20 strength saving throw, K'Varn wastes so much effort trying to off Grog only for the Goliath to get past with one hit point.
    • "How do you want to do this?" goes to Vex'ahlia.
    • ...And the second one, after the horn of Orcus revives K'Varn as an undead, goes to Tiberius, who gives the zombie beholder an ice spike right through the eye.
    • Percy contributes a lot of headshots, a newly obtained skill upon level 10, keeping K'Varn down and minimizing just how much he can do. Not to mention the fact that he basically pulls off a Falling Chandelier of Doom with K'Varn's mind-control device.
    • Pike revives Grog after K'Varn sucks his soul out, temporarily killing him.

    Episode 13: Escape from the Underdark 
  • Clarota goes turncoat after the Elder Brain is freed, but Percy blows his brains out!
    Percy: Some people have no sense of fucking HONOR!
  • Vax manages to kill the mind flayer grappled onto Pike literally a turn before it would've killed her.

    Episode 14: Shopping and Shipping 
  • The episode is something of a breather after the climactic battle and escape sequence, but there's still a good gem of awesome here. Percy overhears the sovereign of Emon directing a letter toward the Briarwoods... which is to say, the noble couple who murdered his family. There follows a very tense scene as Percy tries to pry some information out of the sovereign without giving too much away, and when Matt asks for a deception check? Natural 20! Taliesin roleplays the pants off the scene, and the feeling of released tension when everything turns out okay is so palpable the viewers felt it.
    Percy/Taliesin: (after rolling the Natural 20) Don't fuck with me.

    Episode 15: Skyward 
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, Pike re-establishes her slightly fractured connection with Sarenrae, and then uses the newfound faith to completely heal Vax's foot.
  • Scanlan successfully intimidates for information after Grog failed at it earlier. Yep, the gnome bard scared the crap out of dudes who weren't scared of a goliath barbarian!
  • Keyleth polymorphs one of the wyverns attacking the skyship they were on into a bunny rabbit. Due to the skyship being hundreds of feet above the sea, she essentially one-shotted it!
  • A random NPC guard manages to take out one of the wyverns with a well placed arrow, and it was a Natural 20 to boot!
  • Tiberius uses his telekinesis to send daggers at one wyvern, calling them back, and repeating the process several times. Matt gives Orion a +20 modifier for his attack damage.
  • Percy defeats the last wyvern with a combination of his fire and ice Pepperbox shots, Western-style.

    Episode 16: Enter Vasselheim 
  • Vex, with help from Tiberuis and inspiration from Scanlan, pulls off what is described as a "death star shot": firing an arrow into a tiny hole with a piston slamming into it constantly. The arrow needs to ricochet off the piston to get in, but the shot goes though, disarming the trap. Matt admits afterwards the difficulty on that shot was "nearly impossible", but Vex managed it with a combined total of over 35!

    Episode 17: Hubris 
  • The entire match between Kurn the Hammer and "Phillip" is awesome for just how each hit was described on both ends.

    Episode 18: Trial of the Take, Part 1 
  • Taliesin rolling three natural 20s during combat. Rolling a 20 during combat is difficult enough, but to do it three times... that's epic. This results in Percy going on a shooting rampage in his jim-jammies.
  • After past attempts at either failing to attack or nearly getting killed after a successful strike, Trinket finally gets his first kill on the stream.
  • Lyra and Zahra show off their magical abilities quite well during the battle, to say the least.
  • You almost wouldn't realize this was the first time Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's played D&D from how well she carried Zahra's character.

    Episode 19: Trial of the Take, Part 2 
  • Zahra Jedi Mind Tricks the Giants.
  • Trinket's vocabulary is astounding. And apparently sexy.
  • During the battle with Rimefang, the wyrm tries to fly away to get a better vantage point... only for Scanlan to use Bigby's Hand to grab and force him back down to the ground thanks to Scanlan revealing his newest feat: War Caster. Sure, it results in Scanlan nearly dying when the dragon retaliates against him, but still, never underestimate the bard.
  • Not only does everyone live against Rimefang, Zahra gets the killing blow!
    Rimefang: (while being ripped apart by Hellish Rebuke) You can't-
    Zahra: Yes, I fucking can.
    • The best bit is that if she hadn't, the party might have died there as Percy is one death saving throw away from dying, Scanlan almost died, Lyra was unconscious and Vex was almost unconscious. Grog was the only one who was doing well hit point wise in the fight.
  • The soundtrack for the show is expanded to include music from Pillars of Eternity, which Matt Mercer did voices in (and Marisha reviewed with Hot Pepper Gaming).

    Episode 20: Trial of the Take, Part 3 
  • Talking to Grog about the flying carpet.
  • "Scanlan" and Keyleth being married.
  • Orion's voice acting, and just generally good role-play.
  • As with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the previous two episodes, this was Will Friedle's first time playing! More impressively, given the range of characters he's know to perform (usually nice guys or at the least good-hearted characters, usually with some comedy), the fact that he's playing a jerkass and straight man entirely convincingly says a lot about his acting capacity.
  • One for Matt Mercer and his awesome worldbuilding and ability to connect story threads, in this episode we hear in passing of the Raven Queen's temple, and Keyleth buys a raven mask.

    Episode 21: Trial of the Take, Part 4 
  • A D&D miracle — Wil Wheaton finally rolls a Natural 20!
  • Keyleth proved to be an integral asset throughout the episode, dealing the killing blow to the Otyugh and using her Minxie form to excellent effect against the Rakshasa (the reason Matt asked for her alignment — magical piercing damage from a Good-aligned character did super-effective damage!). There's also her Heroes' Feast as well, which gave the party the needed strength to push on ahead.
  • Despite the party being so unbalanced in terms of mindsets during their contract, everyone was able to pull together when it truly counted against the Rakshasa:
    • Vax and Keyleth dealing the most damage thanks to their Good alignments and weapons that dealt magical piercing damage.
    • Thorbir distracting the Shield Guardian.
    • Kashaw providing the needed healing.
    • Tiberius acting on support duty with Slow, Silence, and Counterspell.
  • The duo of events that led to the Rakshasa's Karmic Death — Tiberius succeeds in preventing it from escaping the battle with a level 6 Counterspell (against the level 7 Plane Shift), and Vax gives it a mighty Sneak Attack for threatening their loved ones earlier as it's escaping.
  • Kashaw's exit — he gives Keyleth a Big Damn Kiss. Scanlan could learn a thing or two.

    Episode 22: Aramente to Pyrah 
  • Pike suddenly returning for the episode was a total surprise to the party and Critters alike.
  • Percy has one with his acrobatic arm shot. Laura/Vex even punctuates it with, "That was awesome."
  • Even though he'd been wary of lava since episode 7, Vax swallows his fear to make the jump after Keyleth.
  • Marisha's acting in itself was fantastic from the start of the Fire Ashari half of the episode, particularly when Keyleth described her vision during her Earth Ashari training, all the way to the episode's conclusion.

    Episode 23: The Rematch 
  • Grog gets his rematch, and a very clutch revenge.
  • Doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny but Victor the black powder prospector. Just that entire scene with the contrasts between the collected and proper Percy, and the wild and wily Victor.
    • A massive CMOA for Matthew Mercer since he came up with Victor and everything about him on the spot and didn't corpse even once.
  • Dark as it may be, Vax knocking out Vox Machina Fanboy Kainan deserves a mention. Thanks to some great rolling, he ends up doing over 50 points of damage.

    Episode 24: The Feast 
  • We finally get some backstory about Percy!
    • And Taliesin's acting in that scene is just sensational.
  • Diplomacy. It's the name of Percy's shock gauntlet, which he builds in preparation for the Briarwoods' arrival.
  • Say what you want, that cliffhanger was definitely awesome.
  • The entire banquet scene counts, as everyone keeps the tension exceedingly high with the disguised Percy getting off a Stealth Insult and no weapons drawn other than regular words (knives would have broken on that tension).

    Episode 25: Crimson Diplomacy 
  • Vax'ildan jumping out of the window through the glass with a parkour roll to escape the Briarwoods.
  • Tiberius makes a hell of an entrance into the Briarwoods' chamber. He sends a fireball at the two guards at the door, killing one outright and successfully intimidating the other into fleeing. Then steps through the hole he just blasted through the doors, emerging from the smoke into the room.
  • Vex comes across her brother unconscious at the hands of the Briarwoods. Her first shot is a crit. And so is the second. You don't fuck with the twins. As Orion puts it, "she would like to rage."
  • Percy's gone renegade! To elaborate in full, episode 25 is a tour de force for both Percy's combat skills and Taliesin's roleplaying ability.
    • When he's finally able to face the Briarwoods in combat, he screams "SYLAS!" before firing the Bad News at him. The first shot takes a chunk out of his nemesis' arm to the point bone is visible. The second shot gets him in the face.
    • As the Briarwoods attempt to escape via carriage, Percy takes aim and blows out one of its wheels, leading to it toppling.
    • Even though they escape, he proceeds to interrogate the driver rather violently. Said interrogation starts by listing off the names of his family, demanding to know what became of them. The young man's already wounded from Vex's explosive arrow, but Percy shoots off some of his fingers just to make a point. And when the driver protests that the Briarwoods will kill him if he informs on them to Vox Machina, Percy's response? "No. Because I will kill you first."
    • Finally fed up with things by the time the Broker and his thugs attack Lillith, Percy goes off on the Broker, demanding to know why people even bother them since they're just going to get killed anyway. He fires six Pepperbox shots in quick succession, resulting in a baseball-sized smoking hole in the middle of the Broker's chest.
    • Percy's one liner after the killing blow: "YOU FOOL! YOUR SOUL IS FORFEIT!"
  • People were wondering how Tiberius was going to use his makeshift dagger-wheel thing. He casts telekinesis on it and sends it spinning through the air like a buzzsaw.
    • Subverted when it turned out to be the trigger for an alignment shift to Chaotic Neutral, as the person he had attacked — while part of the group that confronted them — was still a defenseless old woman at that point in the battle.
  • Kit's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    Lillith: You tell my sister I hope her face still festers!
  • After the Briarwoods escape, the group is attacked by three thugs who are after Lillith...and they rip them apart in a matter of in-game seconds taking barely any damage in the process. Highlights include Grog hitting all three with a lightning javelin and Percy going Ax-Crazy for his deathblow:
    Percy: Your soul is now FORFEIT! Die, DIE!
  • One for the DM: when Keyleth rolls high to identify an herb used by the priest treating Vax, Matt immediately has its name ready, without even looking.

    Episode 26: Consequences and Cows 
  • Despite the fact that he's actively antagonistic towards Vox Machina for this episode, Sovereign Uriel is a boss:
    Uriel: You are in my court now, Stormwind.
  • Jarret, one of Greyskull Keep's guards, is set up outside their prisoner's cell is there to protect him in case Percy tries to kill him - and he's a badass.
    Scanlan: You think you can take Percy?
    Jarret: I think I can talk some sense into him.
    Grog: He's got balls.
  • Doubles as Crowning Moment of Funny but, "Vox Moochina."
  • Keyleth has...a pretty rough episode. By the end of it all, she's exhausted, frustrated, and terrified that her friends are slowly becoming more and more violent. So when the group is confronted with a roc that's been killing livestock, and Keyleth reaches the end of her rope, what does she do? Puts her foot down, refusing to let anyone in the group kill the creature or trick its protector, and manages to find an optimal solution with the help of Tiberius, Vex and Scanlan. She even sticks it out when the roc crushes her hand.
    • In addition to this, Vex/Laura should get major brownie points for deducing the best place for the roc to live - outside Vasselheim, where the creature can have lots of food and space without infringing on humanity, and it will be protected by the Slayer's Take, meaning that it will be illegal to hunt the creature without permission.

     Episode 27: The Path to Whitestone 
  • Matt's opening description of Percy's dream is both this and a bit of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Percy and Trinket are surprised by invisible stalkers, and pinned in a corner. The List misfires and breaks, Diplomacy is out of charges, and Percy's too close for Bad News to fire without the kickback hurting him, so what does he do? Clubs the invisible enemy with Bad News as if it were a baseball bat.

    Critical Rejects, part 2 
  • Matt's excellent improv in the face of the session's gimmick got a well-deserved round of applause when it was all said and done.
  • Ulfgar not only gets the only natural 20 of his team in both parts, he also gets the finishing blow against the abomination with his newly learned Chromatic Orb.
  • "Money" Sam is facing a Pit Fiend, an enemy far beyond his (and the whole party's) reach, that's following him due to a bad draw from the Deck of Many Things. Without blinking, he decides to give it one last shot and draw another card. His draw grants him a wish, which he promptly uses to make the Pit Fiend harmless, resuscitate one of his comrades and the one they came to save, and get thousands of gold coins. Admittedly, he was very lucky, but it still was quite a moment.
  • Marisha totally blindsides Orion at the end of the episode upon revealing that her character Edna was the old woman that Tiberius brutally killed during the battle with the Broker.

     Episode 28: The Sun Tree 
  • Grog rolls a Natural 20 on an Intelligence check to identify a building.
  • Matt's description of the titular Sun Tree. To say much more would spoil the surprise, but suffice to say, if you thought the dream above was Nightmare Fuel? You ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Speaking of the Sun Tree, Taliesin proves that he's got mad RP skills by ad-libbing the lore behind the tree itself. Even better, Matt rolls with it and blends his interpretation of the lore with what Taliesin offered!
  • Vox Machina's plan to start a revolution. From Percy's quiet statement "we rally the people" to Scanlan's crowner "I'm going to need a beret" - the whole conversation is infectiously awesome, and it continues to play out over the next couple of episodes.

     Episode 29: Whispers 
  • Matt shows off just how prepared a DM he is when he brings out a map for the temple that Percy, Vax and Scanlan have entered and Taliesin thought that he'd just expected them to go to that specific temple. Mercer gives an absolutely epic Badass Boast in response:
    Matt: I built the whole city, 'cause I don't know where you guys were gonna go!
  • The image of Scanlan literally bitchslapping a Banshee into oblivion with Bigby's Hand is both this and hilarious.
  • The ambush is amazing. Sir Stonefell is talking to an advisor in a closed room about how he needs to set up traps and troops in preparation for Vox Machina's arrival...and then Vox Machina kicks the door down.
  • The way Vox Machina completely dominate Sir Stonefell's advisor. To start, they gag and blind him (first with a blindfold and then with a Blindness spell). Then, they force him to give them intel. Then, as a message, Grog rips out his tongue (rolling a natural 20 to do so), and Percy cauterises the wound and then brands his face with the barrel of the pepperbox. Then, after throwing him out the window, they set the house on fire.
  • Vax gets to launch a triple dagger attack which does 96 damage.

     Episode 30: Stoke the Flames 
  • Critical Role... now with costumes!
    • In particular, Matt's cosplay of Geralt is awesome. The players keep commenting on how intense he looks.
  • Scanlan kills a vampire by pissing on it. After all, urine is technically running water.
  • So far, only Taliesin ever remembered and pronounced Percy's full name correctly (and, in this episode, even he got it wrong once). Then Matthew plays an NPC that knew Percy when he was a child, and says his full name without hesitating or having to read it. Taliesin applauds him.
  • Scanlan morphs himself into a triceratops.

     Episode 31: Gunpowder Plot 
  • As if the soundtrack of the show wasn't awesome enough, it gets even better from here on with the addition of Elder Scrolls music, not used since the Pathfinder days!
  • As of this episode, everyone in Vox Machina (except Pike and Tiberius) reached level 12 and gained new abilities and feats.
    • Grog picks up the Great Weapon Master for more damage at the cost of accuracy.
    • Scanlan picks up the Tough feat to dramatically increase his meager HP from 66 to 101.
    • Vax'ildan picks up Sharpshooter to further improve his dagger throwing and damage.
    • Percy reveals some warlock spells via Magic Initiate (Friends, Minor Illusion, and Hex).
    • Vex'ahlia's Wisdom is boosted to 16.
    • Keyleth had taken the Skilled feat which grants her proficiency in three additional skills (Intimidation, Persuasion, and proficiency with Alchemist's Supplies).
  • Scanlan's battle is possibly his biggest on-stream CMOA so far:
    • Fighting as a triceratops!
    • Drinking a potion of fire breath to light the house on fire.
    • Punching the lord (A goliath) of the house with Bigby's Hand so he flies off the roof and across the street.
    • Trust-falling off the roof and letting Bigby's Hand catch him.
    • And what makes all of this even better? Scanlan insisted he could do this on his own & didn't need anyone's help, only for his plan to go Off the Rails twice when A) he finds out the Briarwood's men where expecting Vox Machina to attack & had prepared accordingly, and B) he realises he doesn't have any fire magic - it's only when he checked his inventory for anything he could use to start a fire that he realised he had the potion of fire breath. Everything Scanlan does after he bursts into the house as a Triceratops was purely Sam/Scanlan ad-libbing in order to escape the house with his life, and he not only does so, but he completes his initial objective to boot!
  • Trinket gets a How Do You Want to Do This deathblow and tears Count Tyleari's head off with his teeth.

     Episode 32: Against the Tide of Bone 
  • In addition to her return in general being a huge Big Damn Heroes moment, Pike finally gets an onscreen "How Do You Want to Do This?" finishing blow via her Mace of Distruption on a zombie Stone Giant. She's exactly what Vox Machina, and Whitestone needs.
  • Vex finishes off the other Stone Giant through some great teamwork with her brother (apparently borrowed from a fanfic!).

     Episode 33: Reunions 
  • One of the best roleplay moments by any player so far:
    Percy: You are, at the moment, the luckiest person in Whitestone. Do you know why?
    Ripley: Hm?
    Percy: Because you're at the bottom of my List.
    Percy: You're the face I saw when murder entered my heart. This is your doing.
  • Percy has always been luckier than most when it comes to dice rolling, but seven Natural 20s in the episode... damn!
  • As heartwarming as it was, Vax's sudden confession and kiss towards Keyleth took everyone in the room by surprise, even Matt.
  • Scanlan, thank to his scroll, is the one doing most of the damage to the spirits, and to top that he gets to deal the killing blow, and with a Vicious Mockery.

     Episode 34: Race to the Ziggurat 
  • Sylas manages to charm Grog, only for Travis to remember just in time that he's immune to charm because he's raging, to much rejoicing of the rest of the players.
  • Sylas' defeat is done via Keyleth and Pike pulling a move that could have been straight out of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • For the second time, Vex barely survives Delilah's Finger of Death.
  • The HDYWTDT to Delilah is via Percy, who decides on a Restrained Revenge by blowing off one of her arms.
  • Percy finally gets to use Diplomacy in combat, ten episodes after creating it - and he uses it to grab Sylas Briarwood by the face.
  • Scanlan's Counterspell. It was due to this spell that Lady Briarwood couldn't run away from battle, and this was the reason why Keyleth even had the chance of killing Lord Briarwood.
  • When attempting to destroy the anti-magic sphere with a shard of residuum and it threatens to suck her in upon failing, Keyleth manages to resist the pull thanks to a clutch Natural 20 Strength save. That lucky roll may have saved her life (literally) in that instance.

     Episode 35: Denouement 
  • Percy rolls a Natural 20 when he's in danger of being taken over by Orthax, essentially exorcising Orthax from himself through sheer force of will, which allows Vox Machina to finally confront the demonic contractor and give him what for.
    • Pike criticals with the spell Guiding Bolt, and deals 42 radiant damage, which is the single biggest hit in the battle.
    • Grog and Trinket team up to take down Orthax's physical form.
  • Scanlan's simple but effective way to Take a Third Optiontossing Percy's broken Pepperbox into the acid
  • Scanlan FINALLY gets his beret. And never was a piece of headgear more deserved.

     Episode 36: Winter's Crest in Whitestone 
  • Out of universe — Christopher Perkins, who works at Wizards of the Coast and of Acquisitions Incorporated fame, was at the studio!
  • The arm-wrestling contest. In particular, Grog ends up being bested in the finals by a female town guard named Trisha.
  • In human form, Trinket manages to tie for first place in the pie-eating contest!

     Episode 37: A Musician's Nostalgia 
  • Doubling as a Crowning Moment of Funny, Grog tops his Natural 20 Intelligence roll by doing it again. Specifically, an ARCANA check!
  • Scanlan has a chance to show off his musical abilities in an actual performance when he has a surprise reunion with his mentor's traveling troupe.
  • Pike heals up Desmond's hand and gives him the ability to use it kind of like a claw with a Natural 20.

     Episode 38: Echoes of the Past 
  • Riskel Daxio, a Vecna-worshipper, keeps making My Death Is Just the Beginning taunts to the party in the face of his execution. So Vex comes up with the idea to have Pike bless him, to stop him coming back as anything undead. Riskel is visible horrified at the notion thanks to a successful Intimidate check.
  • Scanlan narrowly avoids a showdown with Kaylie, before she reveals that she is his daughter, and then they (kind of) reconcile!
  • Pike manages to pick open a lock despite having no proficiency with Thieves' Tools.

     Episode 39: Omens 
  • Say what you want, the mental image of dragons destroying the city of Emon, and having our heroes fleeing for their lives is an intense and awesome ending for an episode.
  • Scanlan and Kaylie pulling off a father-daughter breakout from the stockade. Also, Percy being subtle in getting some sort of payback towards Scanlan due to him tossing The List into the acid pits beneath Whitestone.

     Episode 40: Desperate Measures 
  • Vex reveals that she multiclassed into Rogue.
  • Scanlan still having a role in the battle against the white dragon, despite Sam not being there.
  • Inter-party FIGHT!
  • The cunning Grog displays when he manages to trick Percy and Vex'ahlia, of all people, into producing the wish-granting skull of the Githanki from its hiding place, then isolates the Percy and Vex from the rest of the party by cornering them in Percy's heavily secured workshop and sealing off the only door, and finally single-handedly overpowers both of them by using his immense strength to knock Percy prone and take the skull from Vex, while the rest of the party is helpless to do anything but watch. Grog only fails at getting everything he wants (and probably making things even worse) because of a critical fail he rolls at the very last second. The sheer cunning that Grog, a goliath with an intelligence of 6, brought to bear is simply jaw-dropping.
  • Keyleth silences everyone arguing over the skull and calls them out on not keeping her in the loop and falling apart at the seams.
    Vex'ahlia: Keyleth, you don't know what's happening.
  • Allura's Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! speech to Keyleth.
  • A villainous example with Thordak, the massive ancient red dragon, showing Vorugal, the ancient white dragon, who was boss. Thordak snatched Vorugal, who had been thrashing Vox Machina, out of the sky and threw him to the ground. Definitely showed just how strong Thordak is.

     Episode 41: In Ruins 
  • New guest party member! Jason Charles Miller as Garthok, the Half-Orc Rogue from the Clasp! Miller manages to play him quite well.
  • Vox Machina and Garthok see looters picking over the remains of Gilmore's Glorious Goods and they immediately jump into battle once the looters attack them. Everyone in the party gets a moment of awesome. Namely:
    • Vex hammering the looters with Hail of Thorns.
    • Trinket ripping one guy's head entirely off his neck.
    • Grog going into a Frenzy Rage and getting multiple Natural 20s in one round and killing multiple looters in the same attack.
    • Percy running and shooting and killing a guy with his three shots that round then casually walking to the next foe.
    • Keyleth getting pissed and grabbing one of the looter's heads and shocking him (and herself, but she considers it Worth It) with a point-blank Call Lightning. She then follows it up with turning into Minxie once again, and pulling off ANOTHER Call Lightning while in her beast form.
    • Pike slamming a guy with 22 damage and then assisting Percy with her War Domain abilities so he can finish him off.
    • Garthok's sneak attacking with his Stiletto Spear and nearly instakilling the people he sneak attacked.
    • Scanlan dominating an enemy dwarf and then intimidating a guy at the end of combat to surrender with a parody of "The Joker"'s first verse.
    • Both Vex and Percy using Hunter's Mark and Hex on the same guy they're targeting just because they could.
  • Gilmore. While Vox Machina was running for their lives, this not so humble shop keeper took on Thordak, the ancient red dragon, to save the lives of Uriel's family, Seeker Asum and Guardian Tofor Bratoris and lived thanks to the combined efforts of Pike, Vex, and Keyleth when they find him on death's door.
    • Doubles as one for Matt's dice-rolling skills as well. He'd been making secret rolls for the first half of the episode to see if Gilmore would survive, with the chance decreasing steadily (the next roll would have had a 80% chance of Gilmore's death). Pike choosing to use her one 6th-level spell to Heal him as hard as she could is awesome on top of that, as it shows just how well Matt has done at creating Gilmore's character.

     Episode 42: Dangerous Dealings 
  • After recently having terrible luck utilizing her 6th level spells, a newly leveled-up Keyleth gets some redemption by using 7th level Fire Storm against several Wyverns.
    • It's doubly awesome from an RP standpoint as Keyleth unleashed her rage against them in memory of her fallen brothers and sisters in the Fire Ashari.
  • Vex's limerick to Scanlan was such a good burn Matt granted Laura DM inspiration for it.
  • Percy calling Keyleth out for costing VM an alliance with The Clasp due to her ego, saying that compared to himself, she believes that she's better than them and that they lost a valuable spy network. However, Keyleth points out that they don't need the assistance of the Clasp, and that giving them an in in Vasselheim as well as the risks of such an alliance was not worth it. The best part of the argument is that, from certain perspectives, they're both right: Percy's right in that they should have respected the Clasp more and that they missed out on a valuable deal and spy network because of that, and Keyleth's right about the risks potentially not being worth the reward.

     Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim 
  • Zahra and Kashaw have returned! Squee!!!!!!
  • Not just that, but there are returns of a lot of recurring characters. Vanessa and Murten Sindrial, Kern, Vicktor the Black Powder Merchant, Lady Kima of Vord, a mention of Tyriock the Cartographer, amongst others.
  • Lady Kima kicking a Platinum Knight, Udain, and taking his place as Vord's sent Champion.
  • Matt had an entire creation myth prepared for his universe, and he finally gets to tell it. According to Q&As, he'd thought it up a long time ago, the party just hadn't asked about it until now.
  • The fight between Grog, Vax'ildan, and Scanlan vs. Earthbreaker Groon.
    • Vax managed to avoid taking 10d10 necrotic damage with a saving throw.
    • Doing the splits to dodge the Lightning Bolt from Scanlan.
  • Keyleth checking up on Vax'ildan after the fight, by hugging him (twice) and giving him a peck on the lips. It seems like they are moving into Official Couple territory.

     Special Episode: Battle Royale I 
  • Pre-battle, a tale from real life during the Q&A: Taliesin once nearly missed his flight because he tried to get a model of the Pepperbox, gifted by a fan at a convention, through airport security. Then, when more TSA agents show up, one of them turned out to be a Critter. Taliesin was promptly let onto the plane, model and all.
    TSA Agent: Of course it's Percy.

     Episode 44: The Sunken Tomb 
  • Owlbears. 'Nuff said.
  • Zahra gets another HDYWTDT, and against a beholder, causing the entire upper half of the monster to explode!
  • Scanlan using Bigby's Hand to throw Grog at the beholder in a fastball special.
  • Along with being a Tearjerker, Vex's revival ritual definitely qualifies. It starts out with Kashaw drawing upon Vesh's power, knowing full well that it could get them all killed, and culminates in Vax staring down the goddess of death and making this offer:

     Episode 45: Those Who Walk Away... 
  • Vax'ildan's and Percy's Role-playing is top-notch.
    • Vex'ahlia's and Keyleth's Role-playing almost seems to trump it.
    • Funny as it was, Scanlan and Grog's was also awesome.
  • Percy giving Vex'ahlia a siege arrow, which he calls "An Evening of Unbridled Guilt."

     Episode 46: Cindergrove Revisited 
  • Keyleth, in her Fire Elemental form, managed to roll a Natural 20 on Intimidation to scare a salamander and some smaller elementals away.
  • Vex pulls a slick con to swindle the guest, Gern, out of his flying broom. (However, it does bump her alignment to Chaotic Neutral for stealing from a guy trying to help them.)
  • Keyleth uses her Tidal Wave spell to create 60 gallons of water that deals an automatic 60 damage due to elemental weaknesses (in addition to its base damage), and it automatically kills two fire elementals.
    • Then a Critter tweeted Taliesin with the calculation that it was actually 125 gallons of water. Matt's response that there's no way in hell that they survived it.
  • While Gern is laying in the lava and probably near unconsciousness, he hits the Efreet with a Disintegrate and deals 76 damage to it.
  • Scanlan gets both How Do You Want To Do This killshots this episode, the first with Thunder Wave (which ends up backfiring because he's too focused on getting Gern's attention to watch it happen) and then the second one to finish off the Efreet with Lightning Bolt after trapping it inside his Otiluke's Resilient Sphere.

     Episode 47: The Family Business 
  • Magical Mansion, Casa Del Shorthalt.
  • A well-timed dinging sound right when Vex'ahila pulls out the flying broom.
    Sam: Whoa, how did you do that?

     Episode 48: Into the Frostweald 
  • After learning the hard way that using it in combat is a bad idea back in Episode 39, here we see how Wind Walk is supposed to be used: as an awesome, fast method of travel.
  • "Vax'ildad" telling a boy named Simon, that he named his serpentine belt after the kid.
    • Asking Simon if he wanted to see something cool.
  • Pike receiving the Gauntlets of Ogre Power from Grog. She's now stronger than him!
  • Anytime a party member chooses to not avert their gaze when attacking the Basilisks, meaning they don't get disadvantage on their attacks but have to make a Constitution save to avoid being turned to stone. Everyone who does so ends up shrugging it off like nothing!
  • Pike, once again showing she's the best, by rolling a Natrual 20 Insight check on Vax.

     Episode 49: A Name Is Earned 
  • Mixed with Funny, Scanlan rolling into the Orc camp. They needed a diversion, and this got everyone's attention. Sam's line leading into it is pretty awesome too.
    Matt: What was your stealth check, Sam?
    Sam: 15, but it doesn't matter: I'm walking forward.
  • Keyleth goes Earth Elemental and attempts to throw an Orc into the spike pit "this is Sparta" style. She succeeds!
  • Grog's How Do You Want to Do This moment against the Orcchief of stabbing Craven Edge into the ground hilt first and then impaling him onto the blade is cruel yet awesome.
  • Percy, Keyleth and Vex are responsible for figuring out basically every riddle in the lead-up to the fight with the Androsphinx. Percy speaks Celestial, so he reads out all of the inscriptions, and Keyleth not only figures out that they have to dive into the pool of water to advance, but also saves Grog from drowning. Percy deduces how to open the columns in the next room, then Keyleth and Vex manage to save everyone from the sand trap it triggers. During the actual fight, Percy uncovers a hint that helps Vex figure out how to find the clues to the Androsphinx's name. Then Percy, Keyleth and (eventually) Grog gather the rest of the clues. To top it all off, Percy manages to keep a clear head while half the party is knocked out, seriously injured, frightened, or paralyzed, and he figures out the Androsphinx's name just in time.
  • Described by Travis as "going Super Saiyan", Craven Edge gets "full". Creepy Awesome powerup ensues.

     Episode 50: Best Laid Plans... 
  • Fifty episodes of Critical Role goodness!
  • New intro!
  • Ashley's back in town!
  • Craven Edge is finally gotten rid of for good thanks to Pike breaking the attunement with Greater Restoration and Keyleth sending the sword into a pocket dimension with Plane Shift.
    • Percy getting into a shadow vs. shadow 'contest' with Craven Edge, demanding it return Grog's soul.

     Episode 51: Test of Pride 
  • As tense as their relationship is; Scanlan and Kaylie make a formidable team by Scanlan using Minor Illusion and Kaylie throwing her voice by pretending to be Stonejaw Strongjaw and saving the lives of the people in the church together. Scanlan also uses Seeming and high Deception rolls to disguise them as a band of orcs and then get them past Goliaths and into the sewers safely.
  • Grog's epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to both the current state of the Herd of Storms and Kevdak himself, followed by challenging Kevdak to single combat. Travis' acting in general is amazing in this episode.
  • When Kevdak proves too tough to defeat in single combat, Grog calls upon his friends, and it is epic:
  • Scanlan's first usage of Mythcarver, stabbing straight through the face of a halfling without any resistance or sound: a glimpse of the power the wielded Vestiges might hold.

     Episode 52: The Kill Box 
  • The entire fight against Kevdak and Grog's former herd is entirely awesome, but special mentions:
    • Grog falling 50ft through the air to land the HDYWTDT on Kevdak after being rescued via locket by Vex on her broom the previous turn, and slicing Kevdak vertically in two. The falling damage took him down to 0 HP, but nobody cares - Matt, without prompting, mentions that Grog falls unconscious smiling.
    • Matt later revealed that had Grog not done this, the rest of the Barbarians would've kept on fighting, meaning this action likely saved the party's lives.
    • Scanlan's Hold Person spell completely neutralizes Kevdak. The party follows up by focusing fire on his arms until he can no longer hold a weapon, meaning that he never makes a single attack during the entire battle.
    • Percy puts the Gloves of Missile Snaring to work against an enemy archer, snatching an arrow from midair and breaking it in one hand. He stares down the unfortunate guy, who promptly regrets his life choices.
    • Percy gets another moment right after Kevdak is healed for 70 HP by Greenbeard. While the rest of the party worries that the tide of battle is turning against them, Percy plugs away with Bad News, and wipes out almost 50 of those hit points in a single turn.
    • Vex'ahlia tanking four out of five attacks of opportunity to save Grog, who later states he only had 20 HP left. She swoops down on the Broom of Flying and, in a stroke of brilliance, scoops Grog into the "pokeball" locket from which she'd earlier released Trinket.
  • After the fight, they find out that Zanror was to be executed for speaking against Kevdak, since he wanted the herd to take action against the dragon. When Greenbeard prompts Grog to finish Zanror off, Grog announces that he's going to eliminate a weakling in order to return the herd to its lost glory and then turns to drive the ax into Greenbeard, killing him. Grog might not be very smart, but he's got cunning.

     Episode 53: At Dawn, We Plan! 
  • Wilhand being a Shipper on Deck for Scanlan and Pike after learning that Scanlan has a Magic Mansion.

     Episode 54: In the Belly of the Beast 
  • Plan A: Percy builds a trap to keep Umbrasyl on the ground. Pretty good plan, right? Plan B: Dimension door into a Dragon's stomach, and place an immovable rod right in its gullet. Awesome. Suicidally insane, but awesome.
  • Once the trap is sprung, Vex gets the first turn on initiative on Umbrasyl for almost a hundred points worth of damage in one round.
  • Evil as it is, the cliffhanger at end of session is pure crazy narrative awesome, as a heavily-injured Umbrasyl escapes the battlefield, tearing the immovable rod from his own gut in the process with Vax and Scanlan still trapped and alive inside him. Also, he's dragging an extra-large Grog along by the chain of his waraxe.

     Special Episode: Battle Royale II 
  • Vax deserves a solid round of applause for managing to last as long as he did. *clap* Despite his typically low rogue hitpoints, he manages to outlast Percy of all people.
    • His constant daggers from the shadows coupled with all of the benefits he gets as a rogue, allows him to deal quite a bit of damage, before Keyleth and Pike eliminate him by turning the match into a game of whack-a-mole.
  • Pike in her Evil persona. Since Pike no longer has to worry about canon in-game repercussions for using the nastier side of her divine magic, she essentially has a free pass to use every Dangerous Forbidden Technique at her disposal on the rest of the party.
    • Finishing off Keyleth by successfully shoving her into a stream of lava and pushing her face down into it was a chilling and brutal but still epic finish to the battle. Especially since Pike only had a few hit points left and would likely have died on the following round.

    Episode 55: Umbrasyl 
  • Vax and Scanlan, using their own skills and ingenuity, manage to escape from inside Umbrasyl. Vax carves his way out with the Dragonslayer Longsword, while Scanlan uses Bigby's Hand to fist his way through.
  • Vax'ildan, Paladin of the Raven Queen.
    Vax: When I went into this dragon, I was lost and a wanderer. But as I'm shat out its side, I come forth a Paladin of the Raven Queen. And the last thing I think as I shoot out it's side is "If you have any wings to lend me, now is the time."
  • Despite falling through the air after using the Gate Stone to teleport to Vax (who was already rescued by Scanlan and Grog while the latter was polymorphed into an eagle), Keyleth decides to use her Sparkstone power while still being an earth elemental, light herself on fire, and plummet like a meteor into the Bramblewood, leaving a massive crater... and still managing to come out relatively unharmed thanks to the elemental's HP.
  • Chris Perkins joins the party for the episode as an elderly goliath fighter named Shale who happens to know Grog from his younger days.
  • Thanks to some quick thinking, the party manages to get up Gatshadow quickly so they can continue pursuing Umbrasyl before he could recover all of his strength.
  • Percy goes to town against Umbrasyl with six frantic slashes of his longsword, dealing 172 damage in one round thanks to his Action Surge.
  • Grog gets the HDYWTDT against the Hope Devourer with his new Retaliation ability, scoring their first victory against the Chroma Conclave! Better yet, everyone survives!

     Episode 56: Hope 
  • Similar to Episode 45, most of the awesome here comes from the top-notch roleplaying from Scanlan, Keyleth, Vax, Percy, and the guest: author Patrick Rothfuss.
    • In particular, Percy gives an incredible, subdued and heartfelt speech in support of preserving Westruun instead of evacuating/abandoning it.
    Percy: How long do you live?
    Keyleth: If I complete my journey it can be upwards of a thousand years or more.
    Percy: How long do you think I live?
    Keyleth: Less than a hundred?
    Percy: No. I am Percival Frederickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III. My ancestry dates back thousands of years and will continue for thousands more, unless Whitestone falls. I live as long as Whitestone lives. This place [Westruun] is the human soul. This is what we have built with our tiny moments. To lose a place like this, we don't feel it immediately but... it would ruin everyone. In small ways. [...] This is good we do here. This is great good. And it's not about idolising ourselves, it's about a very long story which we are, even you, a tiny part of.
  • Matt shows off his DMing ability once again by taking just three seconds to answer an obscure trivia question about Westruun.

     Episode 57: Duskmeadow 
  • Vax's visit to the Temple of the Raven Queen and speaking directly to her. Percy later speaks to her as well. Matt's roleplaying is some of his best.
  • The cliffhanger of the episode is also one of the best, as Hotis the Rakshasa returns and manages to, under the guise of Gilmore, trick Vax into completely disarming himself and removing his armor as well as isolating him from the others so that he can exact his revenge for what happened when he was killed the first time.

     Episode 58: A Cycle of Vengeance 
  • After the previous cliffhanger, many members of the party get a chance to shine during the showdown:
    • Vax throws himself and Hotis from the tower, unwilling to let the Rakshasa slip away to potentially compromise all of Whitestone and everything Vox Machina accomplished.
    • Keyleth, ambushed by an assassin in her bed, manages to slip behind him and blast him through the window with a Thunderwave, before carving a path directly to the courtyard where the battle was happening.
    • Percy manages to take out both of the assassins the group was facing in the castle once everyone had gotten up.
    • Scanlan jumps from the tower, hitting Hotis with a plunging attack from Mythcarver and pulling Vax from near death at the same time.
    • The HDYWTDT goes to Pike, who barely survives the assassin attack on her before emerging in the courtyard and bringing down a 7th level Flame Strike, the only magical attack to touch Hotis all night, reducing him to ash.
  • The NPCs are not to be outdone, either. Lady Kima, Kashaw, and Gilmore utterly trounce the assassins sent after them, in increasingly impressive ways. Specifically:
    • Lady Kima arrives dragging the corpse of the assassin sent after herself and Allura, while wearing a long nightgown implied to belong to Allura and toting her maul. The corpse's face is so badly broken that it noticeably affects Pike's attempt to use Speak With Dead afterward.
    • After much of the fandom had hoped for Matt to avert the dreaded Bury Your Gays trope, Gilmore uses an unknown spell of his/Matt's own design to utterly crush the assassin sent for him, squeezing the body and causing it to be, as Matt describes it, "wrung out like a wet towel".
    • At first it appears something terrible has happened to Kashaw, with the walls, floor and even the ceiling of his room being absolutely covered in blood. Then Kashaw is revealed to be covered in just as much blood, calmly sitting on the end of his bed seeming quite cheerful about the whole situation. He wisely decides to have a shower before joining the celebrations.
      • This is due to a moment of Awesome for Matt Mercer, who originally didn't have anything planned for Kashaw, but then was reminded he was also in the group that fought Hotis originally, and comes up with the new scenario entirely on the fly.
  • Vax can now sprout wings and fly! (Once per dawn, but it's still something!)
  • After many days of tinkering, Percy finishes his modifications to the broom, renaming it "Death From Above". And to celebrate, Vex manages to score a perfect shot on a chicken thrown by Keyleth while on the broom.

     Special Episode: Liam's Quest 
  • Liam takes on the intimidating task of filling in for Matt as DM while Matt is absent for the week, and he kills it. He manages to craft an awesome fourth-wall-shattering apocalyptic one-shot that blends bizarre humour and very imaginative Cthulu-esque horror. Some of his descriptions, particularly the one of Liam himself getting torn in half, are vivid enough to rival Mercer's, and the players (and the audience!) clearly have a blast.
  • Taliesin slapping Conan O'Brien to death with Chill Touch.
  • The Cameo from Matt and Marisha, who are a 20th level bard and 20th level monk, respectively. Marisha in particular destroys a tower in one strike.
  • Thanks to some really excellent rolls, Sam proves to be a great shot with a bow.
  • Liam asked each of the players what class they see themselves as in order to make their character sheets. Sam chooses Ranger, Laura chooses Rogue, Travis is a Fighter, and as for Taliesin? Warlock.

     Episode 59: Into the Feywild 
  • Ashley Johnson got to hang out and play "Ethereal Pike" again!
  • If you try to con Percy, make sure he doesn't find out, as we discover when he learns Garmelie the Satyr magically charmed him. (What makes it is Taliesin maintaining a perfectly serene smile throughout.)
    Percy: Friend, I applaud your cleverness. I am excited by this deal. And I just want you to know - god forbid - if something comes up, where I come from I am possibly the worst person you've ever met.

     Episode 60: Heredity and Hats (LIVE) 
  • Percy reveals that he made Vex a titled noble of Whitestone. For Vex, who was mercilessly bullied as a child for being the daughter of a commoner, this fulfills two of her life ambitions: to make it into high society, and to rub it in her blueblood father's face.
  • After being charmed by Garmelie in the last episode, Percy gets his revenge and out tricks the trickster that the party had gotten into a deal with. To elaborate, the things Garmelie asked for from this deal are one of High Warden Tyrelda's hats and a piece of a Threshold Crest. The Threshold Crest in this case referring to the blue stones on the city wall that allow Syngorn to travel between the Prime Material and the Feywild, and the party worries that tampering with one of the stones may prevent the city from plane-shifting back. In an impressive use of Exact Words, Percy instead has him clarify that he would be satisfied with any piece of a threshold crest, and with that in mind he has Keyleth stone shape a symbol of a Whitestone crest from the "threshold" of a door, breaks it, and gives it to him. And it works.
  • Trinket saves Vex from a bear spirit that was going to kill her and forces its submission (as well as giving him a power-up).
    Bear spirit: She is your charge?
    Trinket: She is everything to me. You take her, you take ME.

    Episode 61: Denizens of the Moonbrush 
  • If you thought Taliesin was insane with his streak of Natural 20s, this episode is tied with Episode 55 for having the highest number of Natural 20s among the party (as well as the most Natural 1s).
    • Most notably, Scanlan rolling two Natural 20s even with disadvantage.
  • The pixies proving to be both a decent challenge and a large annoyance for Vox Machina, as they were able to cast Counterspell in addition to Polymorph and petrification spells.
  • After Grog was turned to stone by the pixies, Travis held the same thumbs-up position for over seven minutes in real time without flinching, despite the best efforts of Liam, Laura and Sam to make him flinch.

    Episode 62: Uninviting Waters (LIVE) 
  • Scanlan cleverly using his Magic Missiles not to attack the creature, but to sever the rope that was keeping the party tied together and severely limiting their movement.
  • Grog, swallowed by a Feymire Crocodile, uses the Titanstone Knuckles to double his size and force the beast to vomit him back up.
  • Keyleth finally gets to use her Blight spell on a plant-based enemy with devastating effectnote , the second time earning her the HDYWTDT on the creature - her first since the Whitestone arc and only her third on-stream! Even better was the audience's reaction of chanting her name.

    Episode 63: The Echo Tree 
  • Keyleth goes fire elemental on the two treants supporting Saundor and, with some ingenious use of Tree Stride, destroys them thanks to their vulnerability to fire.
  • After spending most of the previous fights in the Feywild in various states of incapacitation, and desperately trying to get a hit during their fight with Saundor, Grog lands the HDYWTDT on Saundor by throwing the Javelin of Lightning through his mouth and causing his entire body to explode. The Shut Up, Hannibal! right before it ("Nobody cares!") was also particularly appropriate.
  • The description of Saundor and his conversation with Vex. Matt using aspects of Vex's backstory that had just been revealed in a short story makes for one of the most atmospheric villains the party has encountered yet.

    Episode 64: The Frigid Doom 
  • Of all people, it's Keyleth who (with a damn good Persuasion roll of 25) manages to persuade Tooma into trusting that her tribe and Vox Machina have similar goals and therefore are people of their word. Even the party is impressed with her words, especially since she wasn't very successful with negotiating in the past.
    Keyleth: (in response to Tooma's claims) I think faith and trust are not mutually exclusive. I cannot trust you and still have faith, and you should not feel a lack of pride for living in the dirt or surviving. There's nothing wrong with that. But I understand your urge to want to rebuild, become the great culture that I know you all are. So... you should at least trust that we have similar interests in the end.

    Episode 65: The Streets of Ank'Harel 
  • Liam and Marisha's RP in the opening moments of the episode, especially from Marisha as Keyleth confesses her love to Vax after keeping him waiting for so long. And best of all, not even Liam, who had dropped the mic himself when Vax confessed to Keyleth in Episode 33, saw it coming.
  • The party finally made it to Marquet!
  • Scanlan trying to buy "spice" from two teenaged kids is this and hilarious.
  • The soothsayer that Percy, Keyleth, and Vex visit to get information from. It was all off the top of Matt's head as he gave his card readings.
  • As funny as it is, the unplanned synchro answers given by Keyleth and Percy about whether or not to drink the alcohol is pretty awesome.

    Episode 66: A Traveler's Gamble 
  • Grog (with Keyleth's and Scanlan's help) pushing the construct out of the window.
    • In the same fight, despite being unable to do any relevant damage (due to the construct immunity to all but his d6 of necrotic damage), Percy manages to be helpful by keeping the enemy at disadvantage on his strongest attribute check (although Taliesin himself didn't seem to realize it).
  • J'mon Sa Ord turns out to be a far greater ally than any of them could have hoped. Possibly the best ally against a conclave of chromatic dragons, a metallic dragon.
  • In terms of cliffhangers, Matt does it once again as the episode ends with Vox Machina sneaking into the place where Mistress Asharru, wearer of Cabal's Ruin, may be hiding in... only to find her dead, the cloak having already been stolen, and with bullets in the wall, meaning that Dr. Anna Ripley is back, believe it or not.

    Episode 67: The Chase to Glintshore 
  • The twins, Grog, and Keyleth all reached level 15, marking some impressive changes for the four:
    • Vax is now capable of casting spells and Divine Smite as a level 2 Paladin.
    • Vex is now a level 2 Rogue, which grants her Cunning Action.
    • Keyleth can now cast 8th-level spells, which means she has amazing options such as Control Weather, Tsunami, and Sunburst.
    • Grog is now capable of Persistent Rage, making him a nigh-unstoppable raging killing machine.
  • The entire episode was one big CMOA for Keyleth. From discovering the "bug" on Retort that was placed inside by Dr. Ripley, to managing to scry on the doctor as she fled towards the Ozmit Sea to hunt down Whisper, to casting Control Weather for the first time to part a massive lightning storm, to teaming up with Vax to go "Keyteor" on Ripley's boat so that they could sink it.
  • A subtle one should also go to Dr. Ripley. By enchanting the pistol she made that Percy took from her, she now knows about everything the group has discovered about the Chroma Conclave and the Vestiges. This allowed her to completely one up Vox Machina on finding Cabal's Ruin, as well as make significant progress in locating Whisper before the party could even get to her. She's even fashioned a new gun and hand in the time when she was last seen.

     Episode 68: Cloak and Dagger 
  • Dr. Ripley manages to draw Vox Machina into a clever trap, using illusions of herself and Kynan Leore and then detonating the entire forest in a massive fiery blast, severely wounding the entire party, scattering them away from each other, and leaving them wide open to the attacks of her crew. Oh, and Ripley made a pact with Orthax, as well.
    • In a bout of Fridge Brilliance, you realize she did what VM did to Umbrasyl, which makes sense since she's been keeping track of them.
  • Percy manages to roll a Nat 20 to keep his concentration for Hex after taking a large amount of damage at the very beginning of the fight with Ripley.
  • Scanlan and Keyleth were both the MVPs of the encounter:
    • Despite being on death's door several times throughout the fight, having already expended her Wild Shape and her magic slowly being depleted, Keyleth managed to keep on fighting and focus on keeping Percy alive for as long as possible.
    • Even when they were knocked out by a mage's Chain Lightning, Keyleth losing concentration on her Whirlwind spell and Scanlan losing his for Reverse Gravity caused the trapped mage to plummet into the crevasse and get splattered.
    • Scanlan managed to Counterspell Ripley's Fireball spell, which prevented a TPK. Later, as retribution for Percy's death, he manages to encase Ripley inside Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, setting up the coldest kill for an adversary yet.
  • Dr. Ripley becomes the first villain to kill a member of Vox Machina on stream, dealing the killing shot to Percy.
  • Late in the fight, after having stabbed Keyleth multiple times, Kynan turns his blade on Orthax instead after having realized what he did and Vax managing to persuade him.
  • As tragic as the scene is, all of Vox Machina taking vengeance on Ripley for Percy's death is probably the best How Do You Want To Do This? moment in the entire show.

     Episode 69: Passed Through Fire 
  • In a bit of meta-awesome, despite each member of the group succeeding at their various checks in Pike's Resurrection ritual, Matt waited for confirmation from Taliesin as to whether or not the spell worked. To clarify, even though VM got everything right and the spell (according to Matt's house rules) could only have failed if he rolled a Natural 1, he still gave Taliesin the ultimate choice in his character's fate. That, my friends, is how you DM a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
    • Similarly, Taliesin and Matt revealed that there were "rules" for the ritual, dictating whether Percy would come back or not based on what the party said and did. This means that, even without knowing what the rules were, the party knew Percy well enough to follow them and convince Percy to return. A true testament to this group's closeness and The Power of Friendship (and, in Vex's case, The Power of Love as well).
  • When Pike's resurrection ritual is blocked, Keyleth is the one who casts Greater Restoration and frees Percy's soul from being consumed by Orthax. It's the only thing Percy remembers when he wakes up, and he thanks her sincerely.
  • Keyleth gets a surprise, handwritten letter from Kerrek, narrated by Patrick Rothfuss himself. As the final touch, the envelope also contains a gift: a ring forged from the metal of a sword, engraved with the words "I have passed through fire".
  • For the episode's cliffhanger Matt drops another massive hammer onto the group that has Travis and Laura jumping off their seats with excitement: Seeker Asum has a private meeting with Vox Machina and reveals that he is Raishan, the Chroma Conclave's green dragon, in disguise. She wants their help to kill Thordak, the Conclave's leader.

     Episode 70: Trust 
  • Keyleth holds NOTHING back in a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Raishan.
  • Raishan, Magnificent Bastard that she is, is still just as amazing throughout the episode, baiting Keyleth but never rising to her bait, effortlessly controlling conversations even when everyone else is clearly hostile to her, and very possibly sneaking with them to Draconia through the Sun Tree, despite Percy telling her that they would meet her there so as not to clue her in to Kima traveling with them.
    • Conversely, during the talks with Raishan, Percy manages to remain calm enough to prevent Keyleth from attacking (which would probably have destroyed Whitestone). He also takes the lead in convincing Raishan to help fight Vorugal, and later manages to twist the deal to allow Lady Kima to join the fight, despite the fact that Raishan explicitly told them not to tell anyone else. By the end of their conversations, even Raishan develops a grudging respect for him - and it's all capped off by the reveal that Percy has been terrified the entire time, as he collapses in panic after Raishan leaves. It just goes to show that when Vex and Keyleth told him how much they needed him during his resurrection ritual, they were not exaggerating in the slightest.
  • Vex's insanely awesome plan to summon the demon holding the Spire of Conflux from the Abyss and let it fight Vorugal. Percy's reaction is a literal gasp of awe.
    Percy: It's brazen. I like it.
  • Lady Kima landing a nat 20 on a retaliatory maul swing at Scanlan is this plus Crowning Moment of Funny.

     Episode 71: Vorugal 
  • Scanlan summoning Yenk with barely a passing roll (DC was 19, the roll with every buff and assistance combined was 20) and then successfully dominating Yenk's mind.
  • The entire first part of the battle is an epic display, though Matt jokingly describes it as everyone "watching him play with his toys."
  • Vax entering the fight by flying in and dealing 84 damage with a auto-crit Sneak Attack.
  • Divine Intervention finally worked!! Saranrae tells Pike she'll do her best and then smites Vorgual to the ground and leaving a giant fist sized crater for 50 points of damage.
  • Grog and Lady Kima tag teaming Yenk, Kima proving that she's still the same badass she was in the Underdark by going to town against the goristro with her Holy Thunder Maul and Divine Smite, and Grog hitting for an obscene amount of damage using reckless attacks and great master he hits for 129 points of damage in a single attack action in one attack and later getting the HDYWTDT by ripping Yenk in half like a wishbone.
  • Vex getting the HDYWTDT on Vorugal, followed by an Epic One Liner from Raishan, who rips Vorugal's throat out with her teeth.
    Raishan: Tell your master on the other side... it was worth it!
  • Keyleth finally gets her prized Vestige. And it's a Vestige that has been used by her people previously!

     Episode 72: The Elephant in the Room 
  • Say what you will, but the casual confidence with which Percy kisses Vex is pretty awesome.
  • Kima gets Holy Avenger! When Grog suggests inheriting her maul, she casually hefts both onto her shoulders and says, "Nah. I'm good." Grog agrees that that. is. awesome.

     Episode 73: The Coming Storm 
  • During a war council meeting between Vox Machina, every major NPC in Whitestone, and Raishan, Percy abruptly becomes sick of secrets and lies and attacks Raishan in Seeker Assum's form, revealing the truth to everyone in the room and forcing her to come clean to the major power figures in Whitestone.
  • Vex is absolutely on a roll with her brilliant battle strategies. Three episodes ago it was Yenk vs Vorugal, and this time it's convincing Raishan to fake her death in order to draw out Thordak. Time will tell if that plan succeeds, but even Raishan considers it seriously.

     Episode 74: Path of Brass 
  • Not familiar with the culture in the City of Brass, half the party is being herded away from the others by efreet to be forced into slavery. Nothing Pike, Grog, or Keyleth tries is at all effective in getting them out of the situation. Who saves the day and gets them away scot free without a fight? Scanlan, with one well-placed Dominate Monster.

    Episode 75: Where The Cards Fall 
  • Despite not being as eloquent as Scanlan or Percy, and due to being one of two members of Vox Machina to not be in chains, Keyleth manages to successfully negotiate with the fire giants of the City of Brass not once, but twice. The first time being when she bartered with a blacksmith for information and the second time with two guards defending the house of the one who owns the Plate of the Dawnmartyr, her efforts granting them access to the owner's abode.
  • The owner of the Plate of the Dawnmartyr successfully beating Scanlan in a game of chance.

     Episode 76: Brawl in the Arches 
  • Vax's dive towards Keyleth, grabbing her, and kissing her while simultaneously casting Heroism. Becomes much, MUCH more hilarious once they all realize that the druid looked like Vex at the time. But Vax? He didn't care.
    • Even more amazing is Vax being able to maintain concentration on Heroism despite suffering multiple heavy attacks. Not bad for someone with only 10 Constitution.
  • Scanlan awakens Mythcarver, which allows him to perform four attacks in a row against a Pit Fiend. It's the HDYWTDT. And that's not even the coolest part: immediately afterward, Scanlan uses Modify Memory to brainwash a witness so the group doesn't get arrested/murdered/pursued by the fifty thousand Efreeti guards in the City of Brass. Easily the most clutch Scanlan victory since the triceratops rampage.

    Episode 77: Clash at Daxio 
  • Level 16, like level 12, marked even more noteworthy changes that are mentioned in this episode.
  • Vax took the Oath of Vengeance as a level 3 paladin.
  • Vex took the assassin archetype as a level 3 rogue.
  • Keyleth took the War Caster feat, giving her advantage on concentration checks and the ability to cast spells as opportunity attacks.
  • Grog multiclassed into Fighter.
  • A villainous one, but the enemy spellcaster managed to both take Allura and Feeblemind her under everyone else's nose and to mind-control Vex for a good portion of the fight.
  • Lady Kima enters the battlefield. How? By throwing away the aforementioned spellcaster and striking him twice. To make it even sweeter, the second hit is a critical and breaks his concentration, freeing Vex.
  • Credit must be given to Vox Machina's sheer endurance, since they managed to fight this battle despite coming from a very harsh fight with a pit fiend.

     Episode 78: The Siege of Emon 
  • A lesser one, but when Kashaw joins the group he is quick to find and fill the holes in Vox Machina's plan.
  • A Minor one, also when Kashaw fills the holes in VM's plan. it is revealed just how much Will knows about war tactics and how to win a battle.
  • Grog showing his vestige's siege abilities.
  • Zahra and Kashaw staying behind to hold back Thordak's fire giants while Vox Machina sneaks through.
  • One goes to Matt for the descriptions. Everything, from the sight of Emon's ruins to the arrival of Thordak himself gives you the scale of what they are facing, and what's at stake. And, once again, Matt ends with a cliffhanger, right after Thordak senses the presence of intruders.

     Episode 79: Thordak 
  • As if all the already licensed music being used wasn't enough, Blizzard gave Matt permission to use their music, just in time for the epic Thordak fight!
  • Vax awakening Whisper with the killing blow on Thordak.
  • Vax putting to good use the dragonslayer sword and his paladin's abilities during the fight. The highlight is a turn when he manages to combine the Sneak Attack, Smite and Hunter's Mark damage with a critical hit for a total of 102 damage with one hit.
  • The whole battle is probably a crowning moment for Matt as a DM. Not only is he controlling Thordak, he's also playing as multiple friendly NPCs and keeping track of the lair actions. On top of all of that, he keeps adding elements as allies of Vox Machina and Thordak join in the already incredibly chaotic fight. And all the while he's giving a nightmare-inducing performance of Thordak's rage and insanity.
  • The ending, finding out that Thordak was experimenting on dragon's eggs, apparently managing to mix different dragon types into one. Oh, and a "Meteor Swarm", a 9-th level spell, was cast.

     Episode 80: Raishan 
  • Pike single-handedly resurrects both Vex and Scanlan during the fight with Raishan, successfully pulling off a one-woman resurrection ritual not once but twice, even doing so while the battle is still going on around her for Vex.
    • It's worth noting that the above happened while Ashley wasn't even at the table, turning this into a moment of awesome for Liam for the first mini-ritual and Laura for the second for being able to pull that off with a character that isn't even there.
  • Scanlan. Counterspelling. A freaking Prismatic Spray.
  • Raishan outmaneuvers the party at nearly every step of the fight, causing no fewer than two deaths while also keeping most of the party unconscious to boot. The only thing to really throw her off is another awesome moment all by itself: after much persuasion from the rest of the party and with the fight rapidly going downhill, Scanlan plays the flute and summons Dev'ossa, the ancient bronze dragon that rules Ank'Harel.
    • What's even better is that despite Vox Machina and their allies giving everything they've got in this fight and outnumbering their opponent 11 to 1, Raishan wins. While she does take a nearly fatal beating in the process, the Diseased Deceiver manages to accomplish her objective of escaping with Thordak's body and two intact dragon eggs while giving her enemies one hell of a bloody nose in the process, and she finds out about their trump card, Dev'ossa. The significance of her triumph cannot be understated; Raishan now has all the tools she needs to have the best possible advantage over Vox Machina and even all of Tal'Dorei, and nobody but she knows where she's going or what she'll do. This is also impressive on a meta level: Vox Machina has never lost a fight before in their entire run (not counting Grog's first spat at the Crucible with Kern or the arm wrestling contest at Whitestone). Sure, they've taken losses, but they always got the job done in the end. After about three years of playtime, Raishan is the only entity to have objectively defeated them.

     Episode 81: What Lies Beneath the Surface 
  • Patrick Rothfuss has returned! Kerrek gets a Dynamic Entry back into the story, striking down a fire giant to save Vox Machina.
  • Allura (an arcanist) becomes the second person able to resist the effects of Grog's alcohol, and unlike Pike, she does not make the mistake of trying a second time.
  • Scanlan somehow managed to get through the past two episodes and still have an 8th level spell available.

     Episode 82: Deadly Echoes 
  • Percy and Scanlan reach level 16, with Percy bumping up his intelligence to a max of 20.
  • Taliesin and Marisha's performances as Scanlan while Sam is absent. It's also a Crowning Moment of Funny because they both sing as Scanlan, Taliesin after using Dispel Magic and Marisha when inspiring Percy.

     Episode 83: The Deceiver's Stand 
  • Percy using his reaction to absorb Raishan's Meteor Swarm spell, and awakening Cabal's Ruin to its exalted level.
  • After Vox Machina systematically exhausted Raishan's legendary resistances, Keyleth lands a tide-turning spell on her. The spell? Feeblemind, which reduced Raishan's Intelligence and Charisma to 1 and, more importantly, rendered the ancient green spellcasting dragon unable to cast any spells for 30 days (at least). Poetic justice at its finest as Keyleth achieved vengeance in the most fitting way possible.
  • Kerrek, a level 7 Paladin, scores the killing blow on Raishan. Matt's reaction after the fact just about sums up this baffling stroke of cosmic fortune:
    Matt: I can't fucking believe that just happened.
  • Pike just barely survives Raishan's Disintegrate spell, thanks to her magical armor. In an episode with no less than two PC deaths, she manages to survive being partially turned to dust!

     Episode 84: Loose Ends 
  • In order for Scanlan's resurrection to succeed, Matt needs to roll 7 or higher on a d20. What does he actually roll? A natural 20.
  • When the group returns to Vasselheim to clear up unfinished business, Grog asks to detour to the temple of Kord so that he can speak with Earthbreaker Groon. Not only is the monk waiting for them with his back turned, yet still knowing exactly when Vox Machina enters the room, but he also challenges Grog to a rematch, causing the sand in the fighting pit to ripple outwards apparently from sheer badassery as he gets ready to fight.
    Earthbreaker Groon: Show me what you have learned.

     Episode 85: A Bard's Lament 
  • Grog faces Earthbreaker Groon in single combat and wins.
  • Immediately after the battle, divine lightning strikes the Titanstone Knuckles, changing them into their "Exalted" form and effectively confirming Grog as the favored champion of Kord himself.
  • The entire cast gets one for Scanlan's "The Reason You Suck" Speech and the ensuing argument.

     Episode 86: Daring Days 
  • The entire confrontation between Vox Machina and Taryon shows just how powerful they've become. Taryon is a 13th level character and is completely powerless. He unleashes his best spell upon them, and they all taking only minor damage, with even the one who failed the saving throws having ways to half the damage. And they didn't even try: Vex wasn't there, Vax attacked once, healed him and then talked to him, Keyleth cast minor spells just to make it interesting and Percy did actually nothing (not even pulling out a gun) but waiting for something interesting to happen, and Taryon still could do nothing. In the end, he's reduced to ask if at least they felt his attack. The whole thing only lasted a couple of turns, and if they tried they would've been able to put him down before Taryon's first turn.
  • Vax sneak attacks Taryon in the surprise round and rolls a critical hit, dealing 88 points of damage. Taryon only has 106 hit points.
  • The fact that Taryon took Vax's first blow and didn't pass out is considered one in-universe. Vax points it out to him in the aftermath to convince him he does have some skills.

    Episode 87: Onward to Vesrah 

    Episode 88: Tangled Depths 
  • While it heavily wounds them both for 40+ points of damage, after being swallowed by the Kraken, Keyleth shoots a Fireball deep within the creature's belly which ends up igniting the oil previously dumped by Grog's alchemy jug. Due to the massive damage, the Kraken fails its Constitution save and they manage to get vomited out.
  • Speaking of Grog, he gets swallowed a total of three times by the Kraken, and every single time he gets himself out of there and after being taunted by the Kraken after the third escape he retorts with "Oh ancient one, can you hear this?" and flips him off as he escapes the Water Plane. Grog also proved pivotal to distracting the Kraken, severing tentacles and making sure Vax's body got out, giving him a hope of resurrection.
  • Let's give some credit to that shark. That CR 2 shark that almost managed to MVP the fight. True, it mostly was because the Kraken didn't really cared and never attacked, but the shark went through the whole fight landing hit after hit, tearing tentacles and in the end only lived because Keyleth planeshifted away, breaking the conjuration. Not bad, for a low-level evocation.
  • True, it only happened because Vox Machina most explicitly could not kill the Kraken, but he effectively manages to be Vox Machina's second defeat. They had no way to keep him at bay, they could only be grappled, swallowed and zapped and then try to escape only to repeat it all again. In the end, after hours of fight, several good hits (including a couple on the eye, several from the inside and tearing away most of his tentacles) they realized they didn't deal him enough damage, and he wasn't really giving the party much consideration until near the end where it truly became angry. The Pet of the Titans really earned his reputation.

    Episode 89: Curious Tides 
  • Keyleth's completion of her Aramente and reaching level 17 grants her access to her 9th level spells! She tests out Shapechange by transforming sequentially into a goristro, a beholder, and an adult bronze dragon.

    Episode 90: Voice of the Tempest 
  • Everyone else in the party (sans Taryon, Pike, and Scanlan) reaches level 17 by this episode.
    • Vax and Vex become a 4th-level Paladin and Rogue and gain the Resilient (Constitution) and Sharpshooter feats respectively.
    • Grog becomes a level 2 fighter capable of Action Surge.
    • Percy gains the ability to use Action Surge twice.
  • Keyleth, having completed her Aramente, returns to Zephra with Vox Machina by her side. She is then given the mantle of leadership and is crowned "Voice of the Tempest". As a result of completing her lifelong journey, she also delivers a speech to the tribe and the party, thanking them for making her the person she is today. She is also given the Inspiring Leader feat.note 

    Episode 91: Vox Machina go to Hell 
  • Matt's descriptions of the Iron City of Dis and the Nine Hells in general in addition to its denizens are both awesome and a heavy dose of Nightmare Fuel.
  • The cliffhanger ending. Keyleth leaves the inn without the others to find a means of scouting and locating Hotis's exact whereabouts and tries to stealthily cast Shapechange only to be noticed by two individuals (a dwarf and a chain devil) who were interested in Vax while he was disguised as an albino tiefling. She ducks into an alley, and then stops and chooses to stand her ground, hood down and hands aflame. The individuals demand that she hand him over. Her past self most likely would have submitted to their request. Instead, she puts her foot down and refuses to acquiesce, the Voice of the Tempest expressing that she has no intention of doing so, setting the stage for a potential alleyway encounter.

    Episode 92: Deals in the Dark 
  • How does Keyleth resolve the encounter from last episode's cliffhanger? She Shapechanges into an erinyes and intimidates the two into fleeing with her stature as a higher-ranked devil. She makes good use of it later to intimidate a shopkeeper into giving Vox Machina whatever information he can on their objective—which, as it turns out, wasn't much, but now they have an insider in the City of Dis.
  • Taryon provides a door for Vox Machina so that can sneak into Utugash's abode.
  • Noelle Stevenson's guest character Tova, a sassy dwarf with little patience. And what is her class? A Blood Hunter, specifically Order of the Lycan. And her animal form? A were-bear.

    Episode 93: Bats Out of Hell 
  • Utugash proving his worth. Fat and lazy as he might have become, he's still a formidable opponent, and he combines his power with field knowledge and advantage by managing to cage Trinket early on and Grog halfaway through the fight and creating a Wall of Fire around him (and some of Vox Machina) that both protects him and damage his opponents (him being immune to fire damage). He actually dies once he leaves it to eliminate the others.
  • Before being caged, Grog goes full juggernaut on the pit fiend, and combines his two classes to get three frenzy rage attacks and two attacks with his new Action Surge, bashing Utugash five times with the hammer for over 100 points of damage. And that's without critical hits, or the advantages heavy weapons would grant him.
  • After Utugash crushes Keyleth and Tova with his corpulent form and severely wounds the druid with a critical hit, the situation flips on its head as Keyleth Shapechanges into a fire giant and attacks him for over 50 damage in one strike. Matt lampshades how she shouldn't have the attack as per the rules, but it was just too awesome to deny it. Immediately afterward, Tova attacks and gets the HDYWTDT by slashing Utugash's throat open and exacting revenge for all the torture she underwent.
  • Vox Machina as a whole making their way to their goal within the prison despite almost losing Keyleth and everyone inside converging on their location, and still managing to fulfill it and escape thanks to Plane Shift.

    Episode 94: Jugs and Rods 
  • Vex has to earn her title as Mistress of the Grey Hunt. After spending thirteen hours in meditation, she gets a vision of a Grey Render and after a quick chat with Percy rides off on Trinket to fight it with only Trinket to back her up. Her first attack being a surprise attack deals 56 damage alone and she survives the battle on 10 HP and kills the Grey Render after giving it a chance to live.
  • Matt revealing there'll be a one year timeskip and that next Thursday on 04/13/17, Liam will continue the first oneshot he did when Matt and Marisha were in Ireland and Matt gets to play!

    Special Episode: Liam's Quest: Full Circle 
  • Even in the face of imminent death at the hands of a demogorgon, Matt stands his ground.
    • Not to mention, with the roll of 10 on a D10 he actually shrugged off Demogorgon's attack. He actually flipped off Demogorgonand lived for about two seconds until he just crashed him with his foot, but still.

     Episode 95: One Year Later... 
  • Despite being played mostly for laugh, when Vex is going after Vax she sends Trinket at him. We get a reminder that Trinket is a huge, dangerous bear, while he scares the shit out of Vax and sends him running.

     Episode 96: Family Matters 
  • Matt's poker face during the final battle deserves special mention. For context, the party is fighting an illusory demon conjured as part of an elaborate con. Matt plays the battle perfectly straight, making attack rolls, noting damage amounts, and generally playing it like it's a real fight. All of this while keeping track of what the illusionist can see and having the "monster" react or fail to react accordingly. What finally gives it away is that the creature literally cannot hit anything, being nothing but an insubstantial image with sound effects. Sam even notes how he found it suspicious, but Matt kept rolling those dice. Also, Matt's acting skills show up since he simulates the exact same reactions he has when a villain rolls a 1 or a bunch of terrible numbers in a row.
    • Taliesin/Percy also gets one for figuring this out almost immediately, muttering to himself "maybe it's an illusion?" and making sure to watch the Trickfoots. Unfortunately, the rest of the party fell for a Red Herring and prolonged the fight.

     Episode 97: Taryon, My Wayward Son 
  • The manner in which Keyleth dies. Jumping off a cliff down a thousand feet before Reality Ensues her body smashing upon the rocks. Fortunately, Vex revives her in a quick and timely manner. Everyone agrees that they're not sure how they're going to top that.
  • The Siphon under Whitestone has been a source of anxiety in-universe and out, primarily because of how little is known about it. Vex takes a one-in-a-million chance and fires her Oracle Arrow into it. She gets more info in one shot than the smartest mages in Tal'Dorei could from months of research!

     Episode 98: The Mines of the Many 
  • A testament to Matt's god-like improv abilities: After Tary's mother, Maria, tells Tary that she found comfort in the books that Tary had left behind, Sam tries to trip Matt by having Tary ask which one was Maria's favourite. Matt responds almost immediately with a title and plotline involving the creation myth of Wildmount. Somewhat doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny as the rest of the cast is collapsing in fits of laughter throughout the entire exchange.

    Special Episode: Battle Royale III 
  • The winner: Taryon Darrington, who spent the entire battle making himself unfindable and untouchable, only swooping into the fray at the end.
  • Keyleth busts out the Shapechange spell as her trump card, turning herself into an adult black dragon.
  • Grog, full stop. He's the primary target for everyone right from the beginning of the fight, and the reason for the focus-fire becomes very clear very quickly.
    • It takes one turn near Percy and a lucky crit to make the gunslinger run away and leave him at death's door.
    • When trapped in Vex's necklace, his response is to punch his way out, breaking the necklace from the inside and resulting in the highest amount of damage dealt by a player in one round - 280 damage, or to put it another way, 17% of the damage dealt in the entire royale.
    • He survives a brutal attack from black dragon Keyleth with one HP left. Standing atop a tower, staring his foe down, what does he do? Draw five cards from the Deck of Many Things, miraculously avoiding disaster from all of them. True, he loses everything in the Bag of Holding and Wilhand turns against him (Ruin and Rogue), but he regains HP and increases his constitution, obtains a magical greatsword, and summons an ally to fight alongside him (Star, Key, Knight)!
    • He then stops Keyleth's rampage, breaking her concentration and then resisting her attempted Planeshift when she's humanoid again. He proceeds to 'softball' her into the acid pit and dissolve her, leaving him the last one standing vs. Taryon, who survived by hiding for most of the fight.
    • In total, Grog dealt a whopping 767 damage over the course of the royale (almost half of the total damage dealt). He also took 375 damage before finally going down. Only Keyleth remotely comes close to matching him in either stat, and she had to turn into a dragon to do it.

    Episode 99: Masquerade 
  • After years of living under Howard's tyranny, Tary finally stands up to his father and presents him with an ultimatum: work with Tary to repair the Darrington name or leave.

    Episode 100: Unfinished Business 
  • Delilah Briarwood is back. And with a 9th-level Prismatic Wall to boot!
    • To drive the point home, the party recalls how she dies, first killed and then with her body melted into the acid for good measure. With no body left, Revivify and Resurrection don't work, you need either a True Resurrection or a Miracle to recreate the body for a lesser spell, still means that 9th level spells must be used. And the dialogue implies it isn't even that the case, but she took some precautions and did it all or herself.
    • The last bit of it, she could control the orb in the pyramid. She can literally switch an Annihilation Sphere on and off again. The fact that the amulets possess supernatural powers that work despite an effect canceling effortlessly 9th level spells could count in itself.

    Episode 101: Thar Amphala 
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming moment, Keyleth grabs Vax and urges him to stay alive while they are in the Shadowfell. And with that, she casts Foresight on him, a 9th-level spell that grants advantage on everything.

    Episode 102: Race to the Tower 
  • As Vox Machina approaches the tower at the center of the city, they debate whether to fly to its top and confront the cultists and Delilah Briarwood, or fight their way through the inside. Keyleth and Piketake a third option and destroy the tower with an earthquake. The apex of the tower remains floating in the air after the whole thing comes crashing down, but they managed to avoid multiple encounters that could have lead to a TPK.
  • After spending most of the episode having Vecna mop the floor with them, including Vex dying (before being saved with Pike's Revivify) and Vax being Disintegrated, Keyleth attempts to get the party out with Plane Shift, only to have Vecna attempt to counter it... and Scanlan ready to intercept it with his own Counterspell.
  • There is one line that sums up the second half of the episode: "Welcome to the God War."
  • Vecna is a villainous one. It's the first time since the Chroma Conclave's first attack that Vox Machina found themselves utterly powerless against their enemy. And he hasn't even ascended yet.

    Episode 103: The Fate-Touched 
  • The guard captain in Vasselheim managing to see through all of Grog and Scanlan's deceptions and illusions, forcing them to run from him and the guards to keep their freedom.

    Episode 104: Elysium 
  • Pike and Vex receive the blessings of Sarenrae and Pelor respectively. Of particular note is Vex's trial, as she has to prove her worth by struggling against angels to reach a beacon, while transformed into a red dragon by Scanlan.
  • The Dungeon Master's Guide describes the Eye of Vecna as a very powerful magic item that can only be permanently destroyed if the creature wearing it is struck by a very specific sword. Pelor seemingly destroys it with a handwave. Time will tell if Matt follows the other part of the item's description or not.

    Episode 106: The Endless Atheneeum 
  • While all of Vox Machina show different levels of defiance when a recently ascended Vecna offers them to join him, Percy gets one of the greatest burns ever:
    Percy: We don't like to associate ourselves with new money.
  • Scanlan succeeding in Ioun's trial by finding one very specific book in the titular, aptly named, Endless Atheneeum, gaining both her assistance and the knowledge of the ritual needed to seal Vecna.

    Episode 107: Scaldseat 
  • Grog of all people comes up with a genius solution to the underground caverns filled with poisonous gas and no fresh air: the party already had a Water Breathing spell cast on them, so Grog suggests filling his Alchemy Jug with fresh water and taking regular gulps of "air" from it like a portable air bubble.
  • Scanlan making great use of his planetar form against the magma bulettes.
  • Keyleth's interpretive dance results in the entire cast performing a perfectly-harmonized tribal chant completely out of nowhere. Now that's improv!

    Episode 108: The Core Anvil 
  • The entire encounter against the forge guardian was a tense battle, pushing Vox Machina to their limits with its powerful strikes and extremely high AC and HP. Despite being mildly spent from the bulettes and the constructs from earlier, they still managed to pull through without losing anyone.
  • Keyleth, taking a cue from Scanlan, casts Shapechange to transform into a planetar herself, and uses her Healing Touch ability to act as an emergency medic for the party. She even gets the finishing blow against the guardian, using the planetar's Holy Avenger.
  • Between the knowledge granted to Percy and Grog from Ioun, Scanlan's inspiration, Keyleth's buff spells, and some very close calls, the party manages to forge the divine trammels needed to seal away Vecna.

    Episode 109: The Ominous March 
  • Keyleth manage once again to pass a Perception DC of 30, which literally means succeeding in an almost impossible task. This allows her to spot a small flow of water on the Titan's body for Vox Machina to climb.
  • Also, the titan. Vecna raised the remains of a massive primordial Titan (his footprints are 150 feet long), the same one from whose heart were made the Titanstone Knuckles, and uses it to transport Thar Amphala on its back.
  • The plan to stop Vecna: while Vox Machina sneaks their way to him to try and seal him away, a distraction will be provided by J'Mon Sa Ord (in their full, dragon glory) sieging the city with an army of wyvern riders. Awesome is an understatement.
  • When Vecna interrupts the war council arrayed against him to threaten the specific loved ones of those present. Longtime Vox Machina ally Allura Vysoren flips out and dispels his illusion; one archmage who refuses to be taunted, even by a god.

    Episode 110: The Climb Within 
  • Despite Ashley's absence, Pike gets both of the HDYWTDTs this episode (controlled by Liam and Laura).
  • Vax deals over 100 damage to the undead dwarf king with one dagger, defeating him in one blow.
    • Later, he does the same to a nothic ("Liam knows what this is, but Vax doesn't"): almost 60 damage with his first dagger is enough to defeat it.
  • She doesn't get to use it, but Keyleth creating a flaming sword is still awesome.
  • One for Matt: Those darn trolls ate up four of Percy's Grit points by making all of their saves against his shots at a 40% chance.

     One-Shot: Bar Room Blitz! 
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn guest stars in her third episode (not counting the battle royale), and once again she is the one who kills the episode's boss.

     Episode 112: Dark Dealings 
  • Keyleth manages to quickly recover from a Natural 1 on Stealth that attracted gloomstalkers nearby by quickly turning into an earth elemental and sinking into the ground before they can find her.
  • Despite the clear time limit of the titan approaching Vasselheim, the party figured out how to take a leisurely long rest: zip over to the Feywild and bribe Artagan to bend the timing of their exit in their favor.

     Episode 113: The Final Ascent 
  • The fact that Arkhan is played by Hollywood actor Joe Manganiello is a moment of Awesome for everyone involved.
  • Arkhan's first action is to tame a Gloomstalker as a mount.
  • Delilah Briarwood is back — oh, but she dies before her second turn, and Matt notes that this time she's gone for good as she hasn't had time to make a new clone. Two turns later, Sylas is reduced to mist as well.
  • Right before the break, a huge swarm of Gloomstalkers are closing in on the heroes... until J'mon and the wyvern knight army burst through the opening in the threshold barrier and start cleaning house.
  • Three enemies are in a room where they don't notice the party on the stairs. Vex and Vax drop one each while Arkhan injures the third. Negated Moment of Awesome afterwards with a heavy dose of My God, What Have I Done? though, as they were revealed to be Cassandra, Kaylie, and Gilmore under Vecna's spell.

     Episode 114: Vecna, the Ascended 
  • The battle against Vecna showcases the true power of both sides, with Vecna's first spell cracking the battleground itself into pieces. After a long fight that exhausts both parties, Vox Machina successfully banish Vecna with no party member deaths and only one (Scanlan) going unconscious (but with no death saves). Furthermore, they avoid killing his avatar form (which would have allowed him to retreat to his phylactery), albeit with a mere 10hp remaining. The one who manages to do the deed: Keyleth, after Scanlan's first attempt at using the Rites of Banishment fails due to Vecna burning his last Legendary Resistance. In fact, she's the only other one able to do it, as none of Vox Machina are trained in Arcana but she can read and speak all languages while Shapechanged into a Planetar.
    • Vecna heals 50 HP per turn wich, united with the fact that he doesn't take any non-magical damage, makes it incredibly hard to destroy wich, as mentioned above, they can't do anyway, since it'd basically teleport him away, saving him. It is a powerful ability, that makes the fight much harder. However, it becomes the cause of his downfall when Vox Machina finds a way to exploit it, since the spell he uses to banish Scanlan are concentraton spells, and healing himself it gives a chance to break them they wouldn't have otherwise. It happens at least twice, but the last one is the most noticeable: Vecna only had few (10) HP, but after he recovers those 50, Grog comes in and strikes, dealing him exactly 50 points of damage.
  • Vox Machina are aided by a progression of Eleventh Hour Rangers: a rotating cast of first J'mon Sa Ord in Brass Dragon Dev'Ossa form who blasts Vecna with a Fire Breath, then Kash and Zahra, bringing healing, more damage to Vecna, and a huge morale boost; and then Arkhan, having won his fight against the death knight.
  • Scanlan succeeds on all five Counterspell attempts, nullifying several of Vecna's spells when they would have swung the battle heavily in his favour: most notably a Feeblemind spell on Keyleth (which would have made it impossible for her to read the Rites of Banishment) and later an attempted escape via Teleport. At one point Scanlan seems to waste his turn by only moving and using his Bardic Inspiration on Grog, only to later reveal that it was actually done to move back within Counterspell range; a reveal that even has Matt applauding.
    Scanlan: That's why I moved closer, motherfucker.
  • Pike's Mass Heal gives everyone a well needed Heroic Second Wind, putting them all up to full HP.
  • Arkhan suddenly stealing the Hand of Vecna after the battle and making a clean getaway via teleport, which catches everyone off-guard.

     Episode 115: The Chapter Closes 
  • Even when the Raven Queen herself comes to collect Vax, Percy tries to put himself between the two of them. The Goddess freezes him in place with a spell, but Percy continues to glare daggers at her for the rest of the scene. If looks could kill, the Raven Queen would be long gone.
  • The last rolls of the campaign are natural 20's.