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Characters: The O.C.

Main Characters

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     Ryan Atwood 

Ryan Atwood (portrayed by Ben Mc Kenzie)

     Seth Cohen 

Seth Cohen (portrayed by Adam Brody)

     Marissa Cooper 

Marissa Cooper (portrayed by Mischa Barton)

     Summer Roberts 

Summer Roberts (portrayed by Rachel Bilson)

     Taylor Townsend 

Taylor Townsend (portrayed by Autumn Reeser)

     Luke Ward 

Luke Ward (portrayed by Chris Carmack)

     Sandy Cohen 

Sandy Cohen (portrayed by Peter Gallagher)

     Kirsten Cohen 

Kirsten Cohen (portrayed by Kelly Rowan)

     Julie Cooper 

Julie Cooper (portrayed by Melinda Clarke)

     Jimmy Cooper 

Jimmy Cooper (portrayed by Tate Donovan)

     Caleb Nichol 

     Kaitlin Cooper 

Kaitlin Cooper (portrayed by Willa Holland/ Shailene Woodley (Season 1)

Recurring Characters

    Anna Stern 

Anna Stern (portrayed by Samaire Armstrong)

     Hailey Nichol 

Hailey Nichol (portrayed by Amanda Righetti)

     Oliver Trask 

     Theresa Diaz 

Theresa Diaz (portrayed by Navi Rawat)

     Zach Stevens 

Zach Stevens (portrayed by Michael Cassidy)

     Alex Kelly 

     Lindsay Gardner 

Lindsay Gardner (portrayed by Shannon Lucio)

     Trey Atwood 

Trey Atwood (portrayed by Logan Marshall Green)

     Johnny Harper 

Johnny Harper (portrayed by Ryan Donowho)

     Kevin Volchok 

Kevin Volchok (portrayed by Cam Gigandet)

     Holly Fischer 

Holly Fischer (portrayed by Ashley Hartman)

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