Funny / The O.C.

  • Pretty much any pre-credits sequence which ends on Seth's line. A particular shout-out has to go to the time when Marissa transfers to public from private school. They sit in the car dropping her off and begin to comment on how the carpark is well-lit, which will be helpful at night. Eventually Marissa says she'd better go, and as she walks off into the distance, Seth says: "...And that was the last they ever saw of her." Cue theme tune.
  • "I'm sorry, did you just ask if there was a comic book based on the X-Men movie?"
  • The "MMM... Whatcha Say" scene for all the wrong reasons.
    • This was parodied to hell and back on Saturday Night Live, and ended up spawning a meme where the music in a dramatic death scene from another TV show or movie is replaced with this very song.
  • "If our luck holds up, that's probably Oliver."
  • Another Seth line where he picks up a nametag with Kumar on it. The guide is unsurprisingly skeptical Seth responds with "Yes Kumar Zimmerman. I'm half Indian and half Jewish. I am a hinjew." with a straight face.
    • Josh Schwartz liked the joke so much that it was used again on Chuck. With a character who actually was half Indian & half Jewish.
  • Angry Nudfo Chocolate Love
    Seth: So, whats the GP, RA?
    Ryan: I have no idea what you just said.
    Seth: Gameplan, Ryan Atwood
    Ryan: You're just using initials now?
    Seth: Yeah, it saves time.
    Ryan: Well, not if you have to translate.
    Seth: GP
    Ryan: Gameplan?
    Seth: Good Point.
  • Sandy being proud Seth was arrested for political activism.
  • Hilarious in a Narm sense, but Marissa's drunken screaming meltdown in "The Distance", culminating in her tossing a lawn chair into a swimming pool, is arguably the show's finest comedic moment.
  • From the pilot, Sandy rushing over to stomp out Ryan's cigarette.
  • Ryan invites Luke over to hang out after his tires get slashed at school. Seth reluctantly attempts sympathy.
    Ryan: He's having a bad day.
    Seth: Hey, I'm having a bad day. I'm having a bad week.
    Ryan: Some kids at school slashed his tires.
    Seth: Dammit. What do you think he wants on his pizza?
    Luke: Hey, Cohen, check out the replay on this tackle! I broke this bitch in half!
    Seth: [quietly] Luke has a gay dad, Luke has a gay dad. [loudly] Can't wait to see it, buddy!
  • From the same episode:
    Sandy: Is anyone going to be doing drugs at this concert?
    Seth: I hope so, otherwise it's a lameass concert.