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The crowd favorite from his debut in Operation Moongate.
Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram, FORCE, and MARZ
Voiced by: Koji Tsujitani (White Knight in MARZ), Atsuki Tani (in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3)

The Temjin series is one of the most iconic Virtuaroids of the Virtual-ON series and also a fan-favorite among beginners and expert players alike. Temjin is an all-around VR equipped with a Multi-Purpose Beam Launcher (or M.P.B.L. for short) and grenades, making him effective against in long- and close-range combat.

  • Ace Custom: The White Knight in novel titles and MARZ.
  • Air Jousting: Temjin's special move in Operation Moongate.
  • Boring, but Practical: Temjin's grenade's are nowhere as cool as his M.P.B.L., but serves it purposes in damaging enemies and providing cover from bullets.
  • Blue Boy: To Fei-Yen's pink. Home versions allow you to change his color.
  • Impossibly Cool Weapon: Let's not kid ourselves, Temjin's M.P.B.L. is arguably the coolest weapon a mecha can hold in its hands and here's why...
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Typically an all-around VR.
    • Sort of justified. The 707-series from Oratorio Tangram were the only one that work correctly on Jupiter front in FORCE, though modifications were less noticeable when adapted. The newer 747-series is more of this trope.
    • Lightning Bruiser: The a8 variants from MARZ. Also, the entire White Knight models throughout the series.
  • Leitmotif: "Into the Blue Sky", one of the most iconic songs from the franchise.
  • Light Is Good: The White Knight who deals on Shadow VR problems.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: The 707-series from Oratorio Tangram to FORCE. Although they're modified to suit Jupiter conditions, they're paled in comparison to better-equipped 747-series.
  • Series Mascot
  • Sky Surfing: Since the Oratorio Tangram wars, Temjin can turn his weapon into a surfboard and ram it into his enemies with style! This move has been unofficially christened the "Charge of the Light Brigade" by fans.
  • Spin Attack: He can perform one in Oratorio Tangram.
  • Super Prototype: In Oratorio Tangram, a secret alpha version of Temjin can be played through a Cheat Code. The alpha Temjim lacks the ability to double-jump, air-dash, or perform turbo attacks, but its damage output is higher than the normal version.
  • Sword Beam: They can be released from the blade of Temjin's blade.
  • Sword Plant: Some of his victory poses.

A Magical Girl Warrior, as depicted by Hajime Katoki.
Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram, FORCE, and MARZ
Voiced by: Chieko Higuchi (in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3), Saki Fujita (in Super Robot Wars UX as Fei-Yen HD)

Another fan-favorite in the Virtual-ON series. The Fei-Yen series are agile Virtuaroids though they often have weak armor. They also possess a unique ability in invoke their Hyper Mode to gain a boost of speed and power in dire situations (or in some cases, activated manually at the expense of her life).


Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram, FORCE, and MARZ

The Dorkas series are small, but resilient and odd-looking mechs. Their weapon of choice is a gigantic spiked mace where their right hand should be. It is also equipped with flamethrowers. By the time of Oratorio Tangram, the series has been discontinued and succeeded by the Dordray series.

Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut)

The Belgdor series are another all-around series of mechs. They utilize explosives over typical beam weapons, which increases their damage output.

Viper II / Cypher / MYZR
Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut, as Viper-II), Oratorio Tangram (as Cypher), FORCE and MARZ (as MYZR)

The Viper II series are perhaps the fastest of all mechs in the series, but pay the price with extremely poor defense. They also have the ability to transform into a jet fighter, but this is a very risky maneuver, as some people have reported their comrades losing control and dying horribly when this mode is activated.

Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram (as Ampharmd the Battler; Striker and Commando appeared in Ver.5.66), FORCE, MARZ
Voiced by: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Hatter in MARZ)

The Apharmd series is mainly suited for mid-to-close-range combat. They are equipped with specially modified tonfas, called "tongfers", to inflict massive damage against enemies, as well as sub-machine guns. Eventually, the series was divided into three variants: the Battler (later Jaguar series), Striker (later Tiger series), and Commando. The Battler is more suited for close quarters, acting as an upgrade to the original Apharmd. The Striker, however, is better suited for mid-to-long range, equipped with cannons instead of machine guns. The Commando variant acts as a balance between the two, replacing the tongfers with a plasma machete and a shotgun.
  • Ace Custom: Apharmd the Hatter piloted by none other than the Hot-Blooded Sergeant Hatter in MARZ.
  • Animal Theme Naming: In FORCE, we have J (Jaguar) and T (Tiger) series. The J-series works more like Battler predecessors, while T-series does like Striker.
  • Dual Tonfas: In Operation Moongate and with Ampharmd the Battler in Oratorio Tangram.
  • Guns Akimbo: Apharmd the Battler with dual machine guns.
  • Precision-Guided Boomerang: Apharmd the Commando can use his machete as one.
    • And his hat in Sergeant Hatter's case.
  • Razor Wind: Apharmd the Battler can create gusts of wind from his tonfas.
  • Sword and Gun: Apharmd the Commando wields a shotgun and machette.

Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram, FORCE, and MARZ

The BAL series are easily the hardest mechs to control in the series. Able to change their shape depending on the environment, they utilize a complex drone system that involves detaching their limbs. These drones can utilize a wide variety of attacks, from homing shots to even trapping enemies in a laser cage that electrocutes them.

Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), Oratorio Tangram, FORCE, and MARZ

The Raiden serves as the Evil Counterpart to the Temjin series. Raidens are the slowest of all mechs, but have the most devastating beam weapon of all - plasma cannons hidden within their shoulders that fire HUGE laser blasts to decimate foes. These cannons are taken directly from those of super battle cruisers, which led to only 26 Raidens being made. Later models use a weaker, emulated variant due to the immense costs of porting the cruisers' cannons over to the Raidens. Some can even completely shed their armor to gain immense speed.

Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), FORCE, and MARZ

Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), FORCE, and MARZ

Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), FORCE, and MARZ


Appearance: Oratorio Tangram, FORCE (under the VOX series), and MARZ (same as FORCE)

  • Stout Strength: Dordray has a relatively stout frame, but he can pack a punch.

10/80 Special
Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), FORCE, and MARZ

A Virtuaroid introduced in Ver.5.66 of Oratorio Tangram, he serves as a throwback to the original Temjin of Operation Moongate (MBV-04 G TEMJIN to be precise). Likewise, it doesn't have all the new features of the later Temjin series, and he is also weaker. To compensate for the lack of overall strength, 10/80 Special has spread shots and he can use some turbo attacks at a lesser expense than Temjin.

Appearances: FORCE (debut) and MARZ

Appearances: FORCE (debut) and MARZ (Dummied Out)


Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), FORCE, and MARZ


Appearances: Operation Moongate (debut), FORCE, and MARZ

Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), FORCE, and MARZ

  • Blue Boy: To Guerlain's pink since Virtual-ON: FORCE.
  • Bonus Boss: He will randomly appear from the second to fifth stages if you win by time outs on the first match. If done correctly, he will descend from the heavens and stab your opponent in the back, destroying and replacing them.
  • Dual Boss: With Guerlain.
  • Fragile Speedster: Obviously, Ajim's frame was not made to take any sort of punishment, but he's so fast that even his walking speed can dodge enemy fire.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Ajim has the worst possible resistance to damage (a solid hit could destroy him instantly) and his energy depletes over time, but he has moves that can raise his speed and power, making Ajim potentially more dangerous than Raiden and Specineff.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: One of Ajim's attacks is to release a number of randomly-colored orbs of light that home in on the target. Most of them do horrible things to you if they hit, but the Indigo-colored orbs actually heal you. The only thing keeping this from being a Tactical Suicide Boss is that the colors are random, and the presence of a dark grey(and similar in hue) orb that can easily be mistaken for a healing one if you're not paying close enough attention.
  • Power Crystal: He's a V-crystal, taking form of Virtuaroid.
  • Secret Character: See Unlockable Content below.
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: One of his special moves, which can be powerful, but the set-up takes a while to pull off and the recovery afterwards.
  • Sinister Geometry
  • SNK Boss: The CPU Ajim in Oratorio Tangram is not only incredibly hard, but his constantly-draining health and awful damage resistance? He has none of those.
  • Unlockable Content: Simply running into him in Oratorio Tangram let's you play as Ajim. In the Arcade Mode and Score Attack Mode, holding down both left and right turbo buttons while high-lighting the Random Select option reveals Ajim; in the other modes, he can be found in the bottom of the left column of characters.


Appearances: Oratorio Tangram

Appearances: Oratorio Tangram (debut), and MARZ
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

Appearances: FORCE (debut) and MARZ

Shadow VRs

The mysterious problematic phenomena White Knight organization are investigating on.
Appearance: MARZ (video game debut)


Appearance: MARZ


Appearance: MARZ


Appearance: MARZ
Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto
The DAIMON are an ancient alien race that was responsible for the construction of the Moongate and manipulated the V-Crystals to their will. They went dormant within Meta-Cyber Space until they were re-awakened by the Limited Wars. They seek to destroy humanity and manipulate the corporations to side with them.

    Side-story characters 


The Belmate is an improved Belgdor. It is a slightly larger VR painted gray rather than the traditional green. The Belmate was equipped with a much better radar system than the Belgdor, and was used briefly in Operation Sand Sycthe until its successor, the GRYS-VOK, was developed.

  • Appears In:
    • One Man Rescue


The RVR-64 "i-Dorkas", a variation of the Dorkas, was created for use in construction. It has no weapons and has a shovel claw installed on its left arm.

  • Appears In:
    • One Man Rescue

    Background characters 

Lilin Plajina

Voiced by: Yukana
The head developer of LLN series, which are most of the Fem Bots. She got kicked out from DN Corp. sometime before the events of Operation Moongate, after the Prototype Fei-Yen ran away. Since Oratorio Tangram, Lilin has operated as freelance VR developer, selling them to both factions.

  • Break the Cutie: Hinted. It's state that Prototype Fei-Yen ran away because her Emotional Circuit gradually absorbed Lilin's negative feeling while working on her. She eventually had a stress explosion and just ran away.
  • Child Prodigy: Lilin was merely a little girl when she worked with DN Corp.
  • Failure Hero: Despite being a brillant mech designer, things never resolve the way she wants.
  • Fem Bot: Every VR she designed.