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Character sheet for Wind Over The Ocean, Star On The Morning Tide, Fire On The Horizon, Ballad Of The World, and If These Are Our New Heroes originals. Currently under construction.

    The Paprin Family 
The lords of the Kingdom of Apropinquandi Montui and a clan of warriors. For the most part they're well respected and beloved by the people. They tend to watch out for one another since being nobility can be dangerous at best. The group theme song is: Vi Ar Dom Tuffaste by Nanne Gronvall.

They provide overall examples of:

Darnell Aubade Paprin IX

Prince of Apropinquandi Montui and third later second in line to the throne. A kind and cheerful young man who fights for his beliefs. He has a soft spot for his friends. But betray him and you won't live long enough to regret it. His Guardian animal is a dragon named Critianos. His theme song is: Odet Var Min Vag by Nordman.

Kaunis Valtameri Paprin IV

The Princess of Apropinquandi Montui and heir to the throne later the Queen. She's a bit flighty especially early on, but she cares deeply for her friends and family, even if she comes off as harsh sometimes. Her Guardian animal is a dolphin named Gizella. Her theme song is: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.

Ethan Ulvienne

A stern young man in charge of the Royal Army and Knight of the Crown. He's tough on the outside and seems aloof but he's really kind and gentle until danger strikes. Post-marriage his Guardian animal is a wolf named Wolfram. His theme song is: Running with the Wolves by Korpiklaani.
     The Kendo Team 
A ragtag band of kids who really love the sport and want to go to Japan to compete someday. Their theme song is: Raised by the Sword by Ensiferum.

The team overall provides examples of

Morgan Krieger

A cheerful teenager with a love of warcraft and freedom. She's torn between her love for her ex and her developing crushes throughout the series. Also the Genbu Demon King Tenoh Paprin and Darnell's twin sister. Her role as Genbu is the progenitor of the world and the founder of the two Demon Kingdoms. Whether this is actually true, only she knows. Her friends all joined up on the kendo team, though we only get to see a few of them. Her theme song is: Fairytale by Alexander Rybak

Kristoper Krieger

The resident Team Dad to the team. Self-proclaimed rude and ginger, though the rude bit is up to debate. He acts as Morgan and Claire's legal guardian. He's also the voice of reason when things get out of hand for the rest of the group. Kris is Morgan's biological cousin. His theme song is: 5. Mars by Megaherz

Claire Van Rompa

The Heterosexual Life-Partner of Morgan, and her closest friend. Has a serious crush on Morgan, but is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. The top ranked female kendo practitioner in the United States. Actually Tenoh's Guardian animal Sirrush. Her theme song is: Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

Johnny Summers

An old friend of Morgan's and cousin of her ex. Best friends with Eric, Harun and Nero. Lives with his younger sister and attends the same high school as Morgan and Claire. Up until he was seventeen Johnny was the world’s biggest skeptic. Vampires? Crazy people with a blood fetish. Ghosts? Glitches in technology and other perfectly logical explanations. Werewolves? Thieves in wolfskins. However all that changed when he ended up traveling to the Kingdom of Apropinquandi Montui and discovering his the truth about Morgan and Claire. Now three years later, Johnny has ascended to full mage status. However an event known as Nerdpocalypse changed his optimistic world view. Fiancée dead, a year of his life missing, and his best friend snapped, Johnny left his rural college with the hope that he could rebuild in the home he’d always known. His theme song is: Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION

Eric Corbett

Originally a member of the kendo team, he found his passion in Lacrosse. Best friends with Johnny, though he was a bit resentful when his friend took up writing. His theme song is: 21 Guns by Green Day
     The Four Kings of Canon Immigration 
The governing group of five for the Confederation of Demonic Islands, a small chain of islands to the north of Japan. They briefly belonged to Russia in 1895 before being returned to Japan in 1905, but returned to being part of Russia after WWII. After the fall of the Soviet Union they were sold off to France before finally gaining independence. There's more to the story than that. The group theme song is: Wavin' Flag by K'naan

The Four Kings of Canon Immigration provide examples of:

Byakko Koryu King Nero Scaevola

The current head king of the Confederation of Demonic Islands, a small series of islands united as a country somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. He's a real fan of Association Football so much so he only wears the uniforms of teams throughout the ages. He's not above stalking his idols. His role as Byakko is to play the leader and bring wisdom (represented as light) to the people under his rule, unfortunately he's got a lot of growing up to do before he's ready to enlighten anyone. Originated in the fanfic House of Orange as the fan stalking Netherlands. His theme song is: Grow Up by Simple Plan

Seiryu King Harun Rapp

The overly serious co-king of the Confederation of Demonic Islands. Little is known about the youth in black apart from the fact Harun is best friends with Ace, and both knew Morgan and Claire, he grew up with Ace, Johnny and Nina. His role as Seiryu means he is responsible for the people and the land, which doesn't suit his anti-social personality in the least. He likes his graffiti like he likes his metal, hardcore and beautiful. Before he became King he had a job painting tag murals legally, all while listening to his favorite band Dethklok. Originated in an unfinished story the author wrote based off a Resident Evil dream. Harun's theme song is: Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi.

Suzaku King Kamui Valentine

The first character ever created by the author, she also serves as an abusive muse and teacher for most of the cast. She'll never get her own book that will be published because otherwise she'd end up taking over the series. Her best friend is Svetlana, and the two are always in the other's company whenever they're on the same planet. Her role as Suzaku is that of Death and Rebirth, when the time comes, her choice whether to fulfill that role will determine the fate of the universe. Will she destroy it or let it continue on? Originated in the author's first NaNoWriMo a Final Fantasy VII fanfic. Her theme song is: Redemption by Gackt

Svetlana Ivanova Avtaikin aka "Codi"

A quiet young lady, she served as The Dragon to the Big Bad of Horizon On Fire, though she acted as a Worthy Opponent to the heroes rather than her position. She pulls a Heel–Face Turn when Smugsnake betrays his plans within earshot. After his defeat she joins up with Nero and crew acting as co-mentor with Kamui, Linda and Fahim along with Only Sane Man. Originated as the nation-tan of Confederation of Demonic Islands. Her theme song is: This Is How A Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas
     Of Gods and Parents 

Gods of the Montui-verse

Mortimer Homlette Wells Eggleston IV: God of Small Things

A towering god of nearly 7 feet tall, he can be found wandering the realm of humans in the form of a red and orange snail. Kind hearted to all and one of the First Six Children. May or may not have feelings for Morgan. His theme song is: The Fourth Avenue Cafe by L'Arc~En~Ciel.

Helicial Godess of Justice and Judgement

Also known as Nixa Gisopunto, she's Morgan's ex-girlfriend and wife of Elicatius, the Storm God. She was dating Mortimer, but dumped him for his brother before treating him like a third wheel. She's had a long standing grudge against the line of Tenoh, mostly for killing her children when the country was founded. Her theme song is: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

Parents of Characters:

Lady Kaunis Valtameri Paprin III

The former queen of of Apropinquandi Montui and mother of the Paprins mentioned above. She's technically the blood heir to the kingdom even though her husband did most of the actual ruling once the kids were born. Her brother was to be king but he abdicated for post of librarian since he recognized she'd make a much better king than he. Her Guardian animal is an as yet unnamed panther, while her theme song is:

Pirate King Seiya Ulvienne

The heroic leader of the pirates, technically retired but still willing to sail out to sea along side his underlings like Kamui. Also Ethan's father, and still misses his wife desperately. Surprisingly never begrudged his son for wanting to join the army rather than the family business. His theme song is: Megami no Senshi by Marina del Rey

King Petrelli Mondui Paprin I

The late former king of Apropinquandi Montui and father to the current generation of the family. He was originally a nobleman from the Eastern Province of the Kingdom until he married Lady Kaunis. His Guardian animal is an unnamed boar, and his theme song is:

Linda Rapp

Harun's mother who was the former General of the Codisian army under Catullus. She's strict but carefree and tends to cause her child great levels of stress. Also one fo the few happily married characters. She gets pulled out of retirement to take up her old post under the new government. Her theme song is: Crazy For You (Dum Tek Tek) by Hadisa.

Fahim Rapp

Harun's father, former secretary under Catullus now in the employment of the United States government. He's often away from home, so he and Harun never see each other much but they still do their best for one another. His theme song is also: Crazy For You (Dum Tek Tek) by Hadisa.
  • Adorkable: Why Linda fell for him in the first place.

Seiryu Koryu King Catullus Scaevola

Nero's father, much like his son he was a jovial man with a passion for football before he was murdered by his brother. He often shirked his duties to go play and travel around to bring in the best of all worlds in preparation for the country's independence. His theme song is: Yakitori by Yoko Kanno.

Byakko King Octavia Scaevola

Nero's mother, she was the only one who could keep her husband under some sort of control. Though she did love her son very much, but was also killed along side her husband. Her theme song is: Stamina Rose by Yoko Kanno.
     If These Are Our New Heroes, We're Doomed 


Ace was once a cheerful and loudly obnoxious person, however after the events of Nerdpocalypse, something darker and more sinister inside hir heart became unleashed. One part still is the innocent zie has always been. The other part may or may not be completely unhinged and hir true personality. Zie doesn't say much, though when zie does it's either brilliant or completely stupid. Hir theme song is: Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche by Escape The Fate.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick: Courtesy of Karen
  • Ax-Crazy: The corpses zie left behind from Nerdpocalypse were just the beginning.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: As evidenced by the Day in the Limelight chapter zie spent discussing the nature of how existence is defined.
  • Dying Alone: Zie even manages to Lampshade it with hir theme song as he last words.
  • Fan Nickname: In-universe, zie's called Russia due to hir habit of cosplaying him and acting like him. Eventually drops this after Nerdpocalypse and is often called Fussyfangs due to hir fretting and new outfit.

Nicolette Anna Summers (Nina)

Johnny's younger sister, she was initially only mentioned in the background of Star On The Morning Tide. However thanks to the events of Nerdpocalypse she has achieved full main character status, even overshadowing the characters that were supposed to be the protagonists of the 2011 novel. She's brash, arrogant, and loud, but it all masks a deeply concerned and frighted person. Her theme song is: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring.
  • Please Wake Up: She's never gotten past her parents deaths. And Ace's just takes the cake.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: If you couldn't see the physical resemblance there would be no way off telling she and Johnny are related.
  • Tsundere: With heavy emphasis on the tsuntsun.
     Rule 63 Royalty 
After several artworks and short stories, the characterization is enough that the Rule 63 characters have their own tropes.

Danielle Paprin (fem!Darnell)

Emily Ulvienne (fem!Ethan}

Kaimana Paprin (male!Kaunis)

Morcant Paprin (male!Morgan)

Conrad Valentine (male!Kamui)

Nerina Scaevola (fem!Nero)

Handan Rapp (fem!Harun)

Demyan Zolnervich Avtailkin (male!Svetlana)

Marcus (bio male!Ace)