Determinator / Manga

  • Ichi the Killer has it's main antagonist, a guy named Kakihara. His "Determinator" spirit comes out because he is a masochist though.
  • Hatou from Murasakiiro no Qualia. She, or rather, all of her selves from multiple parallel worlds, won't give up finding the truth behind Yukari's Death.
  • Guts from Berserk is a fairly dark example. Despite repeatedly taking injuries that would kill anyone who wasn't Made of Iron he never stops fighting. Griffith is an antagonistic example, considering he manages to move despite having the tendons in his arms and legs severed and is willing to sacrifice every single person that he cares about in order to fulfill his dream.
  • Hareta from Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!. No matter how much you beat him, he'll come back with a grin and a renewed determination to train harder and fight better. And no matter how many threats you make against him, his friends, or any Pokémon, he'll be doubly determined to stop you.
  • Titular character from Toriko tends to be ridiculously determined. Good example comes from his fight with Tommyrod. By the end of the fight his protective suit was torn off, leaving hin exposed to the deadly cold, his body was covered in wounds, one of his arms was too exhausted to move and other was completely blown off. Despite all that he still stands up, ready to keep fighting ... and that prompts Tommyrod to acknowledge him as a worthy opponent, take off his restraints and nearly kill him with a single punch. However, despite all that, he still manages to figure out how to fight back and attack Tommyrod with his legs, cutting off his hand and punching four holes through his body, before finally succumbing to his injuries and losing consciousness.
  • Jonathan Joestar, the first protagonist of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, is one of these. To quote main antagonist Dio on the subject of Jonathan:
    I forgot: The more you beat him, the stronger he gets!