Awesome / Critical Role

Being a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Critical Role is bound to be full of these.

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Campaign 1: 2015-2017

Campaign 2: 2018-present

    Episode 1: Curious Beginnings 
  • The first roll of the new campaign? Natural 20, courtesy of Travis.
  • Matt's description of the circus performance, which can only be described as verbal Scenery Porn. A real testament to his storytelling abilities.
    • Notably, when describing the Dwarven girl's act, he begins describing her song just as the singing comes through on his music. Even the players are impressed by his perfect timing that only enhanced the enraptured atmosphere.
  • Despite rolling a Natural 1 on Initiative, Beauregard manages to get the first HDYWTDT of the campaign, her uppercut caving a Zombie's brain in with its own jaw. She gets a pretty good Pre-Mortem One-Liner too.
    Beauregard: I thought you didn't allow the sick!
  • The moment Ashley reveals what class her character is by yelling "I would like...To Rage". Travis' reaction would be best described as a proud father watching his diminutive and sweet kid growing into a badass savage.

    In General 
  • Anytime Matt Mercer says his Catch Phrase, "How do you want to do this?" It's going to be awesome. At least one fan project actively keeps track of these moments.
  • The Critical Role intro that has the players as their characters and then ends with Matthew Mercer casually looking up from his handbook and throwing his dice with a confident smile as they freeze in place as he closes it.
  • Whenever Grog goes into full-on barbarian mode.
  • EVERY TIME someone rolls a Natural 20!
  • In general, many pieces of art drawn by fans of the show are simply amazing.
  • This opening video, featuring the players as their respective characters performing various acts of badassery, from Travis's barbaric war cry to Sam casting spells with pelvic thrusts.
  • Critical Role sourcebooks have been announced for the world of Exandria. The first one is set in Tal'Dorei and there are plans for other parts of the world.
  • Despite starting as a one-shot birthday present, and despite simply being more or less a bunch of friends playing make-believe, Critical Role has become a successful and surprisingly far-reaching show. Critters write in with stories of the show or the players helping them in dark times of their lives, and everyone on the show seems equally touched and inspired by the fanbase.
  • Matt Mercer's talent as a Man of a Thousand Voices is always on display as he voices every single non-player character (and sometimes absent player characters). Over the course of the first 99 episodes, he's voiced five-hundred and fourty-four NPCs.