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Curb Stomp Battle: Western Animation

  • As a general rule of thumb, due to Superman being one of the most powerful superheroes, whenever one of his A-list villains show up, they have a tendency of stomping other superheroes and scoff at anything less than the Man of Steel, and usually they could only be defeated by Hoist by His Own Petard or Superman's timely intervention.
  • The Flutter Ponies in My Little Pony And Friends and My Little Pony The Movie seem to have a knack for this. In the movie, they defeat the immensely powerful Smooze with only a minor degree of difficulty, and later on in the series when they are called upon to put a shadow-stealing air wizard in his place they have even less trouble, even managing to have enough time in-betweeen effortlessly dodging his lightning bolts to sing to him about his imminent defeat.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In ''Sleepless In Ponyville'' the "fight" between the Headless Horse and Princess Luna is very one-sided.
    • And of course, there's the disappointing showdown between Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis in "A Canterlot Wedding".
    • In Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, Twilight and Tirek's first fight is evenly matched, but once the Mane Six get their hooves on the Rainbow Power, a few beams of magic is all it takes to shrivel and seal up Tirek once and for all and get Celestia, Luna, and Cadance back from Tartarus.
  • Exo Squad, whenever there are significant numbers of Neo Warriors, victory tends to lean in their favor against the Exoframes used by Exofleet due to their durability and regeneration. Hell, right after the Australian Resistance curbstomps the occupying Neo Sapien forces in Australia, they are in turn curbstomped by the Neo Warrior Counter Attack. Then there is the Third Battle for Venus where General Shiva, under Phaeton's Orders, tries to invade Venus or destroy the Resolute II again. Despite destroying several frigates, the Neo Sapien Fleet is completely overwhelmed, Shiva dies, the Flagship is destroyed, and several carriers, battleships, and carriers are destroyed by Marsh's flanking maneuver. What's left-which isn't much, limps back to Earth, leaving the way open for invasion.
  • The way Scarlet Witch completely and utterly annihilates the X-Men in the X-Men: Evolution episode "The HeX factor" surely qualifies. Apocalypse nonchalantly wiping out Magneto by waving his hand also counts.
  • Beast Wars has the epic moment where Megatron and Rattrap dramatically gear up for a fight with each other, complete with close up shots of their narrowing eyes and intense music, they charge at each other both clearly ready for an epic battle in their new Transmetal forms... and Rattrap proceeds to comically trip Megatron causing him to go flying headfirst into a rock.
    • Considering Megatron has every advantage from a physical standpoint, the only way to beat him is trickery, which Rattrap's got plenty of.
    • Silverbolt in the episode Crossing The Rubicon delivers one to Tarantulas after getting his Berserk Button smashed with a sledgehammer.
  • In Transformers: Cybertron Starscream once tried to fight a newly resurrected Primus. For the uninformed, Starscream is a fairly powerful Decepticon who transforms into a jet while Primus is a god who transforms into a planet.
    Optimus Prime: This should be good.
    Starscream: Whoa, big guns... SLAAAAG!
    • It looked like it might go somewhere when Starscream suddenly grows huge by the power of the MacGuffin, but Primus turns some moons into maces and effortlessly slams Starscream into an asteroid.
    • And during the earlier Jungle Planet arc, Optimus Prime's Mid-Season Upgrade, Savage Claw Mode, turned many a fight into the more standard example, though villains eventually got upgrades as well and evened the score.
      • Also, there can be no forgetting Megatron vs. Metroplex. Metroplex literally stomps on Megatron, effortlessly dodges an attack on his legs, and then brings his giant axe down on Megatron's ugly head so hard that Megatron ends up in the bottom of a small crater in the floor.
      • The next floor, that is. He was pounded straight through the floor they were standing on and left a small crater in the floor below.
      • Worse than that still. Megs got knocked through two floors, leaving a crater in the third one down.
      • And then the following episode, Megatron evolves into Galvatron and returns the gesture by handily snatching Metroplex's axe and beating him unconscious with it. His Unstoppable Rage also takes out almost every other Autobot beforehand.
    • Another Cybertron example, this time with Starscream on the giving end. He once used Villainous Valor to defeat all twelve Autobots, including Optimus Prime in full battle mode, to gain possession of the Omega Lock and Cyber Keys.
    • In Transformers Animated, Megatron's first act upon restoring his body was handing all five main Autobots their tailpipes without breaking a sweat. His second was frying Starscream for damaging him in the first place. The Autobots only survived because they ran away while Megs was cleaning house.
      • The Autobot's first encounter with Blitzwing and Lugnut was going well until Bumblebee suggested Megatron was dead. Lugnut proceeded to level all five of them (and Blitzwing) with one punch. Granted, it's the P.O.K.E, but it's still impressive.
      • Then there's the famous "Starscream Death Montage", which is a montage of Megatron repeatedly and easily killing Starscream, who is immortal due to the spark fragment in his forehead.
    • The Transformers Prime Season 1 finale gives us the confrontation between Airachnid and Soundwave. Airachnid tries to usurp power for herself, only for Soundwave to stand up to her. The resulting fight is totally one-sided and ends with Soundwave's foot on Airachnid's head. Said stomp was the only time Soundwave actually moved his feet during the fight.
      • Optimus Prime's epic battle with Megatron in Prime contains one for each combatant. At first, Optimus unleashes an Unstoppable Tranquil Fury and proceeds to beat the tar out of Megs, beating him down so badly Megatron's armor is ground away in several places and he's left nearly helpless on the ground, unable to comprehend his impending death. However, Megatron gets a Villainous Second Wind from the Dark Energon nearby.
  • Entirely serious and intentional example: The Boondocks spends an entire episode leading up to a fight between Granddad and Stinkmeaner, an old man that was able to kick Grandpa's behind despite being blind. Right before the fight starts, Huey realizes that Stinkmeaner didn't have superhuman sense and fighting ability, he just got lucky when Granddad accidentally nudged Stickmeaner's cane with his foot. Granddad throws the first punch, time stops for a minute for Huey to suggest everyone go read a book, the punch gets Stinkmeaner directly in the face, knocks him down, and he's dead seconds after hitting the ground.
  • Many of Freakazoid!'s fights were resolved this way, for laughs. One episode entitled "Relax-O-Vision" highlights this repeatedly.
  • Justice League: Aquaman and Wonder Woman have a duel on Easter Island. The fight is totally awesome and shows how Badass the king of the sea is. He barely wins. Then he pushes his luck and tries to go after Superman... Supes gives a depressed sigh and throws just one punch. Cut to Superman dragging Aquaman's unconscious body away, with a recovered Wonder Woman right behind them.
    • The later fight between Green Arrow and Wildcat is brutally one-sided. That was Arrow's plan, though. To show Wildcat how brutal he had become and hope he stopped.
    • General Eiling absolutely destroyed Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., Vigilante, and Shining Knight after his transformation in Unlimited. Shining Knight refused to go down, though.
    • Amazo in "The Return". "I have evolved far beyond what I was when we last met. You do not want to challenge me." He pretty much decimates the entire Justice League, casually. And even moved the planet, the planet Oa to another dimension because he didn't feel like going around it.
  • In the Grand Finale of Kim Possible Mystical Monkey Power Ron manages to Curb Stomp the extremely powerful Scary Dogmatic Aliens.
  • The few times Beast Boy from Teen Titans is any use at all in combat, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to curbstomp things — including utterly disassembling one of Slade's Sladebots (rather than his faceless Mecha-Mook horde) and landing on Evil Starfire... in hippo form. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, anyone? Hey, don't mock the hippo. They kill more people a year than any other animal near its size.
    • Beast Boy is also able to curbstomp Slade himself when Terra is on the line.
    • Red X, in his first appearance in the series as his own character, effectively curb stomps the Teen Titans the first time he fights them. All of them. At the same time. With the exception of Robin, they don't fare much better against him for the rest of the episode.
      • He does it again in "Revved Up" when he takes on nine supervillains in their tricked-out, weaponized vehicles and destroys every single one of those vehicles. In forty seconds. In style. And not with his own motorcycle, either. That was destroyed, so he jumps from vehicle to vehicle instead while they're moving at speeds in excess of 100 mph and takes them out that way.
    • Go ahead. Piss off Raven. Then, while you're in the psych ward, probably in a full body cast, ask Dr. Light how it worked out for him.
  • The Robot Chicken clip "World's most one-sided fist fights: Caught on tape!".
  • In Ralph Bakshi's 1977 film Wizards, the final battle between Avatar and Blackwolf is a darkly humorous (yet dramatic) example.
  • Kung Fu Panda does this twice. First, when Tai Lung goes on a rampage through the town for the first time, Master Shifu tries to fight with him, but fails in doing so. Seconds later, Tai Lung is defeated by the old Master Oogway, who simply touched several nerves on his opponent's chest, paralyzing him.
    • Later, after discovering the secret behind the Dragon Scroll, Tai Lung furiously attacks Po with the forbidden technique (which can instantly incapacitate anyone). What was the effect of this action? Laughter. Po thought he was being tickled, then after kicking Tai Lung's butt few times in a comical fashion, he uses the Wuxi Finger Hold technique. Which is considered too powerful to be taught, but he does it anyway.
    • The best part? Master Shifu didn't teach it to him. He figured it out.
    • In one of Tai Lung's first scenes, (the one that firmly establishes him as a Badass) he single-handily escapes from his own Tailor-Made Prison while taking down the hundred or so rhino guards in his way.
    • In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po faces down a fleet of Lord Shen's ships, all of which start firing cannons at him. He effortlessly catches the cannonballs and throws them back with enough force to disable the whole fleet.
    • Up until that point, Shen used his cannons to dish these out. Once he fired one, the battle was over.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars: Grevious spends most of time stomping Jedi, but his fight with Mace Windu lasted two seconds — in the first Windu used the Force, in the next Grevious was lying on the floor.
  • In Ed, Edd n Eddy, after 10 years of being told that Eddy's Brother is the strongest and most badass living thing that could ever possibly exist, in the movie we finally meet this glorious creature, and his demise is brought on NOT through an epic battle but by a door being unscrewed. By Ed. In like a minute.
  • In the South Park episode "Stanley's Cup," The South Park Peewee Hockey team ends up playing the Detroit Red Wings. This doesn't end well.
    • "Going Native" starts with Cartman reporting an offscreen curb stomp; Butters snapped and beat the hell out of a diabetic kid.
  • Winx Club: Enchantix Bloom had one with the Trix while Enchantix Stella had one against Chimera.
  • Okay, so you've never watched Avatar: The Last Airbender before. You are watching a random episode and this Aang character has entered the Avatar state. The odds that a Curb-Stomp Battle is about to occur? Even money. (The odds that something awesome is about to occur are about 9:1 in favor.)
    • The first six minutes of "The Earth King." Its basically nothing but Aang, Appa, Sokka, Katara, and Toph vs. pretty much the entire Earth Nation army around the Earth King's palace, and not only these four humans + one flying bison pounding the Earth Nation's soldiers into the ground, they're doing it while barely slowing down and apologizing the whole way, or least Katara and Sokka. By this point, it's clear that Aang and Toph have had enough.
    • The end of "The Siege of the North." Avatar Aang + pissed off La vs. the entire Fire Nation invasion force. It ends badly. For the invasion force.
    • Any of the Order of the White Lotus vs anyone else.
      • All of the Order Of The White Lotus vs the Fire Nation Army. And the Fire Nation was powered up by Sozin's Comet at the time! Granted, a couple of the White Lotus members were also powered up by the comet, but since they were already incredibly strong in the first place, it just turns into even more of a curbstomp.
    • Bumi vs. the entire Fire Nation force occupying his city. It was during an eclipse when they were powerless, but it was still several hundred to one. The Fire Nation ran away! And he threw a gigantic statue after them!
    • In the very episode that she's introduced, the blind and 12-year old Toph beats the ever-loving crap out of seven professional earthbending fighters.
    • In their first on-screen battle, Azula defeats Zuko very easily. Then Iroh shows up, and he beats Azula even faster than she beat Zuko.
  • In Sequel Series The Legend of Korra episode "Welcome to Republic City" Seventeen-year-old Country Mouse Korra travels to Republic City and bears witness to three members of the bender crime gang, the Triple Threat Triads extorting money from a Muggle shopkeeper, one a waterbender, one an earthbender, one a firebender. Korra picks a fight, since she's mastered all three arts, and beats them easily. The fight ends with the fleeing gangsters and their roadster tossed through a shop front.
    • Tenzin, Korra's Mentor in Airbending and the world's only Airbending master at present, plus Aang's son, gets ambushed by Chi Blockers. He then shows just what a true Airbending master can do by beating the stuffing out of them in seconds. Even when his arms and legs get tied, he simply whips up a freaking tornado as a Finishing Move!
    • There is a good reason why fights that involve Amon tend to end with the other party cowering on the floor. Highlights include beating an electricity-shooting crime boss at an equalist rally, decimating Korra, who for some reason thought Amon was obligated to stick to a one-on-one duel, and successfully orchestrating a terrorist attack on an arena under guard by the metalbending police force (plus Tenzin).
    • Season 3; Zaheer brutally beats down everyone he faces off against, from White Lotus guards to Dai Li agents. The only person to ever give him trouble is Tenzin (he still wins due to the rest of his gang intervening), and he even managed to outlast a very pissed off Korra in their final battle.
  • On Family Guy Meg goes to prison for a few months and comes back a hardened badass who beats the living crap out of Peter and gives him an actual curb-stomp (or "stairstomp" in this case).
    • Stewie gives Brian two vicious beatings over a debt, the second one culminating in Stewie shooting Brian in both knees and setting him on fire.
    • In "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.", Quagmire urges his sister's abusive boyfriend to challenge him mano y mano. By the end of the fight, the bloodied up Quagmire was only able to lay on a single punch.
  • The only real dramatic tension in Hanna-Barbera's Shazzan comes from seeing if the two kids can summon Shazzan in time to deal with the threat of the week. The moment they do, it's over for the bad guys. Throughout the series, Shazzan proves again and again that he is the most powerful magical being in the setting. Even when his opponents are ostensibly in the same class as him (such as a powerful demon and a fellow genie), Shazzan is completely unthreatened. Shazzan not only beats his enemies every time, he does it easily and with the same big smile on his face.
    • The best curbstomp in that series has to be when Shazzan dispatches a wizard who controls a powerful fire demon and the demon itself, telling the fire demon to 'go back to the dimension where it came from and take its master with it'. Now, what dimension DO Fire Demons come from? On the flipside, the genie actually once chastises the kids for summoning him to beat a local street magician just to show he could.
  • The battle between OSI and the original Sphinx organization of The Venture Bros. lore: Sphinx is simultaneously annihilated and humiliated by an army of The Village People impersonators, who appear to have suffered no casualties. In fact, the concept of the Curb-Stomp Battle is parodied by how some of OSI's attacks clearly reference well-known war atrocities.
  • On an episode of Super Powers, when a visiting Mxyzptlk sees the JL race out to stop some ordinary bank robbers, he lampshades the overkill of this curbstomp.
  • Samurai Jack does this rather well in the episode "The Princess And The Bounty Hunters" After spending almost the entire episode telling how they would individually take down Jack, the said princess advises they join forces to bring him down. After laying out a seemingly perfect trap, they all hide under the snow. They all spring on Jack as he walks by... and he takes them ALL down in less time than a drop a water from a melting icicle can hit the ground.
    • This happens to Jack in Jack and the Traveling Creatures. Jack faces The Gate Guardian, a foe that is faster, Made of Iron, has had "eons" to hone skills with pretty much any weapon imaginable, and has a Hammer Space arsenal full of said weapons. At first it seems Jack has a chance, until he wrecks the guy's suit and it becomes clear he was Just Toying With Him. Cue the beating to end all beatings that comes this close to actually killing Jack.
    • This also happens in the episode "Jack in Egypt". The Minions of Set ambush Jack out of nowhere and almost kill him in just a few seconds. Their agility, fighting prowess, immunity to Jack's sword and phenomenal teamwork make it clear that Jack has no chance of ever defeating them through any normal means. Their fighting style is so vicious it crosses the line into a No Holds Barred Beatdown at times.
  • DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam had title bad guy Black Adam defeat Superman in single combat, then fight both Superman and Captain Marvel at the same time, and only lose once they started getting their teamwork down. Then Adam forces a Sadistic Choice on Captain Marvel, between Cap's life or the life of a hostage Adam had. Naturally, being perhaps the biggest nice guy boyscout superhero around, Cap chose the life of the hostage over his own and surrendered, transforming back into Billy Batson. Then Adam tried to kill both Billy and the hostage at the same time, but was prevented from doing so by Superman. Billy was not amused. One magic word later and the beatdown Captain Marvel laid into Adam was as profoundly satisfying as it was one sided.
  • An episode of Jimmy Two-Shoes had Jimmy becoming a wrestler. As you can imagine, every fight he was in was pretty much this.
  • Clayface in "Downtime" of Young Justice did this to the team off-screen. Seconds later, he was given one himself once Batman arrived on the scene.
    • When Superboy is first released in the pilot, he (under the control of Cadmus genomes) takes out Kid Flash in a single punch, and after being slightly annoyed by Robin's taser does the same to him. Aqualad is the only one who actually manages to fight him evenly for awhile, although eventually Superboy takes him out too.
  • ThunderCats (2011)
    • In "Omens Part Two" Thundera's Cats are laid siege to by Lizards. The Cats have bows and arrows and a bit of sorcery. The Lizards have laser rifles, Sticky Bombs and Walking Tanks that shoot missiles. The Cats lose their kingdom in one night. They have a Hope Spot thanks to their Clerics and the Sword of Omens, but the appearance of The Dreaded ancient evil Mumm-Ra takes care of both.
    • In "Song of the Petalars" the Thundertank takes down four Walking Tanks without taking one hit, prompting a full-scare retreat of what remains of the Lizard Army.
  • The final showdown between Batman and Red Hood turns into this. At first, it seems that Jason is holding his own, cutting off Batman's utility belt and laying a few hits. But then Bats torches his gadgets, and reveals he's been holding back. The resulting bathroom fight scene comes dangerously close to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown with the Dark Knight on top, with Batman very close to losing it altogether.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars has a few:
    • The very first episode is about Yoda utterly owning an entire droid army, then to add insult to injury, he forces Ventress to retreat with two casual gestures of his hand.
    King Katuunko: A single Jedi isn't worth a hundred droids. More like a thousand.
    • Ahsoka vs. Grievous. While she did put up a good fight and manage to escape, the scene showed how far apart their abilities were at the time.
    • Ventess vs. the Nightbrothers. Savage was the only to come near to matching her. Then, a transformed Savage executes a Jedi Master, a Padawan, and their clone squadron without breaking a sweat.
    • Anakin curbstomped the Daughter and the Son simultaneously when they threatened to kill Obi-Wan and Ahsoka. Those are the guys representing the Light and Dark Sides of the Force respectively.
    • Darth Sidious vs Darth Maul and Savage Opress is implied to be this by most fans.Considering that it was the first time ever in the series actually seeing Sidious leave the comfort of Coruscant and personally take matters into his own hands also counts as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Two examples from Mulan:
    • The first one (which isn't seen but heavily implied) between the Huns and the Chinese army. Based on the aftermath Mulan and her friends see, it didn't go very well for the Chinese troops.
    • Mulan herself later delivers one to the Hun Army when she uses a rocket to cause an avalanche, destroying nearly all of the Huns in the process.
  • Nearly any instance the Urpneys go against the heroes (or even just hero) in The Dreamstone ends rather badly for them. Even the one time Zordrak went against the Wuts he was pathetically outsmarted. Oddly reversed a couple of times (in "Albert's Ailment" the Urpneys quickly restrain the Noops when they attack them for stealing the stone, while in "The Spidermobile" they pretty much outpower the entire Land Of Dreams with their mech).
  • The first battle between the Shredder and the Turtles in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Four against one, and the Turtles still get their shells handed to them. It was only due to luck and a momentary distraction by Shredder's own henchmen that the Turtles were able to escape with their lives.
    • Splinter vs. Leatherhead. Splinter wins.
      • Splinter then goes on to own the Rat King with only two fingers.
  • In the Gargoyles episode Ill Met by Moonlight, Oberon goes up against Goliath, Angela, and Gabriel all at once - and hands their asses to them. To add insult to injury, he was only using a fraction of his full power. Had he not been vulnerable to iron, they probably would not have survived the battle.
  • In the "Fight Fighters" episode of Gravity Falls, Dipper really didn't stand a chance against Rumble, and only got a single and ineffective hit in the entire fight.
  • One episode of Celebrity Deathmatch pitted Bigfoot against the Loch Ness Monster. Everyone present was expecting the longest, most epic bout in Celebrity Deathmatch history. Nessie won in six seconds.
    • In Gandhi vs. Genghis Khan, Gandhi destroys Genghis Khan before Genghis even attempts to attack.
    • Subverted with David Spade vs. Steven Seagal, in which Spade spends most of the match shivering and getting pummeled, and in the whole battle he only gets in one hit-the winning one.
      • A similar thing happens in Steve Irwin vs. Medusa where Steve doesn't even try to fight until he rips Medusa's head off.
    • Buster Keaton gets a pretty one-sided victory over Charlie Chaplin as well.
    • Andre Agassi vs. Tiger Woods. Tiger never gets any offense in.
    • Cameron Diaz vs. Meryl Streep was intended to be staged with Streep as the loser, but Streep takes her role too seriously and wipes the floor with Diaz.
    • Richard Simmons vs. Billy Blanks. Simmons only gets one hit, which does no damage.
  • DrawnTogether: In "Mexican't Buy Me Love", the arena fights between Ling Ling and fight roosters are so one-sided that Ling Ling eventually calls it quits, since it goes against his codex of honor.
  • ''Futurama: "Hello and welcome to a remarkable championship bout. Destructor, a robotic armoured tank, whose very use at battle has been ruled a war crime, versus Gender Bender, who wears a pink tutu."
    • George Foreman: This might be the most one-sided fight, since I fought an 80-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier. Now, my memory's not what it used to be, but I'm pretty sure the entire Earth was destroyed.

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